Once Upon A Time In New York City


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Scene Title Once Upon a Time in New York City
Synopsis Kelly takes Tania to her drop off, giving the girl some reassurance, identification and a little advice…
Date August 23, 2010

Kelly's black SUV

It's been a rough few days for poor Tania. It's even been a little rough on Kelly. No one expects the CIA in Russia. Or fainting teenagers. After accepting the car ride from Ryans, Kelly stayed just long enough to get out of the vicinity of the theater, then she bailed, dragging Tania with her. Another car ride, this time to the airport, and they were soon on a plane for the trip to the states. At least that was uneventful.

It might be imagined that once they land in New York, that Kelly might give Tania time to relax or look around, but Kelly isn't that compassionate, and is that much of a businesswoman in her own way. She's not being paid to play tour guide or nursemaid, but is being paid to deliver the goods. In this case, I no doubt still scared Russian girl. So it's right into Kelly's vehicle they go, a large black SUV.

Once they're in and on the road, Kelly glances to Tania. "You did good back there. In the theater, I mean. I half expected you to seriously freak out or something, which would've made it a hell of a lot more difficult," she grudgingly admits.

Her first plane ride! A prospect that most kids would find exciting proved to be a fairly mellow event with the young Tania. Perhaps it's all that time to sit and think about what she just did. Leaving her mother and family friend behind in a dangerous situation, hopping on a plane and zipping to another country in hopes of seeing her brother who's supposed to be dead. It isn't your average summer vacation tale. So Kelly has a quiet companion for the trip, which is perhaps surprising since said companion is at that age where girls don't seem to know how to stop talking.

In the car, Tania looks over to Kelly at those words, and seems to recognize the compliment, as a smile comes her to face. "I save the 'freaking out'-" she almost mimics the phrase, like she's unfamiliar with the slang, "-for later, da?" That smile is a little shy, a little embarrassed, but definitely there. "It is… not good to get too upset. The doctors tell me this. I try."

There's a slight frown this time when Kelly looks over at Tania. "Yeah, what's that all about? What sort of medical problem do you have?" It's not strictly necessary for her to know. She'll be ditching the poor girl soon enough, but curiosity wins out. This time. "And I'm glad you did save it for later. It could've been a lot worse if you'd freaked out. Most people would've though, with all the shooting."

"It is… chronic adrenal insufficiency. Addison's disease, it is called because of the doctor who first discovered it. But it makes me very tired." There's the sense that that may be an understatement. "I have had it since I was very small. All my life, the doctors think." Tania shakes her head some at the memory of their recent excitement. "I had never seen shooting before. Sometimes, Katarina would bring movies, but she would have to sneak the exciting ones under my mother's nose, yes?" That comes with a bit of a smile, like there were a joke in there somewhere.

"Mmm. Well, most people have never seen shooting, unless they're a cop or in the military, so you're not alone in that," Kelly says with a shrug. "Most react…more like your mother, actually. Screaming and freaking out, though most also duck and cover," she says, lifting one hand to absently cover the bullet wound on her arm. "And with you never having met me…You must really love your brother."

"My mother, she has lost much. It has been hard, in Russia. Until very recently. I hope Katarina will be able to look after her. You don't think those men will do anything bad to them?" Tania looks down to the wound, too, frowning softly. "I once said something very hurtful to him. And was too… embarrassed to take it back. And then the papers said he died and I… regret. Very sad. When I was young, he would come see me. It was always very good." That smile returns a little wistful this time. "If he is alive, I have to see him. You have his letter, I think this is the right choice. The other man, he said Aleksandr sent him, too."

"I'm sure your mother will be fine. She's done nothing wrong, so at most, they may talk to her for a while then release her," Kelly says, shaking her head. "And I think the other man lied. Why would your brother send your letter with me, then send someone else without telling either of us, and putting you at risk? It doesn't make any sense."

"This is what I think, too. But… who were they? Why did they come, this I don't understand. I think it must mean you are right about Aleksandr being alive. Who would go so far for the daughter of a former pianist?" Tania lifts her shoulders, her hands spreading helplessly. "I do think those Americans are going to be in trouble, though."

The first real smile that Tania has seen cross Kelly's lips forms, and it's not exactly a good sort of smile. It's more evil pleasure at the thought of Harper and his friends spending some time in jail. "Yes, I think they certainly will be. They were trying to operate on foreign soil in an official capacity, shot up the theater, and no doubt would've tried to take you if I hadn't gotten you out of there. They'll be in one hell of a lot of trouble, I think."

She glances at Tania and shifts a shoulder slightly. "Not sure exactly who they were. Federal agents, but what kind? FBI doesn't make sense. CIA, maybe. Or even Homeland security? I don't know. Maybe your brother will, if you want to ask him."

"He must be in some trouble, my brother," Tania decides with a nod and a fold of her arms. "I will ask him. We will see if he tells me. It seems like a lot of hassle to go through. I am not this special," she adds the last with a bit of a nervous laugh and a shake of her head.

"Clearly someone disagrees with you," Kelly points out. "And most certainly your brother does, considering that I went all the way to Russia just to get you and bring you back here to him."

"My brother is good. He is good about taking care of me." Tania smiles there, a delicate expression. In fact, everything about this girl seems pretty delicate. "Do you know when I will be able to see him?"

"Well. Part of my instructions are to take you to a place where you'll be picked up, and, I assume, taken to him. So I imagine you'll get to see him soon," Kelly answers with another shrug.

"You will not be staying?" Tania asks, her hands dropping to her lap. "What if something… happens?" Nervousness peeks out there, which is understandable for a girl on her own in a foreign country. She saw An American Tail!

There's the first real hesitation from Kelly. "I'll leave you my cell number. I very seriously doubt anything will happen, but if for some reason you don't get picked up or whatever, give me a call and I'll get you where you're supposed to go, okay?"

Tania relaxes some, and nods her head there. "Sorry. I am… This is— It is very strange." She lets out a sigh, perhaps finding the word lacking. But after a pause, she blinks and looks over at Kelly again. "Those two… who were they? The two who helped us?"

"Oh yeah, I'll give you that. It is strange." At least to people with jobs not like Kelly's. "And I don't know who they were. Not sure it really matters though. I don't think they were there specifically to help us, they just happened to be there at the right time."

"Very interesting luck," Tania says. "Perhaps a bad time to drop by, for them." The girl lays her head back against the headrest, that tiredness she was talking about seeming to slowly settle over her. "Looking back… I cannot believe we made it out of there. It seems… someone was everywhere, yes?"

"It does, but we made it out of there, that's what's important. Just focus on that," Kelly advises as she pulls up in front of the Pelican. The car is put in park, and she digs in the center console to get out a small spiral notebook and pen. A phone number is scrawled on the paper with her first name, then the page is torn off and given to Tania. "Here's my number. If you need it, use it. But I doubt you will." She grabs her backpack from the back, grabs an envelope, and offers that as well. "Here's some stuff for you, IDs and whatnot. Keep it with you, and just stay inside until you're picked up, okay?"

When the car stops, Tania sits up some and she swallows a bit when it dawns on her that she's going to be on her own. But she takes the phone number and the envelop, looking at them for a moment before she looks back to Kelly. The items are set in her lap so she can take the woman's hand for a shake. "I will. Thank you. I… I am sorry it was so much trouble. Do svidaniya, Miss Kelly. And be well." And then, she looks out at the Pelican, letting out a breath before she starts to climb out of the car.

The offered hand is taken, Kelly's grip firm, her hands rough. "No need to apologize, Tania. And just remember, if you see the man from the theater at some point? Run in the other direction." It's good advice. And free, even. Then she simply waits while Tania gets out of the car, and even watches to make sure she makes it inside the Pelican, before driving off. Vroom, vroom, zoom!

Tania lets out a brief chuckle on an exhale at that advice, and she nods firmly, "I will be sure to do so." When she gets out, she takes a moment to look at this place she's been left before she turns to give Kelly a wave. She does give the place something of a dubious look before she steps inside, truly on her own for the first time. Even if it is just for a little while.

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