One Crazy and Another


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Scene Title One Crazy and Another
Synopsis Two crazies have a relatively normal conversation with each other, besides the non blinking and smelling bad.
Date January 26, 2010

Orchid Lounge

//The Orchid Lounge, owned by the mother of Senator Nathan Petrelli, is an Asian-inspired martini bar lit by candlelight and the soft glow of wall sconces spaced evenly throughout the room. Although there aren't any employees at the door to check for identification, it's unusual to find anyone in the college-aged crowd at the Lounge, which caters to young professionals with plenty of extra money to burn. During the day, the plush burgundy drapes affixed to the windows are used to filter out the sounds of traffic and at night are drawn back to allow passersby a glimpse inside.

Seating is simple: clusters of rectangular tables fashioned from white marble, each with two leather benches parallel to the longest sides. Silk pillows in varying shades of red, brown, yellow and orange lend a splash of colour to the Lounge, vivid against the pale walls and black-painted cement floor. On one wall is a giant mirror with an intricately carved frame that reflects almost everything in the room and makes the space appear twice as large as it really is. Clearly, the proprietor of this establishment wanted to get her money's worth - real estate in this part of town isn't cheap!//

There is a full house tonight and many people have gathered here. A performer that vanished for a while is making her debut and people excited. A few journalist for local newspapers and magazines are here to record and write of Eve Mas' return to the stage. The lights in the lounge dim as a short man steps out onto the stage and waves his hands out to the crowd as they applaud.

"Ladies and gentlemen, a true treat indeed is in store for you tonight. The songstress Eve Mas has returned! And we are happy to say that she resume performing every week.. starting tonight!"

A few cheers here and there and the man moves on, "So help me in welcoming the beautiful and talented, Eve Mas!" The crowd applauds as the curtains slide back and there sitting on a piano stool dressed in a dark purple dress and heels to match, her hair falls in waves down to her butt and as she swings her head to survey the crowd with a wide smile, her hair swings as well.

"I've missed you all and I'm terribly sorry for being away for so long, but since I have been away for so long.. I have tons of new material for you. And this song here, is about a woman. Who is displaced.. with nowhere to go.." she looks directly at someone in the ground and offers a wink, "She can't even hide in her dreams. This is her journey." And with that, the seer begins to sing the lyrics to a song while playing a few chords slowly.

Unlike his saner half, Jack can really appreciate the classy club scene. For a partially insane guy, he fits right in with his long grayish green trenchcoat, blue jeans, and black boots. Sure, they're nothing expensive, but he seems as if he could be any young business man. Taking a seat near the front with a martini in his hand, he lounges back, watching Eve intently. She is why he came, not for any particularly grand reason, he just heard someone was returning to sing.

Once she is finished with her song, the crowd erupts in applause and she stands and dips her head in thanks, a gentle smile on her lips. This is what she was born to do, that's what running through her mind as she descends from the stage and begins to walk towards the bar, on the way she is shaking hands and receiving congratulations. To anyone looking at her, she does indeed glow with a 'specialness' like she feels at home here, on the stage performing for people. The pale woman gets to the bar and leaning against it, she gets a big glass of water and smiles in thanks to the bartender. She has a little bit of time before her next song.

Jack stands from his table and heads over to the bar, immediately taking a stool next to her and placing his martini on the counter. "You're really good." he compliments with a subtle grin, briefly looking her over before settling on her eyes. "Can't say I've heard you play before, but I came because I heard a singer was returning. Why're you in a club and not out there making Britney Spears or whoever look like crap?"

"I haven't had time." She says softly and takes a sip of her water, still not sitting on the stool. Eve runs a hand through her hair and looks back at Mortimer. "Though I'm not sure, anybody can make Spears look like crap, huge following she has." Light grey eyes scan Mortimer and then she's looking back at her glass of water, "You are?" A tilt of her head brings a few strands of hair to fall into her eyes.

"Mister Jack, but you can call me Jack." he introduces with a slight raise of his glass, then a sip. "A following is a shallow thing for most, a fad even. A true following is when you've gained a strong influence over your followers, reached the very depths of their souls, and put more of yourself into them than they have of themselves." He sounds as if he's speaking from experience, always keeping a subtle smile while watching her. "I'm sure you'll manage."

"When it comes to that point, I think the pull of power. The capability to become a tyrant is too much and you might succumb." Eve isn't sure she even wants a following like that. The young dips her head in greeting to Jack, "Nice to meet you Jack. I take it, that you aren't a Britney Spears fan?" Eve can't lie, she's danced around in her underwear to some Hit Me Baby One More Time, but then again.. she's danced around in her underwear to African music along with Mozart.

"Tyranny, there's a boring concept. Who wants all that power when no one's enjoying themselves? If I ruled the world, my one and only royal decree would be 'Go nuts'." Jack almost laughs loudly, but quickly covers his mouth when he realizes the setting. It's hard to be insane and subtle at the same time, occasionally. "I'll take some AC/DC or Johnny Cash, Britney is only appropriate when inappropriate."

AC/DC is a solid music choice in Eve's opinion. "Well thank you for your confidence." She says gently and takes another gulp of her water. Almost finished with, her next song will be soon. "If I get big.. I'll remember that.." she gets a pondering look on her face as she stares around the room, as if she's trying to remember his name. "Jack, always knew I could do it." She grins and dips her head in his direction.

"Anyone can do anything if they'd just indulge a bit in being delusional. There's a fine line between delusion and reality, if you just believe that the world as you see it is the way it is, and act in such a way, eventually it'll bend to your whims." Jack raises two fingers, pointing directly at her eyes. "You've got crazy eyes. And, do what?"

The singer leans in and tilts her head at Jack, eyes widen for him to see. "I have crazy eyes?" she asks as if she hadn't heard him clearly. Then her nose wrinkles as she takes a sniff. "You smell funny." She says with a shrug and then she's taking another sip of her water, "What do you mean.. what do I do?" Eve's head tilts to the side, a questioning look on her face.

"You said 'Always knew I could do it', and I'm wondering what it is." Jack leans in a bit, getting a closer look when she opens her eyes wider. "Your eyes kind of bug out, like that chick from Sweeney Todd. It's crazy, I like it. I think you're perfectly capable of being just the right of delusional to be successful."

"Always knew that I could have a huge cult following." She says softly and then she's looking at Mortimer just as closely as he is looking at her. "It's more fun being delusional, whoever in their right mind wants to be sane?" Now really think about that statement. The seeress chuckles softly and then she's placing her empty water glass over the bar. "Are you delusional?" Eve has a feeling that he is.

"I have a modest cult following." Jack admits, keeping eye contact as if it's some sort of strange motionless dance. He barely blinks. "I like to think I'm rather delusional. I can't quite see my delusions anymore, but I'm sure that Lovecratian horror is still in the sky, looking down on us all. I'm also cursed." He raises his gloved left hand, opening and closing it with the subtle sound of tiny rotors and gears.

Eve doesn't bat an eyelash. "We're all delusional. We all have our own realties." She states and then she's folding her hands on the bar. "How were you cursed? A follower.. get to close?" she asks with a tilt of her head. She stares straight into Jack's eyes, eyebrows raised with a question. How did you get cursed?"

"We're all delusional, but no one understands the people who know that. We're the sane ones and they look at us like we're crazy." Jack shrugs helplessly, though continues to peer, raising his glass for the bartender to refill. "I got cursed because I lost what bit of power I had. I abused it, I fought for the woman I loved at the time, and I lost an arm. But with this new arm, I can't feel anything, play guitar, or ride my motorcycle. It's a curse."

The subject of love is a bitter one for Eve, but isn't it for everyone? The woman nearly thirty looks down at Mortimer's arm and nods her head. "Sometimes.. you can't fight for love, sometimes.." she gets up and begins to walk away. "You just have to let it go." And with that, the sybil walks towards the stage again, applause following in her wake. Her dress trails behind her until she feeling sits upon the piano stool again.. and begins to play.——

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