One Day


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Scene Title One Day
Synopsis The things Mallory and Hana have in common just keep racking up.
Date May 11, 2009

Outside Primatech Research, The Bronx

Mallory is quiet the whole way out of the facility, eyes darting everywhere inquisitively. It's not until she's wheeled herself off the grounds that she gives Hana a questioning sort of look.

Hana is quiet. End of story. Predator's quiet; she walks like a lioness pacing in a cage, except there are no cages out here. Only back there. A gesture of her now-empty hands directs Mallory to turn down a corner; there's a green four-door car parked by the curb, and from the way Hana's gaze flicks across it, the recognition of a familiar thing, it is probably their next stop. The woman doesn't give any indication that she's prepared to talk — even digitally — while they're still walking away from Primatech.

Mallory looks to the car and nods; she wheels over toward it by Hana if that's where the other technopath is truly going and carefully stands up. She opens her mouth again, crosses her eyes with annoyance, and snaps her trap shut. Simon will probably love this.

Hana opens a rear door for Mallory; there's a man sitting in the driver's seat, somewhere in the vicinity of Hana's age, with curly blond hair. Blue eyes watch Mallory in the rearview mirror, and he offers the youth a pleasant, cheerful smile.

His gaze flicks to Hana as she also slides into the backseat, after dropping the folded wheelchair in the front, and the smile becomes if anything more amused. "You should think about being a little less reckless, lady," Alistair McKeon chides Hana. "You could've gotten stuck in there, and then where would we be?"

Hana levels a glower at his reflection in the mirror. He is, apparently, used to it, as Alistair simply chuckles and pulls the car away from the curb. She sits and watches the buildings scroll by, left hand set lightly on her knee where Mallory can reach it if she so desires. Neither demand nor offer, but tacit permission.

Once they're on their way, the reflection of Alistair's blue eyes focuses on Mallory again. "Where to, kid? This's your trip."

Mallory doesn't smile back at Alistair; she really should, but it's not in her nature to be friendly… even to people who are helping her, apparently. She shakes her head, decides not to bother trying to speak and instead raises a hand, turning to Hana. Her gaze flicks down to the other technopath's hand, then over to Alistair, holding up a finger: one minute. Then she prods Hana's hand with one finger to make and keep contact. Which one of them is Elliot and which one is E.T., anyway? Who were those people?

Hana glances over to Mallory at the contact, then looks up to Alistair. "Lower East Side." Last time they met, it was at a townhouse — a safehouse — there. It's as good a destination as any for now, until Mallory dictates a different preference.

Primatech Research. Front for 'The Company'. As she replies to Mallory's question, the woman's lips twist in a lopsided, disdainful grimace. A bona fide secret organization that has no good agenda, although they will tell you otherwise. Still no emotion in digital tone — but the expression on Hana's face provides all of the animosity needed to flavor her response and more.

That's the Company? Mallory blinks a few times, twisting to look out the back window as they pull away. Simon wanted me to look into them. I tried, but their systems were too advanced. But now I know them, I suppose. What good agenda do they claim to have?

Whatever they think you'll listen to, Hana replies. Their systems are more advanced than any other you'll find, yes.

Mallory continues to look out the rear window. She'll hurt her neck doing that. Her finger remains touching Hana's hand. You got me out of there. It's reluctant. …I owe you one. Several. It's like a thank you, only not quite.

Hana regards Mallory for a moment, blinking slowly. Her expression is nearly impassive, but something about it suggests the gratitude is considered entirely unnecessary. See to it I don't have to do this again, is all she replies with.

I'll find him and kill him, is Mallory's reply. He can't hide forever. She looks out a side window now, retracting her hand.

Mallory's hand snakes out again. The woman there. Who was she? Who else is in the Company?

Hana raises a brow at Mallory. Why do you want to know?

Mallory is still looking out the window sullenly. To protect. To avoid. And maybe one day to destroy.

Hana is quiet for a long moment, regarding her sometime student even as the girl stares out the back window towards a view long since vanished down streets and around corners. Focus on avoiding, Mallory. You're a long ways from the rest.

The woman faces forward then. She doesn't break the contact between them; her added sentence may or may not have been deliberate communication. One day.

Knowing who to avoid protects me and mine, Mallory sends back. Simon. Who was that woman and who else is there?

Many of their files are closed because of me, Hana observes. I don't know them all and I wouldn't tell you if I did. She at least doesn't try to hide this, characteristically blunt. She is Minea Dahl. Now Hana does lift her hand, interrupting the line of communication.

Mallory pulls her hand back as well, shooting a sharp look over at Hana. A sharp, sour look chased by an air of sullenness. She rides in silence for a time.

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