One Dead Bastard


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Scene Title One Dead Bastard
Synopsis Liz calls to let Len know about Doug, and slips in a little nudge for him to visit his favorite tattooist.
Date September 30, 2009

When Elisabeth slips out of work to take a break, she finally finds herself a quiet place in a small walled in garden. There are few of the small parks left in Manhattan, but there are still some. And she pulls out her cell phone to dial a number that is becoming all too familiar. "Hey," she greets the Texan on the other end in a weary tone. "World ended yet?"

Len Denton has just pulled into the parking lot of the Nite Owl when his phone went off. Putting the Jeep in park, he reaches for the phone and answers it, then grins when he hears who's on the other end. "I hope not. If it is, I hope it can wait until after lunch. I'm famished. How's your world?" he asks as he unbuckles his seat belt, but remains inside his vehicle.

Looking around the small piece of green she's inhabiting, Elisabeth admits softly, "Maybe better?" She sucks in a soft sigh. "I gave you what information I had on Humanis First… I assume you saw the clusterfuck that was the Suresh Center, right?"

"I've heard some rumblings." Len admits as well, wondering where she's going with this. "You have some information I might be interested in as it pertains to that?" He hasn't really had anyone look into that incident because it seems to have been handled by local law enforcement at least to some extent.

There's a long pause on the other end of the line. "Humanis First members were wearing NYPD uniforms. At least one of them was fake, but I can't assume that all of them were. I've got a couple of descriptions but … not much to go on. One of the names I gave you should be crossed off your list, however. A man named 'Doug.'" She hasn't given Denton enough information, she doesn't think, to understand the exact significance of that… until now. "Some… people… got him into custody in the hopes of extracting information. When they tried to turn him over to my custody," presumably for incarceration, "he attacked me. Again. He's dead. There's no body to retrieve." Her tone is … calm. But tight.

There's a pause on Len's end of the phone as he considers what she's saying. "Good." He finally says. "Has there been any further identification of that man? Maybe we can run him through the system and see what red flags pop up," Len offers.

Elisabeth laughs quietly. "Denton…. I knew I liked you in spite of yourself." She draws in a deep breath and says quietly on the exhale, "I know that his real name is Hornpecker, if you can believe that. He was one of Danko's nutjob Marines overseas. It appears the man's traveling about with a lot of his old unit members or something." She pauses and says softly, "I just thought you should know." She's not even sure she knows why. The silence on her end of the phone is longer than it perhaps ought to be, and in an attempt to lighten the mood a little, she offers, "By the way…. I've been asked to pass on a message to you. A mutual acquaintance appears to think you are a very handsome kinda guy… and she'd not be averse to a phone call if you're in the market for dinner. I believe you very recently had a very hot tattoo retouched." She smiles a little.

Len's eyebrow lifts at the mention of his tattoo and the woman who gave it to him. "Is that so? Well, perhaps I'll stop in and say hello. I appreciate you passing along the message." His tone is light up until this point, though becomes more serious when he tells her. "If you need anything, you call me. Anything at all." Something catches his attention at the corner of his eye as he watches a blonde walk into the Nite Owl. He reaches for a folder and pulls out some pictures and finds the one he's looking for. "Well, seems that you've brought me some interesting luck today, Harrison."

"Always glad to oblige, Denton," Liz replies quietly. "I'll let you know if anything else pops." And then she hangs up, looking around again.

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