One Finger, Or Two


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Scene Title One Finger, Or Two
Synopsis Magnes discovers just who exactly his adjacent cellmate is.
Date February 24, 2009

Rusty Warehouse

At one point in the not-so-distant past, this derelict warehouse was used to store loading equipment for the dockyards of Fresh Kills Harbor. Today, it serves as a makeshift prison with storage containers converted into simplistic cells that look out across the warehouse's concrete floor, blocked off with three steel walls and one made from industrial-grade wire mesh with an electrical current running through it to prevent escape.

Each cell is outfitted with a cot, a toilet and sink to provide the prisoners with fresh water, as well as a bucket that can be overturned and used as a stool.

Life in the rusty warehouse, has not been fun, and even more now for some as Abigail has joined them in the converted cages the day before. Morning breaks, fights have ended. What is ordinarily healing rounds isn't forthcoming, people tended to by other medics employed by Muldoon and friends as the healer… can't heal.

The cage beside Magnes is now Abby's home and her day had been one of in and out of consciousness thanks to the state of her mouth and the bullet wounds that were tended to in her leg. She's been silent, definitely silent, though now and then, a pained sound comes from the corrugated steel wall between her and the gravokinetic.'

Life for Magnes lately has been constant training for his next fight. At the moment, he's not (entirely) training his power, but his body. The skater of course has great lower body strength and balance, but his upper body leaves a lot to be desired in the area of strength, so he's been doing sideways pull-ups. Gravity is shifted in the direction of the electrified current, while he hangs from the sink with heavy legs, pulling himself up and down, straining and gasping.

He's begun to really notice the sounds of pain, the voice familiar, but he tries to write it off as a figment of his imagination; at least for the first few minutes. He asks with heavy breaths, still lifting himself, "Who's there? Are you alright?"

The garbled reply is that of Abby trying to form a word, and stopping. She can't. there's a over a third of her tongue gone, taken away by the joint team of Jack and Logan. But it may be enough for him to recognize as something not more than a figment of imagination. The steel sheet that separates them has a hole, big enough to look through up near the top with an eye, if he can manage to get that high.

Magnes panics, what else would he do? Gravity suddenly shifts back to normal, causing him to lightly thump on to the floor. "What the hell? Abby?!" he asks, quickly standing and walking up the wall, leaning down into the crack. "Is that you?!"

It's Abigail, she doesn't need to make a sound to re-affirm what he can see. She hasn't moved from her cot, not even when food was brought or drinks. The bucket beside the bed, the woman on her side and blanket over her. Abigail watches the wall between her and Magnes, pain inset on every feature, specks of dried blood, and a hand towel near her face tucked under her chin where she can grab it if she needs it.

Magnes sees the blood, and the fact that she's in a cage, then suddenly slams a super heavy knee into the wall, causing it to rumble slightly. But then one of the guards bangs on something and yells, "Cut it out in there!" so he does, and just sighs, watching her with a scrunched up, close to tears frown. "Abby, I don't know what they did to you, but I swear to God… I warned them!"

Abby moves a hand out from under the blanket, movements sluggish. There's a gun made, by her hand and she fires off towards the wall twice. She can see him, see that sliver where he is and him behind it.

Magnes tilts his head, confused for a moment, but then he looks to the blood, then her hand again, frown growing deeper. "They shot you… they shot you! I told them, I told them that if they hurt you…"

They did more than shoot her. The blonde's eyes flicker closed, a wave of pain as she opens her mouth, the raw .. stump.. that used to be her tongue that's been reduced to nearly half of what it used to be. There's a laugh from the exit of the two cells as one of the armed guards makes a round. "Lost her tongue too. Teach her a lesson, that's what happened. Can't attack Logan at the brothel and expect to get away with it. Can you honey?" It's a sneer that's largely ignored by Abigail. "No sirreee" Off the bulky man bearing weapons goes, looking in each cage, making sure everyone is playing nice.

The guards are likely used to Magnes doing all sorts of strange gravity things, just hanging up at the top of the wall still, staring in absolute shock and awe. "T-they… cut your tongue out… they cut your tongue out!" He suddenly drops from the crack with a loud thug that vibrates through the floor, then slams a hard fist into the sink in a rage, leaving one large crack going down it. "They hurt her, you fuckers hurt her! Logan? That's who did it, some guy named Logan… I'll throw him into the sky! I swear it, I swear it on everything, I'll throw him into the sky!"

"Keep it down in there or you'll get a bullet too Kid" That's another guard and Abby winces with the fresh wave of tears and another string of unintelligible words from her before the cloth is clamped to her mouth again. The bulky one that first came around settles into view, weapon out.

Magnes stops yelling, crawling back up to the crack to watch her as he speaks. "I can't kill anyone, I know I shouldn't, but he took your tongue. And since he took your tongue, I'm going to take something of his. If he's smart, he'll never come near me again. I warned him…" he whispers now, just for Abby.

There's no protest from the blonde, none at all. Just sticking to the cot, watching Magnes through the crack. She doesn't know sign language and even if she did, the odds of Magnes knowing it. How do you tell someone that you already took something of his. Abby holds up her palm, a placating gesture, folding in on herself a bit. God, for a pad of paper and a pen right now..

When Magnes has calmed down at least a little, he realizes her inability to respond, and quickly thinks of a solution. "When I ask you a question, I want you to either hold up one finger or two for the answer. If Logan was the older guy who kept touching you, hold up two fingers, if Logan was the guy with the glowing eyes, hold up one finger."

A single finger is held up by Abigail. Logan is the one with the green glowing eyes.

Magnes makes a mental note, thinking up his next line of questioning as he leans down on two arms, getting comfortable against the wall. "Did he hurt you other than your tongue and shooting you? Two fingers for yes, one for no."

It's still just one finger. A resounding no. Just shot, and her tongue. It's slow blinks from Abigail, she's getting overwhelmed by the pain again.

Magnes nods firmly, staring down at her with a frown when he notices that pained expression. "Don't worry, I'll get him back. I made a promise. I won't kill him, but I'll show that demon what Heaven is like for someone like him…"

Abby's not nodding, but neither is she shaking her head. She just closes her eyes, a motion made with her hands, like she's going to sleep. Trying to keep the grimace off her face.

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