One Fish, Two Fish


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Scene Title One Fish, Two Fish
Synopsis Colette returns to Grand Central Station and reconnects with Kaylee.
Date February 28, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

For the first time in a long time, Grand Central Station has been living up to its name. From that deluge of recovering Refrain addicts, to medical supply shipments, ti all hands on deck coming in and out during the dark hours of night, it's been busier than ever. For the first time since before Joseph's disappearance, the terminal feels alive, and the Ferrymen seem busily active. It's in the early morning hours here when things seem their quietest; hardly any foot traffic comes and goes from the station after sunrise, late night arrivals are sound asleep, and underground dawn never truly comes to set that diurnal sleep rhythm for the safe house operators.

Down here on one quiet morning, the sounds of rustling and clunking comes from a shipment storage room, formerly a women's restroom before all of the plumbing was demolished in the bomb and water was cut off. Now the spacious tiled room serves as a repository for shipped dry supplies; light bulbs, blankets, spare clothing, all manner of odds and ends that aren't going to stay in Grand Central, but rather be shipped off to another safehouse or taken by residents to bring to other locations.

Here in this storage room, a once persistant now almost non-existant figure of the terminal stands like a narrow shadow at a pile of stacked cardboard boxes. Old black denim jeans are patched with patterned red fabric at the thighs and knees, while a short black denim jacket has its collar up against the back of this ephemeral resident's neck. Colette Nichols looks, for her part, to be rifling through a box of loose odds and ends, gloved fingers pawing through what amounts to a junk drawer. At her side, a crook-necked wooden cane rests against a stack of boxes.

Up on her toes as she is, the teen looks just a little taller than she normally does, but her stretch to the back of the box is met by a wince, a flinch, and a pained hand moving down to her beck as she hunches forward, breathing out a wavering hiss. She reaches out for her cane, bracing her weight on it while taking a moment to just let the shooting ache pass.

It's the sound of the rustling that has Kaylee stopping by the door, brows furrowing slightly as she hadn't heard of anything going out yet this morning. She's already been up with the early shift with the patients, changing bedding and helping out in general. Less holding puke buckets at least. Yet somehow she missed Colette's arrival, so when she glances in, there is a surprised, "Colette?!"

Slowly stepping into the storage room, Kaylee tucks a few stray strands of hair that got free from the loosely braided blonde hair. Her other hand is tucked into a gray hoodie, with a dark blue turtle neck peeking from the collar. Her jeans are worn, but in good shape at least, falling over the black biker boots she tends to always wear.

Her gaze drops to the cane, and blonde brows shoot up and she starts to take a step forward and stops herself. "What… ?" Concern is plain on her face as she looks back up at Colette slowly. "What happened?"

Normally Colette would jerk around quickly to look when her name is called out like that, but hindered in fast movements as she is now, the teen only slowly looks up towards the sound of Kaylee's voice with a tired smile. There's a faint bruise all along the right side of her face, little pock marks of purple and yellow that have almost gone away. The way she moves though, stiffly and rigidly, likely accounts for why she's using a cane for balance and favoring her right leg.

Green eyes meet Kaylee's far bluer ones with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation. Whatever it is the young girl was searching for in that box comes to a halt as she offers a smile up to the older woman, teeth toying at her lower lip. "I, uh…" Gree eyes regard the cane, then focus back on Kaylee, "got into an argument with a car. S'nothing…" Shaking her head dismissively, Colette limps her way over to where Kaylee's standing in the doorway, smile still awkwardly crooked on her lips.

"I— I was actually looking for Joseph, but— but I'm glad I ran into you." Brows raised and furrowed, Colette stares down at her feet. "M'sorry I— um, that I…" Wrinkling her nose, Colette gives a shake of her head. "M'sorry for everything."

There are no words from Kaylee, there is a hint of tears in her eyes as she only does one thing and that is move to gently hug the teenager. The telepath give a long relieved sigh. "Don't be sorry." She murmurs softly, "You needed time, I respect that. I've been worried sick about you though. Risked Deckard with a shotgun to see if you were in your normal haunt." There is a touch of humor when she mentions that. "I…. don't think he likes me much." Arms tighten slightly around the smaller woman, suddenly. "Glad your okay though."

"Missed a lot, while you were gone." Kaylee says, loosening her grip so that the girl can get away, should she wish. "For one… Joseph left to go home." Glancing down, Kaylee sighs softly, giving a small sheepish smile. "He's gone to try and figure things out with his wife, finally, I think."

Arms wrapped around Kaylee's waist, Colette buries her face in the blonde's shoulder, squeezing back just as carefully and as gently as she had before. Eyes fluttering shut, she just stays silent in the embrace, breathing in quietly before exhaling a breath into the fabric of the taller woman's sweater. Gently brushing her nose against Kaylee's shoulder, Colette leans back and looks up with a tired smile. "Deckard likes t'pretend he doesn't like anybody…" Colette quietly offers in explanation, rising up on her toes to get a better look at Kaylee on somewhat more even footing, though it's clear she's using the blonde for balance and not putting much weight on her left leg.

"I— I was so wrong to push you away like that." Colette states flatly, firmly, before leaning in to lightly bump her nose against Kaylee's and settle back down on the flats of her feet. "I— It was a stupid mistake, and all'a my excuses don't matter. I— I'm just glad you're not mad at me. I— I've got so many people to apologize to…" Toying with her lower lip, Colette curls her fingers into the fabric of Kaylee's sweater, looking back up to the blonde hesitantly.

"How… long is Joseph going to be away for?" The look on Colette's face is a perhaps self-importantly nervous one, as if she somehow blames herself for his recent sojurn back home. It wouldn't be the first time she's blamed herself for something that wasn't her fault.

"Mad at you?" Kaylee asks with a small gentle smile, fingers brushing at a bit of the dark hair at Colette's temple, before planting a chaste kiss at the younger woman's forehead."Nah.. worried, yeah… not mad. You might talk to Eric though, he's been a grumpy puppet man and won't talk to anyone since you left."

"As… for… Joseph. I don't know?" There is a slight grimace from the young telepath, as she pulls away slightly. "If all goes well and he makes up with his wife, he could either come home or stay down there." A matter of fact look is given to Colette, a finger lifts to point at her. "And don't go blaming yourself. He needs to resolve things with his wife, whether good or bad. They've been separated a really long time." A soft sigh escape her and she backs up to lean against a wall. "I'm kind of hoping he gets what he wants." She says ever so softly, cause as much as the telepath has feelings for the man, he needs his happiness.

"He deserves it after everything he's gone through and with Danko loose again, I think it's better he stays away for awhile."

"…Joseph's married?" Colette asks with a wide-eyed stare at Kaylee, "I— " kissed a married man almost comes tumbling off her lips as her face flushes and she looks away, "Didn't— know— that." She manages to stammer out to poorly cover her tracks that Kaylee can read as plain as day. Swallowing awkwardly, Colette looks left and right and then shakes her head, making a quiet sound in the back of her throat before looking back up to the blonde.

"I… I'm still sorry for worrying you. For— for hurting people who were just— " Colette cuts herself off, shaking her head again as green eyes wander down to her feet, then flick back up towards Kaylee. "I— I'm sorry for… for running in that day, for— making you all worry about me so much when I was trying to save Joseph. I— I was stupid, and I could've— " Her head shakes again, and she smiles wearily up to Kaylee. "I was wrong."

"Yeah.. he is.. separated." Kaylee says sounding a touch amused. "He's been wearing the ring all this time, why do you think I held back. Beyond the fact he was older then me."

"Apology accepted." The young blonde says softly, hand resting against Colette's cheek gently, but only briefly letting it drop to her shoulder. "It's good to have you back again.. are…. you going to be around more?" A brow lifting slightly. "Or… should I get use to being Colette-less?" There is a touch of a tease there, trying to lighten things some.

"Missed having you around to fuss over Gala with… though Molly was around to take up the slack." Kaylee flashes a small grin. "Helped me find the perfect dress for it and even helped with my hair." Her hand slides down Colette's arm to take her hand. "Come on. Lets get you off your feet, find you some aspirin and I can catch you up on everything.. and you can tell me about what you've been doing."

At the hand to her arm, Colette tenses up and pulls away from Kaylee. It's a fleeting motion of resistance, as she raises one bare hand and a single index finger to insinuate one moment before turning back around to the stack of cardboard boxes behind her. Having seen what she wanted earlier, Colette leans up and fishes around inside, pulling out something round and shiny; a little five-pointed plastic badge painted a coppery metallic color, with the word SHERIFF emblazoned on the front. Turning it around in her fingers, Colette smiles faintly, then tucks the toy into the interior pocket of her jacket before offering up a Cheshire smile to Kaylee.

"I'm going to be around, more than before." Colette explains with a firm nod of her head, using her cane to step awkwardly forward to the blonde again. "I don't— need to get off my feet. I'll be fine, I just— I need to stay active, not sit down. Lemmie help you do something— that— preferably doesn't involve lifting or bending." There's a crooked smile on Colette's lips as she makes that comment, coming up to stand by Kaylee's side, offering out her free arm for the blonde to take. "As long as it's with you… it doesn't really matter what it is."

Nothing is said while she watches Colette, only a rise of a single brow is what the teen gets at the sight of the kiddie badge. Only when the other woman is back at her side does she offer, "Right now.. It's mostly custodial work.. Changing bedding and things like that." Kaylee slips her arm through Colette's holding it against her side somewhat as she adds, giving her a mock accusing look. "There is less puking, so be glad you missed that."

"Glad your back." Kaylee says, eyes closing for a moment a smile on her lips. When they open again, she smiles brighter. "Come on.. I have to get more sheets. I've got three more beds. Oh man… the stuff I have to tell you." She starts to tug the young woman out of the bathroom. "I learned something about my dad… who is totally not who I was told… and…"

Kaylee bites her lips, glancing at Colette out of the corner of her eyes, "I.. ah.." Another beat of silence, "…started seeing someone. In fact, he took me to the Gala." After she drops that little bomb, she can't help but hold her breath.

He? Pfft. Colette offers up too obviously with a quirk of one brow, teasingly smiling to Kaylee as she follows at the blonde's side. "You missed your chance," she admits with a crooked grin, cheeks coloring at the comment as her nose wrinkles. "Sounds like a lot's happened…" The teen agrees, managing a lopsided smile as Kaylee leads her out of the storage room and into the main corridor beyond. As they walk, it becomes incresingly obvious that Colette needs to take it slow, from her limping pace and favoring of the cane over her own leg.

"I wanna hear all about it…" Colette admits somewhat jealously over the latter of the events, the color in her cheeks not quite fading as she offers a nervous look up to Kaylee thorugh the ragged fringe of her bangs. "M'sorry I missed any of it."

Nudging her elbow lightly into Colette's side, Kaylee grins. "Yes.. he. He's not Joseph, but I like him, so we'll see how it goes." Her steps are shortened to accommodate her friends slower one. "And don't worry. I'll fill you in." There is a soft sigh, "Maybe you can help me figure how to deal with my mother." Irritation bleeds into her voice at the mention.

"She lied to me about my father… and well.. not that he was innocent either, he let me think he died in Midtown." Guiding them to another of the storage rooms, Kaylee moves to open the door for Colette, resting an arm on the edge of the door. "Don't know how much of my early life is true." There is a huff of frustration at that.

"You sure you want to hear about all this?" Kaylee says blandly, nose wrinkling. "Joseph's had to listen to some of it." Her smile fades some, her eyes moving away from Colette' to the room beyond.

Wincing at the nudge to her side, Colette's expression turns to look immediately wounded, though one hand is quickly raised to dissuade Kaylee's concern. The nudge of her elbow informed the blonde that Colette is wearing a back brace though, and judging from her sharp reaction, like'y for her ribs. Swallowing dryly, she offers up a hand and grimaces weakly, fingers curling against her palm as she steadies herself with her cane. "I'm— I'm okay."

Waving her hand dismissively again, she looks up to Kaylee and manages a wry smile. "Your dad— sounds like my sister." Colette manages a weary smile at that. "I thought she died in the bomb, she thought I died, it— it separated us for almost three years." The tone of Colette's voice is far more serious now when she speaks of Nicole in that regard. "I— I was angry at her for a long time when I found out what happened. But, you know, none've that really mattered. The how n'why of what kept us apart… all that mattered is that she was alive, and that I had my sister back. When you love someone, when— when it's family— it doesn't matter."

Brows furrowing, Colette tips her head forward, reaching out to gently lay a hand on Kaylee's shoulder. "Maybe your mom's got problems with him, but— just because your parents don't get along, s'no reason why you shouldn't, until you've got good reason not to."

"Sorry Colette." Kaylee murmurs, looking embarrassed for even causing her any sort of pain. "I'll try not to poke or prod anything." She slips into the storage room, heading straight to shelves of linens, having made this walk many many times.

"I.. dunno." Kaylee admits as her fingers work over the fresh washed sheets, before slipping her arms between some so she can lift the top most ones. "I — think until she explains, I'm going to have a hard time forgiving her. I mean… things were tense between us when I moved…. here." There is a small frown as she turns back to Colette. "And it got worse the day I told her I was going to meet my father… now this?" She sighs, bending down to another self to gather fitted sheets. "I dunno…."

Kaylee grimacing she turns back to pull the fitted sheets out and straightens. "So… tell me what you've been up too. Beside the obvious." Eyes going to the cane.

"You should try'n talk to your mom again…" Colette quietly offers, brows raised and a worried look on her face. "Even if she pitches a fit, s'better that you actually make the effort than wonder about what would've happened if you did, y'know?" Nervously biting down on her lower lip when she sees Kaylee handling the linens, the most Colette can do is simply move out of the way, since she's not really equipped to be carrying anything at the moment, save for her own limping weight.

"If he didn't die at Midtown, maybe— you could talk to him yourself? I dunno how hard it'd be t'track him down, so…" Colette's brows furrow, her head angling to the side, green eyes following Kaylee's movements in silence for a moment. She completely deflects the question of what she's been up to by continuing to delve into Kaylee's problems.

A glance goes to Colette, before she looks away. "I don't know if my father is alive, Colette." She moves towards the door, her face carefully neutral. "There is a bit of a debate on the matter. Molly offered to find him… but…. I'm not sure I'm ready for the answer." There is a slightest flickering of a smile as she turns her back to push the door open with it. "As long as I don't know. Well, I can hope that he is alive."

Holding it open long enough for Colette, to leave. "He.. ah…. was at….." She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "He was at Pinehearst. Cat says she saw him go down, but… there was no body." She doesn't look at the teenager as she admits it. "My father wasn't even a lawyer like my mother said." There is a bit of a huffing breath and she roll her eyes skyward. "I dunno what else.. I'd like the chance to talk to him, but I've been learning some of what he did with Pheonix at least."

Pinehearst, it always seem to come back to that lately, for Colette. Swallowing awkwardly, she considers her answer carefully, going off of her own personal experience. "I— I used to keep that same hope up, y'know?" There's a fleeting smile flashing briefly across her lips as she steps out of the storage room while Kaylee holds the door open. Following after the blonde with a limp, Colette manages more of a grimace than a smile for more than the obvious reasons. "So— So I dunno if it's better not knowing, or if it's better t'keep up that hope. I did, but— Nicole was alive, and I found her… or— she found me." There's a weak smile offered there, implying that she's not sure it'd be better to have false hope and find out he's gone.

"If… If you ever do get the chance t'talk to him," Colette's lips creeps up into a more genuine smile, "You know I'll be there right by your side, if y'want me there. M'not going to bail on you, not again… not— not after everything you went through t'help me. I'm always going t'be here for you when you need me."

Standing there, Kaylee studies the younger woman, a gentle smile on her lips. "Thank you, Colette. I mean it." Tucking the linen under one arm, balancing it on one hip. "I'm… hoping I get to talk to him. Though, you might have to keep me from slapping him." She gives Colette a wink, grinning to show she's joking. "But no… I'll probably need some sort of moral support."

A hand free, she reaches over to take her friend's gently, "It's really been odd not having you here, it was noticeable." A small smile touches her lips. "I woulda done anything to get you and Joseph back, still would if need be."

"Hell, I was ready to kill anything between me and you guys." Kaylee's gives the barest hint of a smile at that. "Guess what I'm saying, is as long as I can.. I'll be here for you too, Colette." The smile broadens slowly, and she ducks her head down a bit, teeth flashing in the darkness of the Terminal.

"What are, best friends for, hmm?"

"They're for painting." Colette answers the rhetorical question followed by a squeeze of Kaylee's free hand. "The linens can wait," the dark-haired girl admits in a quiet voice, lacing her fingers between Kaylee's as she takes a step closer to the blonde. "When I came down here today, I passed by Joseph's mural with the fish. I'd never really thought much about it, until I saw it today. I— guess it took nearly losing everyone to realize what it's actually a mural of." There's a quirk of Colette's head to the side, and her brows go up to hide in her choppy bangs.

"They're us." There's a smile, spread ear to ear, "Everyone down here in grand central, all've the people Joseph can call family. S'why he only paints one or two at a time, s'cause he's painting us. 'Cept he stopped painting after he— " Colette shakes her head. "We've gotta add ourselves to it," Colette seems insistant on the fact, tugging Kaylee's hand gently as she tries to dilligently distract her from her work.

"Me'n you, two fish for Joseph to see when he comes back." Colette's smile softens some, sentimentality strong in her tone of voice. "Come finger-paint with me," Colette tugs at Kaylee's hand again, smile growing. "Fingerpainting's good for working things out."

The answer is unexpected and the blonde telepath gives her an odd look, that is until the teenager fully explains it and gets a real laugh out of Kaylee. Glancing at the linen's in her arm, she looks a little uncertain, but then her head twists a bit, to look at Colette out of the corner of her eye, an impish grin playing on her lips.

"Linen's can wait." Kaylee agrees letting Colette tug her long, stopping to drop the bed sheets on a chair. They can get upset with her later. Right now, she just wants to spend some time with one of the few people that mean the world to her.

"Let's not forgot to add Doyle.. A pudgy puffer fish."

Course, she'd never dare to say that around the Puppet Master himself.

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