One Is Silver


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Scene Title One is Silver
Synopsis And the other, Gold. Delilah introduces an older friend to a newer one, and they fold napkins.
Date September 22, 2009

The Rock Cellar

The Rock Cellar being more of a club setting, it does not open until the middle of the afternoon; Delilah is there from opening hours onward, and it is a good two hours into her shift before the girl realizes that she's bitten off a little more than she can chew, considering that her left side is spotted in ugly bruises, and frankly- she is still suffering from some whiplash that only serves to make her disoriented after long periods standing.

Unfortunately she finds out this fact after she trips up behind the bar and almost careens into the bottles. That turned out to be bad- and so the other woman manning the bar has sent her out to have a sit-down at a table. Delilah was full of protest- I'll be fine, it'll go away!- but she'd have none of it. So now, Dee is sitting at the table along, going through separate piles of napkins and silverware, wrapping them together and taping them shut. Somebody's gotta do it.

Okay, Kase had retrieved both his own backpack and his hoodie the day before but he was also left with a girl's bag that he just eyes warily even now as he slips into the establishment. Dark blue is the color of the night, a sports jacket worn over a lighter blue t-shirt and paired with a pair of loose fitting jeans and dark sneakers…but he also has his dark blue ball cap worn backwards and a light blue bandana wrapped around a wrist.

The bag that is not his is held in one hand while his other is tucked away in a pocket and his own backpack slung over a shoulder. He's over 21 thankfully, flash of an ID proves and he moves further into the new place, frowning a bit.

And right behind Kase is Leo. Leo's in a dark gray hoodie, black fatigue pants, and a faded t-shirt. He shows his own ID, and heads straight for Delilah, dour expression relaxing into something more cheerful. "You okay?" he wonders, ink-dark brows lofting up to his nearly nonexistent hairline.

Napkin. Fork. Spoon. Knife. Wrap. Tape. Repeat. Delilah robots like this until her haze is broken by Leo's voice. She turns her head almost blearily, coming up out of her business with eyebrows lifted. There's still a bandage on the side of her forehead, a couple plastic ones here and there on her arm. Already, she seems to be bouncing back. It's mostly the ache that bothers her.

"Ah, oh- yes." Dee smiles up at Leo, sitting up straight and putting down the napkin she has just finished rolling. It's not rush hour yet, so her voice is audible between the others and likely to reach Kase's ears easily. "It looks worse than it is, I suppose. I'm not looking forward to when I turn that gross yellow color though."

It is that voice, a little more clear than last time. Kase's attention goes towards Dee's table, hanging back only because there is that other guy heading for the young woman. But he's not far behind, holding up that bag a bit and wiggling it before lowering it and staying quiet. He's good with and at quiet.

Leo frowns at that. And a scowl does seem natural to those features. But he sits down by her. "I could help?" he offers, innocently.

It's like having her very own cave-brute! Short sentences, a look that could kill a tiger- all he needs is a leopard skin, maybe a club. "Of course you can." Delilah entertains herself with the thought of the leopard skin for a few seconds, looking past him as the wiggling bag catches her attention and draws her look towards Kase. Her mouth fish-gapes once in surprise.

"Oh! Hey! Come'ere-" Delilah is a thousand times more animated than she was being yanked out of the van, smiling wide and beckoning Kase closer with a flutter of her hand. "How'd you find me? Wait- Leo, this is Kase, he helped me out of the crash." She darts to-and-fro topic-wise. "Kase, this is my friend Leo."

Kase approaches the table, setting the bag down on the table and flashing a grin. "Well I know how girls are about their tings so I just rummaged around a bit…nothing too in dept though, just looked for clues and pretended to be a detective." Is drawled in that raspy and deeper island lilt before he gives Leo a quick chin-up in greeting. "Didn't mean to cause trouble - D'lilah, ya look good. The lack of impending death really becomes ya." A wink and a chuckle before he nods again to Leo. "I'ma get outta ya hair man, no worries, nice to meet you."

Teo might like that very idea. Leo, untelepathic, hasn't the faintest clue. And then he's raising his head to peer at Kase, somewhat more mildly. He rises again, offers his hand. "Pleased to meet you. ANy friend of hers, friend of mine. Leonard Shelby."

"Oh no you don't." Thought you could just get away, did you? Not here you don't. Delilah reaches out to snag Kase by his wrist and tug him into the table-bubble. "You can help me too! And maybe we don't have to stay nearly strangers." She's laid a claim, at some point during these twenty seconds of conversation. "You don't sound like you're from around here either." The redhead finishes, the aim being curiosity rather than real observations; she doesn't outright ask where Kase is from, so that if he decides she is much too overpowering, he can slip away more easily. Hey! It happens!

"Ahh, Leonard, so I'll just be of-" Kase oofs softly as he's snagged and tugged and with those husky blues widening a tad he's very quick to grab the back of a chair and nod. "Okay okay…so no I don't." But he just sounds vaguely amused, turning a chair backwards to straddle it as he settles down, eyes the table and the cuttlery and napkins before his hands move reflexively to start pairing things together, just bobbing his head a bit. "Nah, I'm new around here…" He takes time to peer at himself in the bowl of a spoon.

That comment amuses Leo, makes his lips twist up and sideways, pursed crooked. "Welcome to New York," he says, tone drily teasing. "How're you finding it? The bits that aren't still a smoking crater."

"What he said. You've already met the local wildlife. The news says to not feed the terrorists, so just remember that part." They must have smelled my lunch on me." Delilah chalks her worry up in a few fragments, beginning the next napkin roll and subconsciously feeling proud that she's made a makeshift tea party, sans tea. She meets Kase's eyes, quite obviously just wanting to look at them again.

There is only one word that comes to mind. Kase really works on not being offensive, wrapping up a collection of sharp cuttlery and clearing his throat. "Ah. Finding it? Heh…dat be a silly question don't you tin-think?" Then he's quiet, snorting in a stifled laugh at the mention of terrorists and wildlife and he finally replies. "Weird." A sage nod. "Very weird since I be-since I've been here." He looks up for a moment to meet those eyes looking at his and just smiles slowly and winks before reaching for a fork.

Leonard lifts one shoulder, drops in, in a lazy half-shrug. "It is weird," he agrees, refusing to take offense on behalf of his adopted city.

It's Dee's adopted city, but she loves it. But, she doesn't disagree either. "Weird is…" She searches for a word, smirking slightly and blinking away when she is given the wink. "An understatement. To say the least. How long have you been around? I hope you didn't have to play hero on say, your first day here- oy, what an impression, that." A glance is given towards Leo, and it seems like she is scheming something under that particular expression- the look flicks away within the span of a blink.

"Did you come here for school, Kase? Or just a relocation?"

"Week and a half or somethin', not that long honestly." Kase speaks softly, gaze alternating between the two carefully as he idly twirls a fork around a finger and shrugs. "And I just say weird cuz it is the most polite term to use in mixed company." Another wry chuckle before he blinks slowly. "But no, not my first day, you ever need somebody to help fix the damage done ya know…"

Then he trails off at the question and his eyebrows shoot up. "Nah, not school. Relocation, startin' life over, trying to make a new rep for myself and all, typical hallmark movie fodder." He sticks out his tongue and pulls a face before wrapping up some more cutlery.

Leonard's expression is pleasantly unreadable, and he nods sagely to that comment. He meets Del's gaze with an interrogative quirk of a brow. Yes?

"Hallmark can make some good movies." Lilah starts off, playfully skirting Leo's questioning look either because she has a reason- or because she wants to see how long he'll go like that. Maybe both. "The van was a loss. It had a lot of miles on it, might have been fate." She assumes he meant the car. "Why'd you choose New York? This isn't exactly the most stable place, but I guess it might be a good way to get a foothold, coming in at the time- is this question too much prying?" Her brown eyes peek over the napkin at the duo as she tapes it.

Another curious look to Leo before Kase's attention is tugged back Delilahward and he frowns a bit. "True true, some good movies. I tink. My ma, she always be watching and crying 'oh bring me some kleenex, the poor baaaaaaby' and blahblahblah." He makes a gagging noise, hand at his own throat before shrugging. "But yeah, good I guess - the van's a loss? You find something even if it is run-down that you like, you just let me know."

It is like a job interview almost, just minus the nerves and good pair of shoes. So Kase rests an arm along the back of his chair and just arches an eyebrow. "I had friends who used to live in the area. Honestly pretty, that's the only reason I chose the NYC." He waves a hand vaguely. "You ever pry too much though, I'll let you know."

"It still has its charms. Even if it looks kinda Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome these days," Leo notes, as he helps with the sorting of the cutlery. He's smiling to himself, still.

Delilah snickers at Leo, passing the same smile to Kase. "Charms. Oh yes. It does… Your mom sounds, ah, emotional. Suffocating, you mean? I'm sure she's just being a mom." Dee almost sounds like one right there. "I ride a scooter- that van wasn't mine. Borrowed. Thank goodness they didn't care much." It's an acceptable loss, right?

"Used to live? They leave too?" Delilah frowns a little, watching Kase for his answer.

Kase laughs softly, biting his bottom lip at the mention of Charms. "Mmhm. Many lovely lovely charms. Easy on the eye and tasty to boot." Then he blinks. "Nah, she just loves her stories and hallmark and lifetime movies." He waves a spoon vaguely and then ahhs softly. "Good good, van's are a bitc-really hard to fix and all." Then he closes his eyes for a moment. "A few went back home I guess, they miss the HI…ya know, Hawaii." A shrug of a shoulder.

"You're from Hawaii?" Leo says, startled into putting down his current batch of cutlery. All but green from envy. "And you came here? Why would….I don't get that."

"And you came here?" Delilah says it milliseconds behind Leo. There's an echo in here. "Err. I mean- I hope you're prepared for northeast Winter." Really bad save, but she tries, sheepishly.

That response just draws a low chuckle from Kase as he sets down another batch of wrapped eating utensils and he just looks between Leo and Delilah. "Yes." he enunciates clearly before thumbing the side of his nose and adjusting his hat. "I'm prepared for the cold, I hate it but I'll do my best to adjust. But yeah, I came here. Didn't really have a choice. Furthest I could get from my old life, now I can try to fix cars here, make it on my own, all that BS folks get wrapped up about."

He's done enough, by his lights. No more little forks and knives. From some pocket, Leo's produced a deck of cards, old and worn, and begun to riffle them from hand to hand, humming to himself. Like a sharp on the lookout fora mark. "Good luck," he says, affably.

"I suppose that is pretty far." Still getting her wind back from the echo. "Well, if I know anyone with car trouble, I could point them your way, if you wanna leave a number or anything…" And perhaps take some of the group cars in for such things. "I don't know too many mechanics." Lilah folds her hands together on the table, the plastic tub of cutlery seated at the fourth space. The ruffle of cards gets her attention, and when she looks up, the attention of the woman in charge of shift. She gives Dee a passive wave as she looks past Leo's shoulder. Dee grins, next time she looks back at the boys. "You and your temptation, Leo- you feel like a game, or are you just ruffling your feathers?" The question in her look passed to Kase as well, curious as to if he has the time to stick around.

"Splendid, lovely, you're an angel with red hair sent from teh pre-fiery depths of the gates of not quite heaven and actually a really fucked up van to give me blessed refferals." Kase glances towards the deck of cards and then over towards the two at the table. He's not moving just yet, only a quick hand movement to write his number with a sharpie on the back of a pack of matches and slide it across the table then going back to eyeing the cards curiously.

"Just playin'," Leo says, quietly. And he stills the ripple, tucks them away again. "I should be goin'. Gotta get somethin' to eat before I go on shift. A pleasure to meet you," he notes to Kase, as he rises. "Del, I'll see you aroun'."

Her boys be leavin' so soon? Delilah accepts the pack of matches like something new and shiny, never to be lost. Truthfully, she might lose it, but only after she copies it down. Her head tilts up to Leo when he stands, reaching out to take his hand and simply sway it from one side to another. "Thanks for the company." She knows that he can be busy some days, and otherwise distracted on the rest. "I'll catch you later, maybe."

Kase eyes Leo and nods. "Be safe man, apparently there's wild life." Hint of a grin before he looks back to Delilah and just watches them both quietly with those eyes. "I should probably let you get back to work and stuff too hunh?"

There's a little salute, two fingers to his temple, as Leo rises. Deck of cards pushed back into his pocket, hands following, as he mumurs his farewells, ambles out.

"I think I'm supposed to go up and rest-" Dee glances off towards the bar again, catching a knowing look from the other woman still back there. "-but almost the same. I wrap cutlery in my sleep…" She laughs and shifts in her seat, finding her footing to stand up slowly- as to not shake that nausea into action. "I live in the building upstairs, third floor." No pen or matchbooks, but she's making an effort to stay findable.

Kase is on his feet rather quickly, adjusting his backpack before reaching out to steady Delilah with a look of concern. "Yeah, I mean you were in an accident the other day and all." He takes a deep breath. "I'll come by the check on you in a day or two then, that cool?" He eyes the table and scans the room/area before looking back to the young woman. "But you gotta promise me you'll be resting up."

"You sound like my friend Magnes, the day he picked me up from the hospital. Maybe I have too much energy to be injured at the same time. Doesn't coexist well, does it?" Delilah giggles, the volume low, but her look grateful for the steady hand, and the well-placed worry. "I promise. I'll expect you. Don't let me down."

Kase nods a few times. "I'm sure he only worries cuz he cares." A toothpick still in the wrapper is slipped from a pocket and he carefully places between his teeth to let it dangle from between his lips. His eyebrows raise a fraction. "Energy is good, trust me it be real good…don't loose that." Then he rolls his shoulders to adjust his backpack once more. "Cross my heart, I'll do my best to not let ya down." He nods sagely. "You need something, call. It is a cell so don't worry about catchin' the hotel." Then he tips an invisible hat and winks and takes a few steps back to turn his chair back around in the right way and push it back in.

Delilah uses her chair as a leaning post for now, smiling as Kase tips his invisible hat. "See you later, Kase. Thank you, again. And thanks for bringing my bag." And maybe only after the conversation ends will she remember that she has a monster living in her apartment. Well, he'll find out later then.

Kase mmhms and walks backwards until he bumps into another table, apologizing and tossing a wave over his shoulder to Delilah before making his way out.

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