One Little, Two Little...



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Scene Title One Little, Two Little…
Synopsis Elisabeth Harrison prepares to take a few days vacation.
Date November 8, 2014


Keys rattle in the door, a lock overturns, and a door opens to the street. It had been weeks since anyone had been inside the brownstone apartment in downtown Brooklyn, the looming silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge black against the midnight blue evening sky. Streaks of purple clouds tear across the heavens, hiding stars behind them. The flashing red points of light aren't stars, though, they're the nearer lights on the bridge, flashing softly like the winking eyes of many devils.

Silhouette by the glow of street lamps, Elisabeth Harrison steps into her apartment with a tired sigh. A bottle of wine is carried under one arm in a paper bag, a treat for herself for a long week yet to get longer. Two pair of keys are set down on the tall shelf by the door, badge and gun next. She pads through the darkened apartment, wine bottle in hand and her other raking fingers through blonde locks, unwinding them as much a sshe prepares to unwind from a long day.

New York was a relieving sight compared to Washington, and some time home from her new role in the agency means time apart from everyone and everything else, including the strain of motherhood. Cameron is with her father for the next few days, her cell phone is silenced, and there's nothing between her and this bottle of wine and a couple quiet days in the city.

"Hello Elisabeth."

The voice elicits an immediate fight or flight reaction, and even in the dark Elisabeth has no trouble navigating her apartment. But when she goes to move, she finds herself frozen in place by the tension of unwilling muscles. A noise emits in the darkness, a high-pitched whistle that has a paralytic effect on Elisabeth's body, causes her to tense and clench her hands closed into fists. She can see a man moving in the dark, she can smell the scent of a cigarette in the air, put out some time ago.

Lifting up off of her feet, Elisabeth is moved by telekinetic force closer to her home invader. On the counter, her cell phone screen lights up and the phone vibrates.

Incoming Call
Norton Trask

"I'm sorry to interrupt your day's affairs," the man in the dark says in a hushed tone of voice, "but there's… something that needs to happen. I'm not sure why it took me so long to figure it out, but… you see, in order for people like your son to live in safety, there have to be sacrifices." Stepping into the dim light spilling in from outside, Arthur Petrelli watches Elisabeth with a dour countenance.


"I've got an infestation," Arthur admits in a hushed, intimate voice. "I need to shake the bushes, so to speak. See what comes crawling out." There's a misguided look of regret in Arthur's eyes, tempered by something more along the lines of raw megalomania. "The sacrifice is you, if that wasn't clear." Her heart is racing, hands trembling, throat tight and trying to evoke her ability but finding herself negated by Arthur's mere presence.

Moving his hand to the left, he throws Elisabeth up against the wall hard enough to send the paiting beside her crashing to the floor. "Normally, I'd want something like this done discreetly, quietly, and painlessly." Which is to imply what is about to happen will be none of the above. "But I need this to be messy, and I need this visible. It's a calculated move."

Arthur closes in on Elisabeth, looking up at her elevated form as he holds her in place. "I need to invoke an old boogey man, and in order to do that I need you to make one more sacrifice to your country." As he raises his other hand, Arthur points two fingers toward Elisabeth's forehead.

"If it makes this any easier, Cameron will want for nothing for his whole life." Arthur smiles, as if that makes everything suddenly better. Elisabeth exhales a muffled scream as a gash begins to form on her brow under the incising force of some unseen scalpel of telekinetic force. "I hate the idea of separating a mother from her child, but sometimes…"

Arthur draws the line slowly across Elisabeth's skull.

"Sometimes these things happen."

9 Hours Later

"An officer forced his way in when neighbors reported seeing blood on the living room curtains."

A uniformed NYPD officer steps under a yellow line of police tape into a brownstone apartment. Morning light floods the city behind him, and the looming shape of the Brooklyn Bridge hangs ominous above the rooftops at his back. Behind him, Agent Woods of Unity Enforcement follows alone, eyes wide and mouth gaping at the carnage in the apartment.

"No signs of forced entry, likely that the perp had keys or a transit ability." The officer steps over a broken vase and scattered flowers, around a pool of blood marked with a yellow evidence indicator, past forensics officers photographing blood spatter on the walls. Woods looks at the signs of violence, stepping over to where the body lay sprawled out on the floor.

"Then… I mean when we saw this," the officer steps around to allow Woods to see the body of FBI agent Elisabeth Harrison, the top of her head sawed off and skull hollowed out and brain missing. She lays in an enormous pool of blood. Eyes wide, Woods looks to the officer and takes a step back, immediately reaching for his phone.

Woods doesn't even get out of the apartment by the time his stomach is turning into knots. When the voice on the other end of the line picks up, Woods practically shouts, "Where the fuck was Gabriel Gray last night?" Whatever Woods hears on the other end causes him to pause and turn, looking back at the body.

"Jesus Christ."

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