One More Black Sheep


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Scene Title One More Black Sheep
Synopsis Len already has an assignment in mind for his newest 'bad apple'.
Date August 14, 2005

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Having arrived to Fort Hero after meeting with Detective Harrison, Len pulls his Jeep into his parking space and heads for his office. As he walks in, he's told that Colby Martinez is waiting. Since his office door is pretty much always open, she was told to wait inside.

He walks in and removes his holster and hangs it on the hook behind his desk and sinks himself into his chair and grins across the desk. "Well, Colby Martinez. You've had a few days to adjust to things around here. I wanted to be sure you had your bearings straight. I thought we'd go over a few things and get you officially squared away. But before we do that, I thought I'd ask if you had any questions so far?" He smiles a charming smile, as he momentarily clicks something on his computer, then turns his attention back to her.

Colby's forearms are stretched along the armrests, her hands left to dangle at their ends. Her dark gaze wanders casually over the lay of the office, curious no doubt about the man that sprung her from prison. She straightens some at the arrival of the man himself, dipping her head in a nod of acknowledgement and greeting before waiting for him to settle. "Nothing just yet. Thanks." She scooches forward to the edge of her seat, resting her elbows upon her parted knees in an attentive and boyish posture.

One thing that Colby would notice about Len's office is that he's a big Texas sports fan, so it's nicely decorated with paraphanelia. There's also a large screen TV opposite his desk so that he can watch it when he's not doing a heck of a lot. Which, really, is never. Seriously. He glances at the former undercover cop and nods.

"Let's go ahead and cut to the chase. This organization works in conjuction with Homeland Security. We have recently restructured, though our goal has remained the same. Keep an eye on evolved activity, assess threats and move in to deal with threats. There are some that wouldn't agree with the way we do things, but I feel if we can be proactive against dangerous evolved, we can save lives. Bottom line. If we are asked, we are Homeland Security for all pretense. As we start integrating you into the organization, you'll start learning that there are things that we do that no other Law Enforcement agency can do. Tracking so far?"

The Texan memorabilia brings a smile to Colby's features - subtle, but soft around the edges. She drops her gaze to the floor a minute, indulging in the nostalgic feeling of home the trinkets instill. She lifts a hand and combs back her dark locks though, realigning her attention with Len. So it's that sort of business. She cants her head gently to the side and offers a simple nod. "Can't say I disagree with you," she comments with obvious reason. "Following ya so far."

"Talk to me about your family. We've done essential background checks on you, but I'd rather hear it from you. I know about your wife because obviously that's why you're here now." Len leans back. He's only recently gotten divorced, so marriage is one of those 'topics' that he tends to get irritated at. The job itself has taken its toll on his own life, so he knows how it can go. "Do you have any other family that we need to know about?" This is more of a query to see how she'll answer the question as opposed to the actual answer to the question.

Colby arches a brow, reading the angles of the query for all it's worth. "I don't expect my family will be involved in any of this…" A cautionary statement. She leans back in her seat, rubbing her clammy palms on the knees of her dark jeans. "I've got a large family, actually. Most are back in Texas. Antonio's not far from here, though." She shrugs, aiming to make no large deal of the matter. "Six of us kids, total," she offers, recapping the equally vague 'story' with a nod. "Mom and Pop are still alive and kicking." She cants her head to the opposite side. "Why do you ask?"

"For employment purposes, we are going to want to make sure that anyone you're in contact with believes you work for Homeland Security. You'll be issued a badge and two weapons. You'll also be assigned a partner." Len punches in a few keys on his keyboard. "Your record on the force is actually pretty damn impressive. In fact, barring your meeting with Dr. Sheridan, I may have something I could use your help on." The grin on Len's face widens as he flashes a few of his near perfect white teeth.

Knowing the use for the information puts Colby notably at ease. She's protective of what she's got left, no doubt. She nods amicably to each point of interest, but halts at the last. "Oh?" She doesn't hide the note of intrigue from her alto tones. "Well, thank you," she notes back on the compliment of her record to keep things polite before turning back to her curiosity. "I'm all ears, and all yours, assuming things go well with the shrink." The mention of that impending meeting sets a chill up her spine, though it doesn't show on her features.

Len would have to be a moron to not have an inkling of how seeing the Company psychiatrist would affect Colby Martinez. He can tell she's holding it together, so he doesn't labor that point. Pending the visit to Bella, Len plans to take Colby out of the country, so he asks. "How current is your passport?"

Colby chuckles, the sound bitter-sweet. "It's plenty current." She'd taken Ariel to Italy just over a year ago. She bites her tongue - she'd have to learn to stop connecting every thought to the stinging void left by Ariel's death. "Got just under another eight years before it needs to be renewed," she offers, if just to fill the void of silence. "Can I ask where we're headed?"

Len just grins. "Oh, we have a bit of investigative work to do. As soon as you're cleared, I'll make sure you're briefed. For now, settle in and relax. Things are picking up and they're not looking to be stopping any time soon." With that, Len leans back again in his chair. "Welcome aboard, Martinez."

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