One More For The Ranks


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Scene Title One More for the Ranks
Synopsis Isabelle officially joins Shedda Dinu
Date December 20, 2008

Old Lucy's

So Isabelle got a call from an old friend. Not the closest of friends, mind, but one who has proven to PARIAH that he can be trusted. He pushes open the door of Lucy's and smooths his hair to one side. He's wearing a down-filled jacket and it's so cold that his facial hair has little bits of ice frozen to it. He exhales and looks around for the proprietress.

And there she is wearing a red halter top and dark jeans, Isabelle Ashford is just cleaning a section of the bar when she looks up and spots Rupe, nodding her head at him she tosses the rag under the bar and gestures for Rupe to follow her into the backroom of Old Lucy's. "Hey there." Izzy says with a grin as they enter the backroom and she goes to take a seat.

Rupe moves towards the back room after her. He gives faint glances around him, but his attention is on her. He closes the door behind him and smiles a warm, slightly awkward smile. "Hello Isabelle. How are you holding up?"

"Ya know, wondering what's gonna be next. If PARIAH is over or not." Izzy says and looks up at Rupe, "How about yourself?" the woman runs a hand through her hair as she looks to Rupe

"That's why I'm here," Rupe looks at her in the earnest way of his - the way that makes him seem genuine and trustworthy. "Do you still want to fight, Isabelle? Are…you willing to still put yourself in danger, even after everything?"

"You know I am. What's this about?" Isabelle raises a eyebrow in Rupe's direction and nods her head slowly, "You thinking of heading a new faction." She says simply, it wouldn't be that hard to get at what he is saying to her.

"In…in a manner of speaking, I suppose." Rupe shrugs. He drops his hands into his pockets and tilts his head at her. "But…with a different approach than what you're used to. No more frontal assaults. No more PARIAH as we know it."

Isabelle nods her head as she listens to the man, who is slightly awkward but she views him as a friend of sorts. "So, you thinking more, espionage?" she tilts her head in his direction.

"In…a manner of speaking. Yes, I suppose. No more claiming actions. No more…calls to violence. We would do our work silently. So no one could use our own name against us." He steps a half-step towards her. "We need you, Isabelle. But I realize…it's a very different approach."

The bartender, pyrokinetic, and terrorist looks at Rupe closely as she considers. "Sounds different but if we're still trying to get our point across then I'm all in." she smiles softly at the man. "What's the first order of business boss?" It doesn't take Izzy too long at all to adjust. PARIAH was bound to end because of how they were about attacks and the like. "Do we have a new name?"

"I'm…working on that. A…name." Rupe grins a bit awkwardly. "First order of business is gathering up those who might still want to fight. Let them know that we're not out yet." He looks her in the eye. "I'm glad you're still with us. I…really am."

"I know Viv would like to be apart of this, do we have many members as of this moment?" Isabelle stands and leans against the table watching Rupe. "New base of operations? Sorry if I'm asking to many question, I just want to know what exactly we have going here." Izzy smiles at Rupe, "Aww shucks, thanks Rupey. I'm glad to still be of service to the cause."

"It's…still all coming together. I never planned for this. I've been happy to support your work with PARIAH. But with the deaths…" Rupe's features tighten and his eyes un-focus for a moment. He remains that way for a beat, then snaps his gaze back up to her with another small smile. "I'll let you know the details soon enough. For now, I just want to know if there's anyone left who still wants to fight."

Izzy's expression hardens at the mention of the deaths as well. "Those fuckers will pay. Promise on that." Her eyes are alight with an inner flame and she nods her head at Rupe. "Ok, well you know I'm in and we can always use this place as a meeting place if you want."

"SCOUT is our first target. We'll find a way for the city to see them as the bastards they are. I have…ideas in the works. It will all come together soon." Rupe then holds out a hand towards her, to shake firmly. He looks her in the eye again. "We need your strength, Isabelle. You know how to contact me. Otherwise, we'll be in touch soon."

"Alright, sounds like a plan." Isabelle shakes the hand offered firmly and then pushes herself off the table. "See ya soon Rupe." Isabelle will have many things to think about tonight. "Stay safe."

"You too," and Rupe means that. Deeply. "Let me know if you need anything, all right? Especially if anyone comes to you who needs to go into hiding. I've got some things in place." Then the intellectual turns for the door and tugs it open.

Nodding her head, "Will do." She calls out to the man and then when the door is closed she shakes her head and smiles, "Looks like our work isn't done yet." She says to herself and then prepares to go back out to the bar.

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