One Night In Ogunquit


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Scene Title One Night in Ogunquit
Synopsis On the last evening of their vacation, Luther and Kaylee indulge in one more adventure.
Date September 9, 2012

That Place In Ogunquit, Maine

An upscale restaurant with elegant, contemporary decor and cosmopolitan feel. Tables are reserved in advance. The menu (which technically does not exist) changes with locally sourced ingredients prepared by the chef usually on the same day. and complimented with a diverse selection of wine, regional beer, and spirits.

Calls of seagulls and rolling waves have made up a constant orchestra in the background of their vacation. A combination of long, slow moments of quiet and quick darts of knowing looks and laughter have peppered the pair’s days. The first night, secrets shared about their abilities, was already one to remember. The second, their last night in Maine, Luther had told her - teased her - it would hopefully top the one before.

They did run a little behind schedule to arrive at a more upscale dining restaurant (he may have driven a little recklessly), but once they were seated, they’ve had the chance to breathe and relax once more.

“You look fine,” insists Luther, grey eyes wrinkled just so with amusement, his face a little flushed with coming down from their initial rush of flurried activity. “And we made it. Not that we had to worry about them giving our table away.” He glances around, spying the buffer of a few empty tables spotting the area around them, also bearing signs of being reserved for others who haven’t yet arrived.

Notably, there’s no menu to be had. The hostess explains the menu is of the freshest ingredients prepared by the chef, the courses an adventure all their own by nature of a culinary journey. The only questions are if either of them are allergic to anything, and what would they like to drink.

Luther isn’t allergic… and he considers drinks with a raised brow at Kaylee. “Whatever the lady would like,” he responds.

Cheeks a little flush, though it is harder to tell if that is her or the make-up or the reason that had made them late start with. Still you wouldn’t know she had to rush through her prep for the evening. Long blonde curls are piled up, with only a few choice strands left to curl around her face. Her dress summer, lights, airy, sleeveless; patterned in pinks and red. Topped with an equally light cream colored sweater. The heels in the same shade of cream finish off her outfit. She probably had help figuring out that outfit to bring on the trip, too.

“You sure?” Blue-eyes assess him with a small smirk. “You always look amazing, me… I have to work at it.”

When the hostess arrives, a bright smile is offered to the woman. “Just… maybe some water?” Kaylee asks sheepishly, “Or even better iced tea? Anything without alcohol really.” While the telepath doesn’t have allergies, per say, but she also has to be careful of what she does so that she doesn’t lose control on her ability.

“Iced tea it is, for us both please,” Luther says to the hostess who turns and heads off to start the servers on the drinks. Once the woman’s stepped away from the table, he turns back to Kaylee again with the smile. “Yeah, you look radiant,” he says in a low pitched tone, adding in a lean forward, “and if this is what comes from a little bit of work, I’ll be glad to spot you any time.” A brow lifts suggestively, his smile turning crooked. “But thanks for that compliment, too.” The man in turn looks down at his arms, the near-black, cool toned sleeves of his jacket contrasted by the silvery chrome of his watch and cool toned grey in his shirt getting a quick check.

“I know I keep asking but, how’re you enjoying things so far?” He has, true to his promise, indulged her whenever possible on the trip. Side effect being that it in turn indulged himself. “We’ve got one night left that’s still young…” And the schedule afterwards open.

It’s on that note that the first course arrives quickly in the form of a summery yellow squash soup, the bright color and smooth texture sprinkled with a bit of green and accompanied with a tiny individual pitcher of cream. The server offers freshly ground pepper, first to Kaylee.

“You do keep asking,” Kaylee teases him softly, as she unrolls silverware from the napkin and laying the square of cloth across her lap, “and I keep telling you what a dream it’s been and how glad I am we finally were able to do this.” It’s been wonderful not having to be a cop, even though her phone has been going off now and then. “I admit, I’m a little sad about going home tomorrow. I had you to myself for two whole days.” Their lives at home are so amazingly busy. “Though, Jojo will be glad to have me home, I imagine.”

There is a small nod to the server, watching her add pepper to the bowl, holding up a hand when she feels it is enough. “Thank you,” Kaylee offers the woman with a bright and relaxed smile. Swirling the cream around in the soup a bit, she admires it and even takes a moment to enjoy the savory aroma.

“This looks amazing,” she finally says, glancing to Luther across the table from her.

And every time she says it, he smiles, a light glimmer in grey eyes. “Well I know I can’t compete with Jojo on his home turf,” he remarks as he digs in. “He’s got the advantage on me there. This here’s neutral territory.” Although he won’t admit it’s not entirely fair to the cat, in that case. Luther makes an appreciative ‘mm’ at the taste of the soup, his also with some cream and pepper added. May as well indulge. “I think the only thing I’ve used my blender for was to make margaritas,” he considers after a few spoonfuls.

“Pretty sure that two days away will be a disaster waiting for when we both get back,” Luther adds wryly, especially given that the second day away saw more texts and alerts of messages and calls. At least Sunday meant it was less demanding, albeit in exchange there is the looming dread of Monday. “You sure you don’t want to take a swim with it?” His laugh is more of a low chuckle.

“If what I’m getting texted and called on, you are not too far from the truth,” Kaylee sighs out softly, between spoonfuls of the soup. “So it’s tempting to chuck it and just run away. Some place tropical with hardly anyone around.” Though after this much time, he’d know she wouldn’t actually do that. Workaholic that she is wouldn’t allow it.

“This is really good,” she finally confides. “If this is a hint of what they serve, I’m going to over eat tonight.” Spoon set down for a moment, in favor of her tea, she gives him an amused look. “I don’t think I even own a blender. No real reason for one. since I can’t really drink.” A finger taps at her temple, with a bit of a rueful smile. Though she doesn’t seem to resent that too much. “Nothing fun for me like that. Side effect of what I am.”

“I hear this place is nice in the autumn time too,” Luther remarks, “Fall colors that rival Vermont, I believe was the phrase they used.” One of the locals, taking pride in the town’s aesthetic. Possibly an employee of the town tourism bureau. And Luther hints at possibly a future visit, although the notion is a vague blob of an idea for now.

The server arrives soon with the second course once they’ve appeared to finish the first soup course, following with a fresh tossed salad of chopped romaine and darker greens, thinly sliced radish, red onions, tomatoes and apples, along with some sliced roasted duck topped with a light vinagrette. The large bowl is set between them, serving utensils offered to Luther. The man nods in thanks, giving the salad a light toss and holding up a portion for Kaylee first before he dishes his own.

“No kidding? Not even a drop? Well it took me a bit to get used to alcohol again, after I g—” Luther pauses, serving fork tines clinking against the plate punctuating the stop as he realizes what he’d almost revealed. He glances up from the salad on his plate to Kaylee, going from pleasant conversation to sudden silence as he swallows down. “After I had… sobered up.” The cover feels flimsy, but he sits back with the awkward discomfort as he sets the serving utensils back into the salad bowl.

Her plate is held where he can reach it with the serving forks, Kaylee doesn’t comment on coming back, but by her expression — her smile, she doesn’t seem opposed to the idea. In fact, she might have heard the same thing from others she talked to, as well.

The sudden awkward silence and the fact that Luther is covering something up does not go unnoticed. Kaylee watches him, allowing the silence to stretch. She won’t go looking for answers, this is something she’ll have to wait for him to tell her.

Finally, Kaylee decides to pull the focus off the awkward silence and whatever he wasn’t willing to tell her yet. “A sip or two of wine won’t kill me, but enough for a good buzz can give me migraines. I start getting too much information from the people around.” Now that her ability has been revealed to him, she feels more comfortable. “Found it out the hard way. I was a hellion when I was younger. Underaged drinking and all. Went to a party and woke up in the hospital. Happened a few times til I realized what was happening.”

Her fork crunches into pieces of lettuce, though she doesn’t eat the bite until she says,”Of course, back then we all had to wing it our abilities manifested.” They were still a secret then. A taboo to be hidden away.

Though he’s grateful for the pull away from that awkward moment, Luther does look distracted by the thought that he’d almost gone so far. He hadn’t planned it, for one. When he looks back up at Kaylee, he nods in agreement with the note that they had to wing it. “After the bomb,” he says eventually, “I was a wreck.” She knows now of what happened to his family then, his life. The tines of his fork poke at the salad before him. “And I found myself in a really… dark place.”

Just as abruptly, he shakes his head and with a clear of his throat, remarks, “But let’s not turn this conversation that way, yeah? What made you decide to turn the other way? From hellion to cracking down on crime? Your ability… you weren’t ever tempted to use it just for, you know, personal gain?” His smile returns, a teasing wryness softening the otherwise raw edge to his features. “Some people would have gone and made themselves a fortune, holed up in a castle. But you’re out there putting yourself on the line.” His brow lifts, as does his fork.

“I was heading that way,” Kaylee admits with a small, slow nod of her head. Her nose wrinkles as she admits, “even got arrested for it. However, I got lucky.” Taking a bite, she turns thoughtful while she chews; but finally she does continue. “The officer who arrested me, saw something in me, and instead of bringing me in — like he should have — he managed to convince me I could do more good as a cop.”

Kaylee smiles fondly at the memory, eyes unfocused as she thinks on them. “Long story, short — His daughter is now my best friend and I guess he’s the closest I’ve ever known to what having a father is like.” There is a shrug and a chuckle, “Maybe one day I’ll introduce you to everyone. I know Colette asks when I will, but we are always so busy.” She had been avoiding it so far, a little nervous about having him fail the best friend test. It was different before, this one she kinda wants to keep. Though, how much longer can she put that introduction off?

“Arrested, you? A charming lady such as yourself, could hardly imagine it,” Luther slips back into a tease where the comfort zone had been moments before. She’s likely noticed the habit, turning things away from himself, taking in what he does then slipping it out another way. His ability affects personality - or perhaps the other way around. He smiles, just watching as she thinks on fonder memories. She catches him watching her that way, briefly before he realizes as much and turns to the salad. Much of it disappears within just a few mouthfuls.

For the topic of introductions, he mirrors the shrug and doesn’t press. “When you’re ready, I’ll be ready,” he supplies as an easing note of support. “Though,” he notes with a crooked grin, “a little extra time to study before you pop that would be nice.” He chuckles after, pushing aside the emptied plate with a satisfied nod to the dish and a glance over to hers to see how she’s holding up.

The next two dishes arrive shortly as a salmon carpaccio, thinly sliced smoked salmon with sprigs of dill and round capers, a dash of roe and thinly sliced red onion, and the other a bacon-wrapped roasted chicken roll with creamy sauce and bell peppers and potatoes. Luther clearly appreciates the presentation as much as the aromas, nodding slowly. “Yeah, picked a good spot… we definitely should come back.” The mention of ‘we’ comes with a checking glance up from the dishes over to her.

There is a soft wow of appreciation for the food set before them. It is probably the fanciest dinner she’s had and she goes out to eat a lot; mainly due to her schedule. “You picked a perfect spot,” Kaylee compliments taking in the sight of the food. “Never know what we are going to get, it’s the right kind of place for us.” Looking across the table to Luther, she smile is gentle. “I agree. We should come back here again.”

Picking up her fork, again, Kaylee seems torn as to what bite she wants to take first. “At the least, make it a yearly thing.” Assuming they continue along the path they are taking. The telepath’s words at least give the impression that she feels it could. “Maybe a wintertime excursion wouldn’t be too bad. Fall for the leaves.” She studies the food thoughtfully. “Think they menu changes with the season?” Finding excuses for escaping and time together.

Likewise, it is the fanciest dinner Luther has seen - and been able to afford - in maybe a decade. He too seems unsure which bite to take first but eventually starts with the salmon. Grey eyes switch from plate to telepath as she continues on planning of future trips. A small, contented smile settles on his lips, watching her a little more than he watches the food. “I’m sure it does change with the season. And that the chef and owners would love to hear that we’d plan to come back,” he says, warmed to the thought. “Think we’d be able to get away with it if we put in for the time now?” The man chuckles, although there’s a feeling maybe their coworkers aren’t going to appreciate that, but hey that’s what vacation planning is about. Plans that could change or not survive, but made tentatively nonetheless.

“Jojo’s greatest regret,” he describes of the salmon carpaccio with a laugh. And the bacon-wrapped chicken gets high marks as well, although really for the man he’s not some food critic that needs catering to. The last parts of the main entree courses come out, the server settling down a plate of filet mignon cubes with fingerling potatoes and grilled onions to be dipped with cracked black pepper and pink himalayan salt, lamb chops with a mint sauce and mushrooms, and finally a spaghetti pasta tossed olive oil, basil, grilled calamari and topped with grated parmesan and parsley. No doubt, they’ll be full by the end of the seven-course meal. And there’s still a dessert, promises the server with a grin as each plate is set down in course.

One thing that Luther considers towards the end of the meal is the rack of wine that’s behind Kaylee’s seat, but he only tentatively suggests during the hearty part of the courses, “How ‘bout just a glass?” His head bobs in a nod towards the wine rack. “One red and one white? We could share,” he offers, brows lifted, testing that limit of her self-indulgence.

Brows lift at so many plates being added to the table. No doubt Kaylee will be limping towards the finish line on this one. Luckily, there was no need to rush through it all. In fact, it could be argued that a meal such as this was to be savored. Which meant longer moments of conversation and no thought to the inevitable of tomorrow. She was good with that.

Kaylee was ridiculously happy and it has shown throughout the meal.

At the suggestion of wine, Kaylee follows Luther’s gaze to the rack. The action has blonde curls sliding over her shoulder. Chewing on a bit of lamb, the telepath considers with a glance to the food in front of her. Finally, back to him with a bit of a wicked smile. “Sure why not.” With a determined little nod. “A few sips won't kill me.” She knows her limits, at least. It always helps to know at what point the mental walls will collapse.

“You’re picking, though,” She states gesturing at him with her fork. Cause she knows nothing about wines or spirits. No reason when you don't normally drink. She takes a bite of the pasta and make a sound of appreciation. “Oh my god that is good.” spearing more on the fork she offers it to him across the table, leaning forward a little to do so. “You gotta try it.”

“I will admit, this one’s going to be hard to beat,” Luther says of their dining experience thus far. Coupled with the feeling that the whole trip will be tough to beat out for best adventure together, too. He smiles with her agreeing to the wine, and he turns with a quick gesture to a nearby server. Few words exchanged and the server nods before heading off to find an appropriate label.

When Luther turns back, he lifts a brow at the offered pasta, a soft laugh of amusement made. It’s maybe not the sort of place for it, but what the hell. He half-stands from his seat, leaning in to take the bite before anybody around them might have something to say about it. And then, sitting back down, chews away and nods. “That was real good,” he agrees, the humor of her action lingering. He cuts a glance to one of the other nearby tables where the brunette woman seated towards Kaylee’s flank has been eyeing them here and there throughout the meal. The latest eyeful is hard to tell if it’s disapproval that they just did that Lady and the Tramp re-enactment, or jealousy that they’re having a better time of it given that the woman’s briefly tuned out the conversation with her own companion.

But, Luther turns his attention back to Kaylee, and to the server who arrives with a couple of bottles, a Bordeaux and a white Zinfandel. “Just a glass each,” Luther says as he approves them both. And once the wine’s been poured, he nudges the white Zin first over given that she’s having the pasta. “The real challenge will be yours though,” he adds as he picks up the Bordeaux. “To find the next place to go.” Is he passing the baton to her? He might be.

There is a impish smile when Luther takes the bite, her head turns a little towards the woman behind her; though, her attention is on him. Kaylee might know what is being thought about it, but she won’t let on. Looking pleased, she settles back in her seat again, she gives her companion a wink. The telepath is clearly not bothered by the others or their thoughts. Tonight was for them, to hell with the rest of them.

The wine glass is taken gingerly, the contents scrutinized. “I’m not sure how I’m going to top this to be honest.” She carefully gestures to what is laid out before them with the glass filled hand. “You have really set a high bar, lover.” To that she salutes him with the wine glass. “But don’t worry, I’ll think of something.” Some research will have to be done, clearly. Still…

Challenge accepted.

Kaylee might not even need to be a telepath to know what the woman is thinking, given her barely audible, offended scoff at the pair’s bit of PDA. Luther also catches the scoff and he lifts a brow, but a smirk crooks at the edge of his mouth and she can see there’s a glint of mischief crossing his expression. He might be okay with laying on the affectionate gestures a little more thickly. But the man bides his time, for the moment.

“I only picked the place, not the menu,” Luther plays off with a rolling shrug of humility, although his smile is amused and receptive to the credit given. His eyes gleam with interest, feeling out that she’s up to that challenge. It’s been a game of it, a friendly match. And a filling one, with all the different places they’ve eaten at. And once they’ve enjoyed the last dinner courses, he sits back with a satisfied sigh, a lazy gaze and a crooked smile.

There happens to be dessert in the form of a slice of caramel cheesecake and a cappuccino for the both of them as well, and, well, true to form there’s always room for dessert. “She’s been eyein’ us since the pasta,” Luther remarks quietly, finally of the woman seated at the table behind Kaylee. “Maybe since they first sat down…” Although, it’s the first tick towards a more serious regard he’s had of their surroundings all evening, having spent it engaged with her. He blinks slowly, gaze shifting to eye the other woman before shifting back to the blonde telepath. Brows tick up. Does she want him to do something about it?

To say that she is stuffed would be putting it mildly. In fact, she wasn’t really able to finish what she had put on her plate; but, she tried… it was a shame to have to go to waste. Kaylee had even thought about refusing dessert, but then she saw what it was.

One does not simply refuse cheesecake.

“She has,” Kaylee confirms. Some people just project more than others. There is a dismissal of the little blip in their otherwise perfect evening. “Let her.” Picking up her fork, the telepath leans forward and says softly, “She’s just jealous, I have the best lookin’ guy here.” Her own expression is impish in its own way. Who knows what she is thinking, but clearly she is going over what they could do to make this woman’s night miserable… simply by showing affection for one another.

“She’d be truly appalled if she knew what I was thinking right now,” Kaylee comments like it is nothing, though he might feel a brief brush of her shoe clad toe against his leg. A bite is taken of the cheesecake and washed down with a sip of her cappuccino. “Oh my god… That is like. I don’t think I have had anything like it.” She could say so much or do so much, but they do like this place and it wouldn’t do to get themselves banned. “Forget the rest, this right here is everything.”

It also gives her an idea. Standing slowly, a hand flat on the table so she can lean forward. Fingers snag gently at the front of his shirt to encourage him to meet her, at least, part way so that she can thank him properly with a kiss that tastes faintly of cheesecake and cappuccino.

Who knows, really, why the woman is hellbent on having a miserable night and taking it out on them? Likely all sorts of reasons available, but Luther’s no mind reader so he can only guess. The man dutifully reorients his attention fully back to Kaylee with her dismissal, a smirk crossing his features. He feels the shoe. She doesn’t need to read his mind to know the reaction, a subtle twitch of his eyes, a stiffening in his overall posture. A heatedness to his features. He reaches for the cappuccino beside him too, but his hand only manages to lightly hook around the cup handle before he turns his gaze back at her movement forward. He lets go of the cup.

The kiss is a heated one. His hand moves up to grasp the base of her neck to keep her there longer. The woman at the table behind them takes a sharp breath. Hers are not the only eyes that turn towards the bit of spectacle. Luther’s only careful not to plant his other hand on the slice of dessert beneath him and not to knock over any empty wine glasses.

“Um, miss? Sir?” The voice of their server tentatively steps in. “If you could please… the other guests…”

Luther cracks open his gaze a little more to side eye the server, and slowly releases his grip of Kaylee to let her go. He can taste the cheesecake and the cappuccino.

The server only gets an apologetic glance and a murmured apology. Her cheeks are mildly flushed, but not from embarrassment. The look turned back to Luther says she is far from sorry, there is a promise for more of that later, even taking the time to brush a thumb across his lips to get any lipstick off; she looks satisfied by the reactions.

Take that you stuck up —

Anyhow, Kaylee seats herself again, hand brushing at her dress and making sure that she didn’t get anything on it. Even takes a moment to make sure she didn’t end up with her lipstick messed up. “So,” she finally speaks up, sounding a bit breathless. “What was I saying?” Kaylee picks up her fork again, offering him a shy smile. “Oh yes, this cheesecake is everything. I simply refuse to leave it behind.” She starts to dig into the dessert again, but stops fork hovering above her piece.

“Think they have to go boxes?” Kaylee asks coyly, glancing up at him with an upward twitch of brows.

The smile on Luther’s momentarily lipstick-stained lips echoes in his grey eyes. He takes a moment to recompose himself with a quick, strong breath too. The server lingers in their proximity just enough to make sure they don’t start up again, but catches the words from Kaylee about to-go boxes and interjects once more with lean in and discreet volume, “I’ll get a couple of fresh slices for you.”

Luther quirks his head at the server, adding, “Sure. And we’ll take the check.”

A bird-quick nod, and the server’s off back to the back of the house.

Outside Parking Lot

Soon enough, they’ve left the restaurant and the miserably nosy lady and her clueless companion behind. The chill night air, salted by the nearby Atlantic, is cold enough that Luther shrugs out of his jacket to it around Kaylee’s shoulders. He sticks to her side though, and an amused laugh rolls out of him once they’re far enough from the restaurant doors. “The look on their faces,” he comments, chuckling and shaking his head. “You’d think if they had monocles, they’d pop right off their cheeks.”

There is a softly spoken “Thank you” when the jacket is draped over her shoulders, arms crossed, she holds it there with one hand, the other has a grip on the bag. Her own amusement evident when she glances over her shoulder at the place. “That was very much worth it, for the look on her face alone.” She does let go of the coat long enough to hold forefinger and thumb together as she adds, “I only felt a little bit bad about it. A little.”

Looking up at the star filled night sky, Kaylee gives a satisfied sigh. “This trip. I have been really needing it. Thank you, for… everything, Luther. Tonight capped it off so nicely.” There is something in the look she gives him. “How the hell did I get so lucky?”

Sliding arms into the sleeves of the coat, it allows her to loop an arm through his and rest her head against the warmth of his arm. It won’t take them long to get to the car, but she will enjoy what she can get. Her head shifts enough where she can look up at him, turning her head to press a light kiss to the curve of his shoulder. “So… what shall we do now? The evening is still young after all.” Later in the season, the days are shorter for sure.

“Mm, contrary to how you feel, I don’t have even an ounce of regret,” Luther replies in turn, his tone carrying even a slight edge of enjoyment in their act of disrupting. “She kept looking, we gave them a little show.” He looks over to her as she turns her gaze skyward. In the moment before she slips her arm around his, he notes, “I was wondering the same thing.”

Once they reach the car, he pauses at the kiss to his shoulder. The small bag of their dessert is set atop the roof of the car and he stepping around so that he faces her, his arms slipping behind her waist. “And that question is a tricky one,” he muses on what they should do now. “We could be responsible, go back and pack our things for the drive tomorrow. Or.” His voice dips lower as does his head, his forehead brushing lightly to hers, “We could make some room for dessert.” Although from the sound of it he might be inclined to continue what started with her foot back in the restaurant.

The jacket is clearly too big for her slighter form, so close like that it bunches oddly around her. Even the sleeves look huge on thin arms as she hooks them behind his neck. “I think.” Kaylee starts thoughtfully, thumb brushing lightly at the back of his neck. “No, actually, I’m sure that we discarded any notion of responsibility back in the restaurant.” He can see her grin, before her forehead touches his. “And I’m pretty sure you agree with me,” she murmurs leaning back a little to regard him thoughtfully, like she can see right through him or maybe just hear what he is thinking.

Going up on her toes, the telepath steals a kiss from him, something to get his attention. When lips part, she whispers, “Take me home?” Though the word could mean anywhere, in that instance she meant the beach house they shared.

Even though she talks of leaving, she doesn’t move from where she is in his arms, in the semi-dark of the parking lot. Arms still resting along his shoulders and fingers still playing with the hair at the base of his neck. Even though they were surrounded by cars and that god-awful yellow glow of parking lot lights, the moment felt perfect to her. “I love you,” she finds herself whispering.

The kiss thoroughly catches his attention, even where it wasn’t already, because she was distracting him with other thoughts too. Her question gets only a low rolling, wordless rumble and a tighter squeeze of his arms around her. They might not make it out of the parking lot, but for her whisper that slips out and he pauses, pulling back just enough so that he can look at her face.

It’s been a while since that first night in the pouring rain, when a short exchange had threatened to pull them apart. It’s that night Luther thinks back to, remembering not so much the sights, but the feelings he had then and those that haven’t abated since. “I love you, too, Kaylee,” he tells her, realizing then that he hadn’t said it until now. He pulls her closer, twisting so that he can use the support of the car body with her back to it. And he repeats, “I love you,” before leaning in to kiss her again.

His hand runs through her hair, only pausing mid-way when the sound of other footsteps nearby and other people exiting the restaurant to the parking lot can be heard. Luther stops but with a smile and a light, heady laugh. “Let’s get outta here,” he rumbles around her lips, reaching blindly for car door handle.

“Mmm. Good idea,” Kaylee murmurs softly, a breathless chuckle escaping her. Until they were thankfully (sadly?) interrupted, she had been wrapped up in the moment and in his thoughts. It was hard to be a telepath and not be connected to someone at such an intimate level. “Kiss me like that again and we won't get far.”

The coolness of the car against her back, and the warmth of his weight pinning her there. It lends itself to the idea of distracting him in the search for the door handle. However, he was right. They needed to get out of there. Especially, before they did something that could get them in serious trouble, not that her thoughts care about that. So, instead she gives him a quick and playful okay, more lingering and heated kiss, arms loosening their hold. Hands pressing against his chest, she attempts to gently and very reluctantly pushes him away. So that maybe they can both think clearly.

However, something in her eyes says that neither one of them would be getting much sleep the rest of the night. Whoever thought the brush a foot would end up with them acting like a pair of teenagers on prom night.

At her comment on kissing her again, Luther is tempted to give up the search for the door handle and make sure they don’t leave the parking lot for a while. His hand then finds the latch, and her hands push him back enough to stay his from reaching for her again. They still have to breathe, too, although in the moment it’s a good thing such actions are also involuntarily controlled.

What he sees in her eyes, reflects in his gaze of a similar glint. Whatever the bystanders in the parking lot might be saying or witnessing, he doesn’t seem to care. The weekend has been about them, and it’s not yet over. “Go on then, get in,” he says to her, pulling the door open so she can ‘escape’ his looming presence. And once she does, he slips back to the driver’s seat and they head back. The drive is a little reckless for the impatience.

But the cheesecake survives.

Ogunquit Beach House

He doesn’t exactly yank the door open, given it’s not their house for much longer, but he pulls her along with a laugh that eases them in. First thing’s first though, the dessert gets set on the counter in the kitchen. And once that’s done, he’s sweeping her up on to the counter too, sliding hands up to push his jacket off from around her shoulders. He stands there to appreciate the present moment, his next words lamenting mildly, “I really don’t want this to end.” This night, he means, but it’s deeper in sentiment.

Finding herself sitting on the counter, Kaylee can’t help but laugh as he pushes the jacket off her shoulders, leaning forward enough to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Well,” she starts softly, extracting her arms from the jacket and shrugging off the light sweater, leaving her in that sleeveless summer dress and her heels. “Then we better make the most of it.”

Reaching up behind her head she pulls the clips that are holding back the pile of golden curls letting them fall freely.

Her gaze falls to his shirt, while slender fingers slide down from his collar to that first button and starts slowly unbuttoning each one. “Though, don't think about it ending. Just live in this moment, hmm?” One leg wraps behind his trapping him there. Leaning forward, lips close to his, Kaylee whispers, sounding breathless, “I can hear what you want, lover.” It sounds like she is giving permission for whatever it is he is thinking.

Luther runs his hands up around her waist, looking up from her body as she lets down her hair, as she leans in, hooks him with her leg, traps him in her blue eyed gaze and whispered words. He responds with a deep breath in of her vanilla and lavender scent and an almost growled sound of desire, a low timbre deep from his throat and a push forward to meet those close lips, and close what distance remains.

To live in the moment and not have to worry about an ending. In that effect, it seems like time itself could bend around them or even stop, for a memory he won’t soon forget. He knows that it won’t last - that the night will end eventually - but tomorrow, he’ll still have her.

Even when tomorrow will mean going back to the brief morning hellos in the coffee shop, the missed and interrupted dates due to work, and in general less time.

At least, for the night they can live in this little world that contains nothing but them.

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