One Of Those Faces


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Scene Title One Of Those Faces
Synopsis Dee and Helena discuss plans for the former's birthday, and Kurt meets the latter again for the first time.
Date October 5, 2009

The Rock Cellar

Helena isn't here right now. Evelyn, however, with her dark hair in a sort of pageboy cut that makes her look a little like the understudy for Snow White, is happily chatting away with Dee at a table after 'business' hours at the Rock Cellar, a Red Stripe fit comfortably in her hand. "So we had some ideas," she says, "But weren't really sure what you wanted. I'm not big on surprises, so if you can tell me what sort of party or get-together or whatever you want, your wish is our command."

A girl looks forward to a series of birthdays- thirteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one- Delilah is almost on the third now, and she is practically wired. The last day and a half was spent making various amounts and types of fudge- which she has either dropped off at places or has it ready to be dropped off. Truthfully, she started because she wanted to make some for Deckard. It snowballed from there. So when she met Helena, it was with a batch of sugary goodness and the smells of Delilah getting a hop on the Holiday kitchen.

The redhead sits across from Helena, a half-drank soda to her right and her head leaning left onto her hand. It's a fake look of idleness, as the little things remain animated- her hands preoccupied, eyes alert, those sorts of things. "Can we get strippers?"

Heading into the bar Kurt looks a touch out of place in his gray hoodie pulled over the normal clothing he wears to works. The dark young man heads to the bar and just needs a beer, informing the bartender of this he received a pilsner. Leaning back against the counter Kurt looks out over the bar but hangs back from the groups of people. Taking a sip of his beer he paid for it right away and just seems to relax.

Helena lets out a giggle. "Strippers. Boy strippers or girl strippers? Girl strippers don't do much for me, but you and Cat might get a kick." She laughs, adding, "I don't see why we couldn't. Maybe Abby would let us have Old Lucy's for a night. That would be cool. The strippers could dance on the bar." She turns to signal for another beer, and spots a familiar face at the bar. The Rock Cellar isn't uber-swanky, but it is a little on the rock-trendy side, so yes, Kurt sticks out. Helena blinks once, casually completes her indication to the barkeep that she wants another beer, and is relieved to realize her wig is likely gonna prevent the man from identifying her right off the bat, remarks quietly and casually to Delilah, "Oh em gee. That guy at the bar in the hoodie? I know him. He's a messenger at Alley Cat."

"I don't really advertise that part- the Force must be with you." That, or Helena has a practiced 'dar. Delilah titters rather sweetly behind her fingers, cheeks flushing pink. "I was thinking mostly guys- I don't want to alienate anybody, goodness-" Her eyes turn to watch Helena's movements, blinking softly when the other girl turns back to relay the newest news. Delilah, of course, glances up without much thought, looking over towards Kurt and leaning to and fro to get a better glimpse. The redhead turns her face back to Helena, elbow thudding onto the tabletop. "Is he? He lives across the hall from me. Quiet fella." Maybe they should go bother him. He looks like he needs to be bothered.

Never the high-light of fashion or really anything resembling stylish Kurt doesn't notice if he stands out at all. Instead he lowers his head and smiles at anyone friendly enough to look his way. Delilah's peeking from side to side catches his attention and the man raises a hand is a semblance of shy greeting, not quite sure what is going on. The beer is served to a quick gulp and half is gone.

Helena grins. "Well you do have a lot of vintage girl posters and things. It made me kinda wonder." She looks apologetic, but doesn't otherwise push the matter. She seems at ease with it, after all, Cat is one of her best friends. She turns her head to look at him, waiting to see if she catches his eye, more to the point, if he sees through her disguise, or if he'd even recognize her without it. Even though it was only a year plus more ago, she's a different girl than who she was then - however, she's also plastered all over youtube. "Yeah, I don't remember his name…probably because he was so quiet. But he was always fixing the computer for Rey."

"I never thought about it that way. I thought I just liked the art." That actually- answers a lot of questions all of a sudden, to which Delilah seems to space out just a bit while pondering over. "Oh-" Dee raises her whole arm in greeting back when he notices. If he wasn't sure about what was going on, he really can say that now. "His name is Kurt, I dunno his last name." She mentions this aside to Helena, hand still hovering.

Kurt catches sight of Delilah's companion finally and his brow furrows in contemplation, he know he has seem her before, but where? The wave stops his thought pattern from forming fully though and Kurt trying to be a touch more outgoing then normal heads over to the neighbor he recognizes and the woman he can't place, "Hiya." He chimes and stands by the table the two women sit at, "Delilah right?" He asks just to make sure.

Helena starts to say something to Dee, but then Kurt's on the approach. She flashes him a smile, but doesn't say anything yet. Helena? She was that girl who was never afraid to make Midtown runs, and often had that kinda big dumb guy Daniel around her. Whatever happened to him anyway? But this is not Helena. This is Evelyn, even if she hasn't introduced herself yet.

"Yessir. How's it going? I'm sorry if Samson woke you up at all last night- there was a dog on the television in the living room and he lost it." Dee waves her hands around a little in front of her, looking either harried or passive. "And he growls at things when I watch Animal Planet. If there are lions on I have to turn it, or he'll break down a wall…" Gathering that much, it sounds like he was being loud.

Kurt gives Helena another looks before visibly shrugging and letting it go. Give hi ma computer to fix and he'll point out everything, but away from the screen he isn't the most observant. A light chuckle comes from the man as he shakes his head, "As far and I know me and roomie slept fine. But thanks for the concern Delilah, I'm just normally to dead on my feet to notice Samson even by the end of the day." He absentmindedly brushes a hand through his short cropped hair and gives Evelyn a smile, "A pleasure to meet you." He extends a hand to the black haired woman, "Kurt Campbell." He attempts a real introduction.

"Dee, he's got maybe three, four years on you and you're all 'sir'? You're going to make him feel old." Helena flashes a grin at the redhead, and offers her hand to shake in turn to Kurt. "Evelyn Wozniak." So far, so good. Helena relaxes a little, but only just.

Delilah snorts audibly, glossing it over. "I didn't mean it like that." Duh. She peers up at Kurt as the two shake hands and affirm a proper meeting. "Well that's good. The lady at the end of the hall wanted to shoot him. Also, I left fudge outside your door." He's probably used to finding- uh- surprises like that.

Kurt grins wider at the talk of fudge, "I gotta steal that recipe from you one day Delilah." He comments and adds a quick, "Thanks by the way, nothing better then sugar." Taking a small sip of the beer in hand he looks back towards Evelyn, "Have we met before? I'm just got an odd feeling we have." Kurt tilts his head to the side a touch bird like.

Helena turns her attention to Delilah. "Do you make fudge? I'll trade you, my recipe for lemonbars for your fudge recipe." Then, sidelong to Kurt, "Oh," And she fires off a seemingly carefree smile, "I'm forever getting told I have one of those faces."

"You'll have to pry it from my fingers first." Delilah sits straighter, sitting smartly and picking up her soda to find the straw with her mouth. "I made lots- I made the first batch for Deckard, but then I just kept going. I wonder if I have some insomnia going on there. Was up most of the night with that and Sam."

Kurt lets out a small chuckle and nods his head to Delilah, "Yeah I figured. People are like that about good recipes. I'm a shitty cook myself." He admits and finishes the beer in hand, swishing the last remains of the liquid about in the bottom of the bottle. Looking to Evelyn again he hums and just nods, "I guess…" He just can't shake the feeling now that he is standing next to her and brought it up.

Helena snorts. "Clearly you haven't tasted my lemon bars, or you'd know how totally worth it they are." Her new beer comes, and once it's uncapped, she takes a swig from the bottle. "Oh, I love to cook." she enthuses. "Which reminds me Dee, what's your favorite dinner food? Maybe day before or day after, I'll make something. We can have a little," Hel clearly adores the word, "soiree, before the big bash."

"We'll see about that." Maybe Dee has her own lemon bars recipe! Do I smell a battle? "Oh, jeez, I dunno. I kind of like seafood for dinners." Lilah pauses a moment, finger to her chin as she glances up to Kurt. "She does have one of those faces. I was at the market once and thought I saw her- Oh, turned out to be a mom from Queens."

Kurt waves a hand at the Evelyn confirmation from Delilah, "Yeah I'll either be seeing her everywhere or it'll come to me later." He shrugs and looking at the empty beer again, "But I better get running, work in the morning." He says almost to happily and gives both women a friendly nod of his head the man slips off, leaving the empty beer on the bar.

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