One Sided Conversation At The Woods



Scene Title One Sided Conversation At The Woods
Synopsis Visiting the ashes of her home, Abigail yells into the woods, at someone who's not there.
Date February 20, 2010

Beauchamp Home, Butte la Rose, Louisiana

Burned down farm house.

Abigail crouched in the ruins of her home, gloved hands shifting through the portion of the house that had been her room at one point. It was safer now to go through and pick out anything that had survived from the fire. Which had amounted to nothing. Just ashes. Funny how fast something that took a long time to build and had weathered so much, could be destroyed irrevocably in minutes.

She wondered if this place still existed in her mind, in her dreams. Whether it would become her mothers sunroom now that she no longer lived at home.

She'd teleported in after shift with Peter, poor Elias was getting a workout and she had picked up a box of pastry's from Hadley's bakery as an apology to the teleporter and a thank you. She'll fly home again sunday again instead of bothering the teleporter too much. She was sure it was tiring to pop such distances. Not to mention the popping around that he did for himself.Her finances were going to take a hit this month. The upside to not having to pay rent was the thousand or so a month was a bonus in the pocket and added up.

The corner of something is picked up by the blonde, the acrid smell of the soot and all the bruned posessions harsh on ones nose. She'd driven from lafayette to here, borrowed her dad's truck and gas'd it up. Doing little things to help them like get clothes for them, things to make her mother feel more human and more comfortable.

Her winter boots pick through the debris, taking careful steps so she doens't fall and need to get a tetnus shot should she fall on a nail or something. It was going to take forever for her father to rebuild this place. Even with the men from church helping. Insurance would cover the cost, but still. She'd hired help. She'd do whatever he and her mother needed to get the place rebuilt. It was a promise she made in her head right then as feet hit dried grass. It rarely snowed here, it had only once, in her memory and even then it only lasted a few hours then it was gone.

Her parents had dressed her up and tossed her outside, sat on the porch and watched her marvel over the flakes that had fallen from the sky and how they melted when they had touched her hand.

Towards the woods she stalks, coming to a standstill halfway between the edge and the house, right where she'd seen the wolf tracks in the vision. Skoll. Kozlow.

"If you're watching me"

It's not loud, not yelled, a simple conversational tone as if the man might very well be beside her, or even out in the woods and watching.

"Burning it down doesn't do a single thing. It's a house. A house isn't a home. It's the people inside the house that are the home. You didn't count on that did you? Didn't count on my Dah saving my Momma." It gets progressivly louder, her hands buried in the pockets of her jacket.

"Doens't do a single damned thing that give Dah an excuse to build her a proper sunroom that she's been wanting. Only makes them know how much they're cared for in the community, and only makes me know even more how much I'm loved by them and by my Dah no matter what I do"

Abigail moves forward, leaning down to pick up one of the pieces of wood that tumbled loose from the white farm house and wasn't burned to a crisp. She winds her arm back and then throws it into the woods, the timber making a clattering sound and then a thud as it ricochet's off tree's and falls to the leaf strewn floor.

"Tell him his son died because his son did something stupid. His son died because he was doing what every other son does. Follows in his fathers footsteps! You tell him to back off Sasha. You can come for our families and our friends and our employee's and our cousins, sisters, brother, mother, fathers. In the end though-" Abigail shrugs, knowing that more than likely she's talking to an empty forest.

"In the end, it can't change the past. I'm sorry his son died, I'm sorry that I killed her father. I'm sorry for a great many things, and my sorry's won't bring any of them back, won't bring Jennifer Chesterfield back or unhurt Teo's momma. Won't keep my Momma from being in pain and my Dah having to watch her in it."

"Back off" She warns to the empty forrest. "Go away. Leave us alone. Find someone else to covet and desire" She bellows into the woods before turning away. Footsteps crunch across the winter grass and the fallen leaves, heading towards the beat up red pickup, digging her phone from out of her pocket and dialing the hospital.

"Hey Dah. Listen, i'm on my way back. Gonna stop at the Jensen's, let em know how Momma's doing. Need me to pick you up anything or stop in on anyone elses?" Whatever's on the other end, makes her smile, a glance over her shoulder towards where the wolves footprints had disappered to. Her eyes aren't smiling though. "No, no, no i'm just at the house, looking around, seeing if there was anything to salvage. Nothing though" She looks away finally, hand descending on the door to the old ford and presses the button then pulls back on the handle so she can hop up on in. "Blue bunny ice cream, vanilla. okay. Anything for you?"

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