One Touch Is All It Takes


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Scene Title One Touch Is All It Takes
Synopsis Sarisa Kershner and Kazimir Volken come to blows.
Date January 3, 2010

USS George Washington

"I don't believe this is necessary, miss Kershner." With gloved hands folded behind his head, the relaxed but clearly submissive posture of Kazimir Volken is testament to the armed retinue of marines staring him down through iron sights of their M-16s. Between the six marines cornering him in the aft hangar bay, Sarisa Kershner looks much like a fox hunter controlling her hounds, one hand held out, fingers closed.

"We could discuss this?" One dark brow raises, and Kazimir meets Sarisa's equally blue stare, unable to meet the eyes of the marines, his attention must solely be on her. Sarisa lowers her hand slowly, taking a step forward towards where Kazimir stands with hands behind his head, the quiet of the otherwise emptied hangar causing the click of her heels to echo off of the walls.

Approaching Kazimir, Sarisa reaches out with a gloved hand to brush his cheek, blue eyes narrowed. "It figures," she admits in a rueful tone, "you're the one person in the world I can't ever figure out." The blonde's eyes narrow, feeling the pin-pricks of numbing sensation from their close proximity through the leather of her glove. "I should shoot you on the spot," she admits with a raise of her brows.

"That wouldn't do you much good," Kazimir admits confidently, until he notices the marines moving apart for something, and blue eyes fix on the tall and lanky man of dark complexion in that matte black suit swaggering in. The Haitian. There's a familiar sense of horror that dawns on Kazimir's face as he sees the Haitian's looming figure in the distance, and he takes a step back away from Sarisa, and the moment he so much as moves, he hears the marines chambering rounds and readying to fire.

Sarisa holds up a hand, urging them to stop as Kazimir backs away, and the blonde offers an arch of one brow. "So you can be made to behave," she opines with a feline grace, slinking forward as that warning hand lowers. "I may not know much about how your ability works, but Rene here is a very talented man, very capable at what he does. Which, judging from your reaction, indicates you have some idea just what that is."

"What do you want?" Kazimir spits out as he looks from the Haitian over Sarisa's shoulder back to the blonde. She closes the distance, fearlessly, once more and reaches up to grab the lapels of Kazimir's suit, tugging him forward as her brows crease together. She's silent, watching him, testing the distance she can bring her face to his before she feels that electric tingle of his degenerative power contained just beneath his flesh. Breathing out a warm breath against his nose, she leans back and releases his suit jacket, but not before straightening his collar.

"Well, what I want…" Sarisa cracks her lips into a smile, watching Kazimir before leaning in to whisper a question in his ear. Blue eyes go wide at the query, and Kazimir leans his head aside to look at her confusedly. One black brow raises, and he regards her now the way someone might a very dangerous animal that they are now locked in a cage with.

Taking a moment to stare at his feet, Kazimir swallows dryly, then looks back up to Sarisa. "What does it matter?" His question elicits a finger-wag from Sarisa, as she looks over her shoulder to the Haitian; That much of a look is enough to get Kazimir talking again. "The former," he answers shakily, quietly. "But you— "

"Sssh." Sarisa rasps out, pressing a gloved fingertip to Kazimir's lips to silence him. She leans back a step, watching him carefully. "You're playing with fire, and I admire that. I just wanted to know, because I hate not knowing the answer to a question. Keep at what you're doing, because if it were up to me, I'd let you and Gray have the run of this mission. You both might be the only two capable of pulling this off without getting us all killed."

That causes no end of confusion from Kazimir, a halting start-stop breathing coming from him as he takes a step towards Sarisa as she steps back. "Wait— I— " once more she holds up a finger, like a warning, don't. Her blue eyes are as steely as his, something familiar about their confidence. When Sarisa lowers her hand, she's turning around to the soldiers and Rene, waving a hand for them to disperse. "Return to your posts, we're done here." Blue eyes alight to the Haitian, "Though I need you for something else."

Standing there, dumbstuck by Sarisa's actions, Kazimir watches her reel Rene in and head off into the ship, as the marines begin to disperse. He breathes in deeply, watching her back as she departs, and then exhales a deep and tired sigh. Knowing what she knows, she can't ever go to Antarctica, but he'll deal with that hurdle once it approaches. He has more pressing matters to worry about.

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