One Wears Black To Funerals


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Scene Title One Wears Black To Funerals
Synopsis A gathering at Raquelle's for haircuts and fashion advice for a funeral.
Date October 7, 2009

It is not that long after lunch honestly…and there are shopping bags sitting on dryer seats and a few people doing nails but mostly it is a slow day at the salon. Raquelle himself is currently facing his office door holding up another bag. "It comes to your knees baby girl!" He sighs and rests a hand on a hip. He's dressed simply in a pair of fitted jeans, docs on his feet and a fitted black t-shirt, hair and make-up done as usual and piercings in but Blondie le Attitude is manning the front desk.

"I only needed one dress Raquelle, not five" Comes through the door. But there will be less door to muffle the words as the knob is turned and one bare arm reaches out to fish for the bag before she pokes her head around to look at Raquelle. Red rimmed eyes denote that this is likely not a good situation that requires a gay man to go shopping for her with carte blanche with her money. It's SOnny, it's likely going to be high society and whomever else that the man associated with. She can't show up in walmart black. But she's not showing up in fashion house black either.

"To my knee is good. I hope you picked up some shoes to go with them" She offers a red rimmed hint of a smile to raquelle. "Tempted to buy some pearls and wear them, only because I know, that he'd laugh his rear off at me showing up in heels and pearls" Her hand closes around the bag. "Dad said I was his type, if you just slapped some heels and pearls on me. Lord on high was his dad ever so wrong. Lord rest his soul" The door closes behind Abigails arm and head as she disappears back into the office.

The front door opens, and in walk two brunettes. The shorter of the two, Veronica, is a regular at the salon; she leads the slightly taller, blue-eyed brunette in until they come to the counter. "Hi," Vee says pleasantly enough to the annoying receptionist. "We don't have an appointment, but it's simply an emergency and you know how Raquelle feels about hair emergencies. Look at her split ends!" She's teasing both Raquelle and the receptionist, though there are truth in the words… Kat's hair has lost the shape of any cut it once had — now it's simply hair, no "style." "If Raquelle can see to her today, that'd be great. If he can't, well, anyone is fine." She clearly prefers the owner, but knows Kat doesn't care.

If Buck had been looking for a place where he could look more incongruous than in a Manhattan bar, he may have found it. Something about the interior decor causes him to take his hat off and maybe even look a little embarrassed. He stands near the door, deciding whether he should stay or go. He brushes off the top of his hat.

Katherine follows Vee as she enters the salon. It's only as they enter that Kat realizes that there's something familiar here. As Veronica talks, Kat doesn't yet notice Raquelle as she digs into her pockets and pulls out some wrinkled business cards, pulling one of Raquelle's from her pocket and showing it. "Here. I have one of these." As if having that business card might mean something special. The only thing it might prove is that Katherine at some point met Raquelle. She shakes her head as Vee plays with her hair, showing the lack of any sort of style the former Staten vagrant may have had at one time.

Raquelle rolls his eyes and hands the next bag through the door. "Wipe your eyes honey and of course I got a nice pair of shoes, it is a cute little thing good enough for church, I just need to make sure it hangs over your ass nicely…" He fusses and smiles, trying to be reassuring. "Just pearl earrings."

Blondie at the desk is just eyeing Vee and chewing/popping her gum. "Ugh, write your name down I'll see if he can get to you…" She drawls and then looks interested in the cowboy at the door, cuz he's cute, so she has to bat her eyelashes. "Ooo…welcome to Cambria's Salon and Day Spa…"

Raquelle looks over his shoulder towards the front door with squint.

Christ, she was never wearing black to church. You didn't wear it unless it was for a funeral. Even then, she didn't know if Sonny was going to even have a funeral in a church. He never was religious. "Yes sir" She fires back through the door, wiping her eyes with her arm before slipping into the black dress. Raquelle was right, comes down to her knee's. just barely covers them, but it did. Something sedate and not screaming OMFG LOOK AT ME. Working the zipper in the back, the red head comes out of the office so that she can get approval or…

"Veronica" Abigail recognizes the company officer, not the one with her. "Buck?" The hell was buck doing in here?
Buck smiles at the girl behind the counter, since she's looking at him. Since he's slightly uncomfortable, his smile takes on a quality of country-boy shyness that's popular with some people. "Uh, hi," he says. "I, uh…I don't have an appointment or nothin' but…y'all cut men's hair?" He smiles at Abigail and shrugs. "I don't know, just put 'haircut' in mapquest. This just for ladies, here?"

"Go ahead and write your name down here," Veronica tells Katherine, picking up the purple pen and handing it to the other woman, tapping the clipboard the receptionist pushes toward her. Veronica turns to look over her shoulder at the man the blonde is making eyes at, and her brows knit together a bit. He looks familiar, though why she's not sure. He's not a photo from her casework, that much she knows, but she can't quite place the cowboy. She gives a slight smile of recognition before Abby calls out to her.

"Hey, Nun," she says with a smile, then hearing the name of the cowboy, she recalls having met him on Staten Island. Of course, she gave him a different name — Ronnie? Nicky? One of her vague nicknames she tells people she doesn't want to remember her. "You doing all right?" she asks, noting the other woman's red eyes.

Katherine scribbles her name on the pad and pushes the clipboard back towards the receptionist and then turns her attention towards Buck as Veronica talks to him. Other than a quick glance at him, she doesn't seem keep her interest in that direction as she turns and starts to count the clipboards on the counter, then makes sure they are all straight.

"I'm sure if I could get Grumpy to say that to me it would spice thing-" Raquelle cuts himself up as he gets a look at Abby just smiles softly and nods. "Mmhm…that's the one honey…" Then he's turning fully to wave in the newer customers with a small frown of recognition and confusion that fades into his usual grin. "Heeey, Veronicaaa sweetness, come to see me again have you?"

Blondie eyes the clipboard and jerks a finger towards the back. "He's back there somewhere…" And just nods enthusiastically at Buck. "Oh yeah, we do men here. You just need a hair cut…" Insert twirling hair around finger here.

"God, look at the time, ya'll just come in and have a seat some where okay? What we doin-AHHHHHHHHH!" He gives a tiny scream looking between Kat and Buck with slightly wide eyes. "Whoa…Jesus.."
…that of course is Raquelle.

"Raquelle does a lot of things Buck, I think he'll do your hair fine" And fifty other things he'd do for the cowboy but Abigail's not gonna open her mouth on that accord. "The mayor's son was killed, he was a friend. Raquelle was helping me get something black so I don't look like some back wood redneck louisiana hick that crashed the funeral. His uh, his parents got the impression we were dating at one point, so, It's only proper that I go and be dressed proper." Raquelle gives it the thumbs up and so she offers a wave to the others before she disappears back into the office to undress and get back into her skirt and sweater.

Buck smiles at the receptionist. "Yeah, that ought to be—" He's cut off by the scream, which causes him to blink. Since Raquelle's looking in his direction, he looks over his shoulder to make sure something scary isn't right behind him. Apparently not so he looks back to Raquelle. "You all right there?" the Texan inquires. A flicker of his eyes towards Abby shows that he's following what she says to some extent as well.

"For my friend Kat, who … it seems has your card, so she must have met you before," Veronica says, glancing at the card that Kat handed her finally. "She's had a rough time lately, hasn't had a lot of time for hair care. Needs deep conditioning, a good cut, whatever magic you can do, though I think she still wants it long, right?" She glances at Kat, knowing not to overwhelm her with too many decisions. "Sorry to hear that, Abby," Veronica says to the redhead. "I didn't know you were friends with him. I heard about him. My condolences." She sounds sympathetic.

As the talk turns to death, something that Kat should be familiar with, since she's technically been there before, she looks from one female to the other, then looks away as she begins to look at the posters of hairstyles on the wall. Talk of death seems to not agree with her as she tunes it out just a little. She does, however, answer Veronica's question about her hair.. sorta. "Um. Sure. Whatever you think is best.." she concedes that whatever decision is made for her, she'll go along with. She leans over to stacks the magazines into a nice little neat pile.

"Mmm, aren't you a cutie from down south…hunh, c'mon Sheriff Hotstuff, get a seat. You just want a lil' off the top or I can get somebody to trim you up?" Raquelle is quick to wave Blondie away as he rounds up his 'victims'. Attention goes to Katherine and he smiles gently, offering a wink. "Hey there…you don't want any dye or anything right?" He nods people towards chairs and raises his voice. "What toppin' you want on your pizza Abby boo?" He does offer Veronica a hug if allowed.

"pepperoni" Comes from behind the door. Not that she'll have too much time to sit and eat, but she can try. God only know, lord above, what 'francois' is doing with Deckard. Walking around and gathering strength, maybe. Getting into trouble, that's another option.

Buck smiles at Raquelle. Is he flirting, or just being friendly? Hard to say."Nothin' special," he says. "Need short back an' sides from somebody who's careful with a razor." He lifts his free hand to ruffle it over his hair. "Name's Buck," he adds. "If you got any suggestions on the hair, well…" Buck shrugs.

Veronica accepts the hug indeed, and gives Raquelle a kiss on the cheek. "No dye," she says, and nods Kat toward one of the chairs. She takes an empty one besides Kat, and smiles reassuringly at the other woman. "Raquelle's great. You want anything? A cup of water or a magazine or something?" She's watching her and trying to gauge her mood, noticing her quietness.

"I don't think so." Kat responds to the offer of something to drink or read. She sits down next to Veronica, following her lead as she turns to whisper, though not necessarily at a whisper level, "I met him before. Over on Staten." She nods towards Raquelle. "He offered me food. Seemed like he was pretty nice. Different, I think." Katherine seems to pattering about on neutral as far as mood goes. If she sees something out of place, or looks like it's out of place, she'll stand, walk over and fix it, then return to her seat.

Long distance to Veronica: Katherine sorries. "I'm being a little boring today.
"I'ma get you an extra as well just in case so you can take it with you…" Raquelle calls out towards that door, cheek kissing Veronica and winking over to Buck as he slips away from Veronica and pats a stylist chair. "Buck? Just itching to add something to the back of /that/ name. Have a seat though. Let me get the little lady over there situated as well."

He is tossing hair is doesn't have over a shoulder with a soft chuckle as he ties his apron/toolbelt thing back around his waist. "Raquelle, Kelly, That tall fruit over yonder…I grew up in Nashville honey, I've heard it all. Pleasure to meet ya'll I haven't met yet and a pleasure to see those I /have/ again." He takes a deep breath and nods towards Kat. "C'mon sweetums, I remember you…go on and pick a chair and get it like you like…"
Veronica pages: nah, not your fault. boring scene. would be better if 2 other people didn't have his attention; then he'd be more about talking to you, finding out why you're suddenly with vee, etc.

"You could put 'Lafferty' on there if you want," Buck says with a quiet laugh, swaggering his way over to a seat and putting his hat somewhere convenient and safe. "Yeah, nice t' meet ya."

"He's very nice," Veronica whispers, knowing Raquelle can hear them and offering him a smile. There's something sad in her eyes that the smile doesn't erase however. She picks up a magazine and flips the pages in it, not really reading. Who cares about Jon and Kate and the fact that three of the sextuplets have tested Evo-positive according to an "inside source"? She sets the magazine down and pulls out her Blackberry. Might as well do a bit of work while sitting here.

Katherine nods to Vee at the mention of nice. When Raquelle offers her a seat, she pauses for a moment, then stands and walks over and looks at the chairs for a moment as she tries to figure out which one to sit in. She clucks her tongue against the roof of her mouth before she finally walks over and sits next to the one where Buck is sitting. No sense in leaving a gap. She sits down and glances at herself in the mirror. She reaches up and touches her fingers to her hair, then gently combs through it, the tangles making her fingers stick for a moment before she pulls it all the way through.

Raquelle smirks gently and scratches his cheek, "Mmhmm, or could attach nasty or wild to it as well, but Lafferty sounds all sophisticated so we'll go with that…" As he moves to a cabinet to start pulling out certain supplies, lining them up behind a sink and bustling over to retrieve a couple of towels and styling capes, gesturing towards one of the few employees he has. "Go on and get Lone Star over there washed and rinsed up for me while I get the missy over there set with her deep conditioner?"

He watches patiently as he tosses the towel and cape to the hair washing person before moving over to Katherine carefully and showing her the towel and the sparkly purple cape. "I'ma drape these over your shoulders so that I don't get your clothing all wet and messy, okay?" He asks first naturally before his free hand comes up to rub hair between his fingers and rake fingers through it testing with a hint of a grimace before mouthing to Veronica with some concern. 'No lice right? Or nits' Not that she'll understand him but she might! "And we'll have pizza and soda here soon for anybody who wants some…"

Shopping bag in hand, black shiney bag with real cord straps, a messenger bag, khaki skirt to her knees and a pea green sweater with buttons that run from the left of her neck to her shoulder with red hair loose, Abigail emerges from the back to fetch the other bags with the necessary things that Raquelle picked up with her money to make her look presentable. Eventually to besides Veronica is the destination as Abigail settles in beside the company woman. "Your friend? She work with you?" She gives buck a wriggle of her figners.

"See, I wouldn't go buck-wild in a place like this," Buck tells Raquelle with a smile that seems to share his humor. He lets the shampoo girl take care of his scap. "Watch out in the back," he requests. "Might be a little bumpy." Which is sort of an unusual comment, but he smiles at her when he says it.

Veronica shakes her head. "Clean," she mouths, and then she gives a sort of shrug to Abigail. "Not now. Kat, this is Abigail. Abby, this is my friend Kat. Actually, we're looking for a new job for Kat. She is really extraordinary at making things clean or fixing things, at least so they look better. Cracks, paint jobs, spills, that sort of thing. If you know anyone who is looking for employees."

"I washed my hair this morning. I don't think I have any bugs." Katherine responds as she thinks that Raquelle is talking to her. She finds it hard to keep still as everyone is talking around her, as she tries to keep track of the different conversations. "I would do a good job." she admits. She finally settles down and continues to look into the mirror and watch what Raquelle is doing.

Raquelle takes a deep breath and checks Katherine's hair himself and nods a bit before draping the cape and towel and all that business. "You would do a good job at anything you put your hand to honey buns." Then he glances in the direction of buck, Having to grin once more. "Don't go spoiling my girls now Lone Star by giving them thrills…" He smirks and turns back to working on detangling Kat's hair before he's just going to lead her over to the sinks after a few moments. "I am going to need to get more help around here…" He tsks softly. "So many pretty people around…"

"Well, hell," Buck says, overhearing Veronica's remarks. "I oughta get my Trans Am brought up here. My sister Lavannah musta been joyridin' in it while I w's overseas or in the hospital, cuz since I got back, it's been makin' this noise like, 'menh, menh' sometimes…" He looks curiously at 'Kat.' But Raquelle's comment distracts him. "Hey, ain't nobody worried about me spoilin' any girls since I was in high school," he laughs.

"I can always use a hand at the bar. Someones always breaking a mirror or putting dents in a table" She's caught the jist of what Kat is, and who she formerly worked for. "Can always use another hand, and if you like Kat, feel like serving bar, can get you trained and set up too" She looks over to Veronica and lower, for only the woman to hear 'She good at kicking butt too? Had someone, some people try to rob us a week or so ago. Maybe, she'd come in handy that way too"

"Just cosmetic work, I think," Veronica says with a smirk to Buck. "You have a sister named Lavannah Lafferty? I hate to ask what your 'real name' is if you go by Buck because of something similar." Though it might be rude, it's said with good humor. To Abby, she frowns a little. "I don't know… yes, she is, or should be, if instincts kick in, but… your bar seems to be a magnet for trouble, and Kat's had her share already. She's down to eight lives, and I don't think I'd like to chance the other eight." She sighs and shakes her head, not meaning to talk about Kat like she isn't there — it's an easy habit to get into, with Kat as quiet as she is. "But it's up to you," she says, turning to look at Katherine. "You can work wherever you like — I don't mean to … be the boss of you." She smiles, a little chagrined.

Katherine doesn't even really notice that she's being talked about until she's addressed by Veronica again, though by now she's being led to get her hair washed, then back to the chair again as she takes a moment to look from Abby to Veronica. "Well, if you don't think it'll be a good idea.." she hedges just a little bit. She actually seems to be fine with someone else making the decision for her. "I could try, maybe." That sounds even less definite. "Or not." is added to make it even less clear than it already was. When she's seated she makes a face at the wet hair that's draped down her head and gives a little shiver. "It's a little cold." she admits.

Raquelle chuckles and calls out towards Buck. "Late bloomer are we?" He wolf-whistles before glancing down to Katherine and blinks as he adjusts the water to try to get it warmer, working on washing and getting the deep conditioner worked in and he's massaging her scalp when he can, humming softly and reassuringly. "Let me know if it gets too warm or cold sweetie." Then he's just listening and humming and working on hair, kthnx.

"Yeah," Buck tels Veronica. "I got a longer name. 'Beauregard.' Anyway, yeah, that's my oldest sister's name. The other ones got shorter names, I guess." He smiles and shrugs cheerfully. Now that he's shampooed, he sits up, telling Raquelle, "Hey, not /that/ late. They make 'em later."

"Trouble happens outside my bar. Not in it. Not usually. People seem to have the good graces that god gave a dog to not cause something inside. besides, they didn't get away. One of the regulars gave em a scare and they left with nothing. Come on down anytime after friday Kat. I'll show you around and you can choose for yourself if you want. bar, back, front, or i'm sure Raquelle here can find you something, like he said" Abigails listening in on Buck too and learning more about him than she ever did before, and he's actuallys pent a few nights on her couch.

"Up to you, Kat. It's your life. Whatever you think you'd like to do. It's kinda loud and crazy in the bar though. If you would rather something quieter, a bookstore maybe, or a library or something might work. But we can go visit and see what you think." Veronica's brows knit again as she watches Raquelle work on Kat's hair. Despite her cheerful tone, there's worry and sorrow there. "Thank you, Abby," she adds.

Though she's probably not supposed to, Katherine head turns from side to side as she looks from Veronica to Abby then back again. "I could try, maybe." Try what is left unclear for now. She watches her reflection, though her eyes fall to Veronica time and again. She can sense her friend, her former lover's sadness and she had a distinct feeling that she's the cause of it. She fidgets in her chair a little as she feels like perhaps she's done something wrong. Something bad. She's not sure what though. She sits forward, then gets out of the chair.

Then runs as fast as she can out of the salon, wet hair, purple sparkly bib and all.

Raquelle stands there with wet hands, eyebrows shooting up and lips parted as he stares after the girl and then over to the people who are still here. "…well then."

Buck blinks, sitting forward almost as if to go after the girl, but he seems to think better of it and relaxes back again. "She gonna be okay?" he inquires, however, looking worriedly at the door.

Abigail's just as dumbfounded, standing next to Veronica before looking to the actual woman. "Do you uhh.. need to go after her Veronica? Or…"

Veronica's looking over at Abby when Kat bolts, but when she hears the woman behind her get out of the seat and take off running, she is already on her way to catch up. Of course, Kat has the element of surprise in her favor, and the blonde bimbo manning the front desk chooses just the moment that Veronica is about to pass her to stand up and block Veronica's path. The company agent bounces against the woman's back, recoiling a bit, then murmurs an apology before bouncing out the door. "Charge me the full cut, Raquelle," she yells as she disappears out the door and down the sidewalk after the runaway girl in the sparkly purple cape. Damn it. She owes Raquelle a cape, too.

Raquelle blinks several times and watches after all the running people and he points after them before just looking back to Abby and Buck and just blinks some more. "…well then." He has to repeat. The pizza person shows up about now and Raquelle's already moving towards Buck and shooing away the girl to drape a towel over his head and move to lead him to a chair. "Okay, I just saw that right…baby sweetness just took off running and Leggy woman followed?" He shakes his head. "Abby Boo…my nerves are getting too old for this…C'mon Bucky not wild, let's get you cleaned up."

"I got the pizza" Yup, Kat just took off and Veronica followed. "I'm sure there's a good reason. Seems like possibly, the womans been through a lot from the sounds of it. she'll be back, i'm sure Raquelle" Eyes are a little less puffy, sadness is still there though, and likely to be there for a few weeks. Her lover is under the control of an ability and the ability is an asshole, and a friend got execute,d her church is burned, but the light is that Raquelle is a full fledged father once again.

From her purse, a couple twenties are pulled out and passed over to the pizza guy, generous tip as well before they are shoo'd off and one pizza by itself is brought over for Buck and Raquelle to eat from. "I should head out soon too. Scruffy is out and about and… I don't want to leave him alone too long, not with the terrakinetic out and about and destroying things'

Buck sits down in the chair he's led to. "Thanks," he says, giving Raquelle a smile as he settles down. "Haven't had a real good cut since I got to this town. 'S been months since I been to anythin' better'n a cheap corner barber."

"Thank you sugar." Raquelle is quick to thank Abby as he tousles hair dry and runs fingers through it, distractedly massaging Buck's scalp as he considers what he's going to do. "Take one of the pizzas though, for both you and scruffy…also make sure he gets that care bag I gave you with the boxers and shaving cream and tell him he owes me a visit to clean up his edges."

He works with a straight edge razor apparently, narrowing his eyes at Buck's hair. "Don't thank me hon, it is my job and my pleasure in life to help keep folks sexy…"

Raquelle, having his hands in Buck's hair and working on it with a razor, will surely notice a number of fine scars around the back of his head especially, but some of them even running up past the crown, mostly hidden by hair. So probably he won't want to make it too short. "Glad you like your work, then," Buck says cheerfully.

"I'll let him know" When he's not possessed. "Drop by the bar Buck. WHen you get time. I'm sure Leo misses you. You need to drag him out of the house, he's starting to grow mushrooms and could use a friend" It's a gentle request give to the military man.

Raquelle laughs softly and shakes his head, feeling over those scars with a critical hand, head tilting back a bit as he tsks softly but doesn't comment. "So am I darling…so am I. Doesn't hurt when the guys are gorgeous though." He teases and nods over to Abby as he starts to get to work with the razor…and homeboy can work a razor. He's not going that short, no.

Buck smiles at Abby's request. "Well, okay," he agrees. "But if I forget, you call me, okay? I wouldn't mean to, but it could slip my mind. Otherwise… You know, I'll take him out for a drink. No cruisin', I promise." He looks up without moving his head. "That messed-up skull o' mine ain't throwin' you for a loop, is it?"

"Leo doens't drink much" But getting him out will be good. Bags are carefully taken up, box of pizza balanced as the redhead with her hair now up in a messy bun starts out of the salon. "Give the girls my love, i'll be over when I can to give you and… you know who a night alone" and she's gone.

Raquelle mmhms softly. "Not really hon but it just makes me want to kiss the boo boos to make them better, don't mind me." He drawls before nodding after Abby with some concern then back to Buck. He's got a haircut to finish.

Buck smiles again to show Abby that he understands the request. Then he looks at Raquelle in the mirror. "Oh, it don't hurt anymore. The bone and skin're all healed an' you can't even feel yer brain, so it ain't bad." He glances at the decor once more. "This is a pretty nice place. Folks seem to know you. You own it?"

Raquelle chuckles. "You don't just give people sugar because their in pain." He smirks gently and works on a careful edging. "Hm? Tilt your head and thank you it is my baby sorta…but technically yes I own it. Needed something of my own because working in the mall and stuff was starting to get taxing."

Buck tilts his head as Raquelle instructs, smiling a little. "Well, you seem like a pretty nice guy," he declares. "So I sure wish you luck with this place. It's got real class, you know? I thought maybe it wasn't the kinda place for a guy like me."

Raquelle just hmms softly to Buck as he works. "Thanks honey and we're a place for /everybody/, man, woman, doesn't really matter to me. I'll work on anybody, it's about the people, hence why we don't have pink streamers hangin' from the channel."

Buck laughs. "Well, then you oughta do real well. If you make even plain folks feel fancy, I bet you'll get a good followin' in this city. Lots o' places around here make y' feel like it ain't /your/ kinda place. Y'know?"

"Yeah, I just want folks, all folks to feel comfortable with me. I'll take good care of them." Raquelle backs up and away to stare at his handiwork. "You need any touch ups, just let me know, I gave you a few layers in there on the top but made it all even to fall fashionably…" He worries his bottom lip as he squints.

Buck smiles at Raquelle. "It looks real good," he says, looking into the mirror. "I'd buy me a drink, anyway," he jokes. "Guess I'll have to come back here now. Since you do it better'n most places."

Raquelle chuckles. "I'm sure you'll break plenty of hearts cowboy…just flash that accent and them hat tipping good looks and you'll be good to go." He winks and dusts the man off with the brush thingie before nodding. "I'd be hurt if you didn't bring yourself and that gorgeous lil' tushie back to see me anyhow."

Buck laughs and gets up. "You got a golden tongue, you know that? Fulla compliments." He smiles all the way to the counter where he writes a check for the receptionist. Then he comes back with a generous tip for Raquelle and an average tip for the shampoo girl.

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