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Scene Title Only a Bad Girl Lies
Synopsis …and Molly proves herself to be very bad.
Date March 6, 2009

Pinehearst Headquarters, Lab-37

It was just a bad dream.

Rolling onto her side, hair falling down across her face, Molly can feel the soft fabric of a pillow beneath her head, heavy quilted blankets weighing down against her shoulder. Shifting her legs beneath the blankets, she stretches out, one hand brushing back hair from her face as eyes partway open to stare across her pillow at the eggwhell white wall in front of her. It takes a moment for it to register, the difference between the color of her bedroom at Matt's apartment, a soft periwinkle blue, and the stark sanitarium white staring back at her.

Bolting up from where she was laying, Molly's eyes snap wide, and she looks around to find herself not waking from a peaceful slumber with the trailing vestiges of a bad dream clinging to her consciousness, but awakening to the reality of that nightmare. She's dressed in the same pajamas she remembers, though the bed is decidedly a hospital bed, and the room around her a medical room. It's exactly like the room she was detained in while in Linderman's care.

Except there's no windows to the outside.

Most of the room is furnished with chalk white chairs and a table with a thick book laid on top of it. A laptop rests on top of the book, the same shiny white as the rest of the room. The only sounds other than Molly's frantic breathing, come from beyond a hospital curtain hanging at the far end of the room. Feet below the curtain shuffling around, something clinking and clanking.
Heart pounds fast and the young woman hops out of the bed and onto the cold ground. Molly's bare feet pad across the floor. Her golden colored hair is in a messy ponytail. She runs her hand over the wall. No windows, no nothing at all. "What?" she asks herself and she tries to calm her breathing as the memory of the similar room she was in when she was younger hits her. At least she isn't sick this time.

The sound of movement and bare feet slapping on tile rouses whoever is behind the curtain. The clinking noise comes to a stop, and hard-soles shoes click-clack out from behind the curtain, slowly revealing a tall and well-dressed man in a coal black wuit with a sharp red button-down shirt beneath. He stops, spotting the young girl, holding a fruit cup in one hand and a spoon in the other. His head tilts to one side, light eyes scanning up and down Molly. "Well 'ello there darling. Nobody told me you'd be up so early," a crooked smile crosses his lips as he holds out the half finished fruit cup, grimicing.

"You're… Molly, right?" He takes a few steps across the room, looking down into the fruit up and plucking a saccharine sweet wedge of mandarin orange from inside with the spoon. "My name's Adam," blonde brows raise, "you doin' alright darlin'?"

Well the first thing that Molly notices, because she is a young teenage girl is that Adam is.. /cute/. The young woman shakes her head at Adam though, not smiling at him. She retreats to sit on the white chair next to the laptop. "What do you want?" is her question. Why did they take her? Where is the Nightmare man? She looks behind her shoulder and shudders at the thought of him. "Is he here?"

Slurping up the slice of orange off of the spoon, Adam saunters over to the table and sits down on the edge, bringing ont leg up to cross over another, swirling the spoon around insid ethe clear and sweet syrup of the fruit cup. Looking up to Molly with a that's a lot of questions disapproving stare, Adam licks the spoon and motions to the chair at the head of the table, where the book and laptop have been situated. "What I want is your help, Molly dear. I've heard you're a special girl, from quite a few people, and we've got… a little bit of a problem, you see, an' I'm in a bit of a fix and need you to help me out with it."

Looking at the last mericino cherry at the bottom of the fruit cup, Adam curls his lips into a smile and begins chasing it around with his spoon. "Come on and sit yourself down, we need to talk about some things…" his brows furrow together, "Your dad's got himself in a spot of trouble, you see…"

As soon as her dad is mentioned Molly's eyes narrow. "What do you mean?" she crosses her arms and leans back in the chair that /she/ chose. Not the one that Adam asked her to seat in. "Is he here?" she asks again with more emphasis on it. Molly looks at the laptop and other stuff on the table and raises an eyebrow.

"No Molly, your Dad's not here." Either oblivious or avoidant, Adam manages those words before fishing out the cherry, bringing it up reverently on the spoon before quickly slurping it off with a contented smile. With the fruit cup emptied, he sets it down on the table and leans to the side, sliding the laptop and book over to Molly with a crooked smile. "Your dad's in a real bad situation, he's gone and got himself hurt…"

Toying with his lower lip, Adam slides off of the table, tucking his hands into his pockets as he circles around and nods to the laptop. "I'm an ol' friend of your dad's, we go way back," Adam notes with his smile growing. "See, fact of the matter is, there's this girl who can help heal your dad, but the problem is that we don't know where she is…" Breathing in a deep breath, only to exhale it in a heavy sigh, Adam motions to the book again. Beneath the laptop, Molly can see it's a codex of maps of New York City. "I was wondering if you could help us find her, Molly…"

"What's her name?" Molly inquires and brushes hair out of her face, she studies Adam and shakes her head. "Is Matt going to be ok?" concern crosses her face and she sighs. She hadn't tried looking for him since he left to go on his important assignment.

A thin smile cuts across Adam's face and he reaches over to flip open the laptop, eyes peering down at the screen before tilting his head to the side. Waking the laptop up from sleep mode, he reveals the picture of a brunette young woman with her hair tied back into a ponytail. "Her name's Claire Bennet, an' she's got a very special gift tha' your dad needs real bad." Looking Molly up and down, Adam's brows furrow together as he considers her question.

"If we don't find this girl, he's going to be in a whole lot of trouble, Molly." blue eyes scanning the girl, he motions to the map beneath the laptop. "Do you think you could find Claire Bennet for me, Molly? Then I'll see about getting you down to see your dear ol' Dad. I'm sure he'd like the company…"

"I guess." Molly says and looks around the room, ok no Nightmare man right now. Her blonde hair is taken out of the ponytail and she re-does the ponytail to fill some subconscious need to keep her hands busy. "What's her gift?" She asks and looks up at Adam, though still with some skepticism. As she settles herself into the chair and then narrows her gaze at Adam, "and what do you mean he needs it? What's wrong with Matt?" her eyebrows raise. Adam might have a problematic young teen on his hands.

"Claire's got a…" Something about Adam's expression implies humor, "unique gift," and that would be why he's smirking. "She can heal herself from any wound, any injury, any anything and her blood can confer that regenerative property on somebody who's real badly hurt." Blue eyes scan the room, and Adam folds his arms, sliding off of the table to pace back and forth beside where Molly sits.

"Your dad…" his brow knits together, "He got himself really badly hurt on an assignment, and he's — " Adam waves one hand slowly, "It's really, it's a shame is what it is. If we can't find Claire, and get her to help your dad soon, well… there's no telling what will 'appen."

When it is said that Matt is hurt badly, "Where is he?" she asks with a firmer tone. Her eyes go up to look at Adam with more intensity than before, then look on the table to the atlas, though she doesn't really need it; She wants to be precise. She has to make sure she knows exactly where the woman is, it is for Matt after all. "You had better let me see him, after I do this." She warns.

"Your dad's right here in this buildin', actually." Leaning over Molly's shoulder, Adam genty tugs that folded atlas of maps out from ebenath the laptop, prominently displaying that it specifically an atlas of New York State. "Once you help me find Claire, I'll take you right down t'see him, but you've got t'promise me you'll be strong, Molly… he— " Adam leans back, settling his hands on Molly's shoulders, squeezing gently. His hands feel so much bigger than they looked, "He's not in good shape."

"Ok.." Molly begins to close her eyes and as she does, the young girl concentrates. But not on Claire Bennet, oh no. She concentrates on Matt, the man she must make sure is where Adam, says he is. He finger flies over the map and she hangs her head forward as it is like she is flying through the air, soon coming to where Matt Parkman would be. She bites her lip as she concentrates.

Images flash by Molly's eyes, flickering and flashing shots of run down buildings and abandoned houses under a starry night's sky. The ground rushes past thorugh her field of vision, through clotheslines hung with tattered old garments, through broken windows of residential buildings turned into squalid living quarters for the several thousand vagrants taking up residence in the worst corner of New York.

Neon signs flash by her eyes, images of guns and alcohol and slick men in slick suits, and finally through a closed window and past a glowing neon sign that reads Tuck's Pawn Shop, where a heavy-set man sits behind bullet-proof glass, reading a newspaper while a radio plays just behind him.

Everything in her heart and in her mind says it's Matt Parkman, but the man she sees isn't her father.

While Molly tenses, Adam grows silent, and it's only once she's placed a pin on the map down on Staten Island that his hands squeeze her shoulders again. Whatever she's seeing, whoever that is, he's not hurt like she was told. "Is that where Claire is, Molly? Is she on Staten Island?"

So Matt was right, all the cute ones do lie. The teen smirks and shakes her head. "No.. I was just scared.. I looked for a friend of mine.. he said he was going to try and get to Staten Island.. I'm sorry." Molly does what she does best, plays the innocent girl and looks up at Adam with wide and seemingly innocent eyes. She then goes to look at the atlas again, "I'll look for Claire now." She promises.

Frowning visibly, Adam's eyes move to the pin, and his hands squeeze tightly on the girl's shoulders again — almost uncomfortably so. "Every minute you spend looking for someone else, Molly, makes it harder and harder to find Claire an' your dad doesn't have all the time in the world."Quietly, Adam steps behind her, eyes fixed on the pin sticking in Staten Island's east coast, his lips pressing tightly together before looking from the pin to Molly.

"Find Claire, Molly," his eyes narrow, tension visible in the sides of his jaw, "or I don't know what might 'appen to your dad." He tries not to veil that as a threat, but the sharpness in his voice is difficult to hide. He's losing his patience.

I'll show you.

If Matt were here, he would have heard that. Molly looks up at Adam with a sweet smile and closes her eyes again. Let's see. she says and concentrates, this time it isn't Claire either. It's a blonde girl, a celebrity even. Molly smiles as she is taken on her way to the woman so she can say where she is.

Her senses rocket through a wall and out a window and soaring between skyscrapers, through another building and past a flock of pigeons roosting on the ledge of the skyscraper, down along the side of the building at break-neck speeds towards the street, coming to a stop on the sidewalk in front of a building marked with the marquee signage for Rapture. A leggy, blonde woman with a fur shawl steps past a velvet rope past a pair of tall bouncers.

Watching Molly's hand skirt across the paper, Adam's brow raises, following her shaky and uncertain hand motions until she presses the pin down into the paper at an intersection in Harlem. Tugging on his lower lip, Adam's brow furrows, "That's where Claire is? You're sure?" One light brow begins to rise from its worried position, and Adam's gaze flicks back and forth from the map to Molly.

"Yes. I'm certain." She says with a look up at the man. Womanizer, womanizer, the song plays in her head as she looks up to Adam. "Now can I see Matt?" playing along with the game. It's only a matter of time before they realize that Claire isn't there, or maybe they will chalk it up to just missing her. Molly brushes a few strands of her blonde hair out her eyes. "I did what you want." She stands from her seat and moves away from Adam to lean against the wall. "Now you deliver."

Furrowing his brow, Adam looks down at the map and nods slowly. "Fair is fair," he notes in a quiet voice, "but I hope that's where Claire Bennet is," turning as he speaks, Adam begins to walk towards the door to the white-painted room, unlocking it with a twist of his fingers, "because Matt will be awfully upset if you lie to him." Brow furrowed, as if he's nervous himself, Adam opens the door and looks over his shoulder to Molly, head canting to the side.

"Come on, then." He gestures to the hall as a woman in a white lab-coat walks past carrying a clip board, "Let's go see the old man."

"I wouldn't call Matt old, exactly.. not yet." Molly says as she follows after Adam, she looks around. "Where exactly am I?" it's then that she remembers they kidnap her. "You took me against my will!" she says with anger and glares at Adam.

"You're in a medican facility, where doesn't precicely matter at the moment." Leading Molly out into the hall, all he does is scoff at her indignation about being kidnapped. "I don't hardly think you would've come along willingly, now would you?" One blonde brow raises as Adam leads her down the hall past other men and women in lab coats, past examination rooms in what looks like some sort of hospital. "You've a very unique gift, Molly…"

Turning a corner, Adam continues to lead her through the facility and its sterile eggshell-white walls and polished tile flooring. "Special people, you know, abilities in high demand?" Blue eyes track over to molly before Adam stops at a door. He hesitates, just for a moment as his brow tenses and the door pushes open. Even before it's open fully, Molly can hear the sounds of beeping from devices monitoring heart-rate, the pressurized click and hiss of a breathing aparatus. "Matt's in here…" he sas quietly, stepping inside.

Beyond the swinging door is a strange sight, a large four-poster bed situated in the middle of a hospital room, partway obscured by hanging curtains. An IV stand rests next to the bed, along with a respirator connecting to a tube that penetrates the throat of Matt Parkman, laying on his back with eyes half-lidded, staring up at the ceiling, a teal colored hospital blanket covering his lower body.

"Like I said, Molly… e's in bad shape."

"The where /always/ matters." At least with Molly it does. The girl walks beside Adam and looks around as they. "No wonder it's so.. /blank/ here." She comments and when they get to the doors and 'Matt' is revealed. Molly reminds herself that this isn't Matt, nope it can't be. She stays by the door and looks at him, "Is he going to make it?" Molly can't help but feel worried for the person she knows isn't there in that bed.

"Probably, with Claire's help." Adam looks from Matt to Molly, head tilted to the side, "Come on in, 'e prolly wants to talk to you." There's a faint smile from Adam as he moves to the bedside, "At least say hello, I don't know if he can actually hear you…" he adds in a hesitant tone of voice, "But I'd like to think 'e can, right?"

Helplessly shrugging his shoulders, Adam grows silent, and the stillness of the room is punctuated by the hiss and click of the respirator pumping away at the bedside, pushing breathable air into the tube sticking out of Matt's throat where he lays.

After a hesitant glance at Adam, Molly inches forward but not nearly close enough so that she can touch him. Instead of talking with her words, Molly communicates with Matt the only way she knows how.

Matt.. it's Molly.. I'm here.

Though she knows in her heart it isn't Matt, a part of her wants Matt to reply in the secret that they communicate often. Molly puts a hand on her head and looks to Matt again.

Can you hear me?


The voice that returns is Matt's though, adding to Molly's confusion. First her ability finds someone who doesn't look like Matt at all, and now this, now she sees Matt unable to move or breathe, restricted to a bed in some cold and sterile hospital room. As she inches towards the bed, Adam moves a few stesp away from her, arms folded and eyes intently watching Molly's motions.

"Molly says she found Claire Bennet, that's good news, isn't it?" Adam chimes in, looking down to Matt for a moment before casting his blue eyes up to Molly. "You found Claire, isn't that right?" His lips creep up into a smile, leaning back against the wall beside the bed.

"Yes.. I did." She says aloud to Adam and then she looks at Matt with her eyes squinted. Then an idea strikes her and she closes her eyes, without 'Matt' and Adam to know what she is doing. Molly travels back to the Matt she looked for and there he is again, the man that doesn't look like Matt but everything in Molly says that's him.

It's in her gut that the man sitting in that pawn shop is her real father and so /now/ time for the acting. Molly's eyes well up with tears and some fall down her cheeks as she looks down to the ground.

I'm so glad you're safe.

She thinks aloud to him and sniffles a bit. Her hair hangs in her face now as she concentrates on the floor. What is going on?

There's a long and awkward silence that hangs in the air when Molly proclaims that she found Claire. Adam looks down silently to Matt, and all Parkman does is continue to stare vacantly through half-lidded eyes at the ceiling. However, there's a moment where he stirs, eyes moving to look in Molly's direction, and in her head, his voice is something far different from the soothing tone of her father a moment ago.

It's not nice to lie to your father.

At that psychic rebuking, it's clear Adam heard something as well, as he moves quickly up behind Molly, grabbing the young girl's arm as he drags her over to the side of the bed, "You should've just done what we asked Molly, he wanted to give you a chance!" His british accent is gone, entirely, and as Adam hauls Molly towards the bed, the room begins to shift and change. Melting away are Adam's youthful good looks and thin frame, replaced by the swarthy and weathered build of Maury Parkman, his thick fingers wrapped around Molly's thin wrist.

The man in the bed, too, changes, his hair graying, skin wrinkling and eyes taking in a cold and hateful look to them as the young girl is forces towards the bed, "I gave you a chance Molly, I did, for Matty — but you gave me no choice." He brings her hand across the bed, and lashing up with a sudden motion the still and liver-spotted hand of the weathered old man in the bed tightly grasps Molly's fingers, followed by a bright white glow and a series of blue sparks.

If you won't help us, I have to take that wonderful ability of yours.

There's a sudden sharp and painful sensation that courses thorugh Molly's small frame, and Maury is quick to step back and away from the girl once the old man has strongly grasped her wrist. The pain is intense, running up and down her spine as if feels like her breath is being stolen from her lungs, and a ghostly silhouette of her own body rises out from her and is siphoned into the prone form of the old man laying in the bed. As the light is sucked out of Molly's body and into the man on the bed, he releases her arm, letting her go while Maury — the man from Molly's nightmares, watches on.

"Mister Petrelli wanted to give you a chance, Molly. But now look what you've made him do…"

"I—" When Maury is revealed. Molly puts up a fight, kicking him in the shine trying to claw his eyes out. Anything to get away from the Nightmare Man.

Let me go.. now! Matt will kill you!

I'll kill you!

As her power is sucked away from her. Molly grimaces and bites her lip so she won't scream, the pain soon unbearable for her to hold it back. A loud and gut wrenching scream rips from Molly and her eyes roll into the back of her head. Her other hand that was beating Arthur in the head with all the strength a girl of her age could muster loses it's strength after a while and she sags to the floor as Arthur holds her wrist.

Her long blonde hair is covering her face as she barely keeps conscious. Her tiny frame is sprawled about the floor and her heat beats faintly. Molly twitches a bit before she goes completely still.

Breathing out a heavy breath, Maury looms over Molly's unconscious form, looking at Arthur with a weary expression. He bends down to check on the girl, "She's alive," he murmurs, eyes closing as his head shakes. Though when he looks back up to Arthur, Maury just nods his head slowly, looking to the cut on the old man's temple where Molly's nails scratched his snil.

"Yes, Sir." Maury mumbles as he dips his head down into a nod, "I— I'll call the doctor right away. I— " his neck muscles tensing, Maury's lips managed to fake a smile, "You'll be able to find her, right? Claire?" His brows tense immediately after he asks that question to the air, and Maury merely nods his head as he hefts up the weight of Molly's thin frame into his arms, carrying her close to his chest.

"N-no I— Yes, Sir I— I'll be leaving…"

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