Only For Those Worthy


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Scene Title Only For Those Worthy
Synopsis Abby breaks off from Adam, Adam is disappointed and gives a small piece of his mind but wastes very little time.
Date May 26, 2009

Cellphone Conversation

The cellphone is picked up after a few rings. "Abigail Beauchamp" A tired southern voice coming across the lines.

Adam hmms, "Why do you always sound so tired whenever I call you, Abby?" his voice is quiet and even as it always is.

"Because I am a busy woman Mr. Monroe" She replies, the sound of a bus engine droning in the background.

Adam hmms, "We're all busy people, Abigail, but most of us find time to sleep." he pauses, "Are you on a bus?"

" Sleep Mr. Monroe, don't worry about that. Yes it is. I have things to do and a broken scooter and don't want to waste money on cab rides. I suppose your calling to say hello and that you're back from Japan?"

Adam hmms, "Yes, also, I have your souvenirs." he pauses, "How did you break your scooter?"

"It just broke Mr. Monroe. Things break on their own. I haven't had time to try and find an honest repairman" He brought her souviner's "You can leave them at the bar if you like, I'm away right now"

"I can wait until you get back. Is something the matter?"

"Nothing is the matter Mr. Monroe, I'm just away right now" Why did everyone automatically think something was wrong if she went away. "How many people did you kill in Japan?"

"Well, that's a loaded question." he replies, "Not many. No one who didn't deserve it. I didn't touch your friend, but I did fix him." he seems to be willing to discuss it openly.

"How long did you work with Kazimir Volken?" That's the second loaded question. "I don't like being used Mr. Monroe. I get used enough. I don't know what your ploy was with me, but in your absence, I had phone calls and visits because you name dropped."

"Name dropped? The only time I dropped your name was with Magnes." he pauses at the Kazimir question, "Well, that's complicated, to be honest. I knew him in another life. And then I met him again in New York. I didn't really /work/ with him. I was more of a consultant."

But he still worked with him at some point. "Please let Huruma know the total cost of my parent's hotel room and the plane trip. I'll be giving Huruma an envelope every week with money at work till I've paid you back the cost of the trip. I think, Mr. Monroe that our .. Friendship, ends here. If you have need of healing, you are, like everyone else, welcome to call and I will see what I can do."

"What an odd sentiment, from someone who just a few days ago told me she doesn't judge."

"If I judged Mr. Monroe, I'd be trying to trap you and turn you in. I'm going to treat you like I treat Mr. Gabriel Gray. With extreme caution. I don't know what your intention is, but you have one, and you've denied having one" There's a ring of a bell, and the sound of her moving around. "And I do. Sometimes. I judge those on Staten Island harshly Mr. Monroe"

"With you, Abigail? I've no intention. I've never asked for anything from you. I never will. If I have a motive, it is to do good, sometimes, just to make up for some of the bad I've had to do. I don't know if God works like that, Abby, but I hope he does. I did think you were different. I thought you were an open and caring soul, but I'm starting to believe that maybe it's only for those you think are worthy. I'm sorry for that. Have a good time, Abby." and with that, he hangs up.

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