Only God Knows


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Scene Title Only God Knows
Synopsis Abby and Gillian meet for the first time since the bridge. She may not get an ability, but the two talk about her brothers and abilities and catch up. Also, look for mention of "comfort sex".
Date July 13, 2009

Village Renaissance Building : Gillian's Temporary Apartment

Delilah had forgotten something. The other 'caretaker' was out, probably buying more bee's for her dresses or something like that. So Abby trudged up to the fourth floor so she could do what Delilah needed her to do. Something about bringing a casserole and a cake up to someone up on the fourth floor. So far she hadn't seen anyone up there save Claire. So on the door that Delilah had told her to knock, Abigail knocked with the toe of her flats. Hands were occupied with oven mitts holding a piping hot Sheppard’s pie and cake in a special container balanced on top. "Hello? My name is Abigail. Just dropping off some food" She calls through the door, peering around her cargo and towards the peephole.

Abigail? There's the sound of a meow from inside, and a clicking of someone's tongue before there's the sound of a door unlocking, a chain sliding out of place, and then the door is pulled open. "Abby?" The voice is one that wouldn't have been heard for some time, distinctive in the raspyness. Gillian's always sounding like she's recovering from a cold or something. "I— thanks. I didn't know you were helping out here." She opens the door wider, then reaches to help with the cargo.

"Gillian?" There's surprise on her face. "I.. it’s a recent development. I just found out that cat.. owns the place I live in" The cake is easiest to take since it's not piping hot. "Delilah said she'd made a cake for you, and I just made." Abby lifts the casserole dish up a bit. "So I thought to bring it up too" Gabriel had Gillian’s ability and Gillian had… "How's uhh. the switching thing working out, for you…"

"That must have been quite a coincidence," Gillian says with a blink, before she smiles enough to briefly show dimples. "Dee's a really nice kid." A memory flashes through her mind of a ghostly voice. Her son didn't play with the other kids. Abby's. Dee's. Elisabeth's. There's a shake of her head as she takes the cake and puts it down on a table. The apartment doesn't have a lot of decoration, at all. It barely looks lived it. Though it does have a big fluffy orange cat that jumps up to sniff at the covered cake. "No, Chandra, that isn't for you," she says to the cat, before turning back. "It— I'm getting used to it. Or I'm trying to. It's difficult since… How are you? I heard you— didn't get yours back?"

"Delilah is a goodly neighbor and anyone is blessed to have her" Abigail agrees kicking the door shut before heading to the table with the hot dish. "Oh, you know.." There's a light shrug of her shoulder when it comes to the issue of how she's handling her powerless state. "I'm uhh, I’m doing okay. A lot more sleep these days. Grocery bill got halved almost. I uhh.. I actually have time to go to .. schoolanddateyourbrother. Cat and Delphine tried to fix me but all she could do was change my hair back to blonde. I'm not evolved apparently. Never was" She pulls off the oven mitts, heading into the kitchen proper to get plates.

Gillian blinks visibly. 'Dateyourbrother.' Abby is about to find out just how dangerous Cat's ability can be, even for someone trying to stumble over words. Wait. Rewind. Date. Your. Brother. "You're dating my brother?!" There's a moment where she just about asks which one. But she holds that back for the moment. For the moment. "I was never supposed to be Evolved either. I only got my abilities cause someone invented a way to give people abilities. Only reason I still am is cause I got Peter's power— the most opposite of my power except Sergei's bullshit power. But wait a minute— my brother?"

Abby says, "Formula kid?" Like Cat. Abby'd been paying attention that day in the ruins. "Yeah but, you'd still test positive… I test negative" The plates are pulled down from the cabinet above and she turns to face Gillian, cheeks red. "Mr. speedster""

"Victor?" Gillian repeats, even if she might have another surprise brother, this is— "Well, good for him, I guess, but… Man, I haven't seen him in so long," she says, looking down for a moment, regret in her voice. "How is he doing? Well if he's got a girlfriend as cute as you I bet he's in great spirits right now…"

"He's a cop now. Training on the street, but he's out of the academy. Uniform and everything. He's doing good. He could probably use a call from you. Do him much better than I could ever do with just a pear. Bet he'd love a basket of red pears from you" She offers up a smile to Gillian. "So. Peters ability? What was peters ability?"

"I'll try to go see him before… anything else happens," Gillian says softly, moving to check out the cake after shooing Chandra off the table with her hand. Her voice sounds quiet, even sad. But she puts the top back on the cake. Dessert comes later, always. She moves into the small kitchen and opens the fridge to pull out two bottles of water. "He— does… a lot, or did. Now he doesn't do anything. Basically anyone I meet who had an ability like we did before— I can do what they can do. It's a pain in the ass, and I can't do most of them at all, but… I only figured it out after turning into metal for a few days, like Rickham, and then meeting up with Victor and suddenly being able to run as fast as him. Some don't take very well, though. Some take right away."

"oh" Peter could.." Oh. every day must be… interesting even just walking down the street.. too bad that I didn't still have god's gift or you'd have that too" Abigail murmurs, plates put on the table and now cutlery fetched. Seems Abigail's staying for dinner. "Rickham?" That name caught her attention. "He's here?" There's a glance to either side of the apartment, as if she had Flint's x-ray vision and could see through the walls and to him. "He's.. he's an interesting man. I didn't know he was here. I hope I run into him. Be nice to see him" Abigail smiles at that. "Saved his life once. Held his heart in my hands, almost literally. Gabriel tried to laser him while he was in the iron form"

"I ran into Rickham before coming here," Gillian explains truthfully, though there's a small pause where she could explain he's also here, but— Fuck. No wonder he'd been so pissed off at Gabriel. Her eyes slide shut for a long moment as she breaths in. "It's been pretty tough, but… I've helped some people. There was this— he's kinda like you actually. God's gift and all. I used his own ability on him— but I promised not to use it again on purpose. But he said that… God wanted me to get a sense of what it is I give people. With my own power." If anyone could appreciate the line, it's Abigail. "This was— god has it really been over two months?"

"I don't think you'll find anyone with my.. exact.. gift. Well, flint maybe, because he's who Tyler Case gave it to him" The food dished up, plate slid too where Gillian can sit and eat it. "Who did you heal and yeah.." She looks thoughtful at that line, lips pressed thin. "It's been.. less for me. Not too much less but.. God wants a lot of things"

"I haven't healed anyone except me, and I'm not even sure how that works, but— did you hear about what happened to the Lighthouse?" Gillian asks as she hands the woman a bottle as she moves to settle down to eat. "You know Brian…" Of course she does. They had one with them on the bridge. "I… When the Lighthouse was attacked I was able to get the children out cause of what he can do. And because of what other people could do too. I was able to help him, too. Brian…"

"Brian's alive" Abby takes the water bottle, holding it tight. "His company copy, they call him Winters. He's alive. He's working at a bakery called a piece of Cake for Mrs. Hadley. I don't know why they have him working there, unless they're wanting to keep tabs on Mrs. Hadley."

There's a sudden blink at those words from Abby and Gillian drops her fork in surprise. "What— I… He's not working for the Company anymore. I know he's not." She hesitates a long moment. "And it's not a copy. It's him. Physically, just— How well— do you know Brian?" How well did she know Brian may be the more appropriate question here.

"I call them copies. I know they're.. I know their sentient copies.. versions of him. I know him enough Gillian. I had him living with me after the" many a night he just sat in her bedroom on Al's cot. Waiting. "It's company Brian who works for Mrs. Hadley. He doesn't give me trouble for how I view the world, doesn't put himself beside me and give me disapproving looks. That's company Brian. He's come into the bar with his partner before. I know company Brian from… my Brian. I can tell the difference"

"He's not with the Company anymore. And maybe— maybe we can fix the broken link so he can get the other Brian's memories back, but…" Gillian looks down at her plate and shifts in her seat. "I'm sorry you lost the Brian you knew, I really am. I wish I could have known him better… I was only at the Lighthouse cause I had to tell him— Abby do not tell Victor about this. I still haven't told him. I don't know if he knows, please…" She waits a minute, a rather serious and almost pleading look in her eyes, even if she hasn't said what Victor doesn't know about. Yet.

"I don't talk to him about this stuff Gillian" no one ever quits the company, but she won't tell Gillian that. "Victor doesn't ask me unless he really wants to know and even then, I sometimes just don't tell him" She dishes out her own plate of food, placing it back down on the table so she can sit and eat. "And I didn't loose him. He's waiting, when we pass. Waiting to welcome us"

Waiting for them in the afterlife… Gillian's eyes close for a moment. "I can't really— Brian's here. It is Brian. Just like— Gabriel was still there when he was Tavisha. Brian's still in there too…" And she has to believe that because… "I was adopted, Abby. I only found out a little while ago. But— Brian's my real brother. Victor's still my brother in every single way except blood, but… I was at the Lighthouse to tell him we were related."

oh shit. Abigail looks at Gillian, fork laid back down on her plate. "Are you going to tell.. victor?" Blue eyes meet Gillian's brown ones and never break away from her.

"I— I probably will. I mean he would have been a baby if he was even born when it happened. There's no way he knew anything," Gillian says with a shake of her head, finally stopping to take a few bites. "But that's why— the Brian that's left isn't with the Company anymore. He's on the run from them, even, cause he found out they killed our real parents and separated us when we were children. And the children at the Lighthouse have lost so much already that… maybe they don't have to lose him too." And… and maybe she doesn't have to lose another sibling in the same year.

"Lemme know when you tell him. So in case it doesn't go well, I can.. " make sure not to think about calling things off then, or… "So I can take care of him after."

"Well I think you're too proper to say you plan to give him comfort sex," Gillian says without thought of how it could be taken. Her baby brother even! But she'd never been the proper one in the family. A forkful of food as she tries to settle back and keep from crying. It helps that she just mentioned sex. Somehow.

Good thing there was no food on the fork or in her mouth. One might be flying, or she might be choking. 'Okay, really. This is ridiculous. Why does everyone mention such things around me. Sex and toys" Abigail nearly hisses the last part. "He won't be getting any comfort sex."

There's a pause and she picks up her fork. "Or any comfort.. first second or third base, whatever they are."

There's a throaty laugh, one that Gillian needed right now, before she downs another forkful. There's a good pause as she swallows before she adds, "You're a really good cook, Abby."

"better be, my momma taught me. Whomever I marry is gonna get a good old fashioned wife, cook clean, my momma and Dah made sure of that. Guess I'm just not gonna be able to kiss the knees of my kids and really make them all better" Abigail pokes at her potatoes a purse of her lips.

"I think you'll be a great mom, even without the 'kiss it make it all better' ability," Gillian says, biting down on another piece. There's another pause before she adds. "You're still you. The ability wasn't who you are. All this switching around taught me that much."

"I don't think.. Gillian, that a person is still them, without it. Of you'd lost your augmentation and got nothing, if nothing was what you had, from this point on… Everyone says that one more than the sum of your parts but… N. There's always going to be some part of me missing. You don't have something like that, something that is very much the foundation and fiber of your being taken away and not… It was me. Gabriel said it once. Long ago, the night I healed him at the church and asked him to make my death painless he day he came for it. To come for it at a sunset, and make it painless and to let me rest where I could be found in dignity"

Eyes lower to the plate as the blonde woman speaks. Gillian frowns and little as she stares there. "Then I guess you'll have to become something else… I just— I guess I don't know what it's like at all. Do you think you'll be okay? That you'll… figure out what you're supposed to be now?"

"Only god knows that answer Gillian" She's sure of that. "I do know, that I have friends who will help me. I have a path, avenues open to me. Isabelle left me Old Lucy's. I have a guy who's in love with me, if I want it, and I have a career as a medic, when I finish school. I had the sunset rendezvous with Gabriel already. We'll see, what god has planned. He always has plans"

"You might actually have more freedom now than you did before— no more hiding," Gillian says, a positive hint to her voice. "I know you've been through a lot since we last saw each other— but— you're still here. So that hey— maybe this is your reward. A chance to live a mostly normal life instead of get over-caught up in all this crazy. Not that you probably still won't get caught up… and Victor's a good guy. He really is."

"I don't think you or I are meant for normal lives Gillian and not having the lords gift hasn't stopped the stuff from happening." As for her brother, Abby nods. "Which I think, is why I asked him out. Because when it ends, my dating him, I think we can still go on being good friends. I don't love him Gillian, not the way that you should love someone. But.. I like him and I like being with him" But like isn't enough.

Oh. Well. "Victor's probably better with that kind of thing than I am," Gillian says after a moment, even if the subject matter is a little awkward to keep a smile on. Doesn't love her brother, huh!? "I get it, honestly. I dated tons of guys I only liked. It's when you date someone you love that you put yourself out there and might destroy any chance of…" She shakes her head. "Just let him down gently when the time comes, okay?"

"If it ever comes" If it ever comes. "I do love him, just not how he loves me. But then, I don't Think I love anyone the way he loves me. Maybe I just need a bit more time and no looming bad men trying to destroy all that I hold dear"

"God speed to the lapse of looming bad men," Gillian says, even raising her water bottle in a toast. It's good that she loves him, in one way or another. "Hopefully we'll both have that soon." Cause right now she has Arthur…

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