Open Skies



Scene Title Open Skies
Synopsis A commercial selling something rare.
Date February 1, 2014

On the air

Who do you want to be?

A woman emerges from an apartment building.

Late twenties, dark-hair,



fumbling with putting her keys back into her handbag. It's raining, which she seems to realise too late, closes her eyes in exasperation, before she just ducks her head to it as she starts moving down the sidewalk with rapid speed.

Even the smallest of changes can drastically alter the paths we follow.

A car briefly obscures her from the camera,

but now she is holding an umbrella to stave off the rain, and seems slightly happier as she continues to walk.

We often can't say where those paths will lead us, and what's waiting for us at the end of them.

The woman turns a corner, and she's different. Her clothing is sleek

blacks and whites

her hair is cut short

and she deftly handles the umbrella as she maintains a conversation over her ear piece. She catches sight of a specific car, waving it down, darting over to let herself into the backseat.

All we see are the forks in the road.

Where the car next pulls up, and she emerges, she is all glamour in a glittering black dress.

Photographers cluster around her

the lightning-white flash of cameras striking off sequin and sheen

and she smiles the practiced smile of an A-lister.

From out of the car behind her, a man in a tuxedo climbs out, putting his arm around her waist.

But what if you knew exactly where those paths could take you? What if you could know which choices took you where?

As they move down the red carpet, the crowd of photographers briefly obscure them from view, until pulling away to reveal

a sunny afternoon

and that same man and woman walk hand in hand together, dressed in casual, summer clothes,

unnoticed by everyone around them but perfectly content. They stop by the outside of a realtor, with photographs of houses for sale pressed to the window. They dream together of a future.

What if you could decide who you want to be?

The rain,

the stress,

the burdens,

they're back. And she is alone, gazing at the same window of a future that now seems unattainable.

Remembering herself, or perhaps waking from a dream, she stops and turns, dashing across the road towards a building, recognisable as the Pinehearst Tower.

As she enters the lobby, she slows, looking around.

Open Skies is a new collaboration brought to you by Pinehearst Company. Through the considered use of Evolved ability, we offer a chance for the lost and wandering to find their path and take control of the future.

She stops and sees a figure in the milling crowd, perfectly still.

A blonde woman, dressed all in white, long blonde hair a silky cascade over one shoulder.

She smiles, welcoming,

From endless possibility, we offer singular certainty.

and offers out a hand.

The darker haired woman seems nervous as she moves through the crowd towards her,



but determined.

From chaos, we offer order.

Their hands meet and tangle, and the blonde figure holds hers, reassuringly.

She leads her away.

From the dark paths that ordinary Americans try to find they way through in every moment of every day, we offer…

…an open sky.

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