Opening Doors


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Scene Title Opening Doors
Synopsis While out for coffee, Tamsine reveals a secret, and Sebastian sees things a bit more clearly.
Date May 27, 2009

Greenwich Village

A small coffee shop in Greenwich Village.

A couple of days have passed since Tamsine and Sebastian came to their truce made in a packed subway car. Perhaps he thought she wouldn't call, but the call indeed comes, and along with it, an invitation for coffee at a little cafe in Greenwich. It's a pleasant enough evening, if a bit chilly. The petite redhead waits outside on the patio instead of inside however. She's dressed in her usual casual attire — jeans a bit too long for her short frame so that they are frayed at the edges, a pair of flip flops, a cream top with a bright green cardigan on top to keep out the chill of the evening. She already has a cup of steaming coffee in one of those giant cups half the size a person's face.

He must have entered without her noticing - wandering into the shop when she wasn't looking - because Sebastian appears from within and moves to the table, his own cup of coffee in hand. Albeit a smaller one. he slides into the chair opposite after the briefest of pauses - this is just a coffee, right? He puts on a smile, and admits up front, "I didn't think you'd call," his smile softening to something more real, more human. "Glad you did though. Hi…"

She startles, her thoughts interrupted from Sebastian's words, and she laughs a bit and shakes her coppery hair. "Sebastian! Hi," she says, smiling as she nods for him to take the seat, then leaning forward as he sits. "Well. You know. A person can't have too many friends in this world, right?" she says, her cheeks blushing. "I figured everyone deserves a second chance."

A subtle change washes over his features at something she says, his eyes dropping to his cup which he studies for a second. "We do indeed," he replies to both questions before peering up. "How are you?" His question is truly meant, not just for chit-chat, he cares honestly how she feels. When he catches that faint blush on her cheeks his smile returns and he takes a sip from his coffee, making a face before placing it down to cool.

"I'm good. I … I put in my resignation officially at work," she says quietly. "I'm going to try to help a friend in a business venture, but we'll see. Running a bar wasn't really one of my objectives in life, but then, whose life ever goes according to plan?" Tamsine picks up her large cup and sips at the creamy and sweet coffee within. "You? Thanks for trying to protect me from the subway jerk." Her eyes sparkle a bit as she watches him.

He nods a bit at the news, "I'm… well. Good. You did what was right for you." He says it in earnest, and smiles to prove it. "A business venture?" he inquires, and then lifts a brow, "A bar eh?" He chuckles, and settles a bit more comfortably into his seat, "I can see it, I think. You have a way with people, you know?" He grins. "Aw. Well… that was nothing…" he takes a sip of coffee once more, this time pausing to blow into the cap a bit before he does, "Guy was a jerk. And he stole my idea…"

"Stole your idea?" she repeats, tilting her red head curiously. "What do you mean by that?" she asks, planting her elbows on the table, her hands coming together above her coffee cup to create a place for her to rest her chin.

Sebastian's grin slips a bit, "I was… kidding. You know… get all close to you on the train, pretend to 'bump' into you…" as he explains it his voice wavers with the words, playful. "Stole my idea," he says again, with a wink this itme. "Anyway. So tell me about this bar…"

"I haven't even been to the bar yet," she says with a wave of her hand. "I don't know much about it. I have books…" she laughs a bit. Of course she has books. Something she doesn't know? Head to the bookstore! "Anyway. It's for the best. I can't do the job I was doing anymore, not without second guessing everything I do, or God, I'd probably end up kidnapping one of my own clients if they reminded me of Lil." She says it playfully, but of course her voice trembles a touch when she says Lily's name. She glances down into her bottomless mug for a moment, then takes a deep breath. "There is something I wanted to talk to you about, though. Besides just see you, be social again."

He laughs right back and nods, "I'm sure you'll figure it out." As for the job, he just nods some, and offers a small smile in support, "I understand," he states, "And like you said, I'll be for the best. And I'll have a bar to hang out at now." Something more than social? A glimmer of hope sparkles in his eyes as he catches that last bit. He tries to sound casual as he lifts his mug, "Oh?" He takes a drink.

She glances around the patio. She chose to sit outside, because most don't — the inside of this particular coffee shop is hip and replete with lush velvet couches and armchairs, good music, interesting artwork. The outside boasts uncomfortable wrought iron chairs and the chilly outdoors, not to mention the smell of the city street. They are the only two outside, and the street is mostly empty but for the cars driving by. "I… you should know," she begins, glancing down at her coffee again, "if we're going to be friends, that is. I need to be honest with you. Knowing how you feel — or how you felt — about people with … people like Lily," she stumbles through the words, then pauses, finally lifting her dark eyes to look into his face. "People like me."

'Hey let's go on a date.' 'I lied about seeing someone.' 'Let's go back to your place.' All of these thoughts and more run through Sebastian's mind as he waits for her to talk, but slowly those thoughts slow, and stop as her voice changes, she looks down. This isn't a 'good' more than social, it's a 'bad' one. He looks about as Tamsine talks, though more to give himself a moment, hide the faint disppointment in his gaze when his wishes, dreams?, aren't quite reality. Then he seems to catch that last bit, that last line. his eyes are drawn back and they're wide, with shock, with … something. He quietly says, "Oh." Sure, a real poet here, but better than other things. He looks shocked more than anything now - and he takes a second before he says, "i… I didn't know…" Well.

She nods and drops her eyes. She wasn't expecting applause. She wasn't expecting to be praised. But it's clear he doesn't think it's a good thing. "It's nothing… bad. I can't hurt you or do anything horrible, I promise," she whispers, staring at her coffee as if it were the most interesting object in the entire universe. "I… look, I'm telling you so you can base your opinion about me on all the facts. Math, technology guys like you, you like facts, right? So there's a fact for you. It's not fair to ask you to be my friend if you don't like people like me, so I needed to tell you." She pushes a strand of red hair out of her downcast eyes. "Whether or not you want to be my friend, I … at least trust you not to turn me in…" the last bit is a bit more uncertain.

Well. he doesn't think it's the worst thing either, see two can do that. He stares at Tamsine with disbelief, but something more than that - compassion perhaps. At the very least he seems to care - he may not know her well, but he never lied about his feelings towards her, whatever they are. He takes a moment, and then shakes his head, "I couldn't.. I couldn't ever believe you'd be able to do anything terrible, to anyone." He lets that sink in a moment, then his fingers brush the back of her hand - very very carefully, not out of fear of her, but rejection of that touch, "I don't like people like… Terry," his name said with a mix of hatred and guilt, "You… I most certainly do like people like you." As it dawns on him that powers do not make the man, but indeed, it's what the man makes of his power, something inside 'clicks' and he sighs, his hand gripping over hers gently, "Tamsine… I of course I want to be your… friend. I don't care about… whatever it is… you.. can do."

Those deep brown eyes finally lift, and she watches his face for a moment, as if to see if he's just trying to say the right things, or if he means them. But why would he lie, if he really did hate people like her? "Thanks," she says softly. "Now you probably know why I didn't… try to listen much when you apologized." Twin spots of red heat enflame her freckled cheeks as she remembers her anger, this time with some chagrin. "I never use it… not unless I need to. And it's nothing bad. It's… how I disappeared on you. At the book store."

His eyes are on his hand, where it touches the other woman. He's clearly thinking about what he says as he says it - not lying, just trying to make sure the words come out right. When he feels her gaze in him he blinks, and looks over, his gaze meeting her own, and those little spots of anger make his own cheeks color - though why is anybody;s guess. For a moment he looks… embarrassed. "I see," he says, and then he once more looks back, "And… you… what? Like.. 'poof' you're gone? You… can you go anywhere?"

"I … I don't know about anywhere," she says with a shake of her head. "I haven't tested it beyond… you know. Around here. I'm afraid if I go somewhere far, I might get stuck there and not be able to get back," she confesses with an embarrassed laugh. "But I haven't really tested it since… you know. I first discovered it, and then I had a kid, so it wouldn't be very responsible of me to go jet setting." She shakes her head. "It's sort of like… I can open a door to another place. If I can picture it. If I can't picture it … the inside of the door is dark. I can't see where I'm going, and it's unsafe that way."

His eyes narrow as he takes this in, and he listens intently. "Wow…" he finally says when she finishes, and shakes his head, "Who… I just… Wow." He offers a small smile though, ensuring he's not bothered, mad, or otherwise… put out. Weirded out, sure - but who can blame him? He shakes his head, and then blinks, "Can you only go alone? Or can you take someone with you?" And… can you see what's beyond the door? Hear?" Suddenly his mind is racing, and his features seem to brighten somewhat. "If I… If I had a picture… could you see it?"

"I haven't… tried with a picture," she says, blinking a bit as Adam had asked her the same thing. Strange. "I… yeah. It's like a big door… right in front of me. I can see what's going on. So I could see if there's someone on the other side, if it's safe to go through. And someone's followed me before… on accident. So yes, someone else can go through."

He blinks, then stands, nearly knocking over his cup in his haste, "You need to come to my place," he says, "I don't have the picture on me, but… wait. Can people see back?" Suddenly nervous he freezes and waits intently for an answer. Then he shakes his head, "Know what, doesn't matter. Can we go? I'll go get a cab…" and with that he's headed for the street, hopping over the short railing and lifting his hand to do just what he said he would. He looks more alive than you've ever seen him - except for perhaps that time at the pizza joint.

Tamsine's eyes widen as moves to set down a couple of dollars for tip under her coffee cup. "I … your place? I don't know, Sebastian," she says, looking a bit alarmed as she gets up much slower and glances around to be sure no one is listening to them. She gathers her purse and follows him to the street, though she takes the time to find the exit to the gate that encircles the patio. "Wait… where is it you want to go?" she says, putting a hand on his arm to stop him from hailing a cab.

His smirk says a lot about his intentions - and none of them currently have anything to do with the lovely red-head at his side. "It's messy, but safe, promise," he states, oddly serious, "I don't want to go anywhere. I just, I want to see him." He looks over even as the cab draws up, "I'm… please Tamsine. I want to see Lincoln again. That's all." His eyes beg her though the man is too proud to. "If my place is no good…" he glances in the general direction of his building, "Well… i could get the photo, and come back?"

Tamsine puts her hand on his arm as he waits for a cab to drive by. "Sebastian, I don't think you can. Not unless you go through… I don't think anyone can see but me," she says softly, her brow knit together with concern and compassion for him. "I don't think you can see him. I might be able to, if the picture is good, I don't know, I've never tried it. But… the person who I … moved… before, they didn't see anything change, not until they were in the new place." Every word, every move of her body seems to be an apology.

He is only half listening, his arm waving eve as she touches him. He waves for a second more, and a yellow cab draws close, the thing slowing before the curb. As those words come out, that explanation that shatters his hopes, he blinks and turns to face Tamsine, "Oh…" he says, and his cheeks flare red in the night, "I though I… I see." The cabbie leans over, and asks, "Hey man - you need a ride or what?" Sebastian's answer is to shake his head some, "No… I guess I don't." The cabbie offers a few colorful words and drives off for his next fare. Sebastian instead looks sullen, "Well. That was stupid of me. I'm… sorry."

Tamsine's eyes are full of tears when she sees the melancholy once more claim the lightness of Sebastian's being. She simply stares at him, frozen on the sidewalk for a long moment. One hand leaves its clutch on her purse and swipes her eyes, and she looks away for a moment. "I'm… sorry. I shouldn't have told you, gotten your hopes up," she whispers tremulously. "I'm so sorry."

At seeing her tears the man blanches a bit, his cloud still above him, still dark, but for a brief moment forgotten. Sebastian's head shakes, his eyes blurry with tears as e says, "Don't you dare apologize. I didn't… I shouldn't have asked. Christ. Look at me. I find out… well. And immediately I try to use you." He frowns, "I didn't mean to do that. I just thought. Well. You understand." And she most certainly does. "Please Tam… don't cry?" He turns to stand before her, hands moving to take your elbows, then one moving to touch her chin, "I shouldn't have asked." His eyes so dark and lost are all for the girl, his pain shoved aside.

She shakes her head. "It's… no, you didn't do anything wrong. I would help if I could, I swear. I'd take you there if you wanted… no one should have their child taken from them. You never did anything to deserve that," she whispers, one of those tears sliding down her cheek and onto his fingers where he tips her chin. "I'm sorry I can't help you."

How did this get so tangled? Just a coffee she says. His hands move, and they slide to her waist, a gentle pull given to guide her closer - not intimate but comforting - or comfort is the intention anyway, and not just for Tam. Sebastian nods some, "I know you would. And… I may. Some day. Just… it's a risk. You know? I can't get near them. it doesn't help that I'm a risk factor - to … take Lincoln away." He forces a smile, a tear rolling down his cheek, "Thank you. For.. telling me. And for offering to do what you could. I know you would."

Tamsine looks up at him at him and bites her lip at that tear that runs down his cheek. She reaches up with one hand to brush it away, letting him lean on her, hold her and take whatever comfort he can in the small frame and the scant warmth it offers. "Thanks for not disappearing on me this time," she says with a chuckle.

Sebastian chuckles some, an old familiar warmth in his eyes when he sees her bite her lip. Quickly pushes aside though, he ignores thoughts of her in that way, and instead simply shrugs a bit, holding her a second more before slowly letting go, and taking a step back. His arms immediately cross over his chest, as if he is cold. "Well. I try," he says, his voice suddenly sheepish. "Ah…" He glances about, "Wow. Um. Now what?"

He gives a little sniffle and wipes at his cheek.

Her eyes still hold worry, though the tears now merely linger behind the lashes, blinked back for the most part, as she gives a soft chuckle at his stammering. "I think… well. One step at a time. Coffee today. Lunch maybe in a few days?" she says, her arms going behind her back where she clasps both hands on the handles of her purse. "I… we're friends. You have my number. I have yours."

Sebastian nods a little. "Kay…" he says, and the looks rather distractedly in the direction his cab just went. "OK," he says again and looks back, his hand offered, "Er, since we didn't get to finish our drinks before, maybe..?" He glances back at the coffee shop, his mood somber, but happy as well, at least for the time being.

She smiles and crooks an elbow, as if she were the man and he the woman in an earlier time. "I think they haven't cleared the table yet anyway," she says, glancing back at the patio of the cafe behind them. "Shall we?"

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