Operation Geopoint, Part I


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Scene Title Operation Geopoint, Part I
Synopsis Preparations are made to send Strike Team Keelut out for recon in the mountains of Colorado.
Date May 1, 2018

The Bunker

It's midmorning when Hana sends a message summoning Rue to her office, along with the terse explanation of having an errand for Keelut. Which just recently has come to count one Felix Ivanov among its members, so it'll be straight into the deep end for him.

In the major's office, a file folder awaits the lieutenant's arrival, laid out in front of one of the visitor chairs with obvious intent. Hana herself is seated with one elbow on the desk, chin resting in the curve defined by thumb and forefinger, gaze turned towards the monitor angled at one side. It's not really oriented for a visitor to see, but the edge that is visible suggests satellite imagery, somewhere with stony ridges and the sharp profiles of coniferous trees.

Rue wastes no time responding to the summons. She strides into the room and lifts the file before taking her seat, flipping it open and beginning to look over it. “Morning, Major,” she greets, head and gaze lifted, attentive as she speaks. Excitement doesn’t show on her face, but there’s always a little thrill that accompanies the notion of an assignment.

This is, after all, exactly what Rue signed up for. “Whose day are we out to ruin?”

"Good morning," Hana returns with a slight dip of her head as Rue settles in. "A place called the Geopoint Scientific Enclosure," she replies, the quip eliciting a faint smile that's more recognized than actually evident.

There are maps in the folder, satellite imagery: Boulder, CO and points west, a tiny little alpine valley between Paiute Peak and Thunderbolt Peak — coordinates 40.104350, -105.644898. The imagery matches that on Hana's screen when she turns the monitor for the both of them to view, though the hardcopy has less clarity of resolution.

There's a lake in the valley, and a cluster of domed structures that could have been made of bubble-wrap, if this were a diorama. Also the distinct profile of solar and wind power generation facilities.

"The facility was originally built by Pinehearst," she remarks. All information in the folder, of course, but it wouldn't be a meeting without a verbal overview. "Taken over by the Institute. According to Gilmore, there is a significant Institute presence still active here, performing genetic research. We have some indication the Renautas corporation is also involved — its founders worked for Company, Pinehearst, and Institute in succession, and one of the heirs was caught on camera in Boulder last month, sending instructions to Dunlap."

“Well,” Rue comments dryly as she reads over the details, “that sounds delightful. Long distance telepathy?” For all that it causes her face to crease into a frown, she isn’t all that worried about it. There will be a plan to deal with it if it needs to be dealt with. For now, it’s simply a minor concern and good knowledge.

Flipping another page, she shakes her head. One ginger curl falls loose from the tie that holds her bun in place. “I’m surprised. I’d think Renautas would wash their hands clean of this and get on with whatever their operations are outside of the U.S. But then again, with Kravid on the board… Might be in deep.”

Hana smiles thinly at Rue's observations. "Deep, indeed," she agrees. "Even if Kravid hasn't been on that board in years. The Renautas founders worked in genetics, apparently on the 'Eden' project. Pinehearst's 'Garden of Eden' was, I am told, intended to restore the world from a nuclear apocalypse. I am not certain whether the Institute's 'Eden' project was a continuation — but since those two were swept into it, that seems likely."

The major sits back in her chair, folds her arms. "Potential complication for you," she says, "or rather everyone but you. According to my info, this corporation was responsible for the Institute's compasses. They also have current contracts regarding that technology with Yamagato, which indicates the research hasn't stopped."

One hand lifts slightly. "This facility is supposed to have a bio focus, but there's no telling what they've put in for perimeter sensors. Something to consider when you plan your approach."

“One radar I will never ping,” Rue murmurs. Sometimes being only human has advantages. “I hope they aren’t continuing the Arcology horror show in those basements of theirs.” Lips curl in distaste. She was spared witnessing all of that, but the firsthand accounts were harrowing enough.

Then, she smiles thinly. “I’m sure we can handle what they’ve got on the perimeter.” If they play it smart, which is always the goal, their target won’t know to throw anything at them in the first place.

Hana inclines her head to Rue. "Plan for the worst," is an aphorism, but also just plain smart.

"Most of the facility, I expect, is underground. I know they obtained permits for subterranean construction, but have no actual information on it." A breath. "I'll keep digging, though."

"What I need Keelut to do is put actual eyes on the site. Local terrain, lines of sight, tactical opportunities. I want your thoughts on possible infil, exfil, and assault approaches. See if you can estimate anything at all about the underground, even just where it is. I also want every observation you can make about what's going on there. A sense of routines and activity. Headcount, identifications." Her lips quirk slightly. "Or rather, you get faces, I'll identify."

The major looks to the monitor, zooms the view out a few notches, shakes her head slightly. "They've picked one heck of an inaccessible place. I'll let you think about how you want to get there," she concludes, giving Rue a sidelong look.

Rue tsks. “They never can just make it easy for us, can they?” The ones who make it easy aren’t around anymore, to be fair. Everything from here is a challenge, and Lancaster would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it in some fashion.

“We can get what you need, no problem.” Plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Though Rue has a little more confidence to make this more than mere hope. But Rue is aware of the distinction between what information Hana needs for this mission to move forward, and what she wants that will allow it to be a stellar success. She needs a bit more of the latter in order to be satisfied with her own performance.

Already, the wheels are turning for plan of approach as she flips closed the folder, tapping it against her knee once. “Open to suggestions, as always, but I’ll run it past the boys.”

Hana smiles faintly — approvingly — at Rue's obvious confidence, a smile that takes on more wry character as the lieutenant continues. "Oh, I have suggestions. Try not to need them."

Homework, then, or a test.

A moment later, Hana raises a hand, open-palmed, fingers splayed. "I'll let you get to that, then. Date's not quite set for when you mobilize, but it'll be soon."

Chuckling softly, Rue stands from her seat, a single nod to her direction. “I think I can manage.” The folder is tucked under her arm, brows lift in tandem with her chin. “I’ll wait for your word, then. Thank you, Major.”

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