Operation Make Samara Stop Frowning


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Scene Title Operation Make Samara Stop Frowning
Synopsis Takes place after Everything's Fine
Date April 9, 2011

Bay House

"Love you," is the last thing Sami manages into before hanging up the phone and pocketing it. Her eyes narrow tightly as she peeks at Brian down the hall, "Shouldn't you be… sleeping or something? I mean, it's late and we should be making noise— " it doesn't take long for her to close the distance between them. With a quiet sigh she shuffles a little closer. It takes a moment, but in no time she's just in front of him.

"What's up?" she manages to sound almost casual, likely casual enough for this version of Brian to buy. Her lips press together and she forces a smile as her chin raises from her chest.

Brian gives a bright smile to Samara as she goes to join him. "I just wanted to show you a project me and the boys have been working on." He gives a broad yet somewhat sheepish grin as he pulls a key from his pocket. Samara will probably recognize it as the attic key. The key that Lance lifted from her a while ago. "Come here." He murmurs happily, dancing backward, keeping the key out of reach should Samara try and snag it.

He goes into a silent jog down the hallway to bring himself in front of the attic. Going to plug his key into the hatch.

There's a quirk of Sam's eyebrow at the key he holds in his hand. Her eyelashes flutter lightly as she blinks somewhat blankly. There's a a tilt of her head and a downward twitch of her lips as she examines the key, but the frown is short-lived. It's nearly impossible to remain frowning when he smiles at her like that— there's something powerful about his smile, even given all of the circumstances surrounding them.

"You're not supposed to have that— " a corner of her lips twitch upwards into a mischievous half-smile as she reaches out for it. Not that she can retrieve, Brian already saw to that. She trails after him, "You shouldn't have been in the attic, it's not safe— " not yet, anyways. "There's rotting boards and stuff, you could've been hurt— " But even in her scolding, she's not frowning. Somehow Brian has peaked her curiosity. She stands beside him and she looks upwards. There's a cluck of her tongue as she slides through that locked door that leads upwards in a way only a phaser can. Evidently, if there's something to see, she intends to see it immediately.

Brian is in shortly after her. Closing the door behind him. The attic has been somewhat redone since Samara and her group of female explorers went up into the attic. Brian and his group have laid down planks everywhere. Long sheets of wood brace the rotted out boards of the attic. Most has been repaired. And reinforced. It isn't pretty. The work is definitely not aesthetically pleasing, but is done at least. Or mostly done.

Deep into the second floor, several large teddy bears are lined in a small circle. An extra play pen set up in the middle of the reinforced boards with a baby monitor sitting next to it. The attic has been renovated to look a little prettier… At least not look like an ugly attic.

"So you can sleep more." Brian lets out after he climbs up after her. "The boys and I have agreed to take turns watching her up here. And it's not going to break. We've tested it. Lance and Joe had a slumber party up here."
Samara flips a coin. It comes up heads.

Pregnant women aren't really known for their stoicism. Samara Beth Dunham isn't on a normal day. Pregnant Sam? Well… it doesn't take much to set her off these days. The beauty of the gesture isn't lost on her. At first the moisture just burns at her eyes as she blinks fiercely to keep the tears contained. The mention of sleeping more, however, is met with a sharp sob as Sami slips further into the room, retreating from teenage Brian. The hiccup following the sob actually makes her shoulders bob, uncomfortable underneath the emotions that she, these days, fights to suppress. Nothing like everything coming out at once.

Cupping a hand over her mouth, to suppress the noise, her back remains turned towards Brian. But through her sobs a few words can be made out. "It's… lovely…"

Oh crap.

Brian stares blankly at Samara's back as she starts to cry. Openly. Brian's mouth gapes open in shame. H e glances down to the ground then back up. Did he do a bad thing? He's very unsure. Taking a slow hesitant step to the side. He self consciously wraps his arms around himself. Staring down at the ground. "Sorry." He starts quietly. He closes his eyes tightly, letting out a sigh.

But then she says it's lovely. He smiles a little, looking back up at her.

It takes a moment, or several, as the case may be, for Sam to sob uncontrollably with her back to him. But the apology actually has an unusual effect. She's kept most people at arm's length these last few weeks in an odd form of self-preservation, but in one fluid motion, she pivots on a single foot, turning to run towards him, to tackle him in one of the firmest bear hugs she can offer.

Brian prevents himself from falling over. A step is taken back to brace himself. As Samara jumps up on him, his arms fling around her. Little Brian gives a broad smile. Hugging her tightly, his head lowers going to bury his face into her shoulder. He holds her to him happily, swinging her from one way to the next before lowering her back down to the ground.

Hot flush fills Samara's moistened face as she sniffles loudly. Very loudly. A single hand mops at her cheeks, utilizing the sleeve of her sweater to catch whatever it can. Choking back the emotion her hands trail from his back up towards his cheeks. There's a moment's hesitation, a second thought as her fingertips rest but a millimetre from his cheeks. Carefully, slowly, she caresses his skin with the pads of her fingertips. "You.. are.. wonderful," she declares in a whisper.

Her weight shifts onto her toes as her reddened eyes stare up into young Brian's. Head tilting slightly, her eyes squeeze shut as she leans forward to brush her lips lightly against his.

Brian tilts his head to the side some. A light smile curling up his lips as she looks at him. Looking down at her, his eyes twinkle softly as he looks down at her. As she moves in to kiss him, Brian is much more adept at kissing. His lips purse, Brian lowers his head to press his lips to hers. Pushing his lips against her in a much more relaxed kiss than the first time.

The kiss is deepened for a moment before he pulls his lips away from her. Going to let Samara relax on the ground once again, he doesn't fully release her. He smiles gently down at her, his hands going to link with Samara's hands gently.

"Thank you," Sam murmurs quietly as she gives his hands a quick squeeze. "This was… very sweet." There's a flicker of a smile through the still moistened cheeks as her head cranes upwards to watch him. For a moment all of the awkwardness is gone from her. Absorbed by the moment itself. "I can't believe you did this— how did you do this? How did you manage it… I can't believe you guys did this all on your own— "

Brian smiles down at Samara. "With the Ferrymen shipments. And Lance was able to keep everything quiet up here while we worked. That's why Lance and Joe.. And me. Were sleepy all the time." He holds onto her hands happily, smiling broadly down at her. "It was really no problem. We called it Operation Make Samara Stop Frowning."

"That's amazing! I seriously can't believe you guys did this— " there's a pause, however, at the title of the operation. "Oh come on. I haven't been frowning that much have I?" This actually causes her to frown slightly. "I mean it's just been insane— I couldn't believe what happened to you it was really stressful and stuff and I normally him everything I mean everything even when it's unconfirmed because that's just how I roll you know? But honestly life has just been so crazy and I don't know when things will ever be normal again and I'm getting this baby belly and I'm tired all of the time which apparently is normal according to the books and my mother who keeps threatening to come out here which is really weird— " There's goes that mouth.

And the verbal diarrhea is cut off by Brian's lips. Which is something you should not try to visualize. Pushing his lips against hers, he pulls back some, clunking his forehead against hers. "Hi." He says quietly. Holding her hand gently. Giving a little tug with one hand. Winters smiles brightly down at her. "Don't worry about all of that."

Sami is easily silenced by the kiss against her lips. The contact has its effect on the motor mouth that is Samara Dunham. In fact, as his forehead connects with hers, her eyes close lightly, allowing her to settle against him. In fact, the next thing she finds herself saying is a whispered single word in return, "Hi." Her lips quirk into an easy grin almost sheepish as he tugs on her hand. "I didn't used to worry," she admits quietly. "Instead I used to think about jumping out of airplanes and dancing on stage at Juliard. And befriending a homeless person… But worrying.. it's so.. easy." There's a pause as her eyes widen, "It's so adult."

"I feel adult. With you." Brian murmurs, sounding very pleased with himself. "I hope I'm acting like an adult. Like a good adult. I'm doing my best." He gives a sheepish grin. Before stepping back down towards the stairs to lead them out of the attic. Little Brian's hand remains conjoined with Samara's, pulling her along. Down back to the lower level of the Bay House.

"So.. Who were you talking to on the phone? And I was thinking." He clears his throat.

"You are. You're doing really well.. I haven't been.. " Sam rubs her eyes with her free hand as she's led out of the attic, "…I haven't made it easy, I'm afraid." There's a reminiscent frown as she shrugs a little. "I know it's hard to be a grown-up sometimes. I still struggle.."

She issues him a tighter smile at the question, but she answers as tactfully as she can manage, "Someone I really love." But then, she corrects, "That's. It's true, but.. it was you. It's.. complicated." Issuing him a tighter smile, she falls into step with him once they're on the ground level, "What were you thinking?"

"Oh. Yeah. Other me. How am I?" Brian asks, not letting go of Samara's hand as he leads her towards her room. Glancing over to it. "I was just thinking. Um. Maybe tonight.. I should stay with you." He gives a sheepish smile, cheeks instantly colored red. "I mean not like that. Well yeah. But no. I mean. I think maybe we should just cuddle.. Maybe." Brian looks away, letting go of her hand instantly. "Because I mean I am your fiancee. I'm just trying to act like i— I know this is hard for you. So I just want to make it—" Swallow. "Easier."

"Good. He claims," she answers the question softly. The smile on Sam's lips soften some as the offer is given and her hand is dropped. She finds an unusually quietness as she watches him, a thoughtfulness all her own drawing across her face. Like him, her face becomes red with colour. Her entire expression softens as she takes a small step towards him and reaches for his hand again. It's her turn to lead him. Three fingers hook with his, and she gives him a small tug back towards her room. "I love you," she whispers again.

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