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Synopsis Concerned, Kaylee meets with Matt to warn him about the triggers that were removed from Melissa's head.
Date October 08, 2010

Battery Park City

Matt, I'd like to talk to you. Have concern about DHS and maybe you. Worried. Kaylee

It was a short text, but she knew it might grab his attention and get him to meet her. Kaylee Thatcher is nervous, since she's going on a limb here. She risks him taking it all wrong and picking her up, for whatever reason. Maybe it's the fact that she's dating someone one with strong moral character that has her here, rather then leaving someone to their possible fate.

She's worried that Matt was the one that removed those triggers from Melissa's head.

Sitting on a bench in Battery Park as directed by Home Sec's top dog, the telepath is a little nervous, a knee bouncing at a right rate of speed as she waits patiently. Hands grip her cellphone which she's looking at currently, probably sending a text to Joseph or one of her other friends. Her long blonde hair is pulls to the back of her head and braided down her back. Since it's a warmer day she's left the thick leather jacket behind and wears a loose gray hoodie with her jeans and black boots.

Unless she's actively surfing the waves of thought around her on the warm if windy autumn day, Kaylee won't notice the joggers and other people who have trickled into the park. Some wear bluetooth headsets. Others have headphone buds crammed into their ears. A few are on the phone. They may not know why Secretary Parkman has decided to descend from the hive of activity that is the DHS Facility not far away to meet with this woman in the park. It's not their job to know. It's their job to make sure what almost happened to Secretary Praeger does not also happen to their charge.

His hands in the pockets of the wool coat he wears open over his suit, Parkman walks up behind Kaylee's bench, his eyes not on her, but on their surroundings. The leaves have just started to change, and most of the trees still harbor a little bit of green along with their yellow tinge. "You got something you need to tell me, Thatcher?" he asks, his voice tense with the stress he's been under for the past two days. "Because I can think of a few things."

Her head turns towards him, but Kaylee doesn't exactly look at him. "Not sure." It's admitted thoughtfully, her gaze going back over the grassy area in front of her, knee slowing to a stop. "I know this girl — mainly from when she was trying to steal my boyfriend — imagine my surprised when she called me and asked me to take a look at her head."

The young woman turns on the bench, arm resting on the back of it as she looks up at the secretary. "I took a look and found a couple of things that kinda scared me." Lips purse in a fine line, before she continues, "I never touched them, cause I've never dealt with mental triggers before." Is this starting to sound like someone familiar?

"So I get this call the other day, she wants me to look again. We meet and — well — they were gone. She said DHS got rid of them." A brow lifts as she looks up at the older telepath. "I'm kinda worried for whoever got rid of those." And he'd see that her worry is genuine. "From what information I could get, that person could be in danger."

"Which boyfriend?" His voice is steady and cool, his face taught against the barrage of wind that whistles through the dying leaves of the trees. "The preacher or the terrorist?" When he turns his head to look at her, his expression is a simple determined one. "He still in your phone, or did you do the cathartic thing and erase him when you broke up?"

It's not that he doesn't recognize Kaylee's concern, but Parkman's own agenda is arguably more pressing. "You don't need to worry about my people," he finally says after a short pause. "If there were triggers, and if we did remove them, your friend should thank her lucky stars she's free of them." Whatever they are, if they still exist he's sure that they're better off not inside the head of a criminal-Evo.

"Peter… and yes, I'm aware he's being hunted, I do watch the news." Kaylee sighs heavily even mentioning him. "And I got rid of his phone number, never told him where I moved to or anything. He's the one that broke up with me and left." For being Ferry, even tho he was leading Messiah. The bastard. "And honestly, I see him again, there is a good chance I'll punch him for being an ass.

"As for the triggers, I can't help but be concerned. What are the suggestions? Memories implanted in her head. Only way I could see to get rid of them was to pull them apart and look, but to do that means, being possibly effected by that memory and ending up with that trigger in my head." Fingers tap at each side of her skull, with a frown.

"So yeah I am concerned. Especially, since I have a gut feeling it's all tied to November 8th." There is a soft huff, of irritation and she looks out over the park again. "Just… keep an eye on whoever took away those triggers, please? Even if you don't believe me."

"Did you know he was Messiah?" Parkman asks, stepping around the end of the bench and joining her while leaving a fair portion of the seat between them. "And did this girl get him away from you?" Regardless, knowing Melissa is a lead into finding Peter is bounty enough from this little meeting. Still, Parkman's doggedness to keep the conversation on Petrelli rather than what was pulled out of Melissa's head fails again, and he looks from the trees to the ground between his feet.

"Fine," he sumbits. "But your theories aren't right just because they're yours. Do you know who placed them? Do you know why? Do you have any idea what they were?" But the questions aren't asked as if Parkman were wanting to know the answers - rather, he wants to know if she does, like a teacher grilling his student.

"Rupert Carmicheal." Kaylee says the name like a dead weight. "And if you see her again, I'd appreciate you not telling her or anyone I told you. I'd like to keep on her good side… mainly so that she'll come to me again if she needs it again." She knows it's a long shot, asking that of him, bu can't blame a girl for trying.

Her eyes fall away from Parkman, as she turns to sit straight in the seat again. "I have no idea why… but since I know he's a part of Messiah and yeah… I head Peter was leading it, too. I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with what's coming up. But again… gut feeling there, but given their perchance to violence…" She gives a little flick of her fingers as if flicking away an annoying bug.

"Personally, I want nothing to do with them." There is bitterness even mentioning the youngest Petrelli boy and those he's running with. "And I don't know what those triggers are, for one I was told not to touch them til we learned more about the ability and now after thought and what I do know… I'm not going to touch them."

Parkman is quiet for a moment, then stands slowly, slipping his hands back into his coat pockets with a sigh. "Thatcher, if you want to stop what's coming up, you're going to need to give us a lot more information." Like who gave her information on the triggers, and just who Melissa is that she doesn't want to burn such a bridge. "I can help, and you know that. But I need to know what you know."

Rather than push her, he steps back around the bench, his movements slow and calculated. He could push a word into the head of one wired agent and have them descend on Kaylee and drag her into the facility for formal questioning. But he doesn't. Instead, he pauses behind the bench again, gripping the back of it and leaning down so that is his face is next to Kaylee's, his eyes front. "Think about it," he whispers.

"And when you're ready to save lives, you let me know."

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