Or Else?


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Scene Title Or Else?
Synopsis Abby puts in a phone call to warn Linderman's people of Jessica's intentions.
Date July 5, 2009

Abigail's Apartment

He'll do it or else. The envelope has long since been torn up into bits and tossed into the sink and then burned, lest Jessica opt to barge into her home and take the number. That wouldn't stop the woman she's sure from actually then turning to Abby for the number and the ever always there "or else" from the psychopaths lips.

So to her bedroom, white phone in hand, parked near the window and ready to take off out of it if Jessica so much as hints at coming into her apartment. Doubtful, the woman said she was heading to Lindermans place. Caliban's number is dialed, then dialed, then dialed. No messages left. She's not about to leave a message of this nature. But most people tend to NOT ignore when a phone constantly rings. "come on come on Mr. Caliban, pick up"

Eventually, after the third attempt, on the sixth ring, someone on the other end of the line picks up. In the background, the distant rumble of traffic and wind blowing into the receiver makes it difficult but not impossible to decipher the voice crackling with static. Wherever Caliban is, it isn't a place with a very good signal — which might explain why it took Abigail so many attempts to get ahold of him. "Hello?"

"Mr. Caliban? It's Abigail Beauchamp. before you ask, I'm not calling about what we had talked about before" Thank the Lord above he'd picked up. "Jessica Sanders is coming for Mr. Linderman and I'm not talking about inviting him to Tea and I'm not joking" Her hands tighten on the white phone. Yeah, she knows. She's warning a guy who probably has thirty thousand people at his beck and call to protect him.

There's a pause as Caliban digests this piece of information, though Abigail can clearly hear the thin rasp of his breath above the other background noise, which includes the occasional blare of a foghorn and what sounds like seagulls. She hasn't lost the signal. "Do you mean Niki Sanders?" he asks.

"Niki's in the passenger side, Jessica is driving" Abigail Clarifies. "If it was Niki coming, I wouldn't be calling. It's Jessica who's coming. I was going to give her your number, but what she said made me change my mind. If you're not with him, you need to get to him. Because Jessica is in control and not Niki"

Abigail's explanation must make sense to Caliban on some level. An aggravated hiss escapes his teeth. "Did she happen to mention why?"

"Because he's been hiding her son from her and he just died as she found out" Abigail's perhaps not as loud now.

"I'll put in a call to security," Caliban promises. "She won't get much further than the front door if she tries." Assuming she isn't already there, of course. It's a thought that draws another low sound of consternation from him, punctuated by a slamming door. Either he's just climbed into a cab or there's something else going on — without visuals to accompany whatever motions the man is going through, it's impossible to know for sure. "You'll call me back if you hear anything else?"

"I just left the hallway and her apartment. She hasn't gone yet" Small assurance really. "I'm not going back out lest she tries to have a talk with me. I like Niki, Niki is a good woman. Jessica, is not. She's kidnapped me once before, it's how I know that she worked for Mr. Linderman at some point. As much as I am disappointed and upset that Mr. Linderman never told her about her child… I can't stand to see people hurt when I can do something. Please don't hurt niki. Tell them they can know it's Jessica if there's a tattoo on her shoulder, if there isn't, it's Niki" yeah, niki's gonna hate her. She'll hate herself later. "Just.. she's a mother hurting Mr. Caliban. She just lost her son all over again"

"Mr. Linderman knows what it feels like to lose a child," is Caliban's curt response, and though his voice is clipped it doesn't sound particularly angry. Only rushed. "I can't guarantee you that she won't be hurt if she makes an attempt on his life," he adds. "Our men are authorized to use deadly force if necessary, but I can do everything in my power to ensure it doesn't come to that. You may have saved more than one life today, Ms. Beauchamp."

"I can't do it any other way these days Mr. Caliban" She doesn't know about Zoe or her connection to Mr. Linderman. "Tranq her. Normal dose. They did it at the station. She'll go down like a tree" and with that, there's a click from her end as Abigail hangs up. "Please dear Lord don't let them kill her"

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