Orders To Bring You Flowers


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Scene Title Orders To Bring You Flowers
Synopsis Terry's come to play bodyguard, and find out how minea is and play the concerned lover part.
Date April 27, 2009

St. luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital is known for its high-quality care and its contributions to medical research. Its staff place an emphasis on compassion for and sensitivity to the needs of their patients and the communities they serve. In addition to nearby Columbia University, the hospital collaborates with several community groups, churches, and programs at local high schools. The associated Roosevelt Hospital offers a special wing of rooms and suites with more amenities than the standard hospital environment; they wouldn't seem out of place in a top-rated hotel. That said, a hospital is a hospital — every corridor and room still smells faintly of antiseptic.

Two company agents down, one's life hangs by a thread, the other will pull through. Adam Monroe encountered on the street. The evening was touch and go and still is for the grievously injured Katherine but she's hanging in there through the night. Minea went through surgery well enough and has been settled into a room. Monitors bleat out with every beat of her heart, clear tubes delivering painkillers, antibiotics, everything else a healing agent needs after they've been shot. It's a good outcome for having gone up against Adam Monroe when he's deciding to play with the company. Impressive since to start, he didn't even have a gun.

Minea's eyes are closed though there's a TV turned on near her bed and playing some old comedy, hospital gown loose around her shoulders, her thumb nail idly scratching against a pulse ox curled around her left hand forefinger.

A set of footsteps approaches the door to Minea's room, and the sound of a pair of muffled voices can be heard. One of them belongs to the uniformed police officer who's been assigned to guard Minea's room, the other is Terry. The conversation starts off quiet, and escalates slightly as the uniform protests to what Terry is telling him. That goes on for a moment longer, and then the uniform can be seen through her small window into the hallway, as he walks away from the room.

A moment later, the door opens, and Terry steps through it. He's dressed in plain clothes, with the most obviously wrong thing about him being that he's wearing a coat. As he looks over his shoulder, checking to make sure that the guard is gone, the leather strap of a shoulder harness can be seen underneath it. He closes the door quietly, and then takes a few steps towards Minea's bed, considering her, the beeping monitors, and momentarily the TV as he walks over.

"Well you are not Who I thought would be a visitor" All breathy, low, careful voice after she slants a look beneath her eyelashes at him. "Anyone else from work coming, or is this on personal time?" Everythign subdued with the brunette right now, there's a gesture with her fingers carefully towards the seats provided by the hospital. "How's Katherine"

Terry smirks, and then glances around the curtain separating Minea from the other half of the room. Seeing that it's empty, he turns back to Minea, and then says, "I'm alone. The Company thought that if Monroe was coming after you, you could use something a little more solid than a boy in blue to keep him out." He glances at the door, and then turns back to Minea again, frowning slightly. "Agent Marks is alive. According to the doctor taking care of her, they're not sure how much longer that'll last, of if she'll ever be much better than 'alive,' but they're doing everything they can."

"Monroe's not coming after me. Not anytime soon. Besides, Detective Murdoch thinks we're joined at the genitals, probably good this way" She has a pretty impassive face though when Terry fills her in on Katherine. "She screwed up. We both screwed up. Now we're paying for it" She's fuzzy brained and it's taking a little longer to really understand things thanks to the drugs, but she's keeping mostly on top. Self medicating FTW. "Recruit? She was brought in safe?"

Terry nods his head slowly, and then shrugs. "Then you get to rest easy, and enjoy my company for a little while," he says with a small smirk. "I don't know anything about the recruit. From what I read of the file there was a team on site when you two were brought here, so I can only imagine that she was." He trails off, and then walks over to a chair that's been left near Minea's bed. "And everyone messes up. Things get out of control, and we make quick decisions, rather than good ones. It was all you could do. You completed your objective, and got important info on Monroe, and what he's up to. There's not many that would've done better."

"He bumped into our recruit. Mentally unstable as she is. Told her we were going to take Chirpy away. Then walked towards a cafe chair when Katherine ordered him to stop. He knew who we were Terry. He planned it. We were screwed from the start. He gave me a message to pass along even." Brown slightly stringy hair slides across the pillow as she shakes her head. "Need to get out of here soon as possible, give it to Goodman or Dalton"

Terry nods his head slowly, and then pulls the chair a little closer to the bed, before sitting down in it. "We'll have you back to Primatech soon enough. You're not going to get there any sooner by beating yourself up over this, though." He folds his hands in front of himself, and then looks down at the floor for a moment. When he looks back up again, he says, "how're you feeling? I don't even have to look at your charts to say you're on painkillers. Are those from the surgery, or are you still beat up?"

"I feel like I got shot. Again" There's a dopey little smile. "pretty sure the criminal element on this forsaken island is intent on me not reproducing. What's the word on the street? I assume there's no bomb like he said, that" She needs to take a few moments here, a nod about the drugs at the first option. "the woman I tranq is fine?" Her attentions on him instead of the TV. "I'm laughing. Really" No she's not. well, yeah but on inside. "Couldn't keep a partner in the ISA without him dying, can't keep a potential partner without her being on deaths door. Black widow of the company"

Terry smirks, apparently not seeing the humor, and then nods. "Everyone is fine, except for you and your partner. And as for the Black Widow bit, well, we all have our charms, hmm?" He lets out a quiet sigh, and then shakes his head. He grins, and then says, "we debriefed the woman you shot, and she's agreed that she should let it slide." The way he says it, it sounds like there was some persuasion there. "The report she gave to the press says she's just glad you shot her with that gun."

One less thing for her to worry about. "I don't shoot civilians. Only the criminals and even then I aim. I aim for crippling shots" but that's good. Bad in that Adam got away and with such a price, but that it was only the company agents who were hurt in more than a temporary nap kind of way. "Tell Goodman or Dalton, that I have a message from Adam. Whether they want it now, or whenever they set me free from here"

As she mentions talking to Goodman and Dalton, Terry nods, and chuckles. "I will, but for now, I just sent your uniform away. I've been ordered to stand guard here, and to treat that as priority 1. Unless you think it's life threatening, I'm just supposed to stay here. Even if you think it /is/ life threatening, we'll call them on my cell. I don't go anywhere to talk to anyone until I'm relieved." He trails off, and then looks at the door, as if that relief was coming now. When he turns back, he's chuckling quietly to himself, and then adds, "I've also been ordered, tomorrow, to bring you flowers."

"They really are paranoid about Monroe coming back" There's a slow shake of her head. "Your gastrointestinal tract is going to hate you. The food is terrible here" Ordered to bring her flowers. "Who in their right minds ordered that? The flowers that is?"

Terry grins, and then leans back in his chair. "I guess there've been a lot of questions coming out of Staten, after that run in with Simon in the bar. Anyway, my handler's worried about how that's going to look for my cover with the NYPD. So, needless to say, when my love interest got shot out in public, I had to do /something/." He holds his hands out to his sides, palms up to her, as if to say 'it's out of my control,' before saying, "so, if you're going to say 'no,' be gentle. I'm sensitive."

"Murdoch asked me out for coffee. Wanted to know more about me. I told him I come from a family of cops, and while I was too artistic to be one, I really liked screwing them" She's still talking low, slow, careful. "So bring the flowers. Though I think, it's questionable that a secretary from the typing pool was weilding a gun and tranq. So that's blown"

Terry shrugs, and then chuckles. "Well, I guess lucky me," he says, winking at her. "Anyway, no one from the bar saw the gun, as far as I know. They just saw the two of us getting out of there like we were on a mission." He sounds like he's talking about just another day on the job. "Anyways, I'm not supposed to have seen too many of these wounds before, so I'm not supposed to know that you're going to be okay. So, I'm worried about you." With that, he pushes the chair back, and stands up. "And if the food is that bad, I'll take you out to dinner when this is all done. I just got showed a nice steak place that I can afford to go to again, since it's on Company dollars."Terry grins a little at that, and then looks down at Minea again, before saying, "can I get you anything?"

"I'm deaths door terry, your booty call's been badly injured. Flowers would be the tip of the iceberg. Go stand watch. I'm gonna press this here button, and it's going to let some more happy happy drugs into my system and i'm gonna go drift off into a narcotic haze. I won't be caring about a thing" She smiles then, making the oxygen tube that's sitting just below her nose and looping around her ears shift a bit. "Go protect me big scary officer man"

Terry smirks, and then nods. "If I took the job to get attractive cover girlfriends, I'd be offended," he says, sounding like he's joking. He makes his way towards the door, and then pauses, resting his hand on the doorknob while he talks. "Get better soon. I'm sure Katherine will want to know you're okay." With that, he pushes the door open, and steps outside. The sound of a metal chair grinding on the floor outside drifts into the room as the door swings closed, and Terry takes a seat, leaning back against the wall, and taking a book out from under his coat, to read.

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