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Scene Title Other Avenues
Synopsis Yana is given a cake or death scenario when it is revealed to her that the government has reason to suspect her secrets.
Date June 10, 2011

Special Surgery Hospital

Having been a visitor of Special Surgery Hospital for little going over two weeks now, the staff in the wing that she is in is getting to know Yana Blite a little better than she would like. She is healing rather nicely, though her father still doesn't quite want her to be released into her own care just yet. This would have to be the longest time she has ever spent in a hospital since she was a child. Even then, it was rare, so this is quite the experience for her. It is just after mid-morning, and the nurses had just left from checking her vitals and her IVs for the next few hours, and breakfast was a few hours ago. The hospital tray of food staying untouched, as usual, with whatever Christopher had brought her during his morning check in being off to the side, a sizable portion having been eaten.

She has a stack of books that she had brought in, things she likes to read or consider to be light reading. Scientific texts and various theories revolving around the latest breakthroughs and discoveries and such. Her cosmetic reading glasses on her face, and nothing else but silence throughout the room.

When the woman enters, it's with a certain amount of assumption — no nervousness and no particular arrogance, Katie Sebastian steps into the room with the long strides of a distance walker. Her suit is ordinary, plain, a sheen in the grey and detail at the cuffs, but little else. Her fingernails are clean of paint, but clean all around, splayed against the malleable leather case she holds, her long blonde hair brushed within inches of its life and left to hang straight down her back. "Doctor Blite?" A pause, for affect, before she moves to stand at a respectful distance from the woman's bed.

The badge flashes. "Department of Evolved Affairs. My name is Agent Sebastian. I'd like a moment of your time."

Dark eyes lift from the book, peering up over the edge of those glasses on her face at the source of the voice, neutral expression as he name is called. She wasn't expecting any visitors, though it does seem that one or two seem to drop by unexpected. In the hospital, she can't exactly maintain her pet peeve of not tolerating a call first. Special circumstances, though somewhere it still tugs at her displeasure deep down. She'll not make that known however, like most things as of late, it'll all be bottled in. "Yes?" He arches a brow, pulling the glasses from her face and setting her book to the side as the woman enters.

With the announcement of her name and title, the only twitch that Yana makes is for a brow to be raised, looking from the badge to the woman's face and then following up with a smile, "Hm. Not my usual agent." she remarks lightly, "I've heard of calling or sending a message that you're unavailable to visit, but sending a co-worker instead is a whole new type of class." The woman jokes, speaking of Thomas Moriarti, who is a rather frequent visitor, and a growing fan so far. But it is obviously the joke might be lost on the woman, so she shakes her head, extending her smile, "What can I do for you?"

Katie smiles across at Yana at the joke — not an insincere smile, it just doesn't show any teeth either. "I can promise I'm here for business. What Agent Moriarti does in his spare time is his." So, apparently not ignorant to the visitors the doctor has been receiving, although it's only touched upon lightly — and isn't the source of today's topic as Katie moves on from it as easily as a flick of her hair as she moves to sit down on the chair just by Yana's bed.

"I wanted to ask you about your association with Doctor Brennan, actually. Are you friends? Colleagues?"

Of course. Brennan again… Quickly growing to be a name that puts a very bad taste in her mouth. When Katie introduced herself, Yana suspected one or two things, one of which actually not being anything near what she said, though like most things it is a cozy blanket to keep what she really has going on in the complexity that is her brain from showing. "He's my immediate supervisor." Yana corrects those terms pretty quickly. Currently the thought of Brennan being anything reasonably closer than that is unacceptable. And if she could help it, she'd rend that title to shreds as well.

"I've sent work to him of my recent condition," Not sure if he got it, but.. "As well as my intent to return to work as soon as I am well. I'm sure you can agree that a gun shot to the stomach is an acceptable excuse for a few sick days, even with the crisis at hand." the smiles another and well placed expression.

"And the doctors have told me you'll be ready to get back to work not so long from now. I'm glad you're healing up well."

The words are read out from some invisible teleprompter, Katie slinging one leg over the other as she sets down her case, folds her hands on her knee. "Doctor Brennan has submitted to us that your understanding of your power is irregular enough with regards to your Registration listing that it requires further investigation by the DoEA. Does the Commonwealth Institute know that your power is, as classified by you, Viral Detection?" Her glossy smile grows a little crooked, hazel eyes focused. "I mean, maybe I should be asking your employers the nature of your research."

At the mere mention of Brennan's name, Yana's thoughts had already switched gears. She had flipped over to a script that she had written and rehearsed in the mirror quite often since the day she left his office with a little bit of a tiff. She thought about what she would say, how she would respond to certain questions if they would be addressed, and then further how to handle questions which could arise from those questions. Dr. Blite is thorough in her contemplation if nothing else. "Weakness Detection." Yana corrects her, "Though as of late, it does seem as if the workings of my ability are starting to solely focus on being viral, as you say. A bit different than it used to be, and I'm not exactly sure why. I have my theories, really."

Only once does she cut her gaze from Katie, and that is actually so she can shift her position on the bed to be a bit more comfortable, which she is learning to do with minimal discomfort to her. "I've been dealing with viruses for a very long time now, I've made it my career and livelyhood, as you probably know. I am a bit of a workaholic, must say, and at times I can take on a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to such. Perhaps it is because of my mental focus on my work that has fine tuned it to the point of centralizing on viruses, as opposed to say.. cancer or some other affliction. My ability is dependant on my mental condition." Practiced, a bit further from the truth, but a few concise hints of it seasoned over her words. "But yes, my employers are aware of what I am researching. In fact, they are the ones who put me together with a fellow scientists to work on the H5N10. I've given my reports, so far." she nods. All ducks are in a row, so to speak. "Is there something I am doing wrong? Agent Sebastian? I assure you, I intend to give my full cooperation on the matter."

"Well you sure as hell haven't crossed your personal findings about your ability by the Evolved Registration Bureau. That's the first problem." Katie's words are sharp and precise, but they aren't angry — it's politics and legality, of which she is an enforcer, and little more than that. "The second problem is that, as a result, the Department is obligated to investigate this anomaly to the fullest. Every rock of your life flipped over to see what's underneath. Everyone you've talked to, every piece of work you've written, and everywhere you've been, and you would not enjoy yourself while we satisfy our curiousity. I think that what you need to start considering, Doctor Blite, is who you want to lie to."

Not that Katie knows she's lying, nor does the law support the concept of guilty until proven innocent.


This is the bit that Katie is less comfortable with, detectable in the way she shifts in her seat. "But if I wanted to do all that to you, I probably wouldn't be describing it. Not outside of Eltingville, anyway. You work for the Institute. You're working on the virus. You carry around one of our badges but have you considered, Doctor Blite, really working for the Department of Evolved Affairs?"

At first, she had a rather reasonable reply as to why she hadn't reported her ability's change to the department, orienting around her not actually being sure that her theory is correct. And how she tends to be the type to need solid evidence of something before she goes about calling it fact. Though, her description of just what entails the investigation has her tucking away that detail for a later time. She only listens. And her face shows that she is listening, rather than plotting, or thinking how to drop softly on her feet. "I see." is all she offers. Going a bit silent.

Though her last question has Yana a bit curious, a dark brow raising while she looks at the woman a bit closer, "Working for the Department? In all honesty, I'm still young, and I have actually only stepped into my career but a few years ago. I do feel as if I am in the 'mail room' so to speak, with intentions" ambitions, "to climb the ladder in some way. But as of yet, I am just a small voice in a crowded room. So I haven't been closed off to the possibility of other avenues, no."

"Not exactly what I meant."

Katie gets to her feet, picking up her case along with it. "Long story short, the Institute and the Department have a working relationship, but lately, we're finding it harder to keep track of their security risks, the people they take and the orders they give. New management seems allergic to paperwork. In our investigations, knowing who to trust isn't as valuable as knowing who to blackmail, but I wouldn't want you to think of it that way. Job security and a clean criminal record, is what I'm offering, in return for intelligence, maybe a few orders followed here or there.

"If you want some time to think about it, we can arrange that too."

Ah, now she understands it a bit further. It touches base upon an area that Yana has a bit of trouble with, in all honesty. It means that she would be put under someone's thumb, in their pocket, something for something.. More or less, from the sounds of it, she isn't given much of a choice in the matter. Either organization has the power to bring her designs and her webs crashing down into obliteration. It is her secrecy which is her strength, and to let that become aired now, of all times…

There is very little choice in the matter. The woman is rational in seeing that it could be the best move she has, if nothing else. "I see…" She remarks, and she does. Refusal would be… more than foolish, and she knows it. Yet outright acceptance would seem perhaps desperate. Not a face that she is prone to showing. "Well, it is certainly something to consider. I.. would like just a bit of time before I answer." Not decide, answer. Which would likely indicate that she has already made up her mind. "I would like to ensure that I have a completely clear head when making such an important decision." Her eyes slide up to the IV drip attached to her arm with the strong narcotic pain medication. "I can give you my answer before they discharge me. I hope that is acceptable?"

Katie stands stock still and watchful as Yana thinks, measures her response, and gives it, as if she could interpret the minor physical cues and nuances and read it like a transcript. She can't, of course, but she can listen, her head tilting at the request for time. There's a hesitation, like she might interrupt Blite before she can finish, but when the timeline is set down, Katie allows for a smile, polite but not disingenuous.

"I think that sounds like a good idea, doctor," she agrees. Taking a card from her pocket, she moves to set it on the bedside table. Katie Sebastian, head of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Evolved Affairs. The red and gold stamp of their crest, eagle and labyrinth both. "I'll leave you my contact details."

Yana has much pride. She does not take defeat not being backed into a corner very easily. Even when lashing out at the source is not an option, she still needs space to breathe before she submits in surrender. Which is for the most part what she just asked of agent Sebastian. She just wishes to accept it with a bit of grace and dignity, as opposed to cowering under the pressure of the situation. "Thank you…" she says to her softly. For allowing it her way. She can better accept it if she is able to put up the appearance, even if quite small, that she has some degree of control.

Yana's eyes shift to the card on her bedside, the only ticket she has to any type of security. It becomes much more imperative to her than just a simple business card. "Within the week. I'll contact you with my answer, and then you can give me whatever details it is you need." Which also means yes.

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