Other Organizations

While major power players vie for influence, control and freedom in String Theory, there are other, smaller organizations and groups both ideological and financial that have a powerful impact on the world at large. These organizations are either not large enough or simply not local enough to be considered a major faction for the central New York region where String Theory takes place, or they are corporate entities acting as extensions of other factions. They are, however, no less influential in the world at large.

The Deveaux Society

The Deveaux Society
Founded December, 2006
Leadership Sabra Dalton, Claudia Zimmerman, Alice Shaw
Notable Members Carla Dove, Zachary Stone, Corbin Ayers, Niklaus Zimmerman

The Deveaux Society is a philanthropist organization founded in December of 2006 in the memory of Simone Deveaux as per her last will and testament. Daughter of wealthy socialite Charles Deveaux, Simone was an avid collector of art and spokesperson for equal rights activism and humanitarian efforts. After her death in the 2006 explosion in Midtown Manhattan, the Deveaux Society was founded to carry on Simone's ideals of a world of equality and freedom of expression. The entirety of the Deveaux estate, which she inherited after her father passed away in October of 2006, has been devoted to the society's goals.

The Deveaux Society is chaired by a private group of investors who have donated portions of their own financial enterprises in order to see the society's work done. The group is represented by its recently appointed spokesperson Carla Dove (former head of the ReGenesis foundation that built the Suresh Center) who handles publicity and press matters.

Carla joined the Deveaux Society after stepping down as chair of the ReGenesis foundation to focus on charitable works in the wake of the tragic 2010 riots on November 8th. The Deveaux Society is based out of an office at 36 Gramercy Park East in Manhattan's lower east side.

In secret, the Deveaux Society is headed by three women with former ties to the _company. Their actual goals are inscrutable, operating below the radar and discretely pushing individuals in directions they may not have considered to go in. While their intentions seem to benefit the Evolved as a whole, there is no certainty that their secretive actions are benevolent at all.

The Guardians

The Guardians
Founded August, 2009
Leadership Hiro Nakamura
Notable Members Cyrus Karr, Gladen Summers

While groups like The Ferrymen, _pariah, _phoenix, and _messiah have become first-name organizations in the struggle for Evolved equality in the northeastern United States, similar pro-evolved organizations have cropped up all across the country. In the American southwest, the group known as the Guardians is comparable to their east-coast kin.

Founded in the summer of 2009 by Hiro Nakamura, this organization is designed with the expressed purpose of combating what is perceived as a corrupt and tyrannical government. Many members of the Guardians are former detainees from the Moab Federal Penitentiary while more recent membership have been brought in from other, smaller groups joining under the banner of the Guardians.

Originally unknown by the public at large, the Guardians sprang into cultural consciousness when they claimed responsibility for the liberation of dozens of detained Evolved at the Raleigh Science Center in Raleigh North Carolina in 2010. Since that time, the Guardians have taken a proactive stance on confronting government oppression of the Evolved, and all members of the Guardians have been branded terrorists and enemies of the state.

Compared by many to the violent east-coast terrorist group _messiah, the Guardians are differentiated by their lack of civilian targets in their activities. Much of what the Guardians have done on the west coast goes unreported by mainstream media, due to the nature of the organizations and installations they target.

The Guardians frequently clash with _institute operations in the northwest, since the Institute took control of _company operations in Seattle, Washington.

Membership in the Guardians is by invitation only.


Founded December, 2010
Leadership Adelaide Xylander (public), Ygraine FitzRoy (private)
Notable Members Graeme Cormac, Jaiden Mortlock, Koshka Ruslan
Further Information Liberty

While the United States Government seeks to enforce more strict control on SLC-Expressive humans, many vocal organizations with the aims of countering these legislations have arisen. A vocal minority, pro-evolved grassroots campaigns have been met with mixed results over the years thanks in no small part to the more prolific and visible acts of violence perpetrated by extremist groups.

Liberty is a non-profit organization campaigning for the completion of Constitutional due process in matters relating to the Evolved and to the Registration legislation. The group cooperates with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Fund for Constitutional Government, while questions relating to legal matters have been run past the American Civil Rights Union, Privacy International and the Project on Government Oversight to ensure that they receive a wide range of opinions.

Civil liberties movements like Liberty have attempted to get off of the ground in the past, but the difficult political climate of the Post-Bomb world has made it difficult. Efforts by Liberty to be a voice for fairness and balance in government legislation are an uphill battle, and one that they will be unable to fight alone.

Maxwell Development Corporation

Maxwell Development Corporation
Founded March, 1974
Leadership Daniel Warrington Knight
Notable Members

Long-time development and contracting company, the Maxwell Corporation was once headed by Alexander Maxwell, its founder. In late 2007, the Maxwell Corporation came under fire due to accusations of insider trading, leading to a sharp decline of Maxwell Corporation's stock options. In the wake of this disastrous decline, CEO Alexander Maxwell's adopted son, Leonardo Maxwell made a vie for control of the company by purchasing a majority controlling interest in the stocks, assisted in this effort by board chairman Daniel Knight.

Alexander Maxwell was ousted from his position as CEO, and Leonardo Maxwell rose to take the reigns of his father's corporation, turning around its public image and putting forward a concerted effort to have Maxwell Corporation the first and foremost name in revitalization of New York City. Following arrangements made with the Linderman Group, the Maxwell Corporation secured a two billion dollar contract for the reconstruction of Midtown Manhattan.

However, the playboy lifestyle of Leonardo Maxwell, along with rumors of under the table business dealings with organized crime began to cast a shadow on the company. This was quickly turned around when, in April of 2010 when CEO Leonardo Maxwell perished in a plane crash. However, the story told to the public in no way represents the truth. Behind Leonardo's back, Daniel Knight had arranged for a quiet coup of the company, arranging for a partnership between the Maxwell Corporation and the United States Government. Leonardo was abducted by elements from the _institute, allowing Knight control of the company.

Int he wake of Leonardo's disappearance, the Maxwell Development Company has flourished, but below the surface the company is rife with corruption. In exchange for further government contracts, Daniel Knight cooperated with Rupert Carmichael and the _messiah terrorist group to provide them a base of operations at the Howland Hook Facility on Staten Island. The Maxwell Corporation has also taken up black-budget government construction projects across the country, in preparation for impending changes in legislation regarding the Evolved.

Across much of New York City, the Maxwell logo can be seen hanging from banners on all major construction sites. Their influence, money and power is far reaching.


Founded March, 2007
Leadership Unknown
Notable Members Amid Halebi

Overseas, cultural and religious differences from the situation in America have led to a varying degree of attitudes towards the Evolved. One organization founded in the wake of then Senator Nathan Petrelli's famous February 2007 press conference has become reviled in major news media outlets due to its stark and violent methodology and its surprisingly pro-evolved stance.

Reports received by international information agencies have cobbled together a loose origin for the group that identifies itself as Mazdak. Named for a bronze-age prophet, the Mazdak organization is believed to have been founded by a splinter faction of the militant Suni Islamic group Ansar al-Sunna. Diverging from their Islamic origins, Mazdak preaches the superiority of the Evolved over the common man. A common misconception in mainstream media is that Mazdak believes that the Evolved are "Children of God," but no official Mazdak statements have ever made such a claim. The group believes in empowering the Evolved and their rightful place as rulers, without holding to a specific religious credo.

Mazdak is also unified by a strong anti-American sentiment. They are provocatively anti-registration and have regularly clashed with American forces in the occupied nation of Iraq, most notably in the July 2007 "Mazdak Rebellion" which took place in the city of Baghdad in Iraq, claiming the lives of 250 American servicemen.

While they are a pro-evolved group, Mazdak membership is largely restricted to individuals from the middle east and outlying nations. The organization's long-term goal is the institution of an Evolved government in Iraq and the ousting of American occupiers in the region. Where they will focus their efforts after that goal is achieved is unknown.

Redbird Security Solutions, LLC

Redbird Security Solutions, LLC
Founded Mid-Year, 2010
Leadership Richard Cardinal, CEO
Notable Members ALia Chavez, CIO
Further Information Redbird Security

Founded in the summer of 2010, Redbird Security Solutions is a growing private military contracting company offering security solutions in and around the New York area. Initially a small company handling private security concerns, Redbird blossomed in late 2010 when they received a contract with the United States Department of Defense to supply security contractors to the regions of Staten Island and Roosevelt Island.

Following the institution of Martial Law in November of 2010, Redbird Security personnel can be seen supplementing National Guard and Army forces across much of New York City, still centralized in the Staten Island and Roosevelt Island regions. Boasting a security force of 175 contractors, Redbird draws its staffing primarily from ex-military and ex-law enforcement backgrounds. The company has a highly positive reputation in New York City in regards to the attitudes and professional behavior of its contractors.

Secretly, Redbird Security Solutions is a cover for an anti-government conspiracy known as the _endgame.

Stillwater Independent Security Inc.

Stillwater Independent Security Inc.
Founded July, 2008
Leadership Mars Industrial, Inc.
Notable Members
Further Information Stillwater Security

Founded in the middle of the fiscal year in 2008, Stillwater Independant Security was the brainchild of former military officer Diego Thulani Smith. The corporation is the oldest and most well-known PMC organization operating out of New York City. However, Thulani's personal concerns for safety following his involvement in operations with the anti-government group _phoenix led to the liquidation of the company's assets and Thulani's disappearance from public eye.

Following Stillwater's liquidation, the company was purchased in entirety by the _pinehearst corporation, adopted as their own private security force for their New Jersey installation. Following Pinehearst's collapse and the company's dissolution, the United States Government purchased Stillwater through the military contracting shell corporation, Mars Industrial.

Stillwater now operates indirectly for the US Government, servicing civilian security needs across New York City. Stillwater has the most prominent profile on Staten Island, though since the November 8, 2010 declaration of Martial Law in New York they can be found alongside Redbird Security, the National Guard and Army personnel across New York City.

Stillwater Security specializes in high level security designs and architecture to corporate and government clients. They strive to prevent corporate espionage, theft of sensitive trade secrets, and advise government agencies on their security weaknesses on both physical and virtual platforms. Their expertise encompasses security risks in information and personnel. In extreme circumstances, they also provide physical defense against theft or damages in the form of armed personnel deploying either in a preventative or reactionary manner.

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