Our New Lives


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Scene Title Our New Lives
Synopsis Now that he's sober, and a cop, Magnes decides to reconnect with Abigail Beauchamp.
Date July 14, 2014

Old York Pizza (Formerly Panucci's)

It's the Summer of 2014, and like any summer day in New York, it's too damned hot. But out of the blue, after years of no contact, not counting the awkward weirdness of her having healed a stabbed Magnes in 2012, the previously drunk Magnes calls her for a meeting.

The place she was told to go to was where Panucci's was before it went out of business. Though now the sign has been replaced by one that says Old York Pizza. It's generally the same layout as when it was Panucci's, but with different employees.

When she arrives, Magnes just finishes using the kitchen to cook a medium vegetarian pizza with various herbs and some mild spices.

He's just putting the pizza on the tray, wearing a black t-shirt with a red Superman S in the middle, his body a little more athletic than years ago. He hasn't noticed her yet, as he's putting some finishing touches on the pizza.

"Maybe some place air conditioned and not sweltering would have been better magnes." Abby, wedding ring on finger and looking like she swallowed a watermelon whole, is making her way into the the pizza shop. Though she makes that minor complaint though, she's already getting her wallet out, intent on ordering a pizza.

"Don't worry about that." Magnes says as he carries the pizza over to a table, sitting it down. "I made it for us. I kind of own this place, I don't actually work here. I live upstairs and I have other people run the pizza business."

He stares down at his stomach, eyes wide, then her finger. "Well, that's new." But he smiles, pulling her chair out. "A few years ago I think I would have died if I saw a pregnant Abigail Beauchamp."

"Married people do stuff in bed, and then that stuff tends to get them with child." Abigail kindly points out, waddling over to the chair. That he owns the place is a surprise, a glance around. "You surprise me Magnes. I thought… I was worried for you."

"I was a drunk. But I've actually owned this place even while I was a drunk, it's just that it was an abandoned building after the business failed. Eileen and Gabriel got me back on my feet." Magnes walks around to his chair after helping push hers in, taking a seat. "I disappeared because life was difficult. I never told you much about my father, but he said things to me that eventually got to me. I didn't really… know how to be in other people's lives. Just being a person was so painful sometimes."

"I'm sober now, I've been completely sober for about two years. I think 2012 was the last year I spent being completely drunk out of my mind, then later in the year I started thinking about getting it together." Which, for Abby, conflicts with the last time she saw him, after he was stabbed by garden shears, and was completely sober, pretending to be drunk. "Gabriel is who fixed this place up, by himself. It's crazy."

Two years is a great deal of time to remember. But she faintly does. Does Abigail comment? No, not really. "They never told me any of this. But I guess, I didn't ask." She's sat down, not getting too close to the table and waits for him to serve. "You're good though?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, but I've really wanted to reconnect with you for a while." Magnes starts to cut the pizza, putting a paper plate on her side of the table after. "I'm a cop now. Trying to become a detective, but that might take forever." he explains while placing a slice of pizza on each of their plates. "I have a girlfriend, after a year of awkward dates where I'm not sure either of us understood what was going on."

"It sounds.. like you finally found god's path for you Magnes. I'm really happy for you." There's sincerity in her voice, blue eyes matching the smile on her face as she picks up the slice. "and you still make a very good pizza even if there's not a lick of pig or cow on it."

"I forgot that you're southern." Magnes laughs before taking a bite of his pizza, staring down at it. "Vegetarian and vegan pizza has been more popular lately. Lots of trendy people moving into Brooklyn, so I thought I'd learn. Never know when new pizza skills might come in handy."

"But yeah… I couldn't stay a drunk forever, and hide from my problems. I miss you, and a lot of the other people I left, but honestly, you were always special." He holds up a hand, heading over to the small fridge to get two sodas, sitting one on Abby's side before taking a seat again. "It took me a long time to talk to you again, because I had to know I was in a good place. I mean, we haven't seen each other since, what, 2010? Four years. Something like that…"

"It may be trendy but pizza requires pig. A whole lotta pig. But this is pretty good." She doesn't fork and knife, she folds it in half lengthwise and takes smaller bites. "Two" She replies. "Two years. You were stabbed. I loaded you in the rig and healed you and then sent you on your way."

"What?" Magnes asks, tilting his head. "I've never been stabbed, as far as I can remember." He feels around himself, as if that'll somehow get him some answers, but then shakes his head. "Two years ago I was mostly drunk and spending a lot of time with my friend Dawn, Eileen and Gabriel. Eileen and Gabriel would have especially noticed if I got stabbed."

"No, Johan and I responded to a call. You, very certainly you. Stabbed. Drunk as a skunk. Was the last time I saw you. Till now." She points out, putting down the pizza.

"I've never even seen you in your uniform, though I heard you were a paramedic now." Magnes doesn't put his pizza down, but suddenly there's a seriousness in his tone. "Can you tell me exactly what you remember? What did I say? I know I've been drunk a lot, but I'd definitely remember getting stabbed."

"Nope, I'm in school. Nursing. Though I'll have my son before I have to go back, semesters lined up." But he asks and she relays, all while continuing to eat her pizza.

"I can't fly." Magnes is quick to point out. "I definitely don't learn to use my ability in new and exciting ways while drunk."

He takes a bite of pizza, thinking. "Why would I tell you not to tell me? Isn't that kind of suspicious? And I didn't cut my rattail off until this year. My girlfriend wasn't a fan."

"You float." She points out. "You manipulate gravity and you ca easily use it to fly." She listens to the rest and lifts her brow. "Magnes… look at the world we live in. Honestly, I see three strange things a day, I didn't question. I figured it might have something to do with hiro."

"I don't know why people keep saying I should learn to fly. Gravity is complicated!" Magnes says this with a smile, but then slowly shakes his head. "Maybe you're right. I know I definitely didn't get stabbed. Man I hope that wasn't me from the future, I really don't want to get stabbed, especially not with garden shears. Who even does that? What kind of monster stabs someone with garden shears?"

"I still can't believe you're pregnant, that's crazy. And married. I think it wasn't until I met my girlfriend and got sober that I started to realize you weren't the center of the universe." Magnes raises up and taps the side of his head a few times. "I think it takes a while for reality to reach my brain."

"It's okay Magnes. I'll be skinny again soon and a baby on my shoulder." She assures him, having finished that slice of pizza, wiping at her mouth with a napkin.

"If you need anything, I want you to let me know, okay? And you can come by any time. Maybe we'll have a dinner party or something." Magnes can't help bit grin a little, and shrugs. "Being pregnant didn't make you not hot. But now your motherly thing is going to get more official and possibly scarier."

Abigail just raises her brow.

"Maybe it was just me being dumb and you always having to tell me not to do basic things. I don't know, but you always had a motherly air about you." Magnes admits, waving his pizza a little as he talks.

"I think it's more just a southern thing." She points out to him. "And how i was raised. But you got a girlfriend now and you sure as H, E double hockey sticks better not be putting me above her."

"I'm past that now. She's like… it's hard to describe her. It's like she came out of a forest of elves or something. I mean, D&D elves, not Santa elves." Magnes rubs the back of his neck, smiling awkwardly as he's clearly not sure if she gets any part of that. "I feel like I'm completely under some kind of spell when I'm around her. I can't imagine feeling that way about anyone else. And we've figured out so much about relationships together, even before we were with each other. It's like, it really felt like we were coming at things from the same, completely ignorant of the world place, and now we have each other."

"That sounds like you might have found someone good Magnes. I'm happy for you. We all need someone to cleave to in this world."

"I want you in my life though, you were a good friend to me. I'll introduce you to her some time." Magnes smiles, taking another slice of pizza. "But for now, let's just eat. You can have as much as you want."

'Careful. I might eat a whole pizza by myself. I'l order one with pig and cow though, for Johan to take home."

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