Our Night With The Kentucky Headhunters


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Scene Title Our Night With The Kentucky Headhunters
Synopsis Xiulan finally cashes in her date with Len.
Date October 28, 2009

What to do on a Wednesday night when you've got the attention of a particularly attractive woman who has demanded a date as payment for tattoo removal services?

Google was no help at all on the matter, no matter how he worded the question, so Len decided to see if any concerts were playing in the area. Unfortunately, unless they wanted to get their head-banged by some god-awful heavy metal, then they're stuck with the reunion tour of the Kentucky Headhunters.

From Len's point of view the concert wasn't all that bad, though they band has not aged well, but they could still sing about wearing shades. As they walk back out to the parking lot afterwards, Len keeps his hand close to Xiulan's back, just to ensure she's not messed with on the way back to his Jeep. "Thanks for coming. I feel like I should apologize for subjecting you to that, but there wasn't a lot of choices and I'm not entirely sure when I'll be available again. Work and all." He unlocks the Jeep door and holds it open for her.

Considering she is Chinese National, Xiulan has never heard of the Kentucky Headhunters. Even so, it is fairly obvious that she had a good time. Music, after all, is music, and Country music can get a bit lively. Strolling calmly alongside toward the jeep, she cannot help but flash a wry a the protective arm across her back. It's sweet and she isn't about to ruin the affect by mentioning Triad affiliations. She does, however, flash Len a warm smile in response to his apology, a husky laugh spilling past her lips as she gives a single shake of her head. "I had a wonderful time, really." Slipping into the Jeep, her expression turns slightly more serious, however, head canting to the side as she regards him out of the corner of her eye. "Do you have -any- idea how -hard- it is not to ask you what you are working on?" At least honest about the fact that she would like to know. She's also honest about the fact that she isn't about to press it.

The response to that is put off as Len closes her door and moves around to his side and climbs in, starting up the vehicle and pulling it out of the parking lot. "It's probably a good thing because it would put a damper on our date if I had to shoot you after I told you the answer to that question." With the exception of a twinkle in his eye, he might look completely serious for a split second before he turns his head towards her and grins. "I could ask the same, though I'm not entirely sure I want to know the answer."

"You probably don't really want to know the answer to that question," Xiulan admits. She does, however, add. "If it is any consolation, I am not engaged in any activities that are likely to put you in a position to stick a chip in my neck." The words are coupled with an impish smile and the quick wink of one dark eye. "I mean, you've seen first hand what I can do. It isn't exactly high on the 'dangerous abilities' list." At least, she can't imagine that it would be. Twisting in the seat, she fastens her seatbelt before settling back, long legs (at least, they are long relative to her height) strecthing out to cross at the ankles.

Len doesn't seem at all concerned with whatever activities that Xiulan might be up to. "Just know that if I ever have to arrest you, I can't offer you any special treatment. But I will bring you a hot meal or two while you rot in jail," he teases. "I might even be pursuaded to bring you a warm wool blanket, if you like."

"Warm wool blankets are definately the way to a girl's heart," Xiulan teases back. Resting one arm on the door of the Jeep, she lolls her head on her shoulders, her neck cracking in a few places with wince worthy pops. It is in the wake of a sigh of relief, that she exhales a quiet laugh and notes wryly. "So I was thinking about getting tickets to a hockey game, if that is something you'd be interested in. Course, I can stop by tickettron and pick up a schedule so you can coordinate the operation with other covert endeavors." A wink follows the teasing before she twists round to face his profile. "You are really going to need to tell me if I am being /way/ too pushy, you realize that, right?"

"If you're not pushy with me, you might never get my attention. That being said, I should give you fair warning that I'm kind of seeing someone on a semi-serious level at this point." Len turns his head towards her as he drives down the road, just long enough to make eye contact. "That being said, hockey sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. I'm just not sure I can swing another 'date'. I did promise you a night out, but I wanted to be up front with you and hopefully you won't turn me an awful pink color now. That would definitely be a crime and I might have to arrest you."

"Len, I like you." Xiulan notes frankly. "I am perfectly content with being friends. And hockey would be fun, so I will look into those tickets. Heck, if you'd feel more comfortable, I'll get three seats." Settling back in her seat, Xiulan shakes her head in response to the pinkness, a hint of amusement showing in her dark eyed gaze. "Not pink, I think I'd go with something more along the line of lime green. I mean, if it's going to be a crime, I might as well go for the Oscar the Grouch thing right off the bat, right?"

Feh. That's the sound that comes from Len's side of the vehicle. "I don't think the gal I'm seeing is much of a hockey fan. So, two will be fine." Len looks ahead as he drives. "I'm a little rusty at all of this, so you'll have to pardon my giant sized snafus, if I make any." They soon find themselves nearing Chinatown. "How have things been around your neck of the woods?" The last time they talked things had been a little tense in the Asian community.

"Violent and hairy," Xiulan admits. "Mostly turf war crap stirred up by the Ghost Shadows at this point." Shaking her head, Xiulan grimaces mildly as she glances out the window, one shoulder rising and falling in a mild shrug. "Nothing we haven't seen before, but still…" Her shop is trashed. Or at least the front window is blown out and boarded up. "It will be taken care of quickly," she's fairly certain of that, fortunately. Slanting a glance back at Len's face, she cants her head faintly, her brows twitching faintly. "You will let me know if our hanging out causes grief with your lady, right? I'd rather not add to your stress."

"I don't think it'll be a problem. It's not as if I have a lot of time to 'hang out'. Still trying to get a handle on Minea Dahl's killer, which is eating alot of my time." Not that Len regrets that. He'll do whatever it takes to find the person who murdered Dahl. "But if it ever becomes an issue, I'll be sure to let you know." As he pulls up near her place he notices the mess. "I realize that it's not going to get me anywhere, but have you considered relocating at least until this has passed?"

Slanting a glance in Len's direction, Xiulan shakes her head, her expression serious. "I am not leaving, Len. These people are my family and I'm determined to stick it out. Sides," she adds with a slowly indrawn breath. "It's my fight, too." Another slow shrug of her shoulders is offered before she reaches over and claps him lightly on the shoulder. "Thanks for the 'Not-a-date', I had a really great time." That said, the seatbelt is unfastened and she slips out of the Jeep, pausing before closing the door. "Be careful on your way out of the area, yes? People are getting a little jumpy about strange vehicles in the area." Understandably so, really. "And call me when you need more body art. Heck, if you can convince your girlfriend to try a tat, I'd do it on the house." It's not like she couldn't remove it easily if the need arose. "Take care, Len. And thanks again," is offered as she closes the door.

Len rolls down his window as she walks by. "If you need anything, you know how to reach me. And you're welcome. I had fun." He waits until she's inside, even if he isn't completely sure how safe she is inside there. It's the best he can do. He waits for a few moments longer, then drives away with a second glance back.

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