Out Of The Mouths Of Babes


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Scene Title Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
Synopsis Magnes has all sorts of information for Len and Minea during his welcome brief to the Company.
Date May 27, 2009

The Office of Len Denton

Pleasantly surprised that Veronica Sawyer's assignment went so smoothly, Len has already asked that Magnes Varlane come to his office for a meeting. It's not often that Len meets new recruits. He usually waits until they have some training and then calls them in when he gives them his initiation assignment, but for some reason he feels compelled to speak with the newest Company Agent before training begins.

He has asked that Agent Dahl join them for this conversation. As Magnes is ushered to the room, handshakes are exchanged as Len introduces himself. "Mr. Varlane, I am Senior Field Agent Len Denton. Once you have completed your training here, I'll be the one to assign you to your different missions. I will basically be your 'go-to' guy if you have problems or if issues arise."

Having sat back down, Len leans back in his chair. He's not dressed in what you would call typical 'agent-ware'. This cowboy is dressed the part of a cowboy, to include a small later of dirt on the souls of his boots. Agent Dahl is already aware of why she's present, but Len will get to that shortly. "I am certain you have plenty of questions, but before you ask your question, I have one for you. Do you have what it takes to take on a secret life and keep it to yourself?"

Yup magnes, it's the woman who Deckard told you to trail. And who tasered you and tossed you in her trunk. Minea's in her neat suit, already told what she's going to be doing so for now, the female agent is sitting, one leg across the other and a big smile on her face and hands on her lap.

"What's so secret about Homeland Security?" Magnes asks, clearly perplexed by the question, but he tried his best to dress at least semi-formally. A white button up shirt, some neatly fitting blue jeans, a pair of his black church shoes. That's the best he really felt comfortable doing today. And what the hell, that's the taser woman, but he'll ask that later, giving her a few 'wtf' looks. "Oh yeah, no questions, sorry. Yeah, I can lead a secret life, I've been reading… stories about secret lives for years, I know all kinds of tricks to keep secrets." He doesn't say comics, god, no, he's not gonna ruin this.

"Homeland Security is just part of what we do, Mr. Varlane. I think your talents lie far beyond simple protocol. Don't think we haven't been keeping an eye on you. You have potential, son. And that ability you have is going to be a great benefit to your country. In fact, I have an assignment that you have been hand selected for, that you will be given upon completion of your training. What we need is your committment and dedication. Do we have that?" Len reaches up and lifts the brim of his cowboy hat, as he keeps an eye on his new charge, a secondary glance granted towards Agent Dahl.

Minea's face is schooled, well, save for that smile. SHe's got a feeling that someones not clue'd in yet. The glance exchanged with Len says as much and a faint shrug of her shoulders.

"So, Homeland Security does things other than Homeland Security?" Magnes asks, randomly forgetting that he's not supposed to ask questions yet, hands neatly folded into his lap. "Hand selected? And of course I can commit and dedicate myself, as long as I'm not gonna be called a terrorist and be forced to hide, I was promised that. But I just spent a month in Japan training, and it ended kinda prematurely, so I'm ready to get back on the horse, or um, saddle. That's not a cowboy joke." he says with a very straight face, sounding as if he's afraid Len is gonna reach over and slap him.

Len wouldn't slap. Shoot, maybe, but not slap. But he only shoots when provoked, so changes are Magnes is fairly safe. "We are well aware of your exploits in Japan. In fact, I think the entire world is." He grins. "We are hoping to use that to our advantage. That being said — we are an off shoot of Homeland. Dealing more with evolved, their powers and making sure they understand those powers. In certain situations, we may feel someone's powers are more than they can handle and we'll bring them in and help them get those powers under control before we allow them back into the general public. We want to keep the general population safe as well as those with powers they do not understand. Does this all make sense to you?"

"That makes sense, but you should watch out for this one organization." Magnes' tone goes lower, as if he's telling a secret, then he points at the tracker mark on his neck. "They're called the Company, they stick trackers in your neck and call it bagging and tagging, then they let you go after capturing you for some reason, and they track you like an animal." he explains, figuring this is the one time he can tell the authorities and they'll believe him. "It's organizations like that one that make ones like this look bad."

Oh. That earns Len a look from Minea, brows raised. "You don't say Mr. Varlane?"

How to address this. 'The Company' is really a pet name for their organization. It's not as if everything he says is false, but it's not entirely accurate either. "Mr. Varlane. You could possibly here our organization referred to as 'The Company', though it isn't really our official name. But, I also think that perhaps you are getting improper information. Let me explain a little further." He glances back towards Minea. He will handle this, of course.r
"First of all, I want to assure you that we - in no way - track human beings, evolved or not, as animals. We do use the information provided by the registration of evolved to assist us when an evolved-related crime has occured. We do not just running around wrangling up evolved citizens for the heck of it."

"I think, Mr. Varlane, that someone has given you a bunch of bad information about what we do. We help, by dealing with citizens that other law enforcement agencies cannot deal with because they do not have the resources that we do. We are not the bad guys, I can assure you of that.

"Whoa, wait, hold up, you guys are the Company?" Magnes asks, eyes wide, looking from one of them to the other. He takes a moment to register, listening to Len's words, trying to think of a proper response. "Well, I learned everything from Adam Monroe, so, I guess he's not the most reliable person. And Kaito Nakamura said you were dangerous. But, if you're not bad people, why does Delilah have one of these trackers in her neck? She's not dangerous, her ability isn't really that dangerous. Can't you just, I don't know, take her's out? I don't care about mine." Then, another pause, he peers at Minea. "So that's why you were able to take me out, Company training…"

"Magnes, I was able to take you down because you have no training and I have years of it. You were leaping from building to building and being pretty obvious. I can tell you right now, that the Company" A gesture to the room they're in. "Recruited me some months ago. Like everything in this world, it isn't perfect. They do what they do, for the betterment of society and to help people. Be it John Q unevolved public and the evolved public. There's people out there who manifest and the cannot or do not know how to subsist without accidentally causing harm" Adam Monroe though. "This agency helps people who might not otherwise know about how to control their gifts, and once they've been able to do that and can go back to their lives, they're helped. Some even choose to stay and help this agency help others" As for the mark, she doesn't know, doesn't have one. "Some people, don't like it. They don't like what they fear. And we can't change that other than.. keeping on doing what we're doing. Making New York safer"

Minea leans forward, putting her foot down gently. "THis Mr. Varlane, seems like it might be right up your alley no? We saw what you can do, we're impressed and we think we can help you do better than a short month in Japan. We also think that you need a little guidance so that your not destroying public property"

Len nods towards Minea before turning back to Magnes. "And I'll tell you one thing, Mr. Varlane. Adam Monroe is a killer. He has the death of one of my agents on his hands, he shot and wounded Agent Dahl behind you, and he attacked another of my agents this past weekend. The one who came to you. You remember her, don't you? He attacked her. She's fine, but right now Adam Monroe is number one on our list. So, to listen to /his/ words would be foolish on your part."

"He killed Kaito Nakamura, he may have killed Hiro, who's not a terrorist. I could have maybe found him by now and done something, but I can tell he has powerful people around him, especially that Jake guy who has a power that works kinda like mine." Magnes sits back with a reserved sigh, apparently calming down, gradually having the demeanor of someone who genuinely agrees. "Alright, so, I'll join you, but there's a few things. I want to either be able to take whatever it is that's in Delilah, out of her, or at least have something to tell her. Since I told her about it, she's really feeling, well, violated I guess, like an animal. I don't want her to feel that way anymore."

Len is already looking at his computer. There are already several Delilah's in the database, however. "You don't happen to have a last name for her?"

"Delilah Trafford." Magnes answers, perking up slightly. Is that guy doing something?

Delilah Trafford. "Psychoactive excretement" Minea knows who he's talking about. "She does me out in the Canal Street Market. "Seems to come from her skin" Minea glances to Magnes. "She is a very polite young woman"

More typing as Len acknowledges Minea's revelation. "She has the potential to be dangerous. While she may not do it intentionally, we do need to keep her in our system. Agent Dahl knows from experience how dangerous she can be." Len turns his attention away from the computer, looking back at Magnes. "Unless we have a severe case of poisoning that looks to be evolved-induced, we are not going to bother her. We don't harrass citizens for no apparent reason. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, well, alright. I guess I can just try to reassure her. But if I try really hard to teach her, and she learns how to control it, would you tell me how to remove the mark?" Magnes asks, trying to negotiate, apparently very concerned for Delilah's well-being. "But other than this issue, I think I'm good. When do I get my suit and badge?"

"They don't issue suits Magnes" Minea sighs softly. "And things don't work that way. You'll find out soon enough if you choose to stay with us. It's harmless, that mark on Ms, Trafford's neck. Truly. You've really been given a great deal of misinformation about the mark on your neck. Every evolved individual who works for the company, whether they were brought in before, or recruited normally, bears it. They don't run around hunting people down. She'll be fine. I expect that if you choose to carry through with the offer that Agent Denton is giving you, that you'll see it soon enough"

Chuckling, Len holds up a hand. "Oh, there's some training that needs to be done first. And a few rules that you'll need to abide by. As far as Ms. Trafford, it sounds like if you told her word for word what Adam Monroe told you, you can let her know you were mistaken. That you have found out otherwise. At least she will not worry too much about the mark on her neck. It'll make her feel better." he smiles, nodding.

"Next, Agent Dahl is not here for my benefit but for yours. She will be your handler in charge of your training. I'm going to ask that in your off time, you do not let on that you work for this organization. As you can imagine, with the stigma that we have with the likes of Adam Monroe going around spreading lies about us, you might not want to be so direct when telling anyone about what we do and who your work for. We will provide you the tools, in case proof of employment is required, to help you out. If your living accomodations are not to your liking, Agent Dahl will assist you in getting you in getting more adequate shelter. Clear so far?"

"So, what do I say, I'm training to work for Homeland? Or I can just keep it vague, I mean, I've got all kinds of people trying to get me to work for them, and friends who might not be the most legal people, and I don't want them to think they can't trust me." Magnes' head dips, suddenly a tad conflicted with how he'll juggle his personal life, but then he just shakes his head and raises it with a smile. "Nevermind, I'll figure something out. I mean, they wouldn't just start not trusting me because I work for the government. So um, we're clear."

"Don't worry. Agent Dahl will set you up with your cover. Your job description will be rather mundane, but laborous which will explain your fatigue." Len grins, taking another glance at Minea before looking at Magnes. "And trust me, son, you will be fatigued after training with Agent Dahl."

Of course, Minea will get his documents stating he works for Primatech Paper all squared away.

"Now, I will advise you that you should stay clear of Adam Monroe for the immediately future. We are going to be moving in on him as soon as we possibly can. But, when you are not training, go about your normal routine. Understood?"

"Normal routine, got it." Magnes then sits up, eyes widening as if something just occured to him. "Oh yeah! There's this guy, um, he has like, a caveman brow or something, strong looking, they say his name is John. He switches people's powers. Don't know if you know about it, so I thought I'd tell you, that's all I know."

Damn. Out of the mouths of babes, truly. "Well, do me a favor. If you see him again, give Agent Dahl a call and we'll send someone to check it out." Len turns to Minea. "He's all yours, Agent. I expect him to be rocking and rolling very soon." He grins over to her, then stands and offers his hand to Magnes. "Welcome aboard."

Seriously, out of the mouths. He's one of the ones from the 'future' Minea stands up too, adjusting her jacket. "I'll get him settled Agent Denton. Get him squared away today, and start him on basics tomorrow" Magnes really will be tired.

Magnes takes Len's hand, and despite all the Michael Bay action and training in Tokyo, his handshake is not very firm, at all. "Thanks, I'll do my best." He turns his focus to Minea, asking, "So, are we gonna arrange flowers to work on my focus?"

"No kid, i'm not a florist. I'm gonna pound the ever loving crap out of you and at some point, you'll clue in what not to do. Come on. I'll take you shopping, so you look like an honest to god agent and not some kid going for a job interview at a Mc Donalds. Talk later Denton" And with that, she's opening the door, the handle turned a couple times and as he leaves, reaches out to barely touch Magne's shoulder. A dip of her head to Len and they're out.

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