Out the Window


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Scene Title Out the Window
Synopsis Marcus and Odessa find Hiro, and the two temporal manipulators find themselves in a troubling situation.
Date April 30, 1945

A peal of thunder rolls through the clouded, pitch black skies. The rain hasn't stopped falling since they were in Berlin, and it's with a certain stoicism and stubbornness that Marcus Raith carries himself across the muddies streets of Dessau towards the common house being utilized as the command outpost for the US Military forces stationed here with Odessa Knutson dogging his heels.

Shoulders hunched, gloved hands tucked into his pockets and the collar of his jacket raised up to the back of his neck Marcus' approach is a hastened one, black boots squelching in the mud on his way to the dimly lit house. Two unfortunate young soldiers in drab green stationed outside the door offer he and Odessa a suspicious look on their approach, and Marcus' look back to her is a silent but warning reminder to let him do the talking.

"Colonel Marcus Raith reporting in," he offers to one of the young men, brows furrowed, "I was told to be expected by Sebastian Knight." Both of the soldiers tiredly salute, and before questions can be asked, Marcus offers a mild look over his shoulder. "She's with me." It's all it takes, really, to have the door to the command center opened to him. With a jerk of his head towards the door, Marcus carries himself up and into the building, booted feet clunking noisily against the hardwood underfoot of the spacious ground floor. Galley style tables are lined with tired, weary looking soldiers that offer lingering looks to Odessa, but their fatigue keeps them quiet. In a way, there's little delineation between the appearance of some of the healthier former Dachau prisoners and the tired soldiers.

"I'm looking for Sebastian Knight," Marcus states flatly, offering a narrowed look down to one of the soldiers who points towards a door past where they're gathered and conversing. Nodding his head once, he glances askance to Odessa and begins to make his way for the door.

Dessau, Germany

April 30, 1945

A sound of thunder… It holds some inexplicable and unexplained trepidation for Odessa, who still marvels at the sound of it even after living above ground for nearly a year and a half. It's only her second springtime, if we're honest. She pulls the scratchy grey around her body a little tighter and finds herself grateful that she wore the boots with the chunky heels for a change.

Fortunately for Marcus, Odessa seems to trust that whatever they're about to encounter, he can talk their way through it. It's been a while since she's been content to fall silent and let a companion speak on her behalf, or act as though she has so little to add, but such charades serve their purpose. A kind, but shy smile is cast to the soldiers guarding the door. See? I'm so very harmless.

Knocking is a passing consideration Marcus offers with the back of one hand as he's opening the door to where he was told Sebastian Knight would be. It's perhaps no small coincidence that the location is a makeshift office, complete with a folding table, charts and maps strewn out across its surface and nine millimeter ammo boxes used to hold down the corners. The redhead seated behind the table looks strained, paging through documentation in one hand when Marcus invites himself in. Laying the paperwork down and settling a thick encyclopedic book on the surface, his eyes squarely settle on the eyepatched soldier… then his blonde accomplice.

"Good to see you back from the land of Krauts, Raith." Slouching back in his chair with a creak, Sebastian folds his leather-gloved hands across his chest, blue eyes moving from Marcus to Odessa and back again. "Who's this?"

"A Special," Marcus states simply, letting Odessa move in past him before he closes the door behind her, "she manipulates time. We're looking for the Jap that got grabbed by the team out here, do you have any idea where he is?" Sebastian's blue eyes linger up and down Odessa, chin tilting up and gaze narrowing before he levels his eyes on Marcus.

"Upstairs," is the first indication that — if this is Hiro — he's alive. "We found him in the woods on a patrol sweep, ain't speakin' a word of English. We've got a translator coming in but he won't be here for another week or so," Sebastian's brows furrow at that, "why?"

Marcus slowly walks past Odessa, coming over to the table, leaning forward and resting his hands on it as he looks from Knight to the lamp flickering nearby, then back to the redhead again. "I've got everything for Icarus lined up. Have you talked with the Ruskies yet about their share of things? I really don't want Doctor Filatov digging around here if I can avoid it."

Odessa could just about strangle Marcus for his outing her for what she is. It isn't that she isn't proud of it, but he did mention that Knight might want to tie her down and milk her for secrets from the future. And looking the man up and down passively as he does the same to her, she holds back the urge to mention something about what fine grandsons both these men are destined to produce. There would just be far too much biting sarcasm there.

Fingers flex nervously at Odessa's sides, and she glances ceilingward as though she might see through it and find Hiro. Alas. Only because Marcus hasn't instructed her otherwise does she not speak up to mention she might be able to communicate with the Japanese detainee. His silence on the matter prompts her to keep her own.

"What about— " Knight's comment and visible confusion after a protracted moment of silence is greeted with two gloved fingers pushing against his lips from Marcus Raith.

"Shhh, daddy's talking." Marcus notes with a furrow of his brows, leaning away from the table and from the incensed look of humiliation and embarrassment on Knight's face from the snide comment. But all Marcus offers is an askance look and a quirk of one brow up into the air. "I've got everything lined up, don't worry your ginger little head about it, Knight. You worry about keeping the Ruskies out of our pockets for too long and getting the rest of the Icarus lab broken down while the Red army's busy with the raping part of pillaging."

Stepping away from the table, Marcus twirls one finger around in the air as a about face sort of instruction, with Knight spluttering in frustration at his back. "Colonel Raith," Knight offers with a slap of one hand down on the table, "where are you going?" The one-eyed soldier comes to a stop, looking over his shoulder at Knight and lifting a brow, pointing towards the door amusedly.

"Smoke, then," he nods his head to Odessa, "you know. Recreation?" There's a crack of his lips up into a half smile, and all Sebastian Knight can do is breathe out a tired, exasperates sigh and sink back down into his chair with a creak of the wood and hands running over his face. It's as much of a silent dismissal as Marcus can get.

The look Odessa sends Knight's way is not exactly sympathetic, but at least it isn't exactly mocking either. To her credit her posture only minutely stiffens when she's nodded to in reference to recreation. She doesn't even flash Marcus a look of warning. He can't possibly be… Well, yes he could be. But she will deal with that if she must. There's the barest incline of her head as she turns to follow her darker companion from the room.

Once they're both out of the room Marcus offers an askance look down at Odessa, one brow raised. "Not bad, you didn't actually fuck that up. Come on, let's go upstairs and get you a Jap." Quirking his head to the side, Marcus steps left from the doorway, headed to an old and worn flight of stairs flanked by picture frames showing photographs of a family that is likely long since dead or evacuated from the area. On his way up the stairs, Marcus stops and looks back at Odessa, one brow lifted in thoughtful consideration.

"I've been meaning to ask…" he looks away, then starts climbing the stairs again, "when you find your Jap buddy, if this is him, what exactly are you going to do? Just— go back home like nothing happened?" Boots clomp up the stairs noisily, reaching the landing of the second floor and the narrow corridor lined with doors.

"I'm not as dumb as you seem to think I am, Colonel Raith," Odessa muses with a self-satisfied smirk. "Sometimes one learns more by keeping their mouth shut, non?" And she believes she learned plenty back there. Following the man up the stairs, she winces and touches a hand to her forehead, still wounded and stubbornly unlooked at. I'll take care of it later. When she's not worried about being stuck in Germany. In 1945.

"Something like that," she responds easily to his question. "I intend to just go home, and consider this a learning experience. I certainly can't pretend this never happened, but I can draw from it. Seems the wisest thing to do, don't you think?" Odessa stops at the top of the stairs, reaching out to snag Marcus' wrist, "Now I have one for you. What about Volken?" She's fairly certain she's finishing Knight's earlier question. "Tell me, Daddy," she teases with a dark voice and a pout that would be far more seductive were she not soaked to her skin and still faintly bleeding from her injury. "Where'd you stash him? Will you have to find him a new host?" Alone as they are in the hall, it's difficult to tell if she's taken the precaution of guarding their conversation in a small pocket of time.

Striding down the hall, there's an askance look to Odessa with Raith's one good eye as he comes to stand by a door, checking to see if it's locked, then opens it and peers inside, finding a few soldiers resting on bunks. When he pokes his head back in, one brow lifts up slowly. "That's classified," he comments with a crook of his lips into a smile, though it's feigned. He's staring at Odessa because of something she said; host.

Crossing the hall, Marcus opens another door, then halts when he does. There's a momentary look of confusion on his face, and he nods to someone inside. "Take a break boys. Come back in thirty." Two young soldiers step out, one offering a broad, toothy smile to Odessa as he walks by, seemingly quite enthused to see a pretty face around here.

Once the soldiers are out, Marcus takes a step inside the second floor room, offering a view of the interior to Odessa. Seated on a wooden chair, hands cuffed behind his back and head bowed, Hiro Nakamura has seen better days. Dressed in a green army jumpsuit, there's a bruise over his right eye and his lip is split. Clearly he's been interrogated, and from the looks of it he didn't offer any answers.

"This your boy?" Marcus queries, turning to look back at Odessa.

"Oooh," Odessa grins widely and then sing-songs, "I know something you don't know~" One can argue there are a great many things that she knows that Marcus Raith doesn't, but it's all relative compared to this. She doesn't offer any elaboration as to what she meant by her comment. It's not for him to know. He'll likely figure it out soon enough.

The blonde offers a sweet smile of her own to the friendly soldier before letting herself into the room where it falls away. "Oh, Hiro," she mutters, crossing quickly. "Daijoubu?" she asks him, bringing one hand up to cup his chin and look over his face with her doctor's scrutiny. "Eigo wo hanashimasu ka?" Perhaps it's less out of it now than he was in the hospital, though she has her doubts.

The groan that Hiro offers as his brown eyes open settles squarely in the realm of oh God it hurts, but when his eyes settle on Marcus, there's a suck of breath inward and a tension in Hiro's back, right up until he spots Odessa. Then in that look, the expression turns from wariness to confusion. "You," he offers in clear enough English that it's evident his fever must have broken at some point while he's been here, and judging from the fact that he's in a US Military uniform it's hard to say exactly how long he's been here in Germany.

"Well I'll be, your little Jap buddy does speak English." Marcus notes as he pushes the door shut with a click, leaning his back up against the wall beside it, arms folded across his chest and one foot crossed at the ankle. "Good mornin' sunshine."

"Odessa," Hiro hisses, tensing up as he straightens in the restraints, "how— how are you here?" Brown eyes go wide, and Hiro offers a slow shake of his head, pony-tail waggling behind him as he does, brown eyes warily offered up in look to Marcus again.

Odessa straightens up and waves one hand in the direction of the man in the eyepatch. "Oh, do shut up, Marcus," she sneers. She's gotten when she needs from him. She has Hiro. Ducking down again, she gives the time traveller her full attention. "Do you remember the hospital? That man, he attacked us…" She squints and runs a hand over Hiro's brow. "…How long have you been here?" She points to her own forehead, "I haven't even had a chance to stitch mine yet."

Blue eyes stare a little incredulously as the woman leans back, her lips pursed to one side in a nervous and confused expression. "You are the same Hiro, right? The one from the hospital, not the one who gave me a vaccination?"

"Vaccination?" Hiro's brown eyes narrow, head tilting to the side slowly, "I— you're dead, Odessa. You— you died over a year ago from the virus." There's a bristling tension in Hiro's features, followed by a growing sense of nervousness as he looks to Marcus again, eyes blinking shut and then once he finally focused on the eyepatched man, there's a hitch of breath in the back of his throat. Sucking in a sharp inhalation, Hiro looks about to say something before Marcus interjects.

Not verbally, of course. No, Marcus interjects with something more like a dull ache in Odessa's bones, a sinking sensation of sluggish pain coruscating through her veins like the sweet kiss of morphine, but without taking all of her pain away. No, this is rather clearly the sensation of negation.

"Now, I've got two time travelers." Marcus says with a crook of his lips into a smile, clapping gloved hands together and tilting his head to the side. "You, my beautiful blonde friend, are now property of the United States Government."

"Oh shit, a third Hiro? I really need your ability," the envious blonde tells the Japanese man, "I want to be in multiple places at once." She's crouching behind Hiro's chair and inspecting his cuffs when it becomes quite obvious that something is wrong.

Odessa gasps sharply and turns to face Marcus. "You son of a bitch," she sneers. Instantly she's on her feet and stumbling her way to where a chair sits at a table. She picks the thing up and smashes it against the window, sticking her head through the broken pane as she draws in a deep breath.

"DAPHNE! RUN!" Odessa shrieks out the window at the top of her lungs. If Daphne can escape, they might stand a chance. And if the speedster has any sense, she won't ask questions, she'll just go.

Suddenly this has become One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

A crackling wall of blue-green light resembling a watery pane of colored glass snaps into being over where Odessa smashed out the window, and Marcus is slowly walking across the floor, steps slow and deliberate. "Come on, it's your own fault for flaunting all that knowledge you have. I probably would've been satisfied with your Jap buddy, but honestly… What kind of intelligence agent would I be if I didn't try and keep you around? A bad one, that's what. You told me about how we win the war, and I'm sure there's a dozen more things you can tell me to keep the United States on the cutting edge for the next two-hundred years. Think about all the good you can do, Nightingale. What do you have to go back to anyway?"

Reaching down to his side, Marcus lifts his side-arm, brows furrowed and eyes narrowing, lips downturning into a frown as he clicks back the revolver's hammer. No Luger here, he seems to trust Smith & Wessen more intimately. Passing to the side of Hiro, Marcus motions with the gun for Odessa to get away from the window, one hand still raised to keep that wall of force active.

"Come on Nightingale. Knight isn't going to want to keep this up all— " Marcus Raith is then literally blindsided when Hiro springs up with the chair attached to him, throwing his full weight against the forcefield manipulator and sending him crashing against a wall. Marcus' gun goes off, bullet punching through the floor as Hiro winds his head back and smacks a headbutt against the bridge of the Colonel's nose.

Nakamura falls backwards then, shattering the chair beneath him with his weight, shaking his handcuffs free of the wood so that his arms are just bound now behind his back. Dazed and slouching down the wall, Marcus' forcefield flickers away from the window. "Hang on to me!" Hiro shouts as he leans to the side and sprints towards Odessa, running in a direct beeline towards her and hammering his weight into the blonde to carry her towards the smashed out window…

…and out.

"I'm not staying here," Odessa warns Marcus. "And I won't do shit for you." She's hoping Hiro, ingenious little Hiro, can come up with some sort of plan to get the two of them out of this.

And he doesn't disappoint.

Before Odessa can take two steps to try and enact her plan of wrestling Marcus' gun away from him and possibly shooting him in both legs, since he does need to be alive long enough to produce offspring if he hasn't already, Hiro's shouting orders, and dashing toward her.

"Oh, no," Odessa shouts in a quavering voice. "Hiro, no." Her eyes go wide and she throws open her arms to grab onto the man and brace herself, subsequently shutting those cobalt blues tightly. Here's hoping they don't both land on their fool heads.

Hiro's shoulder catches remaining glass in the window, sends it spinning out of the frame and glittering in the dark of night as they rocket from the window together, rain falling down at them and the ground rapidly approaching as horizontal movement very abruptly begins to become vertical movement.

Plummeting to the ground from the second story window, Hiro wrenches his eyes shut, and as he twists in mid-air, trying to have himself hit whatever they're both about to land on first, Hiro Nakamura and Odessa Knutson both hear Marcus Raith shouting profanities from the second floor window as the muddy earth zooms in and—

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