Outer District Established

Associated Press
August 31, 2010

The Outer District Project has been in the works for nearly two years now, and finally it is becoming a reality. What began with the establishment of the Reclaimed Zone has ended with the official recognition of the southern half of Staten Island in New York City as a new geographical boundary called Outer District. Named for the Outerbridge Crossing that connects Staten Island and New Jersey, the Outer District is a defined community surrounding the walled Reclaimed Zone on Staten Island's south-eastern coast. To be patroled by State and Local law-enforcement, the Outer District is the next major step towards cleaning up crime and corruption in New York's "forgotten island."

Habitat For Humanity and the Department of Evolved Affairs are working in coalition with over two dozen charitable organizations in the United States to foster a revitalization of the southern half of Staten Island boundaried in the north by the lush but untamed Greenbelt. Homes abandoned in the bomb and repurchased by the US Government are being sold at low prices to families looking to relocate from the temporary trailer farms that are spread across much of New York and New Jersey following the dislocation from the bomb, however details on these relocation plans have not yet been revealed to the press.

Fear of criminal activity from the now infamous "Rookery" is being diminished by the presence of Stillwater Security Solutions Private Military Contractors and Redbird Security Solutions, both local New York businesses. Additional support from the Department of Homeland Security as well as other local, state and federal law-enforcement branches help round out the increased security in the area.

Critics of the Outer District project have brought up the legitimate claim of security holes in and on Staten Island. These allegations include the difficulty in policing the vast expanses of unpatroled coastline around the northern end of the island, rampant piracy and accusations of corruption among the NYPD.

The establishment of the Outer District also heralds the opening of the Outerboro Crossing Checkpoint, a militarized way-point for all vehicle traffic in and out of Staten Island. The two other bridges in and out of the island, located north of the Greenbelt in unreclaimed territory have been deemed structurally unsound and have been blocked by concrete barricades since 2007.

Residents looking to get into and out of Staten Island by vehicle will be required to present National Registry cards and submit to periodic searches. Drivers looking to get into or out of Staten Island without Registration will be turned around and directed to local Registry centers for processing.

News on the development of residences and communities within the Outer District are expected to be made soon.

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