Outerbridge Crossing
Outerbridge Crossing
Owner US Government
Employees Homeland Security
Hours of Operation 24-Hours
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Vehicular passage to and from Staten Island

The Outerbridge Crossing is a cantilever bridge which spans the Arthur Kill. The "Outerbridge", as it's commonly known, connects Perth Amboy, New Jersey, with the New York City borough of Staten Island and carries NY-440 and NJ-440, each road ending at the respective state border.

It is a steel cantilever construction, designed by John Alexander Low Waddell and built under the auspices of the Port of New York Authority, now the Department of Homeland Security runs and maintains the bridge. At the center span of the bridge between the New York and New Jersey state lines, the toll plaza has been converted into a militarized checkpoint, replete with sandbags and military personnel carriers facing towards the New Jersey side of the bridge. A small force of Stillwater Security Solutions private military defend the checkpoint along with both New Jersey and New York state police on their respective sides.

Coast Guard vessels patrol the waters around the bridge night and day and the checkpoint operates twenty-four hours.


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