Scene Title Oursourcing
Synopsis Rebecca wakes up the next afternoon after her second syringe and realizes she only has one left. Panic and justification set in.
Date August 16, 2009

Rebecca Nakano's Apartment

Waking up on a Sunday morning, still clothed from two nights ago can cause a person worry. For Rebecca Nakano it wasn't the clothes that concerned her, nor was it the fact that she woke up on her couch instead of in her bed, or that she hadn't eaten a thing since coming home Friday night from work.

It was the fact that she had one syringe left.

Whatever it is in that syringe, whatever else it does to her, the pain she's had to try and live with has receded. Not completely gone, but it's no longer exceedingly excruciating.

She's not an idiot. She can already tell the signs that she's becoming addicted. Not she /is/ addicted, because heaven knows she could stop any time she pleases.

It's for the pain, right? That's her justification. The visions.. the visions are a bonus right?

The problem is that she needs more.

She knows that Castalides put those drugs into her purse. But, she also knows she could get into alot of trouble for using this stuff. She wonders if Castalides is giving it out to others as well, or is it just her.

But to be nearly pain free..

While she appreciates the help, she's not going to put Aude's career at risk, even if she is trying to be helpful.

Rebecca is slow to her feet then she inches her way towards the door where she picks up her jacket and slips it over her shoulder.

She turns back and picks up the two empty syringes and slips them into her pocket. She'll find a dumpster to toss these in on the way.

She's never done anything like this, but..

.. she has to find a source of her own.

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