Over Soup And Sandwiches


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Scene Title Over Soup And Sandwiches
Synopsis Megan and Abigail talk over lunch in the infirmary.
Date January 11, 2011

Pollepel Island - Infirmary

Banished to a cot, left foot up, ibuprofen when she needs it - It keeps most of the aches and pains away, Abigail's a miserable patient. Stewing on the cot when she'd rather be int eh kitchen chopping and stirring or out chopping wood. Not laying down on a cot the day after attacking a government truck and falling off a horse and nearly into a river. Griffin made off better and she could strangle him.

She's at least taken the time to alternate her reading between the bible and a medical text in the vain attempts to forget that there's a dead man on the side of the road that was off'd by a bullet that she shot. She's looking like she might attempt to get up again, try and sneak off. Be the third time, maybe it'll work and someone won't tattle on her. There's furtive looks under lashes and brown bangs to see who all is watching.

Well, the fun part was Megan getting Abby to be a good patient and be a good nurse at the same time — cuz Meg's arm needed a few stitches. She, at least, is ambulatory. She comes back into the infirmary carrying a tray for Abby that contains a couple of bowls of soup on it along with drinks and sandwiches. "If you eat, I'll let you out on crutches," the redhead says with a faint smirk. She knows exactly what Abigail's up to — she's come to know her reasonably well over the weeks.

Caught, before she can even attempt. Abigail's jaw tightens a fraction, enough to know her annoyance and sighs. "I wasn't going to try and leave" Blatant lie. "I was just going to go to the bathroom. Besides, if I haven't pee'd red yet, and my belly hasn't gone blown up to the size of New Jersey, I'm pretty sure my innards are gonna stay they way they are and whole and I'n not seeing double or triple anymore so that means that the bump is nothing" But her side and her ankle, that poor abused ankle that's seen far too much action than anyone wants to see an ankle take, took the brunt of her landing and subsequent trip down an embankment. "Long as it's not tree lizard soup"

"Uh-huh," Megan retorts. "Of course you weren't." She laughs. "No, it's tomato. With grilled cheese." She shrugs. "Not the best of meals, but hey. We take what we can get, right?" She sets the tray down and pulls up a chair next to the woman, moving pretty stiffly herself. Her arm is tender. "How's your ankle doing?" She got a good look at that - she's worried that ultimately Abby's ankle is never going to fully recover from all the damage it's taken.

"It's seen worse. It'll be fine, give me a week. I'm sure I won't notice a thing, but then, it's not like I'll be working as an EMT anytime soon so" So. She doesn't know how well Peter's Healing took care of the ankle before, but she knew that Deckard's healing wouldn't leave a weakness. "Least I won't be needing a handprint somewhere on my body in return for taking it away" She shifts on the cot, re-arranging pillows so she can sit up, take the soup and grilled cheese from the other woman. Simple fare it might be, but it's simple fare that she likes.

When she goes into town, she can eat more elaborate stuff like turkey clubs. "It's gonna make walking through New York a pain in the rear. That's what it will be, how's your arm, do I need to redo some of the stitches? Griffin's not been back so I assume that he's not loosing toes or fingers from yesterday"

"If he is, I haven't heard about it," Megan replies, settling in with her own soup and sandwich. "'Course, with most of the guys on this island, I wouldn't hear about it til they fell the f… er, fell off." She's watching her language a lot lately, around the kids and Abby and everyone. She stirs the soup and asks softly, "Are you having any nightmares?" She's worried about how the younger woman is handling the fact that she killed someone yesterday.

"Always have nightmares Megan. They never go away. Once in a blue moon I might have something good, that's about it. The rest… I'm used to it. Haven't burned down the castle from them" Those close know she doesn't sleep well, few hours at a time. Close quarters, some people closely held oddities and personal habits become far less personal.

"I just tell myself I shot a two legged deer. I know I didn't shoot a two legged deer, but if I tell myself, long enough, maybe at some point I'll believe it and maybe that at some point if Robert ever finds out, he won't think the less of me for shooting a man over a bunch o'robot bits and pieces that aren't even useful to us"

And right there is one of Abby's problems. It wasn't over other people or supplies, it was over robots parts. She lifts a spoon filled with the creamy ruby liquid to her lips to test the heat and tip it back.

Yeah. Megan's own sense of right and wrong is somewhat… damaged. "It's survival, Abby. For all we knew, they could have had some of our people in there. Or something we needed." She doesn't sound proud of what they did either. Not perhaps as pragmatic as she may appear either. She sighs heavily. "Protecting the people on this island is all I know to do anymore," she admits softly. "We've lost the one leader I would have followed into hell…. I'm not sure about the new ones, or the agendas of the Special Operations group." She pauses, stirring her soup. "But Scott told me a year ago that this was a war… and that I better get on the same page fast." Now she looks up at Abby with cool blue eyes. "And I have to take that advice to heart right now. It's the only thing I have left." Her tone is candid and bleak.

"This is not the world I lived in two years ago" Abby agree's. "Scott's right, it is a war. And we've parked our selves right in the middle of it by choosing to help those who needed help and now we're hunted because of it and we're all loosing everything that we've tried hard to maintain. To keep." She trails her spoon around her bowl before reaching for the swiftly cooling grilled cheese. 'Scott is a really good man and you'll see him again Megan. He's alive somewhere, he's more useful alive than dead" Cold comfort really. "He's smart, he'll survive"

Megan smiles faintly. "The people we help are just about the only people I really think deserve dying for," she says quietly. "I don't like the fact that we're fighting a war that most of the foot soldiers don't even really have a clue what it's over. But .. it's where we are." She smiles slightly. "Have you been able to get word to your husband at all? I have to hit the mainland soon to go see Delia. I could send a message if you want."

"You could try Megan, but you wouldn't be the first and he's not taking any messages from me. I've tried to meet up with him and it's not happening. I'm being stupid, and he's being smart, they'll expect me to contact him and I'll only get him killed if I keep trying to meet up with him. I'll just have to bide my time and wait, till I can" It's so bitter on her mouth, saying those words, but she's coming to realize that he's not going to meet up with her. To protect her, protect him.

"I tried Christmas eve, New Years Ever, nothing. I've almost gotten caught doing it once too, so maybe I need to stop being stupid and trying to see him and get on with what he told me to do, if he needs to see me, he'll find me. He has the resources"

Megan pauses and then nods slightly. She didn't miss Abby's tone. She says simply, "I'm sorry." In some ways she has it far, far easier. The man she loved is already dead in this war, and the man who was at the same time probably the best friend she ever had and the most infuriating man she ever met is — we hope — sitting in Evo Gitmo. Wherever the hell that is. "He's doing what he can to protect you too, I'm sure," she says quietly. "As much as that sucks." Shaking her head, Meg adds, "This world sucks. So… tell me what I can bring you back from the mainland." She smiles a little. "Chocolate? Ace bandages? Something to read?"

"Nothing I can't get while I'm out there. Some soothers maybe, for Kasha. She's down to her last one I think. I forgot to pick some up the last time I was out there. Some more cloth diapers too. Diaper covers" Using disposable out here is just asking for some patrol to find a pile of huggies and wonder where they came from. "Some teething toys, I think she's cutting another tooth" She plucks at her soup for a few more moments. Thinking. "A mango. I'd really like a mango Megan."

Megan makes the mental list and nods at each item. It's the last one that makes her smile. "I'll see what I can do, though they're woefully out of season at the moment. But I'll try." She pauses. "For myself, I'd kill for a chocolate milkshake."

"Then I guess you'll have to have one when you go there. Maybe ask others if there's something that they're craving. I have some money, a little bit, that can be stretched for others. See if there's anything that they want, really want" Kids ehre were already blessed at Christmas and the dollar store presents gotten. Abby finishes up the soup, passing over the bowl with it's meager portion back for the tray, the rest of the sandwhich pulled over. "I think I'm going to just rest, a bit more Megan, then hunt down the crutch" Gain her freedom.

Megan smiles. "Go ahead. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask," she replies. Though she's well aware that Abby won't unless it's really bad. "I'll see you later." She takes the bowl and picks up her own to put on the tray as well. Before she leaves, she'll make sure the crutches are right there for Abby to get whenever she wants to make her break for it.

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