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Scene Title Paging Edward Cullen
Synopsis Edwa.. I mean, Magnes does the twilight thing and waits for Abby to come out of her building before falling out of the sky to talk and to go for a brief intermission up to the clouds.
Date July17, 2009

Greenwich Village

It's early in the morning, and in the free time he has before going to the academy, Magnes indulges in an occasional early morning habit. Leaning against the wall of Abby and Delilah's building, he just seems to be relaxing, eating an apple as he stares up at the sky. He's still wearing a semi-casual suit like he did at Old Lucy's, appearing rather contemplative and at ease for once.

Dawn comes early these days but not for long. Never for long because seasons change. One thing that never changes, at least not for the next while, is Abigails friday schedule. Which means she's up and out of the house by 6 in the morning. Early morning class means that the scooter is the destination so that she can go get herself some breakfast. Leather jacket on because even this early in the morning it's finally a little cool, helmet in hand, messenger bag and a towel to wipe the dew off her scooter, Abigail's leaving the Village renaissance, oblivious to her own personal Edward Cullen.

Spotting Abby out of the corner of his eye, and looking around for a moment to see if there's any pesky teenagers with camera phones, Magnes decides to fly up above her, following her as she makes her way to her scooter. Then, finally, just casually floating about ten feet above her, holding his apple, he says, "Good morning, Abby." before he starts floating down to the ground again.

She'd have heard footsteps, but not gravity manipulation. So it is that Abby startles, lost in her morning reverie and and looks up towards the source of her company, hand going for the mace spray in her jacket pocket. Sundresses don't have pocket. 'Lordy in heaven magnes you done scared the holy spirit outta me. They'll need to ressurect me"

Magnes laughs lightly in amusement, shaking his head as he starts walking over to her. "Sorry, always wanted to make a dramatic flight entrance. Where you on your way to? I come around here sometimes to think before it's time for academy."

'Class. Early class but I was going to stop by a bakery and get somethings for lunch and to drop them by the station for Victor" He comes around here. 'Magnes, you don't lurk and.. watch my place do you?"

"No, I'm not a stalker." Magnes laughs, taking another bite of his apple. "Like I said, I just come here sometimes in the morning, on my way to the academy. I got into the habit because I wasn't allowed to see anyone, and this was the closest I could get. It was, well, a depressing first month, but I'm at least allowed to see you now, even if no one else."

"Oh" The helmet is set down on the seat, unlocking the storage and starting the chore of putting her bag away, putting her jacket on. Responsible driver that she is, even if it's not a motorcycle. "So you're allowed to visit me"

"Yeah, you can thank my therapist, she's really fighting for a lot of my freedom." Magnes looks up, then to her again. "Hey, I was thinking about something. You have a little time before work? I wanted to show you the clouds in a less messy way than the last time we did it, you know, without the falling part."

Abigail raises her brows at Magnes. "I'm in a dress Magnes. I'm not about to go up in the sky and let people see my underthings" She points out with a glance to her watch. "Lemme go back inside, get some jogging pants on okay?"

Magnes snickers, nodding. "Sure, I wouldn't wanna have to use my ninja skills and cause sudden blindness in every guy on the ground." he jokes, leaning against a wall, waiting for her to change.

"Back in a few" and Abigail disappears then, back into the building, confident that Magnes can protect Lazarus. Five minutes later and still wearing the sundress, out comes Abigail. Jogging pants added to the repertoire. "Okay, I'm ready to go" She'll indulge him. Mostly cause he's going to a therapist and he needs it.

Magnes reaches out for her hand, apparently having finished the apple while she was gone. "I really missed hanging out with you. I made a few friends, but there's always that air of 'It's still partially business'."

You say, "i would imagine being company, one has t seperate business from pleasure, and that it doesn't much lend to getting to know one another when the very thing you do is secret" Abigail points out. She takes his hand, but doesn't step in close."

"Wait, I forgot…" Magnes, looks down at her hand in his, then up to her. "You don't have issues with touching anymore?" he asks, the thought apparently having not occurred to him.

"I'm working, with my shrink to get over that. Just don't automatically try to hug me or anything and we're fine" There's a light shrug. "I don't got too much time Magnes. I do have a schedule"

"Sorry." Magnes makes sure he has a firm grasp of her hand, then suddenly darts into the sky with her. She easily flies next to him, since he's affecting her body the same way his is, and there's of course no feeling of falling, everything is still right-side-up. "Let me know if I'm going too fast, but don't worry, you can trust me!" he says rather loudly over the strong wind, trying to get them into the sky quickly.

That's different. No need to clutch and hold tight. Just 'stand' there with him. "No, your fine!" She glances down between her feet and the grund, buildings, cars turning small.

He points at an airplane not far from them, but keeps bolting upwards, until he starts flying forwards. He's slowed down a bit, so she can actually enjoy the sight of the clouds, not just sitting up there like the last time they did it. "How is it? This is the first time I've been this far up since I could fly, now I know how Superman feels."

"Ahh, flying, not falling" Abigail understands now, a glance around, eyes squinting in the direction of the airplane with a smile. "You said you jsut parked on top of an airplane, how did you handle the windspeed. Not get knocked off?" She keeps a hold of his hand, keeping her gravity in tune with his.

"Very uncomfortably?" Magnes answers, laughing and reaching up to run his hand through clouds. "You know, even though we're up here in the clouds, where people say heaven is, you can't quite say it doesn't exist. I mean, we can see the clouds, we're in the clouds, but we still can't quite feel them. It's like being somewhere we're not supposed to be, or standing on the very edge of the gates, y'know? They're right here, yet we can't reach them."

"you can't fly to heaven, only to outerspace. You can only get to heaven by dying" Abigail smiles, tearing her gaze from the ground to the clouds again, a small smile on her face, trying to shift her weight, get a sense of herself up in the air.

"Can I ask you something?" Magnes' tone suddenly grows a little serious, swooping down in a slow spiral before they start flying straight again. They're certainly not falling, going more at the speed of a glider now, heading back to her building. "I know you can pray to god, but, can someone pray to a dead person? I mean, is there a way to like… talk to them, the way a person talks to god?"

"You want a seance Magnes. Go find a psychic, but I don't believe in that. Once we've passed, we've passed. You can pray for a person, but to pray to someone other than Jesus, the lord or well, the virgin Mary" Abigail shakes her head. "To each their own though I guess"

"I trust you with this stuff, I just never quite knew how it worked. Praying for someone is good enough for me." Magnes slowly begins to land next to her bike, gently releasing her hand with a warm smile. "I know things will never be like they were a few months ago, god knows that was as close to paradise as I'll ever get, but I'm really glad things are getting better for you."

"You mean like Paradise on earth or what waits for us when it's our time Magnes?" She's grateful to be back on terra firma. Not that she's afraid of heights, just that there's heights and then there's heights. Abigail releases his hands and then scoots aroudn the bike so she can wriggle the jogging pants off.

"Paradise on Earth. Reading comics to you, hanging out with Isabelle, even your birthday party where we all ended up embarrassed and confused, even that's one of my fond memories. Can you forget I ever did that?" Magnes asks, laughing at the thought of him singing. "Everything was so laid back, then fast forward to now, everything's completely different. I'm not saying I'm unhappy with my job or anything, and I'll be, well, 'official' soon, so I'll have my freedom back. But, I mean, don't you miss it, just a little?"

"We grow up magnes. We find our place in life, our purpose. You've finally found yours. That's why. But you can still be that magnes, and the one you are, they're still the same person. Do I miss it?No. Because it's till … because everything that didn't need changing, hasn't changed. Everything is as it should be. Do I like some of the changes, no. But change is a constant in life"

"I always wonder how you always know what to say." Magnes says as he begins to slowly ascend again, hands in his pockets. "You're one of the most important people in my life Abby, that's something I don't want to change, no matter who I work for. I'm finally not screwing up, and despite everything that's wrong in my life, I'm at least happy that you approve. My therapist says it never hurts to feel good about the approval of people who mean a lot to you, within reason."

"Oh, from my Momma's mouth to mine, gods truth. She's the one who raised me. Woman is a book of proverbs, I tell you" Abby grins. "Aww Magnes, you don't need my approval for anything. Just your own. I always ask myself, would what i'm doing, shame my momma so much that she wouldn't stand beside me in public. If it would, I don't do it. Simple as that"

"I think I shamed my parents the moment I put on a pair of skates. And your mom's a wise woman. I think, for me, the things that keep me grounded now, well, grounded other than the flying," Magnes motions his head down, being about five feet above ground. "Are the thoughts 'Would this hurt my friends? Would this get my mentor in trouble? Will I be able to look at myself in the mirror if I do this?'. In the end I owe this to you, to Hiro, Xiulan, even Cardinal and my new mentor. You all taught me a lot, and even if I don't need your approval, well… it means a lot, always will." He smiles down at her, then suddenly starts ascending higher. "I'm gonna let you get to work, I've gotta get to the academy soon so I don't end up doing laps or pushups, well, more than normal."
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"Can i look at my friends faces and keep my shoulders straight and head high" Abigail nods, taking up the helmet, wadded jogging pants stuffed into storage space. "I need to go too. Take care magnes. Be safe and god bless" As he takes up into the sky.

"I'll drop by some time, Abby, but I'll call first, so don't worry." Magnes assures, waving before dramatically zipping off into the sky.

Damn his lack of powered flight, he doesn't get a poof of smoke.

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