Paid for Results


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Scene Title Paid for Results
Synopsis Cardinal passes on the fruits of his labors to his employer.
Date May 22, 2009

Warehouse, Tokyo

Adam has been busy these last few days, while the planning and recruiting stages took forever, his plan tore through Japan rather quickly. He was able to accomplish everything in less than a week, way to go bad guys! Right now, he's at a warehouse with the truck carrying the Takezo Kensai artifacts. They appear to be putting everything carefully into boxes and then putting them in a storage container. There is also some hefty palettes of diapers, apparently to cover up the artifacts. Adam has a clip board and a sword. It really hasn't left his side since he took it back from Hiro.

Understandibly, after the job was completed… Cardinal's been a touch wary about being seen out on the street. The artifacts were promptly shipped here by truck after the job, as they couldn't be easily kept on him, of course.

A shadow slips along the wall of the container, and then bulges outwards— and Cardinal steps free, slowly fading back into colour. "Monroe," he greets, tone casual, "Everything go well?"
Adam considers the appearance quietly for a few moments before he says, "That's impressive Cardinal." after another moment of pondering, he nods, "Yes, everything went quite according to plan." then he pauses with an arched brow in Cardinal's direction, "I hope?"

"I'm not paid to be impressive," Cardinal replies with a casual shrug of one shoulder, reaching into his jacket and drawing out an old envelope - the faded mustard-yellow of age, whatever documents lay within clearly some decades old. It's waggled briefly in the air, and he offers it over with a crook'd smile, "I'm paid for results. Your… formula. Whatever the hell it is."

Adam reaches out and takes the formula. He smiles, but appears less excited than one might think. After all, he came here for revenge, the formula was for someone else. "Very good results, Richard." he says thoughtfully. He slips the envelope into his pocket, then comes out with another envelope, this one much, much thicker. "I assumed you'd want to be paid immediately." he hands it towards Cardinal and should the man look inside, it's a rather impressive amount. Perhaps he expected to be quite overpaid all along, perhaps not, but he should be satisfied if nothing else.

It was either going to be a great deal of money, or a sniper's bullet. Cardinal was rather fifty-fifty on which it was. The money's accepted, the envelope examined with satisfaction before it's tucked back into his jacket. "So," he asks with a jerk of his chin to the package, "Don't suppose you're willing to tell me what I just stole, already?"

Adam considers Cardinal thoughtfully. He pauses and then says, "Do you really want to know?" he asks, "Or are you just curious?"

"I'd really like to know," Cardinal replies with a shrug of one shoulder, "You know, so I know if I have to start building a fallout shelter or something…"

Adam considers that, "It's always good to have a fall out shelter." he says off handedly, then says, "It's part of a formula for giving people abilities. To make the mundane…Evolved."

Cardinal's brows twitch together, his expression bemused - one hand lifting to scratch against the side of his neck, "I can't've heard that right. A… formula to make people Evolved? Seriously?"

Adam nods, "Indeed. Some years ago, the Company created it, then buried it, why cause more problems for them to solve?" he considers, "I suppose there's a certain question of man playing God, but.." he mms, "It would be a different world if anyone could choose to be Evolved."

"Mnm. You can say that again," Cardinal chuckles faintly, but it's covering up a thoughtfulness — considering the other man for a few moments, he asks, "So what do you plan on doing with it?"

Adam shrugs, "As I hired you, someone else hired me. I plan to complete my contract, so to speak." he looks distant for a moment, "It's…a complicated situation."

Cardinal exhales a faint snort of breath. "And here I thought you were an independent man," he observes dryly, "Surprise, surprise."

Adam smiles at Cardinal, "You can't do everything alone, you always need others. The game is long and hard." there's another pause, "It is possible I may ask you to steal this again, that I can't be sure of yet. But perhaps you should be aware that I'll have need of you so soon. I'm not completely sure that I want the person I will give this to to keep it."

"You know how to get in touch," Cardinal admits with a lift of his chin up towards the immortal, a smile twitching faintly to his lips, "Just let me know if you need my services again… can't promise I'll say yes, but I'll listen. Depends on the mark."

Adam chuckles, "The mark is worse than even Kaito was. I'm sure you'll be interested. Which leads me to another matter." he puts his clipboard to his side, "I've been speaking with Simon, who had an unfortunate run in with that zombie man. I told him that I will help him, I may have also volunteered the services of yourself and Jake. Would you be opposed?"

Cardinal's brow furrows again - surprise - and then he exhales a chuckle, "Sure. We'll take care of it, no need to worry yourself… Staten's our stomping grounds anyhow, and some zombie asshole isn't going to be a problem."

"Good. It concerns me. I don't like the idea of young Simon taking it on his own. He's a good boy, clearly has a lot of potential, but…he's still just a boy. And it does no one any good to have some zombie cannibal walking around eating random people."

"No class," affirms Cardinal, dryly, "Consider it taken care of."

Adam nods and smiles again, "Good. Thank you." he pauses, "Is there anything you'll need when we get back to the States?" he questions, "Or are you planning on fading out into the night until you're needed again."

Cardinal lifts one shoulder in a shrug, "I'm going to be busy the second I get back, I've been arranging for shipping on some engines for the airline. I'll be just fine."

Adam glances towards the men doing their heavy grunt lifting and nods, turning back to Cardinal. "Well, I realize I should only think of you as a part time employee, but you're still part of the organization. I'd like to think I can help you were I can." he nods to Cardinal, "If there's nothing else."

"I'll let you know if I need anything," Cardinal allows after a moment, his lips crooking up a bit at one corner, "And if you need any help taking down the Company? Just let me know."

"I'll let you know if I need anything," Cardinal allows after a moment, his lips crooking up a bit at one corner, "And if you need any help taking down the Company? Just let me know."

Adam nods, "Oh, you'll be the first person on my speed dial." he says with a little chuckle. "I'll see you on the plane, Cardinal."

Cardinal brings a hand up in a vague sort of salute, turning to stride away through the warehouse. "Catch you on the flip side, Monroe."

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