Paint Me A Glue-By-Four


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Scene Title Paint Me A Glue-By-Four
Synopsis Humanis First doesn't get to carry out their plan to precision when a quartet of individuals
Date December 8, 2010


Originally associated with the arts, and later famous for both being a destination for shopping and its downtown scene, SoHo has changed drastically since the bomb. The evacuation of SoHo after the bomb, due to its position in the path of the fallout caused as much chaos and hysteria as the bomb itself did. The damage done to the district in that upheaval alone never truly went away. Only finally reopened to the public on New Years day in 2008, SoHo has been struggling to reclaim itself in the time since. The vast majority of the neighborhood suffered as much of New York did from fires caused both by the bomb itself and arson-related incidents.

The reclamation process for SoHo has been slow going. Portions of the northern edge of the neighborhood were remarkably damaged by debris from the initial blast of the bomb, and even more were gutted by fires. The worst of the lot remain behind the one-story high concrete barricades that divide SoHo from the ruins of midtown, accessed only by Department of Homeland Security checkpoints reinforced by the presence of the national guard.

The fear of radiation from the fallout has also kept many out of SoHo, even after its reopening. While SoHo had become fairly commercialized, much of that business closed and moved on in steady economic collapse that engulfed the city. Yet, the southern part of the neighborhood, along Grand Street and Canal Street, retains some of the feel of SoHo's earlier days, with a handful of small business struggling to remain open despite the rising cost of living.

On this street in Soho, with it's multitude of stores of many kinds, the impending christmas only a few weeks away, there's people out and about. The increase in police and the private contracted security and military deter some and only increase the amount of online shopping that is being done. But there's still people who are out, spending money and trying to carve a corner of joy in an otherwise very gloomy, very oppressed seemingly never calm New York.

Signs in windows promote the sales, an radio shack with bright red signs proclaiming you too can be a holiday hero by purchasing a blu-ray player and a high def television for your loved ones. A men suit store proclaims that it is two complete set suits for a whopping $199, including ties. Most of these stores are praying for a good year to make it to the fiscal black this year, and hopefully for a better new year. One of those is also the newly opened Oh So Sweet, that's only been operational a few months. Desserts and booze, you can't go wrong and there's people coming in and out, proving that if you persevere and find your niche, you too can eek out a living and claw your way to keeping alive in New York as it is.

Like so many others, Tess is bundled up, having replaced her fluffy blue coat with a red one, along with a bright red and green hat. Someone's all in the season. She's wandering around, camera in hand, though shoved in her pocket, and she's actually walking rather than running as she'd prefer. But too long without really excersizing means that it would be more painful than fun.

She replaces the camera, pulling out a bag of jelly beans instead, starting to eat them, one by one. Mmm. Sugar. She can't go without sugar anymore. It's just not fun, or wise, as far as her health is concerned.

Griffin is nicely bundled up, wearing his business suit and his long wool coat; the entire outfit is completed with a green santa hat, which is apparently hand knitted. He likes kitschy things, too. He's out with Nadira today, on his way to the old place with his gloved hands linked with Nadira's, his cane in his other hand clicking along the ground as he walks. Draped over the wrist of his cane-holding hand, Griffin has a few shopping bags, filled with more than a few things he decided to get, both for his apartment and for Christmas. The pay increase of working days at the construction site and nights at Tartarus have made things easier.

He grabbed a few gifts for his son. He even got something for Marjorie, trying to be thoughtful by getting her a nice pomegranite-vanilla scented candle, and some tea that sounded particularly tasty. Smiling, he speaks to Nadira as he walks. "…So now that I have my own place that isn't a construction site, she can't say no any more." He leans down, kissing Nadira's cheek, before continuing on the walk toward the next store. "I hope Christmas goes well this year…"

Squeezing Griffin's hand lightly, Nadira looks quietly down the sidewalk. "I am sure it will be wonderful. I must admit, I am not really used to spending holidays with someone. It has been quite a while since I have had anything resembling a family." She purses her lips. "Speaking of Christmas, what exactly can I get for you? I am horrible at shopping."

Shoppers aren't the onlly ones out and about this evening. Koshka, no money to her name to spend on gifts and no one to gift for anyway, has been migrating from store to store window shopping and eye rolling at the displays and promotions for their sales. Ah, commercialism at its finest.

The teen, dressed in the cast offs that you often find in charity boxes, passes several storefronts without really slowing. Men's clothing and cookware don't really interest the girl. Oh, but look. Toy store. Koshka's pace quickens enough to bring her to the bright display of tinker toy structures and life-like train set.

One fact about Tess that perhaps not many people know, is that she loves prank type stuff. And she has a bag full of jelly beans. They make the perfect projectiles. She pulls out a black one, which she hates anyway — Licorice, eww — eyes Griffin for a moment and…zzzzing! One jelly bean missile sent towards his head, and one blonde Cajun looking innocent.

Griffin smiles warmly down to Nadira. "I…honestly don't know what I'd like for Christmas. I honestly haven't given it any thought." He tilts his head to the side, looking thoughtful for a moment…and then, his face brightens. "Oh! I've been missing a guitar. Haven't gotten around to grabbing one yet." A chuckle. "What about you?"

Green eyes turn toward Koshka as she comes into sight, and the man raises his hand, waving to the child. Then, a jellybean plunks him right in the head. He blinks, rubbing at the back of his head where it hit and glancing around with a faint smirk.

"A guitar! That's a good idea." Nadira nods. "I think I might be able to get someone to help me find a good one." There's a broad grin from the Egyptian woman. "Me? I don't know. What do men get women for Christmas presents? Jewelry or perfume or something? I cannot think of a lot I want." She contemplates throwing a cheesy romantic line about how she's already got what she wants, but… she holds off. She does, however, notice Griffin's looking around. "You alright?"

It's the reflection that Koshka sees first, Griffin's waving form shown back to her in the window lit up with lights and excitement within. She smirks at it, then turns to look at the man and his companion with a casually cocky grin. Just in time to see the jellybean plink off its mark. "Somebody sniped you," she calls over to Griffin, tauntingly. Then, remembering manners, she gives Nadira a sort of half shy wave.

Koshka can see something else in the reflection of the store window. A handful of men with baseball bats, pillowcases that bulge with what might actually be cans. Cans of what, who knows. Their faces obscured by bandanna's that are pulled right up over their nose, they seems to be spreading into two groups.

One bumps into Tess, hard enough to knock the woman over and send her sprawling to the ground even as his partner suddenly winds up and clocks the window of the storefront that belongs to the menswear shop.

The tinkle of glass can be heard as it shatters inwards and leaving shards of glass in the damp air that looks like it might drizzle again anytime soon. Another pair hurry across the street with their baseball bat and have at the front door of Oh So Sweet, perched on it's corner lot. There's a scream from inside as the glass goes shattering inside, sending the few patrons near the barr'd windows backing away. Their partners are dipping their hands into the bags, popping off the tops of caps and starting to spray. Three to each group it seems. whether they're armed beyond paint and baseball bats is anyones guess but the message they're starting to paint, paints them for who they are. Humanis first.

As Tess is knocked down she cries out, "Hey!" in a very indignant fashion. She starts to push herself up to her feet when she hears the breaking glass and she stares in shock. "Hey! What do you think you're doin', you bastards?" she asks, forgetting about her promises to not get into trouble as she runs towards one of the men with bats, trying to jump onto his back, monkey style. "I like that place, dickweed!" she cries out, unaware that she's starting to get shiny skin as the adrenaline formed by anger starts to pump bits of glue out via her pores.

Griffin chckles softly to Nadira, freeing his hand from hers to brush her hair behind her ear. "I'll try to be creative and get you something suited to you." He taps her nose once, then turns to Koshka, chuckling softly.

And then, all hell is breaking loose. Griffin watches from his neutral position for but a moment, a frown growing on his face. He watches the insanity for but a moment, before he's suddenly setting his cane upon the ground, along with his shopping bags. Then, he straightens, pulling on his sunglasses that nicely obscure his eyes that are always in a pocket somewhere.

It nicely hides the fact that his eyes are suddenly that eerie glowing white, as he summons all six of his telekinetic hands. Each one goes for a wrist, aiming for the same goal: to break bones. Like hell he's going to let these little man-boys with inferiority complexes get away with spray painting his friend's shop.

In his pocket, his phone vibrates with a text message. But that can wait for now…

Nadira's hand tightens on Griffin's, and she goes wide-eyed as she stares at the storefront. She notes Griffin's actions, however, a little more at ease that he's taking care of things. At least, he can do that without looking obvious. "Someone ought to call the police…" She says, reaching for her phone.

Any further taunting gives way to confusion and then muted fear, flickering in turns across Koshka's visage, as the other passersby in the window turn out to be something she'd rather not get caught up in. Blue eyes dart to Tess, then Griffin and Nadira. But like the woman on Griff's arm, she doesn't act either. Not yet.

The individuals at Griffin's side yelp as they've suddenly foudn themselves unable to move their arms, held in place by something, someone. "GOd damned fucking FREAKS" The middle of the trio yells, baseball bat still in his hand and twisting in spot as if he could find someone who's responsible for the act. People are fleeing, some yelling for the cops who don't seem to be anywhere around much less the military that seem to have been a fixture now and then. There's a red head that's inside the dessert bar and moving towards the door, her own aluminum bat in hand as customers flee to the back

Tess is thank god, wearing clothes. Which won't be good for her later when she actually needs to take them off, but her hands and exposed face are just that, exposed. Maybe perhaps she should have thought twice about leaping onto the guy, already stuck in place via his hands and Griffin's act.

But this leaves three others that Koshka can see, one of which barrels over at the sounds of their comrades in trouble, knocking the street rat to the ground, winding up his bat as if he might nail Tess. But the two others are coming to the rescue too, armed with spray paint cans and have no compunction of spraying Tess. Red. Blue. All over her jacket, hair, face, you name it. "Fucking freak sympathizer!" They're guessing as such, given that she's defending the business of what is known to be an evolved.

The third of the free men, whumps past Griffin and Nadia, worming his way in between the two and sending them to the four corners as well, coming to the aid of his friends.

Since she's essentially stuck to the man that she jumped on — and she'll be rethinking that act if it comes up in the future — Tess decides to make the best of it, trying to kick and knee the man while screaming, trying to get help or the cops. And boy has she got a set of lungs on her. "Help! Cops! Humanis First! They're attackin' us! HEEEEEEEEEELP!"

When she gets sprayed, she tries to kick out towards the offending artists, not even bothering to try to yank her hands free yet. She knows better, and learned that little lesson the hard way. The painful way.

Grunting, Griffin stumbles back, but miraculously doesn't fall. Or so it seems. He frowns quietly to the men he has held in place, bending down and picking up his cane once more, acting every part like a flustered man who just nearly got knocked down by a thug. He raises to a standing position, frowning at the men who are currently spraying down Tess with red and blue paint. Gaping like a curious passer-by who is doing his best to stay out of things.

But in reality, he's quite irate at these little brats. The hands let go of the three men's wrists…only to grip their ankles, giving nice sharp tugs in an attempt to knock them forward, hopefully face-first into the wall they were painting. He makes sure to pull the man Tess is stuck to in a way that might cause the man to cushion her from impact. But no promises, sadly.

As the thug (as really, that's what they are) barrels between her and Griffin, Nadira's forced to release Griffin's hand and stumble out of the way and try to keep her balance. And that does not make the Egyptian woman very happy. She manages not to fall on her face, but the thug that knocked her over is suddenly finding a sudden wave of water gathered from the ground hitting the back of his legs forcefully in an attempt to knock him fully down if Griffin's efforts don't make progress.

Koshka's been sent sprawling before, many times. And so while she might be made to eat pavement, grunting as she hits the pavement, she's also decided it's time to act. She pulls herself onto her hands and knees but only for a second before she's pushing off the ground and toward the man who'd run her over, the one now attacking Tess. Her aim is to shoulder into his legs, trip him up and let him have a taste of the ground as well.

Tess can't see where to aim, the paint in her eyes burning as it makes contact - They'll take care of that in the ER and she'll be fine later - and inhaling it, the aerosol liquid burning her lungs and forcing the woman to stop yelling lest she inhale more. She's saved from further assault by spray paint by Griffin's vectors making for legs, knocking over the three - Tess with them - to the ground. That sckening sound of something breaking isn't Tess's arms.

It's her camera, gone the way of the Jelly Beans she had.

But there's still three, and the spray paint is turned on Koshka as she comes barreling in, the haze of red a cloud in the air and her hair, and the two go tumbling, Koshka stumbling into tess and her monkey'd captive, almost cheek to cheek in the mess that has become the front steps of Oh So Sweet. Tess. The human fly trap catching human and humanis first alike.

Which leaves two of them upright still, one with a baseball bat, and another with a can of black paint. Black paint being hit by the wave of water from behind and going sprawling now with a yell. This was not how they had planned this to go down. Only half of their plan had gone afar.

Even with Tess coughing as she and her victim go down, she still hears that crunch. She feels it, and it has her forgetting her throat and the paint long enough to shriek "NO!" Not her camera, not her precious camera! She'll cry over its loss later, but for now she's just angry. And then there's the little problem of more people getting stuck to her. And so she starts kicking and squirming, trying to get out of the gooeyball of her own, accidental, creation.

Briefly, Griff turns to watch Koshka, a faint smirk on his face. Tough kid, that one. Note to self, give her a Christmas gift. She deserves one. He doesn't know her story, but he likes her, little fighter she is. But then, she's getting in the middle of things, and Griffin sighs, shaking his head softly. Just a dumbfounded gawker, watching like a spectator at a UFC fight, or something of that sort. He can't really do much to help her, right now.

The vectors release the men's legs, and four vectors promptly yank spray paint cans from stunned hands. Two each turn on the remaining two men, giving them a taste of their own medicine on top of Nadira's onslaught, spraying at them with a medly of red and blue paint.

Brushing herself off, Nadira leaves the water on the ground where it comes to rest, though she does make sure that the man is soaked through with water. Gotta hate how cold it'll feel being all wet, that's for sure. She glances between the others there, frowning as she does try to make it appear as if she's not the one doing anything.

Good thing she had her eyes closed, or that spray paint could have been even worse. Koshka goes with the motion of the fall, there's no sense in fighting it, you're more likely to only get hurt worse. She does, on landing, try to pick herself up immediately only to find herself stuck by.. something. "Stop screaming," the youth grumbles through clenched teeth as she places one hand on either of the two and pushes. Heck if she knows why she's stuck to someone, or how, she's just trying to get out of the mess.

Pushing off only hurts, pain on the side of her face and the haze of paint particulate in the air makes Koshka's lungs burn just like they do to Tess's. The bandanna across the HF individual's face wasn't just for disguising their identity it seems. The two men not caught up in the clusterfuck that has become of their attempt to tell Evolved business owners what they think, make a run for it, the sound of sirens loud and getting louder as someone, likely nadira's call as well, gets through to the cops and help is on the way.

Which means that Griffin and possibly Nadira need to book it, like those HF punks are doing, the ones not glued to Tess, attempting to get away too.

"Stop movin'! You won't be able to get away anyway, not without rippin' your skin off," Tess mutters, annoyed with herself and her lack of control over her ability. But since she's on the ground already, with the Humanis First jerk beneath her, and her camera in pieces in her pocket, she has to try to hurt him, just once, really good, before the police arrive. So she does her best to shove her knee into his side. "Fuckin' bastards broke my camera! What's your problem anyway? Think you're somethin' special because you're not special?"

Once certain that the thugs are neutralized, Griffin turns, gathering up the bags of Stuff, even as he's reaching into his pocket and pulling out his cell phone to check that message he got before all of this happened. He glances toward the pile of sticky people, frowning quietly. Sorry, kid, not going to hurt you to get you free. Not on the agenda to scar a child's face up.

He removes his shades, now green eyes turning down to the screen of his cell as he pulls up the new text message, his lips moving as he reads the message.

And the man's face suddenly drains of color, the bags and the cane dropping to the ground with a clatter. His eyes flare to life once more, glowing bluish-white. He glances toward Nadira, floating to her side and touching her arm. "My sister's in trouble. I have to go." A kiss to the forehead from the man, who wears a look of worry on his face.

He doesn't give any time for the Egyptian woman to respond, suddenly slingshotting up into the sky, quickly disappearing over the rooftops.

As Griffin disappears, Nadira looks towards him for a moment. Well, that was alarming. Her lips press together in a thin line as she looks back at… the mess of the others. Um, she's not quite sure what's happening, but she doesn't plan on being around when the cops arrive. She quickly turns, heading off down the street.

A cough takes Koshka with the paint and all. Nasty stuff, she should've kept her mouth shut and stayed out of the fight. She tries, in spite of Tess' warnings, once more to pull herself free. There's sirens coming and she shouldn't be here. She should be moving and putting herself somewhere else out of sight. But to no avail, she's stuck fast.

People are booking it, the popo are coming and there's people to be arrested, that's for sure, but that will be later on down the road as the trio are stuck, tess sandwiched between the humanis firster and Koshka. Spraypaint harsh in the air and causing breathing problems for all involved that soon make yelling impossible.

When they do get ambulances here, it'll be even more complicated with how to get them to the hospital and eventually… Well, this will be a story that the police and the nurses will be telling to their co-workers around the punch bowl at the christmas parties.

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