Pandora, Box Included


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Scene Title Pandora, Box Included
Synopsis Adam visits Tamsine with an unexpected guest in tow. Aw. Kitty!
Date June 2, 2009

Tamsine's Apartment, Greenwich Village

Adam arrives at Tamsine's apartment. He's carrying a carry box with holes in it. In his other arm, he carries a paper bag full of stuff. He pauses as he gets to the door and realizes both his hands are full. So, instead, he kicks at the door a bit.

Tamsine's not expecting anyone, so when she opens the door, she's wearing just a tank top and shorts… the short kind made out of soft cotton that are meant for lounging rather than going out in. Her hair's a bit damp, as she's apparently taken a shower recently. "Adam… uh, what's that?" she says, stepping back a little, and not necessarily to allow him into the house.

"It's a present." he explains as he makes his way into the apartment and past her. He walks around to the couch and sits down before he sets the paper bag aside and puts the other box onto the couch. "Come and see." he says.

"There better not be any … waste… that leaks through that box… while it's on my couch," says Tamsine, eyeing the box suspiciously still. "I should warn you, I don't deal well with reptiles and rarely amphibians…" She inches toward the couch and stares at the box, though makes no move to open it. "If you want me to be your business partner and … friend…" her cheeks redden a bit, "it better not be anything like a snake or iguana or something."

Adam arches a brow for a moment, "Reptiles, really?" he looks thoughtful, "I'm not even sure where that would have come from." he pauses a moment and then opens the box and inside, sitting on its hind legs as if expecting to be adored at the moment is a kitten, entirely in white with bright blue eyes. "I don't think it's got any reptile blood." at which point it mews plaintively.

Tamsine peers into the box, and indeed, all that suspicion and uncertainty melts away as she sees the tiny feline within the box. "Ohhh," she croons, and reaches in to rescue the kitten. "It's adorable… but… I don't know. I've never really had a pet," she says with a frown, peering at the kitten as she sits on the couch and lets it sit upon her lap. "Really, Adam, you don't have to keep buying me presents. I still have lots of Pocky," she points out.

Adam tilts his head, "Well, maybe it likes pocky." he pauses and then turns to the bag and puts it in front of Tamsine, "This should be everything you need. Litterbox, kitty litter, cat food, some toys.." he pauses, "I'm told it has all its shots and is already house broken. But, it looks young. I'm not sure how much you can trust that…soo…" he shrugs as if to say 'what can you do?'. He looks up and says, "So, what are you going to name it."

The redhead stares at the bright white kitten, letting it toddle out of her lap and into Adam's. "It likes you," she says with a smile, leaning back and watching the kitten explore the couch. "I don't know… do you have any suggestions? Just not something … obvious… like Snowball or Whitey." She looks at it skeptically. "Is it a boy or girl?"

Adam considers the kitten as it starts to crawl all over him. He hmms for a few moments before turning it around so it crawls back towards Tamsine, "Uh.." he pauses before he picks up the box again and then replies, "It's a girl. Also, I'm not sure I can think of a good name. I was never good at naming things. I had a dog that I named dog."

"I'll have to think…" Tamsine says with a frown, watching the cat. "Wait. That's … assuming I keep it. Look, you can't just bring animals over to people's houses without warning them… What if I were allergic? Then would you be able to bring it back?" She pets the cat, looking up at him, a stern look on her face before the kitten paws at her, its little foot waving in the air. "Oh, God, she's cute." Right. Argument over.

Adam pretends like he didn't even hear any sort of argument otherwise. He's Adam, if he wanted to give her something, she'll take it and be damned well thankful for the gift. At any rate, he says, "I don't know…Sheba?" he pauses, "Duchess? Carnie?"

She frowns at the names, shaking her head until he says Carnie, then she laughs at that. "Carnie?" she repeats with disbelief. "Poor cat. She has more class than that." She pets the little feline. "Maybe Blanca. Or Pandora. She looks curious, doesn't she?" The kitten is now climbing on the arm of the sofa, peering over the side.

Adam shrugs, "I suppose so." he's obviously not a pet person. And, if Tamsine knew he was immortal, she might realize that things with a twenty year lifespan might as well be fruitflies to Adam. "You could name her Pandora, then. She even has a box."

Tamsine laughs at that. "Yes. I suppose she does." She picks the cat up and puts it back in Adam's lap. "I should set that up, you know, in case she needs to … go." She opens the bag with all the cat paraphernalia and goes about setting up a litter box in the corner. "There. Pan… Pandora… Dora… I guess it has merit?" she says, looking up at Adam from where she kneels on the floor. Her eyes sparkle and she looks actually happy.

Adam tilts his head as the kitten is placed in his lap. He looks at it challengingly and it claws at his shirt. He frowns a moment and picks up the kitten which mews at him. He glances at Tamsine and then smiles as he sees her eyes sparkle and appears to be satisfied with that. "Well." he says in response, "It sounds like something we can work with." he says gently.

"You don't like cats, do you?" Tamsine says, grinning a bit at the little mew of the kitten. "So… why are you bringing me a kitten if you don't like cats?" she asks curiously, standing up and moving back to the couch, sitting beside him and rescuing Pandora.

Adam hmms, "I don't not like cats. I'm just not really much of a pet person. Or I haven't been. But, you struck me as a cat person." he says, "You struck me as someone who would love a kitten and be able to give it a home. And so, I gave it to you. Because you deserve it.

The redhead smiles at him, and does something that she hasn't done before — moves to hug him. Not that they haven't hugged or kissed, but it's always him doing the leaning, the tilting the approaching. "Thank you," she says, kissing his cheek softly, and then pressing herself against him for a tighter embrace. "It was sweet of you to think of me."

Adam lets her hug him for a moment before he reacts, but then slips his arms around her and holds her against him firmly. He reaches up and strokes her hair gently, "Well, you certainly deserve to be thought of, Tamsine."

The cat curls up next to Adam, content, it seems to fall asleep leaning against his leg. Tamsine brushes her lips against Adam's and then leans her head on his shoulder. "All right. But the only thing you're allowed to buy me for a long time is cat food, all right?" she teases him, letting her arm run around his waist.

Adam presses his lips against hers and then slips his fingertips slowly along the sides of her spines before pressing against her gently. He glances down at the kitten which appears to like him despite his best efforts and replies, "No kitty litter?" he questions, "That seems like the better thing. Also, I saw that they have all sorts of new kinds of litter boxes…mechanized and the like. Perhaps one of those.."

Tamsine shakes her red head and laughs. "Fine. Kitty litter and a kitty box that does the laundry for me, too, then," she quips. "Actually, not a bad idea, to get the mechanized type when it's a baby. It might be too afraid later on." How romantic.

Adam leans in and presses his lips against Tamsine's firmly, ,pressing her for a kiss and then pulls her up into his lap, careful to not nudge the kitten too much. Not so much as he cares about the kitten, but because it seems as if it would break the mood if the kitten was gone. He considers Tamsine and says, "Well, that's thinking, I suppose."

"Really? You'll find one that does laundry?" she asks, smirking a bit as she peers up into his face. She leans her head back and closes her eyes, reaching across him to pet the kitten, while bringing her legs up to curl beneath her. For the first time in a long time, she feels content and safe.

Adam smirks a bit. "I could hire you a housekeeper." he says in reply and then reaches down and slides his hand across the small of her back, rubbing the bare skin he finds there, content to pet her for now as she pets the cat.

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