Pants, Please


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Scene Title Pants, Please
Synopsis Wendy, sans pants, is persuaded to answer some questions.
Date Sep 23, 2009

Abandoned Staten Island Docks

The brackish water of the bay licks at the support posts of the next pier over, splashing over barnacle-encrusted wood stained from the rust and oil that pollutes the area. As Wendy swims through the tide, dragging with her the body of her unconscious friend, she struggles up to reach for the pier's edge—

— and her wrist is clasped by slender but strong fingers, that pull to haul her upwards, even as another pair of tattooed arms reach down to grab for Devi's limp form to drag her up from a fate of drowning as well. Once she's relieved of the burden, Jin Yeoh steps back in his stained, bloodied suit that was once so pristine white, and hauls Wendy along up onto the pier's creaking wood, regarding her with a cold gaze. "A most inauspicious ending to a business deal, Miss Hunter."

In the distance, the yacht is slowly pulling away from the docks, Logan's team aboard.

"Ling never said that anything of that sort would happen. Get on the boat, it's the same as with me. Funny Mr. Yeoh, I don't remember coming out of a deal with Ling minus both my money and lacking what I came for, not to mention wet and in my thong before a member of the Triad" Wendy knows what fishbowl she's sunk herself into when she was dealing with the drugs, and partking of them.

She's tired, an ache in her muslces that's compounded by the chill of swimming to shore with Devi through fall season ocean water. "Not to mention pants." She's trying to stop from chattering her teeth in front of her and spares Devi a glance.

"Ah, but you wear that thong so very fetchingly, Miss Hunter…" Jin releases her hand once she's on her own feet, slender fingers pushing up to rake back through wet hair as he turns his gaze back to the yacht drifting away, jaw tensing visibly for a few moments' silence. "…you recognized one of those men. I heard you say it."

One of those men. Wendy turns her face over her shoulder, refusing to show her ass to the chinaman, but looking towards the departing yacht. "Man I met at a club called rapture. He was sniffing around for some Refrain that night but no one was selling the real deal. Seems he's going to be a little hard of hearing thanks to you." There's a disappointed sigh. "He has my money and your product"

"Do you have a name, Miss Hunter?" A slow turn of Jin's gaze back to her, slender brows lifting as he smiles a faint smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes, "Perhaps we can solve both of our problems. I'm certain that both of us wish to be known as good people to do business with."

"I do" So far she is known as someone to do good business with. Buys enough of the stuff and quite obviously a user herself if she's not selling it on the street. Not that Devi might not be, she doesn't really concern herself with what Devi does with her orders. "Logan, was what he told me. Evolved. Everyone one of them with him save for one, I think, was evolved in some way or another. Can tell you that too" Bye bye yacht, bye bye money. "Why, what do you intend to do"

"That would not be up to me," admits Jin begrudgingly, his head shaking slowly from side to side, "That would be up to Liu Ye. Do you know if this… Logan is an independent operator, or does he work for another organization with an interest in interfering with our business?" He reaches out to clasp a hand to her shoulder, flashing a false smile, "The Flying Dragons do not take such insults lightly."

"Linderman. Actually, he's pulled me from a pickle once two weeks ago" But the look she shoots the boat isn't a pleased one. She's got no guarantee that he's going to give her her money back. "Linderman group, not an independant operator. Didn't realize that the Linderman group did things like bust a drug transfer"

"Ah." Jin Yeoh's gaze drifts after the yacht, and the name spoken causes his fingers to twitch just a bit tighter against her shoulder, "The Linderman Group does many things… come." He turns, heading down the dock, fingers snapping to gather the survivors to him, two of them carrying Devi, "We'll get you and your friend back somewhere safe. Mister Ye may wish to speak with you sometime soon."

Bad place to be. Wendy knows this. Between two groups it seems. One did a favor, the other, supplies that blue drug that she adores, craves, needs. "Back to chinatown. Not to bemean or undervalue whats happened to you, to that lovely boat but, I came for Refrain and I intend to go home with some. But I can direct your people where to take Devi, since she lives on this Island"

"Ah, then it seems we're going in the same direction… you can join us once we've acquired transportation back to the mainland," Jin replies in a tone that brooks no argument, heading down the pier, noting casually, "Perhaps we'll even find you some pants, Miss Hunter."

"Who wouldn't want to meet Mr. Ye in the butt cheeks that god gave them! Please. Pants, or even a length of fabric, I can make a skirt out of something" Great, thank you Devi, thank you John, thank you the common sense that god gave a duck. There really is no option but to follow with Jin, a little distracted through all the touch and able to fully focus when he's not touching her.

Time to follow, follow, behave, no backtalking and listen. It's a business and Wendy will have to approach this now like business instead of 'hey lets just do some blue fairy' and pray that she doesn't get found in the back alley somewhere dead.

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