Panucci's Pizzeria
Owner Mr. Panucci
Employees Sparrow
Hours of Operation Unknown
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Good Italian food, atmosphere

Cloistered in between taller buildings is Panucci's Pizza, an old time pizzeria that has been in business for almost fifty years. Standing the test of time, the place is well known to locals in the area. The worn brick two-story facade showcases a wide window covered by awnings of green, white and red. Above is the fading handpainted sign that gives the place it's name. While small, it's take-out and delivery service is bar none.

Once inside, the first thing to assault a person's senses, would be the mouth-watering aroma of various italian cuisine. That's right! Not only does Panucci's offer a wide selection of pizza, but they also make spaghetti, stromboli, calzone, and lasagna! Oh, Mama Mia!!

Stepping inside, one finds a cozy, yet busy setting. The walls are spackled in a mild yellow color, wooden girders built into the ceiling and reflected in the antique wooden racks hanging above the seating areas, which hold vines of grapes and dimmed lighting. Located up front, there is a collection of tables and booths where diners can sit, the area most often served by one or two waitresses at the most. The tables themselves are covered in the traditional red and white checkered cloths, with the booths upholstered in a matching red. It would appear that most of the business of the pizzeria is found to be in it's carry-out or delivery services. A small buffet isle rests at one end of the counter, offering a select array of italian eats for lunch and sometimes early dinner. To the other end, is where most would order, pay and pick-up their selections. Beyond this counter, the kitchen is found to take up most of the back of the shop.


  • The place is run by Mr. Panucci himself; a short, fat, Italian guy who's grey hair is fast receding atop his head. He can be heard to talk in a scruffy New Yorker accent as he yells at employees over the din of the back. He's there from opening to closing, and knows most everyone who comes in regularly, down to what their favorite toppings are.
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