Parenting Skills From An Unusual Source


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Scene Title Parenting Skills From An Unusual Source
Synopsis Kendall shows up at Magnes' (new) apartment with a high fever and in need of a place to stay. Magnes…. acts like a parent. Cue surprise. And whining.
Date March 2, 2010

Dorchester Towers

Dorchester Towers is the last place most people would have expected Magnes to move to, but for personal and career reasons, he certainly did. When Kendall arrives, the door man allows him in after calling up to Magnes' apartment. He goes up the elevator to the fourth floor, and when he finally gets into the apartment itself, he's greeted with lots and lots of space.

THe place hasn't really been furnished, except the beds in the bedrooms. This rather spacious living room with plain white curtains covering the nice view is mostly filled with boxes all over the dark-blue carpet. He's already unloaded the trade paperbacks and the manga into the five bookcases scattered all over the living room, and the entertainment center with the television and all is finally set up, but lacking a coffee table or couch to complement it. Right now one has to settle for the Batman and Superman beanbags.

"Hey! What are you doing over this late? In about two hours it's your curfew I think." he greets Kendall after closing and locking the door, having already changed out of his suit and into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, no shoes on. "And you look sick."

Kendall is shivering, yet is strangely flushed and sweating, so yes he does look sick. He's at least wearing a coat, but no gloves, and seems to be wearing short sleeves under his coat. "I— I don't know where else to go. Delilah wasn't home." she did tell him her address, after all. "My parents… kicked me out." he sways in place like he's about to fall over.

"Alright, just tell me what happened." Magnes heads into his room, then comes out with a pretty thick blue blanket and a futon, kicking the beanbags out of the way to lay the large cushion there in front of the television. "Take your jacket off and use this blanket. I'll make you some soup."

Kendall does so, which is probably a good idea since his coat is kinda wet and cold from snow melting on it. "I think I've got that virus that's going around… the one that only affects…" Evolved? "My parents took me to the doctor, and, well…" he gulps.

"It'll be alright. You can stay here as long as you need to, I certainly have the space now. My roommate Sable is only a year old than you, so you guys can talk about Hannah Montana and stuff." Magnes teases after taking the coat and handing him the blanket. The coat is hung on the side of a bookcase, since he has no actual coat hangers yet, then he heads into the small kitchen area and starts pulling out what he needs to make his soup. "I know plenty of people who could probably talk to your parents, or people who know people. But don't worry about having a place to stay."

"Man, you have a lot of TV watching to do. Actually, no, you're not watching Hannah Montana, it's stupid." Magnes walks back out from the kitchen, grabbing the remote from the entertainment center, then motions for him to take a seat on the futon and sits the remote on it for him. Back to the kitchen he goes! "So what exactly did your parents say?"

Kendall sits on the futon and shakes his head. "I… don't really want to talk about it." judging by his expression, nothing good was said. "You remember what I said about how my parents think Evolveds should be round up and locked away, or shot?"

"Yeah, but I don't know, I always figured parents would at least come to some understanding if it was their own kid." He'll have to ponder if maybe his parents found out and that's why they left. Magnes shakes his head, and soon Kendall can smell a mixture of tomato sauce and oregano boiling from the kitchen. "You can watch TV or play a game or even put in one of the movies if you want, I don't mind. Just don't scratch the classic rock albums, Sable will slaughter you."

Kendall sniffs the air. Spaghetti? He looks confused, then shrugs. "Basically they told me to get out. Well my dad did, anyway. My mom kinda… didn't say anything." classic example of Man of the Family combined with Go Make Me A Sandwich, Woman.

"Honestly, I'm sure it might just be shock. Stay here for a few days, I'll talk to some people, but I won't mention your name or anything. And give your parents a call after they've had time to really process it." Magnes stirs the small pot on the stove for a while, then out he comes with a plastic white bowl of what looks like some sort of tomato soup, with little green spices and pieces of diced chicken floating around. "Eat that, it's not too heavy, and it should warm you up too."

"Thanks." it certainly helps that Kendall is starving, so he holds the bowl in one hand, since there's no coffee table, and eats with his other. "I hope so. I mean… well, they're probably selling my game systems right now." he looks mournful.

"I don't think parents switch to hate that easily." Magnes crosses his legs on the other side of the futon, reaching for the remote since Kendall's eating, and starts channel surfing. "I'm still not sure what Sable's story is, but she never talks about her parents. Seems like I'll end up running a house of orphans and abandoned people. I wish I could say I can't relate. The main difference is I don't know why my parents left me."

"I'm not an orphan, my parents are still alive. But I think my dad was raised by Nazis or something." it totally makes sense to Kendall. "My parents are always forcing me into their ideal. They want me to follow in their footsteps and nothing I said would change their minds." gee, no wonder the kid's an escapist. "They don't really even approve of my drawing."

"You sure we're not related?" Magnes asks, snickering lightly as he leaves the TV on an episode of Dexter's Lab. "My parents raised me like a prized dog that was gonna make them lots of money. I had more tutors than I can count, I studied most days when I didn't sneak to go out and buy comics or go to my grandmother's house to play video games and watch television. I didn't really have any friends until I was a teenager, because they didn't want other children influencing me."

Kendall snorts. "I'm fairly sure we're not related at all. My parents didn't do anything for me aside from hold up ridiculous standards that I had to somehow meet by myself."

"With me, it was more my parents weren't gonna wait around for it. They had my career and everything picked out for me. I was supposed to be some rich physics professor. I'm terrible at physics, except for the whole being a master of the laws of gravity thing…" Magnes lays back, staring up at the television with his hands behind his head. "By the way, you still have to go to school, well, when you're feeling better at least. I'm taking you to the doctor tomorrow and we'll get you a note. But the second you're over this, back to school." He sounds pretty firm about it, apparently not inclined to let Kendall turn into a delinquent.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" Kendall glowers into his soup. "I don't need to go to school, I already know what I'm going to do with my life. I don't need to know math to draw, aside from, like… geometry, which I took already!"

"I'm not saying you can't be an artist, but if you're staying here, you're going to school." Magnes insists, smiling in mild amusement, but reaching over to lightly pat the boy's shoulder before taking his hand back. "Going to school a few hours a day isn't a bad deal for a free apartment and free food, and no parental supervision. But you're my responsibility until we figure something out, and I can't let that brain of yours rot away just because you're not living with your parents."

Kendall can sulk and pout, but… Magnes is letting him stay, at least temporarily. "I guess." Kendall mutters. "What a drag, though. I don't need it. How much of school are you actually using?"

"You use most of it eventually. Without math how do you intend to accurately manage your finances, especially if you end up with a family? Without history, how are you supposed to understand how some of the greatest artists of all time came to be? And I mean really understand their lives and the era they lived in, all their influences. Without biology, how do you expect to really bring your drawings to life? And I mean without your ability. Sure, you're a great artist now, but when you understand how something works, inside and out, you can be an even better artist." Magnes lists things off, holding a finger up one by one. "And I can do this list all night." he warns, grinning.

"That's what Wikipedia is for." Kendall replies with a shrug as he finishes the bowl, looking around. With a slight shrug he sets it down on the floor nearby. "Everything's on Wikipedia."

"You're not going to go through life having to cite Wikipedia for everything. You're going to school, consider school your job, and education your rent." Magnes pushes himself up from the futon, stretching. "I'll go find something that can fit you until we can get you some new clothes tomorrow, and get a bath ready. I'll have the futon made up so you can sleep on it by the time you're out." First he heads into the bathroom to turn the water on, then he comes out and heads into his room. "Sable should be here soon, but don't mind her."

Sometime while Magnes was off preparing a bath, Kendall realized that maybe he'd feel better if he closed his eyes. It doesn't /seem/ like he became unconscious, but he might as well be. He is very hot to the touch in case Magnes decided to follow through with this parent thing and check his temperature.

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