PARIAH Graffiti Draws Attention

MANHATTAN — The pro-Evolved terrorist group PARIAH made its presence known this morning as residents of the Lower East and West Sides were treated to the sight of grafitti declaring the group's motto, ''FORTIS ET LIBER'' (in Latin: Strength and Freedom). Members of the group, or grafitti taggers who apparently share their goals have left the declaration on building walls that are within site of heavy traffic areas of SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown respectively. However, the Chinatown artwork was particularly eye-drawing, as photographed above.

Many of the local residents expressed concern over the vandalism, though a small percentage, mostly teenagers and twenty-somethings, expressed admiration of the artwork. The police have made no comment at this time.

Attached to this news story was the following picture: The scene displayed is elaborately and dementedly detailed, painted in something that could only be the progeny of impressionistic and surrealism, created from both the shades of many cans and buckets of paint Peter had drawn up towards himself, but also the deep and charred black of the intense heat and flame he had created. The scene depicts a cityscape, in minute detail down to the shadows on windows in the distance. It doesn't look like a street in the ruins, but the skyline depicts them as being close. Nearby, an old station-wagon is situated partly up on a curb, charred and gray from being burned out long ago. But the primary focus of the image are plants, a lush and enormous plant with leaves of a rich green color. The large, jagged-edged leaves grow in groups of three with long, purplish stems and small star-shaped and very white five-petaled flowers, bunches of round black berries grow beneath them. It seems to be growing out of a fissure the pavement — painted in the charred black of atomic fire — although the base is mostly hidden by a thicket of vines. The vines start near the plant and extend some ways down the street from it, biased towards the right side of the painting, where they curl down and look to be painted in some coiling mass around the "FORTIS ET LIBER" slogan. Strange flowers on the vines are also five-petaled, but the petals are round and form a cup; they're larger and red overall, with a bit of orange towards the center.

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