PARIAH Robs Bank

"As most are well aware of now, a bank in New York City was hit earlier this week in a grand robbery, the suspects stealing in the range of ten million dollars. We now have more in depth coverage of the ongoing First American Awesome Bank robbery. Our correspondent Richard Head is live at the bank."

"Thank you Ron, yes, the Police have been baffled on the execution of these Bank Robbers who allegedly have ties with the Evolved Terrorist organization, PARIAH. The police were quick to respond, but by the time they got here, all that was left was a blown up van, an empty vault and many confused or killed, hostages."

Cuts to a few clips of frantic survivors of the bank incident telling their stories.

"PARIAH killed sixteen people, robbed over ten million dollars and, blew up their own getaway vehicle which incidentally lit a nearby fern, on fire. Additionally PARIAH left behind a tape that we at ONN have the exclusive right to show you."

It is Karl, the infamous PARIAH leader. "Every action has a reaction," he tells the camera, almost casual despite the carnage, addressing the camera directly and making no effort to introduce himself. "You should have known this if you know so much about us already. You have three options." His head tilts a little to the side. "You show your faces and publicly declare yourselves instead of hide behind your actions like cowards. You give us back what you took from us. Or you do nothing and let people die and hope that when we come for you too, we will be merciful. For the record, if you go for option three," and he smiles, this time, "we won't be."

The gun makes gentle clicks in his hand as Karl makes a show of checking what rounds he has left. He knows exactly what he has left, but that's not the point. "We don't know if you wanted to be a heroes," he continues. "And we don't really care because today you won't be. There will be no witnesses. There will be no survivors. This is the only story there is and we hope you're listening."

A scuff of feet against smooth floor reaches his ears easily even as the echoes of gunshots still carry weight through bank. Someone trying to be a hero, using the element of surprise. It takes two bullets. Silence rings louder than the twin gunshots, and Karl moves towards the camera, crouching just a little so that the face of Karl fills the frame.

"Your names, our money, or another message just like this one. Fortis et libre," 'Karl' sneers, irony there if you know to listen to it, before the recording is switched off.

"Police have no idea how the culprits escaped as they destroyed there own vehicle in the robbery. Authorities are not sure who exactly the terrorists seem to be bargaining with, and have eliminated the idea that it is the government, more likely a private third party. Whoever they are talking to it has us all asking questions."

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