Pasithea And The Fish


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Scene Title Pasithea And The Fish
Synopsis Delilah and Wendy are at a party in an abandoned warehouse. The one wants some refrain, the other wants to know what she does and to dance the night away on the wings of a certain fairy.
Date January 23, 2010

Abandoned Warehouse, New York

Abandoned warehouses in this age are hard not to come across- some remain lonesome, while some, such as this one, become the host of parties that suddenly appear out of what seems to be thin air. Word of mouth gets them by, and word circulates in certain crowds like wildfire. The warehouse is tall, the fathoms above sprinkled with the multicolored and UV lights down below, streams of color and illuminated people make up everything below a certain height; there's a beach ball flying around somewhere too, which in its absurdity makes the Winter feel like Spring. The music is almost generic in genre- electronica, ambiance, the tunes not exactly doing much to dispel any stereotypes of what a rave happens to be. Lots of bodies and lots of noise, lots of drugs and drink floating between, incidentally. Mostly the smoky haze of marijuana, though of course there are always going to be the few bundles of forms off to the sides, skulking in UV light and passing lights and enjoying the high they're going through.

Delilah is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of them; her shirt and skirt are brightly colored in the lights, costume jewelry glittering and glowstick rings on her limbs. Her red hair looks almost black, pulled up in a multicolored ribbon. For a while she has simply been here to enjoy herself, but sometimes the things one thinks about the least are perhaps the ones that linger the most once you do remember them. She can't put up with much distraction, so Dee is now moving towards the edge of the throng, seemingly looking for something. Someone, maybe.

Wendy's got streaks of day-glo in her hair, multiple loops of fluorescent glow stick rings around her neck, rings, bracelets. Leather pants, fairly translucent white shirt with spatters of paint across it, boots that one shouldn't be able to viably move around in but she does. She's on the edge, back to Delilah and in intimate conversation with someone. Intimate that is until there's an exchange of something, folded bills in return for something that wouldn't be seen except they too light up the night as much as she and Delilah and others in this place do too.


There's a shudder of shoulders, laughter rollicking over the music just barely and filtering it's way to the other evolved woman who's proximity make Wendy stiffen suddenly and look over her shoulder directly at Delilah. There's a quirk of the woman head and a lowering of her lids. THe three little syringes of refrain are shifted in her hand, cycling one over the other and she turns then, striking off in search of some place quiet. There's a crook of her finger to Delilah though, a come hither movement, follow me. You're late, you're late for an important date.

There are some times when you have to question coincidence, and some times when you just have to go with it. This is one of the latter times, as Delilah finds out when she gets a fix on Wendy. She seems vaguely familiar, but there is little time to dwell when she is being beckoned after. Lilah shifts through the crowd, indeed getting a feeling of being late for something; though that isn't exactly how her brain puts it. It is more like 'Hurry! You might lose her.'.

Her own shoes against the blackish sheen of stockings are starkly lit, heels practically dancing around bodies in a steady pursuit of where Wendy is heading.

INto a hallway, adjacent to the room, the throb of music and lights a little less in here. Lights at least much less in here. Wendy's leaning against a wall, shoulders providing the support, hips away from it and one foot up, bent at the knee with the heel settled on the wall. "Hey" She offers to the other woman. "I got some blue fairy, willing to share. I saw you looking" There's a gold chain around her wrist, looped three times and it swings, catching light in the dark off the drugs tempting glow. "By share I mean, you can have your own, and call me fish" She offers her hand out to Delilah. The one not holding the vials.

Delilah, once in the small byway, looks Wendy over again curiously, looking something between thoughtful and wary. This will be her first contact with the stuff- and even if she buys it there is no telling if she'll actually fuss up and do it or not. The redhead draws her hand along the wall, not so much looking for physical support as metaphorical. "Fish?" That's odd. Maybe she should avoid a name too? She is usually very open, but when it comes to illegal things maybe she should start being less so. Dee extends and takes the offered hand while still thinking it over. Well, she could always use one of her other handles. "Um. Pasithea. I've never actually …done this before, so I don't know much about those." Brown eyes flicker towards the vials in the other woman's hand.

"Fish" Wendy gestures to her own face, and her goldfishy eyes. "Nickname" Wendy falls quiet though, when her hand closes around Delilah's, eyes goign vacant for a moment before there's an intake of breath, mouth falling open in awe. "Oh wow…" She pulls on the brit's hand, pulling close and at the same time pulling herself away from the wall, peering down. Her tongue sliding out to lick at her lower lip. "Wow… you are… interesting Pasithea. I've never felt someone like you before" Her gaze breaks away from the dark haired woman, down to the vials. "There's a first time for everything. Blue Fairy, or Refrain, your choice on what to call it but I like to call it the blue fairy. Cause she's pretty and makes you feel good and gives you want you wish for" Wendy's voice is breathy still, body close to the other woman's.

"What are you?"

When the two come into a closer vicinity, Delilah is left to mostly peer at Wendy with bated breath and an eye that seems to look for some reason to either trust or distrust. She seems alright, so that moment of hesitance wanes off and Delilah allows herself to stay close. Her eyes narrow slightly, taking in what the other woman is saying, yet lacking a certain understanding of it. Someone like her, blue fairy, what she wishes for- what is she? What kind of question is that? Delilah does not move away, and the shortened distance lets her catch a whiff of something clinging to Wendy's clothes, and look over her facial features in detail.

"I don't- I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Obviously I'm human- well, special human, if I'm buyin'…" Dee's lips curve slightly, not truly amused, but happy in stating something redundant.

"I know you're special. I can feel it. Felt it when you were in there and looking over at me. It's when I touch you. I can't.. describe it. Fuck, you… make.. something?" Wendy smells like the party, jasmine, oil paints, and the lingering scent of cigarette smoke. "do you //know.. what you can do?" she lets go of Delilah's hand finally, letting her fingers linger, trace across the other woman's fingers as she goes. "I got Evo-dar. it's like gaydar, but for evolveds. Here" She holds up a luminescent vial like it was a pez dispenser. "There's quiet places here, it's not so run down that the floors will give out. These folks are pretty smart about where they set up. I'll show you how to use it"

"I know what I can do. It's not as cool as you make it sound. Trust me on that one." As Dee speaks with Wendy, she does not necessarily get more touchy, but the caution seems to be gone. "I'd love something like yours. Something generally less embarrassing and overall more helpful…" She grins at Wendy, though shakes her head a bit near the end. "I did something in a party once, and I realized that it didn't really jive with me, doing that around people I didn't know. Especially for the first time with anything. If you can just explain it- I'm sure I'll manage on my own time. It can't be much different than using regular syringes, can it?"

"Oh, mine can get pretty fucked. It's fucked me over a few times lately" Wendy doesn't want to glamorize her own ability. "So what is it that you do? Cause I never felt that before and I want a name to put with the feeling. Case I ever come across another like you" But those questions can be answered in due time as she takes Delilah's hand once again. fingerless gloves of fishnet distract one from the fact that a couple of her fingers on her left hand are missing an inch or so of them - her hair hides her ear - and she presses the minature syringe into the other woman's hand and then folds fingers over it so that Delilah's hand hides it from sight as she leans in, Wendy's lips brushing against Delilah's ear. "You inject it straight into a vein, it's instantaneous. Inject it into muscle, takes about twenty seconds. I prefer the twenty seconds to get comfortable. Other than that, it's the same. Addictive, i'll tell you that up front, and hella expensive, but it's fucking worth it."

In the dusky lighting and the feel of gloves, Delilah surely does not notice anything out of the ordinary about anyone. Delilah's hand is thankfully not in a sweaty panic due to the nature of this, so she is able to relax when Wendy takes it again and puts the vial into her palm. Her head tilts to listen, and in that tilt the tattoo on the back of her neck is visible. "How much do I owe you?"

"And what I do is- well- I'm poisonous when I go into survival modes, panic modes, really negative emotions. I've never heard of another one like me- a toad person. The technical term is psychoactive secretion, but secretion makes me sound like a bleedin' leper or somethin'. Nobody has come up with something better though. Yet."

"Nothing" Wendy giggles into Delilah's ear, craning her head to peer at the tattoo then touch it, trace across the etching on her skin with the lightest touch. "Toad person. toad girl, Psycho-tropic excretion." It prompts another giggle from Wendy who quite obviously has partaken of something else this evening. "I'd ask you if I could lick you, but that' might be taken the wrong way. Or maybe the right way" Wendy turns away, turning on one of her pointy heels, leather hip brushing against Delilah's own colorful clothes with deliberate ease.

Perhaps it is on her neck for a reason- Delilah is a little bit ticklish at the touch to her neck, shoulders giving a wiggling shrug. She's watching Wendy with a smile, traces of flirtation behind brown eyes. Well, if she's going to be like that- "I haven't really gotten the hang of doing it on command. Or even making sure its not that concentrated. If I dose someone, I just kinda…dose them with whatever happens to come up." The hand holding the vial doesn't move, but the empty one hovers around where Wendy brushes against her. "You could try- but others have- with no real luck…" Lilah smirks further.

"It just means you haven't practiced enough honey" Wendy quips bumping her hip again against Delilah's. "Come Pasithea, lets go get sweaty and dance with the rest of them, go put that away, there's time enough for that later" It disappears, her own syringes, somewhere on her person as she starts to slink down the hallway, the back of her bra visible to the world and to the partygoer's. "The night is young, there's no cops gonna come here, and there's a lot more to explore. I want some water too"

"Been tryin'. I can't exactly go around using it realtime- that's way too dangerous. I've almost-" A lie. "-killed people." Delilah bumps lightly back in response, smiling broadly and tucking the vial away on herself before slinking along after Wendy. Well, if she even made half an acquaintances, it's not a total loss. "It's what I came to do in the first place, have a bit'a fun. This was a side-quest." And a successful one, apparently. If she doesn't decide to get in bed with Old Blue, no monetary loss either.

"Drugs kill people, cars kill people, planes kill people" Wendy raises her hands, fingers trailing on either wall. "Cigarette's kill people, doctors kill people, the list goes on. You are one of many, you will always be one of many and you can't let that rule your life or what kind of life will that be?" Hips sway to the music as they make their way back to the main throng. "You gotta live each day as it it's your last, because it could be" She looks over shoulder at Delilah with a wink.

"You never know"

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