Passing Game


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Scene Title Passing Game
Synopsis A few members of the newly formed Squad 2 of FRONTLINE pass around a soccer ball and gets to know each other.
Date January 30, 2010

United States Naval Academy - Football Field

Annapolis, Maryland. Being right by the water, the city has been descended into a freezing cold snap. People dash from one place to another in order to stay out of the punishing winds and the low temperatures. Luckily, Felicia has found herself a place to work out some pent energy and stay warm by taking advantage of the extensive sports facilities available there. While some of the time she's been indulging her obsession with old military history in the library, she can't just spend all her time sitting down and studying.

Instead, she's dressed down in shorts and a plain short-sleeved shirt. Her brown hair is pulled back and she juggles a soccer ball on her knee, dropping it down to kick it every once in awhile. There are a few other military personnel taking advantage of the track around the astroturf football field that Felicia is on one end of. But, she pays them little mind. She'll go back to running around in a bit, but for now she'll work on her handling.

Rachel shivers as she walks, the former-Marines eyes looking around at those that happen to be sharing the same practice field that she is thinking of going at. She hasn't done PT in a while, and the wrongness of that is actually really starting to gnaw at the Marine. She frowns, eyes going around the track as she debates if she wants to run or not. Ultimately deciding on leaving that bit of exertion for last, she begins to head towards Felicia and the soccer ball. Passing back and forth does tend to help with handling skills.

The Marine is dressed in her usual combat fatigues, her hair up and out of the way in a ponytail as she walks with her hands in her pockets. Other than the occasional shiver, she doesn't seem to be terribley affected by the tempuratures that have plummeted into the really-cold-for-winter area.

Once a Marine, always a Marine for Felicia. Even with this new assignment, she hasn't resigned and hasn't been given her honorable discharge. Dropping the soccer ball, she kicks it toward the woman heading in her direction. Then, she ducks down to pick up a sweater - one she picked up in the gift shop. It says 'US Naval Academy' on it and is pretty warm, especially for someone who has been running around and getting her own body temperature going.
"Hey," she greets, friendly enough. "Here for some exercise?" It'd be good to have someone to pass back and forth with, maybe even partake in a little one on one.

Rachel puts her foot up to stop the ball, and dribble it a little between her feet as she says, "Yeah. Can't sit around and not do it after spending all my life doing PT." A crooked grin is shared with the other woman, before she hits the ball back. Her eyes studying the other woman while she waits for the ball to be passed back.

Exactly how I feel, too." Felicia takes the ball and dribbles it slightly to her left, passing it backward. If they just stand there, the cold will seep back into their bodies and they'll feel the freezing air again. Pulling her hood up over her hair, she kicks it backward. "So, what do you think about all of this?" She must have gotten the recruiting speech, too. That means she knows some of what is expected of them, what must be going on here. They're here for re-training and specialization, that means there must be some money behind it, some power.

Rachel shrugs her shoulders a little, as she passes the ball back to Felicia and she responds, "I think that I don't know what to think about all this. Was a nice speech, at the least." A roll of her shoulders is given before she responds, "But, she had the right of things. Wasn't else where I could go in the Marines. After being demoted to a private."

Dribbling, Felicia kicks the ball up and aims it at Rachel's chest. Time to shake things up on the soccer field. Even if they're talking and dribbling at the same time, that doesn't mean she can't attempt to have a conversation. They'll all be working very close together, it'd be good to get to know the ins and outs of their personalities. "I wonder if she uses the same speech for everyone." She assumes that it was the same woman that came to talk to Rachel, but then she's making assumptions. "What was the demotion for? If you don't mind my asking." She can always find it out, but it's politer to ask.

Rachel shrugs her shoulders a little, bouncing the ball off her chest and on to the ground as she passes it back. "Something I that was covered up with a cover story that needed to be sold with my demotion from Coporal to Private," Rachel's mouth twists into something of a sneer, "But, with the manifestation of my… abnormality, suddenly that wasn't as important as making me a weapons specialist for FRONTLINE."

A raised eyebrow and Felicia stops the ball with one foot. "Abnormality?" Everyone in FRONTLINE has an ability, it's their main weapon against others that they will be facing that are more dangerous. "And I don't think rank says much about recruitment. There're non-military with us, too." They all have the required toughness to make it with them. "Though, I'd honestly be more comfortable with a team of Marines."

Rachel shrugs her shoulders a little before she replies, "I can… I dunno, teleport, I guess." She shrugs her shoulders and replies, "Saved some lives in an operation, but, its not who I am. I'm not supposed to be special." Her eyes look at teh ball for a moment, before she replies, "Well, if you're the commanding officer, than you have one marine there."

"I meant more that you think it's an abnormality." Felicia's voice comes out in little puffs of air in the cold and she doesn't seem to like the idea of what Rachel has said. Finally, she kicks the soccer ball back to the other Marine and waits to see what will happen next. The other military personnel running the tracks don't pay the two women any mind. "It's not about special, it's about what you're suited for." She thinks for a second. "Teleporting, huh? That'll be damn useful." Especially if they need a quick exit. Already, the brunette is thinking of what they'll be able to do in different situations. "That's better'n none." Her lips curl up in a half smile.

Rachel nods her head and says, "Pretty much." She chuckles a little, and kicks the ball with her foot, hrrming faintly as she tries to think about what to say next. The young woman can't exactly come up with any thing. She's not sure what to do with someone who thinks that there ability isn't something that isn't natural. For her, she spent most of her life trying to /not/ be special, she didn't want to be thought of as the poor kid whose Mom comitted suicide in school, and from there, she was just happy being just another Marine, and then she gets hit with a genetic lightning bolt.

The blonde walking down the hill near the bleachers looks at the people running the track around the football field, but appears to be heading directly for the two women in the middle of the field. Her hands are shoved into her pockets, her hair held back with a barette. She stops not too far from them, tilting her head. "Varlane and Mills?" she calls in a querying tone.

Felicia takes the soccer ball and then deflects it toward the new woman that's approaching them. It's not that she thinks her ability is unnatural, she just knows that she was born with it and there's no going back. Whatever it is that she has, she doesn't feel like worrying about it or thinking she's wrong somehow. "Harrrison." She knows the very basics of al the people she'll be working with, without any real context of who they actually are. "You play any soccer?"

Rachel turns to look at the approaching woman, and she just nods her head a little. "That would be me," she answers, as her hands jam into her pocket. Best to keep them from getting too cold and getting frozen. Her eyes studying the woman that is approaching them, before she shrugs her shoulders, and looks back at Felicia, her lips pursing.

There's a faint smile as Liz's hands come out of the pockets more for balance than anything else and her foot comes up to stop the ball and then kick it back toward Rachel. "Not much," Elisabeth replies to Felicia, and she nods to Rachel. "Elisabeth Harrison. They told me I'd find you guys out here. Thought I'd horn in and meet whoever was around."

"Felicia Varlane." While the woman debated putting her full rank in front of her name, she decides that at the first meeting of her team, she'd at least keep it personal. "Don't need to play much to kick around the ball a bit." Then, she thinks for a moment, eyeing Rachel's gesture. "Maybe we should head inside, though. Cold's starting to finally get through."

Rachel nods her head a little befor she replies, "Rachel Mills." A shrug of her shoulders at the head in before she says, "Go on ahead, I'm going to stick around outside and finish excercising." She offers a smile, before she begins to jog towards the track, intending on taking care of her running.

Watching the other woman take off, Elisabeth looks thoughtful, but she turns her eyes back to her new team leader. "Sure, I'll walk with you. A cup of coffee wouldn't go amiss," she comments as she pivots on a heel back toward the bleachers and the path up to main campus. "They all look so damn young," she murmurs, watching the plebes run.

Kicking up the soccer ball, Felicia tucks it under her arm. Jogging a bit, she heads for where she peeled off her sweatpants on the bleachers in order to not overheat when she ran the track. She puts one leg in each leg and then she's ready to go. Tightening the strings around the hood of her hoodie, she gives Elisabeth a bit of a shrug. "I've served with people who weren't much older." Then, she gives her a bit of a grin. "But, you're right. They look like they should be babysitting the neighborhood kids. With guns, of course."

Elisabeth snickers softly. "Of course," she replies drily. With guns. Heh. Her hands get shoved back into her pockets once more as she waits for Felicia to get ready, and then as they're walking, she asks, "So…. do you want formality or casual on the team?"

Moving at a brisk pace toward the main campus, it doesn't take the women very long before they find themselves inside. Felicia pulls back her hood and shakes out her ponytail, then her hands, flexing them as if that will make the cold go away. "I will make the basic assumption that people on the team know the difference between the mission and the personal. As long as the mission remains the priority, I don't care how we address each other otherwise." Putting her hands into the front pocket, she starts again toward where they can get hot cups of coffee to combat the cold. "We'll have to find what works best, since not everyone's military background. And I'll try not to hold that against everyone." She smirks. That's a joke, see.

Tilting her head, Elisabeth asks mildly, "Who besides me doesn't?" Because her understanding is that the rest of the group is actually military, though the specifics haven't been given her yet. "Glad to know you're not the prejudiced sort," she chuckles. "So tell me, ma'am," That's a joke, see — cuz Liz isn't likely to stand on much ceremony when they're not mid-mission, "what it is you'd like to know about me. And what you'd like me to know about you."

"You're the only one." Which is why Felicia made the joke. It's a bad one, but then those are the kind of jokes that the brunette likes. "But, from what I understand you have a cop background, so it's not like you're a complete civvie." The grin returns when she replies, "No no, I'm a terrible prejudiced sort. Marine or nothing, Oorah." Because, even if Elisabeth is older than her by a few years, that doesn't mean she's going to care about that. Her eyebrow raises at the ma'am joke, but she doesn't seem to mind it. "Personally, I'd like to know where everyone stands on the Evolved issue. What constitutes dangerous in your eyes and how you feel about yourself and others. I trust everyone was recruited because they see things about the same way for why we're here, but I want to hear it everyone's own words. I don't want any surprises halfway through a mission about someone's long lost brother who really is a good guy, but fell in with the wrong people."

That raises Elisabeth's eyebrows. She goes through the line to get her coffee and pay for it, waiting for Felicia to do the same before walking with the woman to a table. Once at the table, Liz keeps her voice quiet as she finally replies, "I guess that depends on what you mean by seeing things the same way. Though I don't have any surprises about any long lost brothers to toss in your direction." She sips her coffee, blue eyes level on the woman who's about to be her CO.

Taking her coffee, Felicia slides into a seat and finally takes her hands out of her pockets. Now she wraps them around her paper cup, the red from the cold turning into red from the heat. "We're all here for the same reason. I assume you got this speech when you were told to show up here. There are people out there that are dangerous. They've got power unimagined before and if they use it in a way that will endanger the lives of other people, we're here to make sure they don't. As a cop, I'm sure you've had to deal with criminals who were dangerous to the public. Some people feel like Evolved people deserve to be all studied and locked up. Others think we're all dangerous. And some think we're here to take over and want it that way. If you're someone who doesn't like what you are, I'd like to know that. If you're someone who thinks we're here for world domination, well, that's handy information, too." She gives the other woman something of a smile. "I'm not here to judge anyone. I just like to have all the facts. Maybe just start with the start. How comfortable are you with what you can do? How far can you push it?"

Elisabeth listens politely…. and purses her lips. And then she glances around the mess hall. As her eyes return to her CO, she encloses the two of them in a one-way field where they can still hear the entire room but what's said at the table carries no further. She doesn't duck or fidget as she looks at Felicia. "I don't know how familiar you are with New York and what goes on there, Commander," she says in a slightly more formal tone than she's used thus far. "But my speech included the phrase 'getting out there to do what you've been doing for months, only legally' and the bits of flattery about having more urban combat experience than most SWAT team members in the US and having more precision with my ability than any audiokinetic on the Register. As to where I stand — part of my oath is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. That means that if an Evo uses his or her power to endanger the lives of others, they still should be getting a trial of some kind. I'm not in the business of chucking people in Evo Gitmo and leaving them there indefinitely. Kershner says she's not either, and frankly? It remains to be seen whether she's lying. I'm not completely anti-Registration, but I am pro-CHOICE on the matter."

There's a pause as Liz takes a sip of her coffee. "As to your last question, ma'am, I'm pretty damn comfortable with what I can do, and I can push it pretty far. Remember what happened to Pinehearst?" She smiles with a wicked little twinkle. "Granted that all that ID4 glass smashing was while I was augmented, but…. that was me."

For one, Felicia doesn't really care who hears them talking. These are all military folk who know missions and know what they're doing. If the have a problem with them being Evolved, then she will take care of them. However, she does keep her voice down so that others will not be able to hear them unless they're really trying to listen in. Of course, she doesn't know that Elisabeth is putting up a shield around them to make that totally impossible. "I'm originally from there." However, she carries no accent and she hasn't returned there in many years. "However, no, I haven't been completely briefed on the topic. I've mostly been abroad." Where, apparently, things are simpler. Who knew?

With a quick nod, Felicia digests all that information and takes a small sip of her coffee. It's still a little too hot, but she doesn't mind it. "Good." It's hard to tell whether she means that in what Elisabeth can do or how she feels about Evolveds. "Have you ever killed anyone?"

"Yes," Elisabeth replies simply. "And by the way, they can't hear you." She nods slightly to the surrounding room. "I figured we were better off having this conversation in some modicum of privacy. Yes, I've killed. In the line of duty as a cop, and on several …. 'missions' that some might consider questionable while with the Phoenix faction, as well as the classified run that earned me my spot here." She tilts her head and comments as an aside. "Knew a kid on that run with the same last name. Relation?" Because seriously… six degress of separation, people!!

"You think these people aren't going to kill someone? That's what we're trained to do, Harrison." Felicia sticks a thumb out to the students in uniform around them. There aren't very many of them, considering the place. Many must be in classes. "Anyway, the best way to have a secret conversation is to do it in public. No one's listening to anyone else. If you have a problem with talking in public, we can move this elsewhere." Obviously, Felicia doesn't really have the issue. She looks completely at ease with the situation.

"Also good. First kill's always the hardest on a person. I'd rather not have to go through that with anyone." She takes another longer drink. "I don't want to kill anyone, but if it comes to it, I don't want someone who'll balk." As for someone with the same last name, Felicia tilts her head at Elisabeth. "Only proper relations I've got is a sister. Haven't seen her in awhile. What was her name?"

There's a faint smile. "Oh, I think they'll kill someone. I just didn't think telling them that I'd been on both sides of the fence was a good plan — According to the news, Phoenix is a home-grown terrorist group, didn't you know? But it's something you need to be aware of as the CO of the group. I believe that I was brought on board not just for my ability, but for the contacts I can bring in terms of informants." Elisabeth sips her coffee. "I'll do the job for you, ma'am. But if the orders you give cross my moral code, you should expect that I'm going to question them. Vociferously. In the right time and place — I won't argue with you in combat. People die that way. In return, since New York's my home turf and given what I do bring to the table, I expect that if I come to you with information that impacts how we're handling a run, you take what I say to you seriously."

At the information about her sister, Elisabeth shakes her head. "Must not be a relation. Young kid — he'd been a PD rookie that I tried to help at one point, but he was…." She grins a little. "He was a kid. All … show-off and ego and such. Really really wanted to help people, but couldn't quite seem to get over himself enough to really make a go of it." She shrugs. "No big."

"If you want your past connections kept from the group, I'm not about to tell them." Felicia takes confidence very seriously. "I've got my own ideas about all those New York groups and what they're doing to the country, just like I expect you've got yours. If there's anything you feel like you need to tell me, you tell me. I don't punish people for having an opinion." Then, she says seriously, "This isn't a dictatorship, but it isn't a democracy, either. I respect people's know-hows, just like I expect them to respect mine. But, once a decision is made for the team, that's it. If something questions your moral code, I expect you to tell me at the start and we'll handle it. If you come to me with information, I will take it seriously. But if I decide that even with new information, the situation still calls for action that differs from your opinion, I expect you to listen."

Felicia takes another drink of her paper coffee cup. The table that they're sitting at is further toward the wall of the cafeteria, it's a good place to talk as any. The information about the sibling that is not her sibling is taken with just a nod. That's the end of that. "I guess this as good a time as any for the next part. You have any questions for me?"

Rachel slips into the cafeteria, wet hair hanging down around yet another pair of army fatigues. She looks refreshed, and the towel that she is keeping around her neck despite going to the cafeteria is a good indication that she just finished showering after having finished excercising. Her eyes looking around before she spots Felicia and Elisabeth and begins to walk in their direction, taking a seat at a clear side of the table, she asks the both of them.
"Mind if I join?"

Elisabeth simply nods to Felicia. "I'd be interested in hearing your opinion, ma'am… I have a feeling that my position on things might just surprise you, but maybe not. And I can take orders, Commander. Even orders I don't like. If, after the fact, I feel the need to raise hell, that's when it'll happen — after the fact. And behind a closed door as necessary. I won't challenge your authority in an open forum just like I wouldn't call my captain on the carpet or expect him to call me on it in an open room. You deserve my respect unless or until you prove you don't." Looking up as Rachel comes near, Elisabeth smiles slight and drops the silence field. "By all means," she invites. "We were just getting into the nitty gritty of 'tell me about yourself.'"

"Good." That's really what Felicia wanted to hear of Elisabeth. Of course, saying that she takes orders well and actually taking orders well are two separate incidents. Of course, she'll take her word for it for now. Unless, like Elisabeth said, she proves herself otherwise. "Feel free," she nods to Rachel. There's more chairs. She checks her watch and finishes her coffee. "Though I'm going to have to leave in a few minutes." Debriefings and the like, which she's sure will take up most of their time in Annapolis. "There'll be more of these. I'd like to know more about everyone. And you all should know more about me, too."

Rachel nods her head a little while seh sits there before she shrugs her shoulders and replies, "Well, have fun I guess." She offers the woman a smile, while she takes a seat before she offers her hand to Elisabeth, "Rachel Mills, to formerly introduce us."

There is one tip of Elisabeth's head at the commander of their team. "I do have something I'd like to ask you … " She grins impishly. "How far do I have to run in how much time??" Her tone is a bit incredulous. "I mean… seriously, I run, but … good Lord."

"I don't know about fun. That comes later." Felicia gives a grin and then actually laughs at Elisabeth's question. "100 yards in 11 seconds. I expect you all the be practicing during our training." Is she joking? Most likely. "The more serious questions, I'll expect, will come later. I'll be asking you a few questions once we have a few moments alone, too, Mills." It seems like last names will be a thing with Felicia. Taking her empty cup, she stands. "You all play nice." Tossing the cup to the trash, she nods at Elisabeth and then Rachel and starts to move off.

Rachel nods her head a little while seh sits there before she shrugs her shoulders and replies, "Well, have fun I guess." She offers the woman a smile, while she takes a seat before she offers her hand to Elisabeth, "Rachel Mills, to formerly introduce us."

There is one tip of Elisabeth's head at the commander of their team. "I do have something I'd like to ask you … " She grins impishly. "How far do I have to run in how much time??" Her tone is a bit incredulous. "I mean… seriously, I run, but … good Lord."

"I don't know about fun. That comes later." Felicia gives a grin and then actually laughs at Elisabeth's question. "100 yards in 11 seconds. I expect you all the be practicing during our training." Is she joking? Most likely. "The more serious questions, I'll expect, will come later. I'll be asking you a few questions once we have a few moments alone, too, Mills." It seems like last names will be a thing with Felicia. Taking her empty cup, she stands. "You all play nice." Tossing the cup to the trash, she nods at Elisabeth and then Rachel and starts to move off.

Rachel look over at Elisabeth before she watches as Felicia head out and she hmms a little. "That sounded ominous," she voices her opinion while she stands there. Her eyes going back to the table ebfore she says, "Pleasure to meet you." If Felicia's talk of time to run fases her, it doesn't seem apparent.

"Nah, I doubt it," Elisabeth replies. "She's trying to get a feel for where everyone stands in terms of their abilities and how they view themselves, it sounds like. Making sure none of us hate what we can do, figuring out how well we wield it and probably what the range and effects are, really. Willingness to use it." She smiles at Rachel and sips from her coffee. "Nice to meet you again," she says. "You can call me Liz, or if last names are your thing too, Harrison's fine."

Rachel shrugs her shoudlers and replies, "I don't know if I have a name calling that I prefer. But, its nice to meet you Liz." Her eyes look around the place, before she says, "So, how'd you manage to find yourself here?"

There's a snicker and Liz admits wryly, "Got myself basically arrested and sent on a classified mission for Kershner." It's not as if her background is going to be much of a secret. "Got the whole 'hey, you've been doing the same job illegally that we want to PAY you big money to do for your country now' kind of schtick." She shrugs. "And since all I ever really wanted to be was a cop and my career'd just been burned, the idea of being able to keep doing what I'm good at legally appealed. You?"

Rachel shrugs her shoulders and replies, "Got reassigned to do some job in Madagascar. I manifested, I guess is what people are calling it, and they decided I'd make a good candidate for this, so, here I am."

Elisabeth looks startled. "You were in Madagascar," she asks in a quiet tone. "Six degrees of separation my ass," she comments mildly. "What's your ability?" she asks curiously. "And how are you doing, dealing with the fact that you even have one?" Because that can be … quite the shocker.

Rachel looks at her for a couple of moments before she replies, "My… abnormality… is teleporting it seems like. As for dealing," a roll of the Marines shoulders is given. "Its there, its not going away, and at the moment, I'm in a place where I'll be using it.

Now that's interesting. Rachel calls it her 'abnormality.' Elisabeth tilts her head a bit. "Personally," she comments thoughtfully, "I don't find whatever ability you popped up with any more abnormal than Beethoven's musical talent. The brain is a complex, organix machine; why shouldn't it be wired occasionally to do something amazing?" She smiles at Raachel. "I'm an audiokinetic," she tells the other woman. "I manipulate sound waves. Make big concussions with them, listen to you from far away, things like that. For what it's worth to you… I owe my life to a teleporter a time or ten. Once you get past the shock and the fear of learning about it… it doesn't really change anything about you. It's just another thing you happen to be able to do."

Rachel shrugs her shoulders and says, "Its not what I want." She listens to Liz for a couple of moments before saying, "Well that is interesting." She grins faintly and says, "I saved my life by teleporting into a tank in Madagascar."

"Nobody wants it when they get it," Elisabeth admits with a bit of a grin. "At least, nobody with an ounce of sense in this day and age. It's as bad as getting fuckin' head lice or figuring out that you're gay! People look at you funny, and they step away, and they don't meet your eyes anymore." There's a bit of a shrug. "But eventually, you work your way through it and it just becomes part of you. Like having dark hair or blue eyes."

"Yes, but, I'd rather just not be anyone special. It'd make me feel more than a little better about myself, I think." She manages a smirk while she sits there, before saying, "So, now you're here, and I'm here, and I've no clue what to be doing at this point."

Looking around at the mess hall, Liz replies smartly, "Eating?" She winks. "Don't worry, I won't treat you like you're anyone special. Unless, of course, you gimme a reason. Like you kick my ass at the 100 yards or whatever the hell it is we gotta run. Then I might treat you a little special. And call ya my speshul snowflake or something." She's clearly giving Rachel shit. The twinkle gives it away.

Rachel shrugs her shoulders and looks at the food, "Yeah, maybe later. And, I bet I will beat you at that. I've been in Iraq since Oh-two, so, I'm in something of good shape, I imagine."

Elisabeth snorts. "Yeah, bet you are. I spent some time recently on board the GW. I asked the Marines there to put me through their paces. Grueling! But I figured it'd stand me in good stead, being the only non-military person on this squad." She smiles at Rachel. "What do you like most about being a soldier?"

Rachel purses her lips while she thinks for a couple of seconds before she finally says, "Well, I honestly don't know. Most people would say that there was a lot of things to dislike out there, but.. I enjoyed the choas of it. Waking up and never knowing what is going to happen."

"Well, I'm betting New York and this squad will be to your liking, then," Liz notes easily. "Because the place is a pit lately. And if we wind up going door to door on Staten, it isn't going to be easy or fun. Lots of challenges." Especially the mental kind for a newbie Evo.

Rachel hmms and shrugs her shoulders a little before she replies, "Can't be any worse than going door to door in Fallujah." Her eyes looking around the cafeteria, once more before she rubs at her eyes. "Just gotta get used to not being shot at most of the time."

At that, Elisabeth laughs. "Actually… don't get used to NOT being shot at. Not yet. Staten might yet turn out to be more like Fallujah than you'd expect." She tips her head. "You look like you could use some sleep. Don't let me keep you if that's the case, okay? If you're just coming in from Iraq, the jet lag's gotta be a bitch."

Rachel shakes her head a little, "Been about a week since I was back here on Eastern Time. I'm fine, really, I'm just," she pauses and tries to figure out a word to fit in there before she finally finds one. "I'm bored."

"I'll try not to take offense," Elisabeth replies wryly, clearly not taking a bit of offense at all.

"Well, it is hard to go from being shot at all the time, to nothing in a week," Rachel replies back to her.

There's a brief nod and Elisabeth says quietly, "Yeah… the coming down period. Hang in there. And feel free to let me know if I can help in any way, okay?"

Rachel nods and says, "Well, maybe I should get you to shoot a gun at me a couple of times, should get my blood pumping again."

Liz eyes her warily. "You are kidding, right?" Cuz one never knows!

Rachel shrugs her shoulders a little before answering, "Maybe, maybe not." She chuckles lightly and winks while leaning back in her chair.

Elisabeth rolls her eyes and grins a bit. "Ever been up to New York? Looking forward to it at all?"

"Went to New York after finishing up in Madagascar, but, I suppose I could look forward to it a bit, since that seems to be where we will be living for a bit or three."

Nodding slightly, Liz replies, "Well, I'll be glad to show you around when we get there. If you like." She smiles slightly. "It's home." She moves to stand, picking up her cup. "I'm going to go pick up some of my gear. See you around, Rachel," she offers with a smile.

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