Passing The Message


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Scene Title Passing The Message
Synopsis Kaylee passes on the message that Edward left for him and some information on the June 10th visions.
Date July 23rd, 2010

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

Nothing remains of the nasty migraine that plagued her the rest of the day, after scanning Lorraine's memories, but Kaylee Thatcher still felt exhausted. It was never easy to dig through another person's head. As much as she could have happily stayed in bed, she had a meeting today. A fairly important one.

She still had a message to deliver.

So she got up and got on with her day. So she is now standing in the small kitchen with it's crappy cabinets, pouring herself a glass of sweet tea. Her long blond hair hangs straight, still fairly damp from her shower, soaking into the back of her doubled up maroon and white tank top.

Glancing down next to her, Missy is busy trying to get those last bits of food she just knows is in her food bowl somewhere, metal tags clinking up against the side of the bowl.

"Do you think anyone would mind if I just walked up a couple floors and shot Varlane in the goddamn head?"

Oh, look. Richard's here. Cardinal's leaning in the doorway of the kitchen behind her, not having bothered to use the door - not even the dog could notice him until he stepped out of the shadows there. He scratches fingertips beneath his chin, his head shaking slowly, "I mean, I'd do it quietly. Nobody would even hear the screaming."

The sudden appearance of the stranger startles Missy, who jumps and back away with a yelp. Whe she recovers she starts to bark at the man, the high pitched sound not as loud as most. "Missy! No." The dog gives a few more barks, before looking up at Kaylee, who is addressing the man behind her now. "Me? I wouldn't have a problem with it." Kaylee says blandly, turning towards Cardinal, glass in hand. It's offered to him, as if she had expected him to be there. "However, I imagine a few would have a problem with it. And I mean… a few. So.. I'd hit when he's outside this place.

"Glad you could make it, shadowman. I wish I could say what I have for you is good news." Kaylee says with a small sheepish smile, "But… this is my father we're talking about and from what I get from people… he's a bastard." She has not illusions about him at all, despite what he said to her.

The dog gets an amused look, Cardinal's gaze sliding back up tp her then before he reaches out to accept the glass… and then he pauses at her further words, his brow shadowing and lips pursing in a tight line. "You have no idea," he replies quietly, "None whatsoever…"

A pause, "…how'd you get a message from him, anyway?"

"Odd that… how I got it." Kaylee looks amused herself, turning to fill the other glass on the counter. "A woman came to me the other day, someone in the Ferry's protection. She told me Raith said I could help her." The pitcher is put on the counter and the hand motions at her own head. "Check to see if she was compromised from her time in the institute and…" He turns with her own glass in hand. "…Pinehearst.

"So I go in there and start looking and I find this memory. It's from when this woman was in Pinehearst and she met Ray." One side of her mouth pulls up into a smirk. "He was talking to her, but it was directed to you and me. That's why I figure I'm suppose to deliver your half." She taps the side of her head.

"In… Pinehearst?" Cardinal's brow furrows a bit, his head canting slightly to one side as he muses, "When was… well, I wasn't exactly keeping track of the native Edward before he was in that little shack…" Oh, yeah, he's already getting a headache. He rubs his fingers against the bridge of his nose.

"Alright. What is it?"

Taking a sip of her tea she watches him, but finally steps forward. "Better to give you the full affect of this. Bit surreal." She only uses one hand this time, lifting to to place at his temple. "It was when he was held captive, from what I got. Just… don't shoot the messenger."

Then her eyes narrow as she pulls out the memory and starts easing it into his mind. From the moment the memory starts, he sees it all… or most… when Edwards says "And Kaylee…" The memory seems to stall… then jump forward to the second half of the message for the shadow.

When it winds down, Kaylee pulls her hand away, and backs up, giving him an apologetic look. "I… that's all of it." She says softly. "Like I said… I wish it was good news or at least not that."

The glass of iced tea is set down on the counter as Cardinal steps forward, his eyes closing as she reaches out to brush her fingertips to his temple - lips pursing in a frown, already knowing that he's not going to like what he hears.

He never does, when it's Edward.

As her hand drops, he rubs his hand against his face, muttering, "Tell me something I don't fucking know, Eddie. Christ. Dealing with two of you…"

"This list… I take it is not a good thing." Kaylee says blandly, eyeing him thoughtfully, but she doesn't pursue it, instead she says, "I have a question for you tho…" She steps back to lean against the counter, glass still in hand, damp from the condensation. "His message to me, he said my brother would be coming for my help… but sounds like my sister is in trouble. He mentioned something. Two names."

She ticks them off on her finger as she says them. "Hiro Nakamura and some guy named Sullivan. Said one I couldn't trust and the other was my only hope to save her." Her free hand flips up in a helpless gesture.

"You seem to know a lot about this city… so… do those names ring any bells?"

"I know Nakamura," Cardinal admits with a furrowing of his brow, "Can't /trust/ him? That's odd… he's one of the good guys. I mean, stupidly good, which is good for all of us since he's a time traveller. Virtually a boy scout, from what I've heard, although— mm. There are two Hiro Nakamuras… fuck, I don't know."

He looks back over to her with a frown, then, "Sullivan, I've heard the name. I don't know much, yet."

"Two of them? Like there were two Edwards?" Kaylee's brows lift a bit at that, looking bewildered really. "Things continue to get more and more confusing." The is a sigh and she gives him a bit of a humorless smirk.

"I know it might be a lot to ask… but if you hear more on either, can you let me know? I.. just don't even know where to start. Maybe I'll search the internet for the name Sullivan… see if anything pops up." Shrugging she takes another sip of her tea. "Go through newspaper archives… Oh…" She looks like she remembers something. "Off track a bit… speaking of archives. I took a trip to Boston. Found my birth certificate. So… if there was ever ay doubt before. I have a legal document that states I was born Kaylee Ray." He wrinkles her nose a bit.

"Mom changed it according to my grandmother. Trying to erase everything about him I guess." She points out before giving a small shrug, her head shaking a bit, like 'who knows.'

"I doubt that'll be very useful, there was a Sullivan at… mnm. I'll look into some things for you," Cardinal shakes his head a little bit, adding it to a list of things to do that's getting quite long, "Hah. Kay Ray?" He shoots her an amused look, reaching for his drink finally.

"Was." The telepath emphasizes with a chuckle. "It's Thatcher legally. God, my mom hates him. Bad enough she will not discuss him." Her head shakes a little, looking completely amused. "But I appreciate it. The help I mean…" The words trail off and she turns thoughtful, eyes drifting to the dog that's settled herself on the floor between them.

"I… I feel like I need to do this before November 8th." Her head shakes slowly. "How much faith do you put in the visions in June?" The question is sudden, her blue eyes lifting to look at him again. "I mean… they say that knowing the future it's changes… how can we be certain?" Brows furrow a bit.

"They were from Sumter," Cardinal says quietly, leaning his shoulder against the doorway and raising the glass up in a bit of a toast, "So, they're legitimate. They can be changed, though, and we're working to do just that… amongst the dozen other things we're working to change. You know anyone who needs a job? I could use some more help…"

A rueful chuckle, his head shaking, "It's changed, but not completely. It'll take work to make sure it's all different. Did you have a vision?"

"Yeah… I know it was him." The words said softly, her expression saddening. "I was able to piece his memories back together of the event in his mind. But… yeah I had one. Haven't told to many about it, cause well… " Kaylee looks likes she'd debating even telling him.

"Cuase.. the vision was all hazy, I couldn't see.. could barely think… I had a headache…" A sip is taken of her tea before continuing. "I felt myself slipping away, I heard people saying I was bleeding out badly and it should have been tended to." Her faces pales a bit as she adds, "And it went black, back of my mind knew I was dying. Woke up on crashed bus." The glass is switched from one hand to the other, so she can hold up her forearm with the fresh scar running the length of it.

"Just… don't go repeating that to too many people? I don't need people looking at me like I'm on borrowed time." Kaylee's mouth pulls to one side in a grimace. "I'm trying to get things done like I am… but I don't want others thinking that."

"You aren't on borrowed time," insists Cardinal with a tight shake of his head, "Take it as a warning… and carry through from there. What happened isn't necessarily what's really going to happen."

A pause, "You pieced together his memory of what happened? They don't have him anymore?"

"We have him… They let him go. While back now." Kaylee says, sounding confused. "No… one… told you?" Blonde brows furrow and lips press together tightly for a moment."I thought it would have gotten to you at some point. Sorry." Feeling like she should have told him something, but it had been awhile after all.

"When we got him back he started remembering things… but it was scattered. Eileen brought him to me and I pieced them back together, in it was a memory of the event and what he witnessed." A flash of anger crosses her features, "Of what they did to him and Gillian." Kaylee's eyes closes a moment, brows still furrowed. "As well as the result of it." Her eyes open slowly again to focus on him.

"The stress of the event shattered his memories, so… whoever went to wipe his memory… missed it." Her mouth curls into a smile. "Good for us, bad for them."

"I only get… erratic reports from the Ferry," Cardinal admits with a little shake of his head, "Cat and I still have our little disagreements, and since Gillian's still in their custody…" An irritable grunt, head shaking tightly, "Anyway. What'd you see?"

Taking a final drink of the tea, Kaylee sets it on the counter behind her. "It'll be easier to show it… won't be as good as the original memory, but… you might be able to get something from it." She brushes moisture from her hands as she moves towards him again.

"Just don't tell anyone you go this… I dunno what they will think… but…" She reaches up to press cold fingertips to his temple again. "Lets see…" Finding the memory, she slides it into Cardinal's slowly. The whole event, all from the pastor's eyes. He can see everyone present, Luis and Juile… Bella and Gregor. Watch the moment when everyone dropped and eventually woke up.

"I would like to see them pay for what they did to him… and Gillian." The telepath's words are laced with her anger of that memory. "Though Joseph keeps getting hurt like this every time I think he's getting over the last thing." Fingers drop from his temple, as usual her feelings plain to read when it comes to the Pastor, even if she doesn't see it herself. "Now you pretty much know everything I do on all this."

"Julie… damn." Cardinal rubs the side of his temple with a grimace, a headache beginning to form, "Oh, they'll pay, Kaylee. They'll pay. I'm putting together a team right now, actually, to make sure they do…"

There is a sharp nod of her head at his words, "Good. If you need help, you let me know." She has no qualms about taking them out. "I'd like to see Julie back with her parents as well."

Turning her back to him, Kaylee opens one of the cabinets and pulls out of rather large bottle of Ibprofin. She hold it out to him, with a small smile. "I should take out stock on this stuff, with as much as I've been going through lately.

"Anyhow, despite her loyalties to Luis, I think Julie will come around. Her sister did."

"You know any… Ferrymen who might be willing to lend some muscle to the effort?" Cardinal crooks a brow slightly, admitting, "I've got plenty of intel agents but I'm short on actual violence at the moment, and violence is what I need in spades right now."

"I'll ask around. There isn't a whole lot of them in the Ferry. When we freed Joseph it was me, Flint and Remnants." Kaylee gives him a rueful look. "I imagine Raith might be willing if you asked?" She arches a brow, her head tilting to one side a little. "Especially since it's his daughter in there. If you want to get to others he's probably your best bet… I think, anyway. He probably knows who would be willing and who wouldn't.

"I know my way around a gun, thanks to him. Not to mention it only takes one weak mind to cause chaos, being around Adam taught me that." Kaylee doesn't looks smug, just matter of fact. She knows what she's done, with her ability. "If you need the hand down the road."

"Oh, I'm sure I can get Raith…" Cardinal gives his head a tight shake, "…Deckard's… I don't even know what's up with him these days, the crazy old bastard. We used to be - well. We used to work together more." A sip of iced tea, gaze hooding, "I'll figure something out."

"I don't doubt you will." Kaylee nods slowly, with a smile playing on her lips. "My father obviously puts a lot of value into what you can do." She spreads her hands out before her, since to her that say a lot. Now whether that's good or bad, is another thing. "But talk to Raith, for sure, he might be able to drum up more support for you."

"I will. I'm just not… going to hand everything over to the Ferry," Cardinal says in dry tones, "I'm running this operation my way, this time. Not like Pinehearst."

Kaylee holds up her hands in a defensive manner, palms facing him. "Not suggesting you do." The hands lower slowly again. "dmittedly, I don't know a whole lot of what went on in Pinehearst. Only what Adam…" There is a grimace and a hand goes to her stomach as just invoking his name seems to trigger the nausea. "Only what he had us doing." The words sound just a little strained.

"Yeah, well, that wasn't your fault…" A slow shake of Cardinal's head as he sets the rest of the ice tea down on the counter and steps back, turning away, "…anyway, I should get to work. Thanks for the message, Kay."

"Not a problem, Richard." Kaylee doesn't move to follow him, since he doesn't use the door anyhow, instead she lifts a hand in farewell. "Sorry, it wasn't something better. Keep in touch, Shadow man."

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