Pastel Yellow


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Scene Title Pastel Yellow
Synopsis Len is doing a little redecorating for their incoming child, and Tamsine finds a job.
Date March 2, 2010

Tamsine has been gone for most of the morning and early afternoon, having told Len she had some errands and appointments — nothing too be concerned over, mind you — and that she would be home long before dinner. It's now late afternoon, and she returns, bundled in a coat and hat, but wearing professional slacks and boots beneath. Wherever she went, it was somewhere she couldn't wear her ragged and torn jeans that she prefers on her own time. Arms full of groceries, she heads into the kitchen, calling, "I'm home!" to whoever is there to hear her call — the white cat comes padding into the kitchen with a mew for its dinner, so at least one heard the call.

The house has been quiet for most of the day, that doesn't mean that someone hasn't been busy today. With a bucket of paint, some brushes and plenty of tarp laid out on the floor, it seems that someone has been doing a little painting. In fact, the smell of it might be faint down the stairs, even though he has the window wide open in the room, despite the frigid temperature outside. "I'm upstairs, hon," says the man of the house with his Texan drawl.

The redhead unbuttons her coat and puts it on the hook by the door before heading up the stairs. She scoops up the white cat and heads up the stairs, nose wrinkling at the smell of paint, though a smile blossoms across her face as she guesses what he's up to. "Hi," she says when she comes into view of the painter, head tilting to survey his work. "Sneaky secret agent man, keeping secrets."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"Secret agent man? You must be thinking of someone else I know." He grins over at her as she appears in the doorway. "You are looking incredible today or I've inhaled too much of this non-lead based paint." Len winks at her as he sets the paintbrush down where it won't drip and walks over and gives her a kiss. "How was your day out? Anything interesting?" He's been wanting to start on this nursery for some time now and he waited until she was out of the house to get it going to surprise her even though they've talked about it. It was a hard conversation, this having once been Lilly's room. There were tears shed and hugs and plenty of talking before it was all said and done. But it really made the best sense.

"It looks good," she says with a smile, nary a tear in sight, before wrapping her arms around him for a hug, disregarding the threat of paint getting on her "work" clothes. "It was… good." She smiles, and leans against the wall in the hallway, away from the wet paint of the new nursery. "I actually went to the office. The social services office." She looks a little uncertain, because they had not talked about this. "I don't want to work full time, or at least I wouldn't once the baby came, and it made no sense to start up just to stop once he or she comes," she begins, then takes a deep breath to continue. "I basically agreed to go back now and then as a guardian ad litem in children's cases. It wouldn't be more than two or three days a week, most likely."

Len smiles wide at that. "Well that's great. I'm glad you did that. I like that you're getting back to work, Tamsine." He is happy to take her into his arms and hug her, though doesn't want to mess up her outfit. He steps through the hall and into the restroom where he washes his hands free of the paint that sticks to his skin and dries himself off. "I've got a first coat down, and will put a final coat on tomorrow after this one dries off." The room itself is painted an very light pastel yellow. They'd talked about colors and since they were unsure of the sex of the baby yet, they wanted to keep it rather neutral.

"I'm glad you're happy about it," Tamsine admits, a blush creeping into her cheeks. "I didn't want to … ask or I'd lose my resolve maybe? It was kind of a whim thing. But if you didn't want me to, if you weren't happy, I wouldn't do it. I won't do it, if you don't want. I just… I want to help people again, and I think I can do that much." She wraps her arms around his neck again and steps on tip toes to kiss him. "Thanks for the room. It will look beautiful when it's done." She reaches up to touch a dab of yellow paint on his cheek, then kisses the spot lightly. "What are you making me for dinner?"

Len looks down at her as she speaks and smiles when she talks about losing her resolve. "Darling, you don't ever have to worry about that. You're one strong woman and if there's something you want to do, I'll back you one hundred percent. Don't ever be afraid of sharing something with me, especially if you need my support." He leans down and places a kiss on her nose, about the same time as she wipes some paint off his cheek. He grins at her, shaking his head. "Your turn to cook. Unless you fancy a light taste of paint in your food. I should probably shower. So the question is, what are you making me for dinner." He grins widely, flashing his pearly white teeth.

Tamsine glances at her watch. "I say we order take out and watch some Netflix in front of the fire. Sound like a plan?" The cold nights at least make for good snuggling weather. "Pizza, Chinese or Thai? I'll order while you're in the shower." The fact she knows exactly what he'd like from any of the three choices makes her smile — she never thought she'd ever have that sort of relationship with a man, where they are so comfortable with one another and aware of one another's likes, dislikes, needs and desires.

Len is already pulling off his shirt, then turning on the shower when he is given his options. He tosses the shirt into the hamper and turns to her. "How about you surprise me." He gives her a smile, knowing she'll make just the right choice because they have slowly gotten into that rhythm with each other. "I"m glad you like the nursery. I've got some furniture coming in next week, and I'm hoping it'll be done by then."

"All right. Barbecue Chicken and anchovies, with a side of chick flicks coming up," Tamsine says with a laugh, heading down the stairs to find the proper take out menu and to make the phone call. The evening in may be quiet and uneventful, but it's just what the couple needs after the stress and pain of the past months and even years.

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