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Scene Title Patches
Synopsis The Brennan girls visit their father at work, bearing gifts for Odessa.
Date October 20, 2010

Suresh Center - Doctor Price's Office

There's an invasion happening. Terrible horrible invasion of pigtails and pink cotton and ribbons, cardigans and little hands that aren't sticky and bearing little ribbon wrapped boxes. Odessa's office is about to become a estrogen playground two fold as a knock on the door precedes hushed giggles and the dashing into the woman's office heedless of the "You girls need to wait" that comes from the familiar voice of Doctor Brennan. This Odessa Price, is your life.

Well. Your next half hour or so of Life.

"Come i-" Odessa's little visitors are clearly not so keen on waiting for an invitation, but she doesn't seem to mind. She pushes away from her desk and her paperwork, standing up to greet her intru- visitors with a smile. Though confusion is on her face when she brings her gaze up to Doctor Brennan. "These are yours." It's both a statement and a question.

"There's days when I will flat out deny any genetic connection to them, but today, indeed, they are. Odessa, meet Genevieve." The one with the purple ribbon in her hair. "And Dessandra." The one with the pink. "They, have something to give you. When they saw your eye patch, they got a little… creative on the way home and the nanny and Michelle decided to help them do something for you." You know, something nice, without strings.

All it takes is one little shunt forward to one of the girls and then the four small boxes are being shoved forward onto the desk. "Hi," says Genevieve, while Dessandra just smiles so wide, displaying some missing teeth that have fallen out. Far ahead of her sister in that respect.

"Your twins," Odessa responds with a bit more familiarity. As the shock of the sudden visit has worn off. She comes around the side of the desk and peers down to the girls. "Hi there," she says with a small smile. "I love your ribbons. They're very pretty." She turns her attention to the gifts and gives a tiny gasp. "I just don't know which one I should open first!"

Hands come up to either side of her face, a look of such helplessness. "What should I do?" Odessa asks, mouth wide and round to express exaggerated dismay. Suddenly she holds up one finger, and begins distributing the boxes, handing one first to each of the girls and then one to Brennan, before picking one up herself. "Let's open them all at the same time!"

Oh the agony of choosing which first? Like king solomon only with a far better outcome, Odessa hits upon a solution that is ideal. Four boxes, four people. They're doled out, the girls clinging to their respective gifts while Brennan takes what is doled out, helping his youngest children get into a position to unwrap. He's enjoying this, it's clear to see, the patrician smile on his face. "Are we all ready?" Checking to see if Odessa's prepared and when she is… letting her start the count.

Odessa's smile gets a little wider when she sees the children agree with her solution. "Okay, here we go. On three. One. Two…" She pauses, biting her lip with a giggle of anticipation. Finally she gives the count. "Three!" Any other time, she'd be oh, so careful with her wrapping and leave it mostly intact. But this time, she just tears it away with all the eagerness of a young child on Christmas morning. Even if she never was in a situation like that herself.

She gets to be an eager older child sandwiched between two young ones on October 20th, also known as Odessa's very merry unbirthday. The two girls rip their ribbons off as well and the plain pink paper beneath to reveal some white jewelers boxes, the kind that a velvet box might come in that holds something more costly and precious. Brennan is perhaps a bit more sedate, but he still tears at the paper.

The girls crack open the boxes, palm size jewlery containers within, and with much girlish to-do, pops theirs open for Odessa. Inside are eyepatches, the two in the girls hands created quite obviously with care and guidance from an adult, but one pink, one red, ribbon to tie and hold the accessory in place. Speckled with iridescent sequins on red velvet and white little crystals glued on the pink satin, they hold them out like they're the crown jewels.

"Michelle and Teresa helped them. Made sure that they looked a little more wearable than they might otherwise not end up looking. The ladies went and bought these other two. Don't ask me where Michelle found them, but she found them." Indicating the one in the container he holds that's yet to be seen and the one she holds.

"Oh, I just love them!" Odessa proclaims to the girls, setting her box aside for a moment to take the boxes from the girls and examine them, then set them down on the desk again. Then she crouches and holds out her arms. "Thank you! They're so beautiful!" Hugs time now!

With affection and thank-yous doled out to the girls, Odessa rises again to reclaim the box she had opened and does finally open it herself to peer inside. She's very eager to see what Michelle found for her now.

The ones that are possessed by Brennan and Odessa are far less flashy, but made with patterned fabric. Silver stars embroidered onto blue, and a damask black and white fabric with some silver stitching. Obviously purchased and not handmade. At least, not handmade by the kids. The girls dole out affection back, offering kisses to Odessa's cheek and delighted as only a child can be that their present was successful.

Odessa gasps sincerely this time when she sees the other two patches. "They're wonderful," she tells Brennan. "You'll have to thank your lovely wife for me. This was… really, really thoughtful of you guys." She sets the boxes on the desk with the ones the girls gave her. She smiles small, obviously touched. "Thanks, Boss."

"You're welcome" The girls have retreated, back to their father, waiting to see what happens next. "Just brought them up here to do this, I have to head on out, cart them home to their mom but I'll be back, you need anything while I'm out?" He offers the eye patche'd woman. "Almost anything will be on my way back once I get them to Brooklyn"

Odessa steps back behind her desk so she can open a drawer and retrieve a white leather wallet, emblonised all over with the monogram for Louis Vuitton in a myriad of colours. "Here." She fishes out a ten dollar bill and hands it out. "I would love some tacos. And those little potato thingies with the seasoning?"

"I got it, don't worry. Save your money for the vending machine." He waves away the money, even as the girls are eyeballing the colorful purse. "Goodbye MIss ODessa!" They both chime before making a mad dash for the hall, glad that their presents were received so well. "I'll be back in an hour" If he beats traffic, but it shouldn't be too bad. "See you then"

Somewhat reluctantly, Odessa tucks her money back into her wallet. Cheerfully, she waves to the children. "Bye, girls! Thanks again!" Smiling somewhat sheepishly, she turns to her boss. "Thanks, Doctor Brennan. See you for lunch."

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