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Scene Title Paternity
Synopsis Once Jack, now Warren, Bella's accomplice sticks to the plan despite the revelation of Warren's origina.
Date July 29, 2010

Mas Mechanics

It's later in the morning when Warren calls Bella over, the call was pretty short, he just gave her the address of where she's been before. When she enters the garage and closes the door behind her, the walls, ceilings, and floors are suddenly covered in red lasers, and Warren is sitting in that chair he was when they last met, facing her. "I put Alex on temporary leave, he served his purpose. I'm the one they called Jack, but I go by Warren Ray now, my apparent birth name. We have business."

Bella is not terribly fond of being summoned without some pretense or presented reasons, but she's had to swallow her pride for people she's thinks much less of than Mortimer Jack. Or Warren Ray, as is apparently his name. Donning a new name must be easier for a man who is always switching selves, Bella postulates. Though, then again, when you share a body and a mind, a name is really all you have.

But Bella is not here to plumb the chaos of Warren's mind. She is her because they have business. She's dressed for it, too. Despite the heat, she's worn a skirt suit, though she may need to ditch the jacket if she feels herself getting ew-sweaty. She steps over the laser lines with as much delicacy as she can as she approaches Warren, stopping a bit of a ways away, feeling that maybe it's not wise to tempt fate, especially when it comes to her legs.

"Please, enlighten me," Bella says, "Obviously I've missed some goings-on."

"Harper hired me as a private contractor, he almost talked Alex into having his personalities suppressed to get fully inducted into the Institute, so I pulled Alex's chain and put an end to that little operation. I let him think he was in charge because he was just sane and ambitious enough to get us what we needed." Warren explains, motioning to a chair next to him. "The lasers are fine, they're so Cardinal can't spy on us."

He continues watching her, the lust usually shown by Mortimer and Alex no where to be found in his eyes. Who knows why this one in particular never seemed to show any interest. "Harper told me a story, he said my entire life was a lie, even my name. I've had over fourteen memory wipes, my mother was insane, and my father is a man in a coma with the Institute. It was all orchestrated by Linderman. So I have a lot of people to kill and a father to save, but for now, I have an obligation to fulfill to you. The new stipulation is that Elle doesn't get hurt in any of this, oh, and I still want Liette."

Bella cannot know what Warren must have felt upon finding out that he was Warren. The world shattering experience this must have constituted. Honestly, for someone as literally fragmented as Mortimer Jack, she's mostly surprised that he'd be so effected. But she cannot know what it is like, so she accepts his conclusion without question. If she were his therapist, she would ask 'why'? Who, to Warren, is his biological father? What is a progenitor, at this stage, other than a gamete provider?

As it stands… "Elle who? I'd like to know who it is I'm supposed to avoid getting hurt. As for Harper, if we are speaking of the same person… I would suggest you protect your back against unseen knives. Not that you don't already."

"He's terrified of me, besides, I'm just trying to milk this deal to get everything I want, I could care less about the Institute, which is why I'm still helping you. Soon I'll be a legal citizen, since Mortimer Jack was never a citizen to begin with. You know, I have a tumor in my brain, but they say it can be fixed." Warren randomly points out, then pulls a picture from his pocket of Elle Bishop gleefully shocking something unseen on the floor. Who knows when he took that. "If she gets hurt, everyone dies. That's a threat, not a warning. And, what do you know about the man in the coma? Does that even narrow it down? Who has my last name?"

A tumor? "Any brain operation has its risks and benefits, and some uncertainty as to its outcome," Bella states, factually enough, before making a move towards concern, however light handedly, "Please, take care of yourself." And then the picture. Bella recognizes that face. Her lips thin slightly. "Ms. Bishop," she says, making her familiarity quite clear, "May I ask the sudden concern for her? Not that I dispute its validity," out loud.

"It's clear to me that my Southern Belle has no interest in me, and while I still think she's the light that wakes the world, Elle seems like a better fit for me. She understands me, she was even flattered when I threatened to kill everyone who stood in my way of getting her." Warren sighs, smiling with his head hanging back over the chair a bit. "She could be the healthiest relationship I ever had." Stalker + sociopathic user = love?

"I can speak only for myself," Bella states, smoothly enough, "But I have no intention of having any dealings with Elle Bishop." A pause, "Warren, I understand you have a lot on your plate, and I would like for our previous plans to remain intact, but I am working under some constraints. I…" she falters, "I am likely going to try and head underground, as soon as it becomes possible. The conditions at the Institute, the people working there… it's becoming more and more dangerous, more and more a place I don't wish to be involved with." Seeing a shattered Amber drove home a point for Bella, made concrete her fears and feelings. "What that means for our future association, I don't know, but I felt you should be informed of my intentions."

"You know you can stay in my base whenever you want, there's a lot of security down there, and those Ferry people live next door, so no one's getting down there. But our plans are still on." Warren adds, but pauses for a moment as his demeanor seems to shift, and he immediately stands to hold his hands out for her. "Bella…" he says in a softer tone.

"It's me, Mortimer." he states, to eliminate any confusion. "When you go, does that mean I won't see you again?"

Bella is surprised at the shift. She'd grown used to dealing with Alex's singular personality. Honestly… she was not sure if she would see Mortimer again upon her 'curing' him, and causing Alex to resurface. She softens her expression as be she can, not so hard considering the gentleness of his gesture. She takes his hands, touch light.

"I am not sure," Bella admits, "I can't imagine it will be hard for you to find me, though. If I can keep contact, I will, but this is my life at stake - what's left of it. It's all very much up in the air. When things start falling, I'll try and let you know. That is all I can promise."

"You really could stay in our base if you wanted, I'd make absolutely sure no one could get to you. I have forty men, I'd wipe the Institute off the map to protect you." Mortimer says this dead seriously, apparently having attached to Bella fairly easily and quickly. But that's not hard, being the lonliest of the personalities, the least outgoing, the one who feels isolated in the shadow of the others.

"I know," Bella says, gratitude clear in her voice, but just as clearly offered in absence of acceptance, "And I would seriously consider it. But I have some debts to pay, some things I need to do, and I can't do them under your protection. I have been under the auspices of this or that organization or entity for so long… there are some steps I need to take of my own clear volition," she cracks a small smile, "Not to mention that I'd find it difficult to share a man with his many selves, to say nothing of his other selves' women."

"I didn't exactly choose my situation, but, I understand. I'll really miss you if you do go, Bella." Mortimer leans forward and lightly pecks her on the lips, then moves to sit back in the chair. "I'll let Warren come back, I don't think I really feel that great about being out anymore."

Bella gives Mortimer's hands a small squeeze before letting them go, her smile warm, personal. "Nothing is set in stone," she says, "not yet. Stay safe. And don't let you push you around too much. That's all I ask of you, alright?"

"Thanks, Bella." Mortimer offers her a warm smile, and Warren grips the front of his arm rests a few times. "Alex doesn't get to talk, he tried to kill us. So, where were we? The deal is still on, if you need anything, call, then we can meet. I don't like talking over the phone, there's ears on the phone. I'm your ally, Bella, I won't forget what you did for us."

"I am glad to hear it," Bella says, resuming her business-like demeanor with speed. She is talking to someone else, after all. "All I need is the final version of the device. I brought…" she digs into her purse, removes a crumpled white plastic shopping bag, "These." She tosses the bag to Mortimer. Inside he'll find the clappers he requested.

"Alex is less experienced than me, so is Mortimer, I can come up with something very nice." Warren catches the bag, then turns around in the chair and starts removing things on to the work bench. "Come and get it in the morning. And I want you to learn everything you can about my father. I'm guessing his last name is Ray, apparently Cardinal works for him."

"As ever," Bella remarks, a bit dry, "I will do what I can. But right now that is only so much. If I'm too much of a squeaky wheel, I'll end up getting greased." Not usually how that expression is used, but hey. "Last name Ray. I'll do what I'm able, check the subject files." She glances to the door. "I should probably be getting back. I'll see you tomorrow morning, unless something unfortunate happens to me." Someone's mind's up in the gallows, it seems.

"I'll just destroy the organization as revenge, Mortimer wouldn't be very good at it." Warren offers dismissively, waving without even really looking back. "You be careful, and in an emergency, the offer of my base is still open, even if you just need to escape for the night."

"Understood," Bella says, looking at Warren's turned back. She spends a moment glancing around at the crisscross of laser light, the defenses that would be amongst those keeping her safe. A fortress can feel an awful lot like a prison, especially when one feels like one is under siege. "Be kind to Mortimer. You may end up needing him." For what she doesn't say. She turns and heads out the door, out into the world.

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